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1135 Cross the Border

Haig and Payton halted.

The warriors of the Bradley family were bewildered. They also stopped and scattered around the two, looking at them cluelessly.

Haig's fingers fiddled with the Sound Stone. He wanted to talk more, but the Sound Slow didn't glow anymore. He couldn't form the connection with the other side.

Payton grimaced. He knitted his brows and showed his agitation.

Yu Jia came from the Baramos family. He was at Peak of Ethereal God Realm, his competence too domineering. He had brought a retinue of many experts. His team's general competence was stronger than Mia's or Phelps's. However, Yu Jia couldn't lead his dominant team to clear his territory. Quite the contrary, his team was all killed...

Payton found it hard to accept.

Hesitating, he looked at Haig and muttered, "Yu Jia was from the Baramos family. If they were all killed, it would be hard for us to explain. If we can't finish their enemies, we can't give the Baramos family a proper explanation."

Haig squinted. Pondering for a while, he nodded, "I'll give them a proper explanation."

He hurried to contact Mia and Phelps, asking them to continue chasing after Shi Yan's team. And he carefully asked them to not cross the border to the new territory. They had to wait until he came.

Mia and Phelps were confused, but they just agreed without asking for more details.


At the end of the swamp was an area where toxic green air hovered as thick as water. The poisonous air gathered in masses, creating natural tents that kept people out.

Mo Fou, Cecilia, and Wu Feng stood in front of the area of toxic green air, wincing instinctively. They looked at Sha Zhao.

Sha Zhao didn't wait for them to give him a request. He released a lot of demonic insects and poisonous animals. Those tiny creatures buzzed, rattling and flying into the center of the toxic area.

After a while, Sha Zhao looked so worried, frowning tightly. "The poison of this toxic air is really terrible. It can intrude the Sea of Consciousness and the soul. It will paralyze the soul altar and affect even the Ethereal Extent. Behind the layer of toxic air is a barrier leading to another piece of territory. It's a natural barrier that is hard to break."

Pausing, Sha Zhao said bitterly, "None of the insects I've released could cross it."

"Can we break that toxic air curtain?" Wu Feng was agitatedly waving his fan. He walked to the adjacent area with the toxic air, frowning and assessing. He released a flow of Soul Consciousness to sense.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

A faint smoke arose from the green toxic air area. Right after that, Wu Feng paled and shouted, "This f*cking toy can affect the Soul Consciousness too!"

"I said it could intrude the Sea of Consciousness. Of course, it can affect the Soul Consciousness. I suggest not using the Soul Consciousness to sense anything," said Sha Zhao seriously.

"Do you have any idea?" asked Cecilia impatiently.

"I know how to use the toxins, but I'm not good at dissolving them. I can only treat the toxins of my Gu insects. I'm afraid I can't do anything to other poisonous substances," Sha Zhao shook his head.

Hearing him, everybody was baffled. Now they all looked at him in disdain.

"I'm from the Gu God Sect. Our Sect cultivates Gu insects and we harvest the toxins from them. We don't refine poisons or potions. You must know that. We aren't poison alchemists!" Under people's gazes, Sha Zhao winced and said indignantly.

"What should we do now?" Mo Fou stood up, his line of sight raking through the Wu brothers, the Jia brothers, and Shang Ying Yue. "If you have any solution, please do tell. We don't have much time."

Everybody was frowning. They were trying to figure out how to solve this problem. However, due to the trivial output, they could contribute, no one had stood out to say anything.

People then lay their hope on Sha Zhao once again. Cecilia said, "Only you have some knowledge of toxins and poisons here. If you can't do anything, I think we will have a lot of trouble."

Everybody agreed, their faces dark.

"Not only me though," under everyone's gazes, Sha Zhao glanced at Shi Yan and said hesitantly, "We don't have the ability to solve the toxic air here. Unless you help us..."

Everybody was astounded.

He... knows how to deal with poisons too?

"I remembered the first time I've fought with you. I used the secret technique of the Gu God Sect to deal with you and attempted to intrude your soul altar. I lost that battle." Sha Zhao took a deep breath and said, "I know you can solve this. If you don't help us, we will be all in trouble."

Hearing him, Shang Ying Yue also remembered the battle taken place five years ago. Her brows twitched, her bright eyes looking at Shi Yan with hope.

Sha Zhao and Shang Ying Yue's expression had affected the others. They all eyed Shi Yan and found that he didn't pay attention to their discussion. He looked anxious, indeed.

Everybody exchanged looks. They assumed that he was using his Soul Consciousness to check the situation. Although they were all impatient, no one dared to bother him.

"No one knows what's waiting for us on the other side of the barrier. Do you really want to go here?"

