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Ancient continent.

The vast swamp and the forest were just a barrier apart. This barrier separated the God Clan's team led by Haig, Mia, and Phelps, and Audrey and Mo Fou's team.

The toxic gas and the barrier fenced them off. No party dared to act rashly. Audrey's warriors were busy installing restrictions and mobilizing their powers. They scattered around the barrier and waited for Haig.

"That brat is a surviving member of the Immortal Demon Clan," said Phelps, his face changed. "No wonder he has such big guts!"

First, Shi Yan had abducted him and used him to exchange for the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. He had attacked his body and his ego. Then, that brat had ambushed Mia and took advantages from her. Phelps couldn't understand that. Now listening to Mia, he finally knew why.

After Haig knew Shi Yan's identity, he became cautious. He didn't hurry to break the barriers but released the Soul Consciousness...

Haig had fused with the Origin of the Ancient God Continent. His Soul Consciousness was really sharp. Although they were in different territories, he could still sense commotions in the forest when he focused. Of course, it wasn't really clear.

His Soul Consciousness swayed and flickered through the layer of toxic gas. Just like a wisp of smoke, it gently and slowly entered the barrier, falling amidst the gas curtain on the other side.

Flows of powerful life energy fluctuations reflected in his brain. Haig's pupils shrank and became more gingerly.

All of a sudden, a wisp of cold Soul Consciousness like a sharp icicle precisely stabbed his Soul Consciousness. He felt tingly and then numb. His flow of Soul Consciousness perished.

The images of things behind the barrier vanished in his mind. He couldn't sense anything unusual.

Jolting up, Haig woke up immediately. A brutal gleam crossed his eyes. He swung his arm and said, "No one is allowed to attack the barrier!"

His cold shout had frightened most of the members of the God Clan. They looked at him inexplicably as they didn't know what had happened. Only Phelps and Mia who had observed him knew what he had just done. He had used his special ability to probe and go behind that barrier. They both fixed their eyes on him.

"A flow of my Soul Consciousness had crossed the barrier. They have many members in their troop. They are installing many restrictions right behind the barrier in front of us." Haig said with a heaven face. "If we go there, we will bear a significant loss."

Listening to him, Mia and Phelps discolored. They then turned around to advise their troopers and asked them to be more cautious.

"According to you, they aren't weaker than us. At the same time, they are preparing traps awaiting us. If so, will we have a chance?" Phelps shook his head. "If so, why do we have to idly stay here?"

Mia also frowned.

"With our current force, it's not easy to defeat them." Haig pondered for a while and then said, "We should find a way to lure them here."

"Would they dare to come?" Phelps didn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

"The opposite force is really strong. I found a troublesome woman too. Perhaps they dare to mess with us," said Haig.

"Do you have any good solution?" said Mia.

"Let me think," Haig narrowed his eyes. He was still very placid. He wouldn't let his greed of Shi Yan's Origin affect his sound mind. He had stopped his reins right before the cliff to save his force from a big loss. 


On the other side.

Under Audrey's orders, Cecilia, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and the others were in charge of a section. They were using their special powers to strengthen that section while setting up a lot of traps.

Many warriors of Audrey's force were busy on the ground, climbing trees or working in the cracks and canals. They were installing earth-shaking energy traps. As long as Haig's team came, those traps were going to be triggered, which would create an unpredictable, fatal consequence.

Of course, Shi Yan thought that those restrictions and traps couldn't create the desired result because Haig was like him: He could vaguely feel the commotions on this side.

"Almost done," Cecilia stopped working and wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead. She giggled while walking towards Shi Yan. "What do you think?"

On a high tree, Shi Yan looked at the barrier in front of them. He shook his head indifferently, "Nothing impressive."

Mo Fou, Cecilia, Wu Feng, Shang Ying Yue, and the others had used their best treasures when they had set up the deathtrap by the lake. They didn't have a lot of good stuff to use now.

Shi Yan could tell that the section where Mo Fou and Cecilia in charge of couldn't bring a fatal effect to Haig's team as its power was limited.

"I also think it's nothing much." Cecilia smiled like a fresh, blooming flower. She said sweetly, "I think it's not as lethal as what we had done before. The two of us joined hands and killed eight Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm warriors. The traps we are installing now are worse."

"Well, they can scare the others," Shi Yan glanced at the barrier. "If Haig is as smart like as what people said about him, he won't come. If I were him, I wouldn't take risks to come here."

