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1134 Great Responsibility

Shi Yan stood up. Lifting his head to look at the empty horizon, he closed his eyes to sense for a while. Taking a deep breath, he dashed towards the area where Mo Fou, Shang Ying Yue, and the others were gathering.

The Essence Qi of Bai Hao's group and Ando was filtered and refined. All were poured into his Essence Qi Ancient Tree. After this kind of energy was treated, it could bring him massive benefits. However, it wasn't enough to fill his Essence Qi Ancient Tree to the upper limit of Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm.

After entering the new realm, he had recognized that the realm required doubled the amount of energy and understanding of the realm.

There wasn't even one-tenth of the Essence Qi of Bai Hao's team and Ando after being filtered and refined. The production loss of this refining process was extremely astonishing. The amount given couldn't make him reach the peak of his Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm yet.

While dashing fast, Shi Yan's face was heavy as he furrowed his brows.

The God man called Haig made him feel threatened. Just like him, this man wasn't bound on this ancient continent. He could also use the immense energy of earth and heaven on this planet. And his realm was one level higher than Shi Yan's. He was at the peak of Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm.

He tried to sense for a while and found that the intensity of Haig's body energy had surpassed the warrior at the ordinary First Sky of Incipient God Realm. He seemed to have more secret energy fluctuations!

This man had a profound realm assisted by tremendous energy accumulation. He could transform to the God Undying Body too. From any aspect, this man wasn't very different from Shi Yan. He made Shi Yan feel insecure and he was his mortal enemy. At the same time, Mia and Phelps had to listen to Haig in this ancient continent, giving him absolute advantages.

Haig's arrogant laughter still lingered in his ears and made Shi Yan grimace.

He could clearly feel that the three forces of Haig, Phelps, and Mia had diverged. Like three currents of a flood, they were heading towards Shi Yan and Mo Fou's team, forming besieges to block them.

It made Shi Yan more restlessly anxious.


Gliding like a lightning strike above the swamp, Shi Yan suddenly appeared in front of Mo Fou, Shang Ying Yue, and Cecilia. Mo Fou and the others were running away. Seeing him, they were all happy, smiling and appraising him for the excellent play.

"Awesome! We cost Mia's team a big price this time! We've been fighting them for a long time in the swamp but we have never caused them such a big loss!"

"Is it true that you can capture people that easily? Phelps couldn't dodge you and even Yue Man at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm couldn't. So if you want, you can subdue Mia, right?"

"With you on our side, we can make it to the day when the Center will be unsealed. I'm suddenly confident now."

". . ."

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, and the others were so excited as if they had won the battle themselves. Seeing him arrive, they started to clamor.

Even Shang Ying Yue now had a rare weak smile on her face. She was happy, indeed. She thought that it was Shi Yan's merit to kill the Bai family's soldiers. She assumed that Cecilia was just his assistant and that she wasn't really useful.

Their praising stopped shortly after because they all saw his weird face. Since he had arrived, he had put on a dark, frowning face.

"What happened?" Cecilia was calm as she asked, "You don't look cheered up at all. You have the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. You've cultivated too. You've damaged Mia's team badly. What makes you uncomfortable?"

The others were also confused.

"Do you know a guy named Haig?"

He suddenly asked as he thought that Mo Fou, Cecilia, Wu Feng were the outstanding talents of the big star areas so they had to be familiar with those domineering future leaders of the God Clan. They must know this strong expert.

Indeed, when he said that name, everybody quieted down, their faces getting stern.

"Why did you mention him all of a sudden?" asked Mo Fou, his face unnatural.

"I used to tell you guys that the new force entering the swamp has a man like me. He isn't bound by the ancient continent. His Soul Consciousness can sense the little commotions and he can gather earth and heaven energy..." Pausing for a while, he said seriously, "Today, I've confirmed that Haig is that person."

Everybody wore a dark face. Their eyes seemed to be covered by a layer of a dark cloud. Cecilia explained, "I should have guessed that it was him early on. He's the heir of the Bradley family, the biggest family of the god clan. He's the leader appointed by the Elders of the God Clan. He's the brightest star of the new generation..."

As Cecilia was talking, people became heavy-hearted. They felt like they had a heavy rock placing on their chests that suffocated them.