Shi Yan wore a strange face, frowning after he had pulled himself together.

Through the barrier, he could vaguely feel the powerful life energy fluctuations over there. However, since they weren't in the same territory, he couldn't sense clearly. He couldn't differentiate whether it was the God Clan or warriors from the other star areas. He felt anxious because of the energy he had sensed, which was so strong that it had made his soul shiver in fright...

"Do we have any better choice?" Cecilia forced a smile.

Everybody shook their heads.

"Alright, I'm going to open the barrier. You guys have to get through it quickly." Shi Yan nodded and while the others hadn't reacted yet, he dashed into the area covered in the toxic green air and disappeared.

Everybody was startled.

"He... Does he know how to solve the toxic air?" Cecilia looked at Sha Zhao, her bright eyes surprised. "Why does he know a little bit of everything? He can solve the poisonous air curtain that you can't do anything about? What do you think?"

"Seems... that he did it successfully," Mo Fou cried, his face filled with inexplicable fright.

Cecilia turned her head to watch.

They then saw the toxic green masses like the clouds thinning under some strange power. The green clouds thinned, faded, and drifted away from their area...

Sha Zhao, Shang Ying Yue, and the others gasped in astonishment. They felt like they saw ghosts in daylight!

This speed is too fast, eh?


An eye-catching blood-red light appeared like a curtain that was torn by a murderous aura and shooting up into the sky. A fresh air swarmed over and whirled on their faces.

It was the sign of the cracked barrier!

"Get in! Quickly!"

Shi Yan shouted. They didn't dare to linger. They shot over like lightning bolts, swaying through the cut. Their auras disappeared from the swamp shortly.

The green toxic air curtain that had disappeared gathered again from other directions. It became thicker and thicker after seconds. After several minutes, the toxic air hovering above the area reappeared. The cut on the barrier closed as if nothing had happened here.


Four hours later, Mia, Phelps, and Haig gathered in this area. They watched the surroundings with a strange countenance. A strange halo emitted from their eyes.

"Clearing that vast forest was Yu Jia's task." After Haig had arrived, he said simply, but his words were bombs, "Anyway, Yu Jia died."

Mia, Phelps and the members of their families were baffled. They all felt a sudden chill. They had a clear gleam of fear on their eyes when they looked at the barrier. Some God warriors who stood near the barrier couldn't help but take several steps backward, coming to where their leaders gathered.

It felt like a monster was hiding deep inside the green toxic air curtain that they couldn't see. It made them restlessly anxious.

"When I contacted Yu Jia, a woman told me that. She said that Yu Jia and his family's warriors were all dead." Haig was still calm, looking at Mia and Phelps. "What do you think?"

"Yu Jia's force was really strong. If his warriors and even himself were killed, it means that the enemy is even stronger." Mia gave an explicit answer.

Phelps said with a dark visage, "Seems we need to discuss more."

"We don't know whoever is behind that barrier and how strong they are. We shouldn't act rashly. We should gather all our warriors. We must not make any mistake." Mia pondered and said, "I think we should contact Harson the Madman."

Everybody couldn't help but knit their brows.

"Although Harson has a little mental problem, his competence and his men are solid. Much stronger than Yu Jia's team. If he comes with us, we can be more certain of our triumph." Mia looked at Haig and said earnestly, "I know you and Harson don't get along well. Anyway, you've proposed this operation, if it fails, I think you..."

"No need to say that. You contact Harson. I hope he wouldn't die yet." Haig waved his hand, his countenance really bad.

Mia nodded and took out her Sound Stone.


There were many islets scattered around a vast ocean like stars decorating the sea. This was another territory of the ancient continent, which looked dreamily beautiful.

From a bird's view, people would find a group of God warriors gathering on a small island not far from Mia and Phelps. Lying disorderly on the rocky island were bodies of warriors from different races, males, and females from different star areas.

A group of God warriors had blood stains all over their bodies. They looked manic as if they were extreme disciples of some wicked cult. They were drinking blood from the bowl they held in their hands.

A fire was burning fiercely in between them with a delicate grill where a jade-white female arm was being roasted. Those mad men were drinking fresh blood and roasting the woman's arm to amuse themselves.

The young man leading this group was bony. He was swinging his hands while moving delightedly in bizarre dance moves. He looked freaking crazy with blood dripping from his mouth. A lozenge Sound Stone was glowing in his hand, but he didn't notice as he was busy in a crazy dance.

"We've just finished cleaning this place. We're throwing a party here. I'm not interested in Haig's stuff. Tell him to mind his own business. I'm not going there."

The gaunt young man that looked like a starving ghost threw the Sound Stone to his side, continuing his party with his retinue, the ones who had the same freaky appearance. He didn't even bat an eye.