The twelve of them and Audrey's twenty-six warriors were enough to fight Haig, Mia, and Phelps once. The deathtrap they had set up by the barrier could trouble Haig.

Anyway, if Haig was smart, he wouldn't let his warriors cross the barrier and would tell them to stay put.

"I also think that Haig won't come." Cecilia smiled, jumping up to Shi Yan. She sat down by him on a big tree branch. Her slender thighs dangled mesmerizingly, "You used to say that you would help me when we get into the Center. Will you keep your word?"

"If the condition is enough to move me... I'll keep my word." Shi Yan squinted, his hot eye scanning her voluptuous body.

Cecilia's sexy body stiffened for a moment. Her smile looked reluctant on her charming face. "Do you really want me that way? Aside from that, you don't want to talk about any other condition?"

Shi Yan was surprised. He laughed loudly all of a sudden. "Oh, will you tell me what you can offer me?"

"The most precious treasures of the ancient continent can be found in the Center. However, they will come with deadly dangers. Different from the other four territories, the Center has death traps everywhere. Once you make a wrong step, you will be consigned to eternal damnation." Cecilia had an earnest face, "I know something about the Center of the ancient continent. If you agree to help me when the time comes, I will tell you what I know."

Shi Yan eyed her and said, "We can talk about it later when we get to the Center."

"Alright," Cecilia thought for a while. She knew that it was a little early to talk about that now. She smiled and nodded.

"Why don't you ask Audrey? Honestly, don't you think she can help you better?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

"Audrey is powerful, indeed. The ancient continent doesn't shackle her, so her soul detecting skill is really amazing. And she's the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, one of the Four Great Creatures. Anyway, can't you see that many people are servile to her?" Cecilia chuckled and mocked, "Ever since they've seen that woman, Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and Jiao Shan all surrounded Audrey. No one has a say on her commanding style. They've forgotten who has brought them to this place alive."

Indeed, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Sha Zhao had focused on Audrey after they knew that she wasn't bound by the ancient continent. Gradually, they forgot Shi Yan.

Before they had gotten here, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and Jiao Shan had always surrounded Shi Yan and centered on on him. They would ask for his opinion whenever they needed to do anything. However... it was different now. They apparently deemed that Audrey would make a better leader.

The reason why they acted that way besides her Origin and her position as the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe was because she was really beautiful. It would be hard to not lay their eyes on her.

Audrey's glamor was elegant and celestial. Her beautiful, noble makings were like that of a Goddess who had lived for a long time in a deep place in heaven. She gave people a feeling that they had to lift their heads up to admire her. She would give people pressure that had suffocated talented gentlemen from different star areas.

Thus, if that noble, cold and proud Audrey looked at them more than one time and acknowledged them, she would make them so thrilled.

Shi Yan followed Cecilia's line of sight to look at that cold and proud woman. He also couldn't help but appraise the woman, "Can't blame them though. That woman has a noble echelon. She's really intimidating and she's the boss here. Of course, she's like a magnet to other people. It's reasonable that they are servile to her."

"Then why don't you do that?" Cecilia eyed him.

"Me?" Shi Yan rubbed his nose and laughed, "I also want to do so. But you can see so many people there. I can't sway through that crowd, right? Thus, I should focus on my cultivation, which is better for me."

Cecilia's pretty eyes fixed on him. She knew that he was telling lies, but she didn't try to call him out. She just burst out laughing.

"Hey guys, quiet down. I'm going to talk."

At this moment, Audrey, with the protection of the four experts of the Imperial Dark Tribe, walked to the center of the place. Her cold eyes raked through the crowd and she said, "There are eleven warriors who have just joined us. They're from the swamp area. Through the last five years, they also had some harvest. As the others haven't come yet, we still have a little time. If you don't mind, show the others your items and see if you can exchange for something suitable for your cultivation. You should increase your realm and power fast."

"That's good."

"We agree."

"It sounds good."

Whether they were from Audrey's team or Wu Feng's team, they nodded in agreement.

This group of warriors had spent five years in the forest, so they also had some harvest. Just like them, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and the others had struggled for a long time in the swamp to get something precious. They then showed their items and exchanged for the items that were helpful for their power Upanishad and realm. It was a good method to increase their overall competence, indeed.

Thus, no one opposed this idea.