Looking at the fear on Mo Fou's face, the stern visage of Wu Feng, and the restless appearance of the others, Shi Yan changed his face slightly. Without further explanation, he knew how intimidating Haig was.

"Haig isn't like most of the other young members of the God Clan. This man is calm, heartless, and really smart. His fighting experiences are various, though." Cecilia rubbed her temples as if she had a headache, "The Bradley family had exiled him to the most chaotic and dangerous star area where he had to seek for life in perilous situations. He had created miracles and great benefits for the Bradley family. Not only does he have a domineering personal competence, he was also good at commanding legions. He prioritizes benefits over anything else. He doesn't have a clear weakness."

"He doesn't like women too. In his eyes, women are just some sort of tools he can use and advantages he can take for granted," added Shang Ying Yue in a cold voice.

"This man is the toughest warrior of the current generation of the God Clan. Almost all of his opponents were killed," said Wu Feng with a cold face.

While they were giving him information, Shi Yan's face became more grimaced. After they've finished, he took a deep breath and then said, "I'm giving you bad news. He found out that I can use the Soul Consciousness like him. He has challenged me. Right now, he, Phelps, and Mia are diverging in three directions. They are heading towards us."

All of them discolored and their hearts sank into the abyss. They felt begrudging as if they couldn't escape the cage.

"We should run quickly!" Jiao Shan shouted.

Pouting his lips, Shi Yan eyed him with mocking eyes, "Run? Run where? There are four directions: East, West, North, and South. Phelps, Mia, and Haig are heading to us from the East, West, and South. North of us is the barrier that connects to another piece of territory. Tell me where to run."

"Perhaps, we should head to Mia. Mia's team is damaged. Perhaps we can defeat her team?" said Cecilia.

"Haig has prepared her," Shi Yan looked at her and said faintly, "He has strengthened her team with more experts. Now, Mia's team can beat us up easily."

"Phelps's team has never been damaged, so we aren't their opponent. And Haig's team... it's impossible," muttered Mo Fou, his face solemn. "So, we have only one choice, which is heading North. Let's see if we can drill through the barrier to get to the other territory to dodge this sharp spear."

"If the warriors like us are all killed by a troop of the God Clan in that new territory, what should we do?" frowned Wu Feng.

Everybody fell into silence.

As things came to this, they knew the God Clan's conspiracy. What Wu Feng said could be true. In the new territory they wanted to go through, there might be a strong God Clan troop, which had cleared all the warriors there and was waiting by the border. If they got through the barrier, they would be killed shortly after.

"Shi Yan, can you sense the commotions in that territory?" asked Shang Ying Yue all of a sudden.

"I can't. It has the barrier. I have to get inside to sense the commotion of living beings there," Shi Yan shook his head.

"What should we do?"

"What to do now?"

"Which way to choose?"

". . ."

Everybody was restlessly anxious because they knew that Mia, Phelps, and Haig were getting closer every minute they'd lingered here. This kind of pressure made them restless. They were on the edge of collapsing.

Shi Yan looked at them and felt anxious. He knew that he must come up with a direction. Whether it was correct or not, at least they would have a target that wouldn't make them wait for death passively.

"Head North. We're going to that barrier. We have to make this bet." Shi Yan ordered resolutely. "Staying in this swamp, one of the other three teams will get us and slowly kill us. As Haig is with them, we can't hide. We don't have any hope to live. We must get there."

Everybody else was flustered at the moment. They thought that only Shi Yan could give them guidance. Thus, no one opposed his idea. They nodded in agreement.

Shi Yan didn't talk more. He led the group and moved, "Follow me. Use your God power. We must rush!"

Just like sharp swords, they followed Shi Yan and flew North of the swamp.

When they departed, Haig was talking to Phelps and Mia to show them the way. He had them updated with their location every minute.

"Young master, they're heading to the thick woods. If nothing's unexpected, it's where Yu Jia is in charge," reminded Payton.

"Although Yu Jia is also arrogant and self-righteous, he has the competence. I guess he has finished clearing his area." Haig pondered and frowned, "But we still need to clarify a little bit. I will ask him to get to the barrier and wait for the preys. We're going to give them a beating."

"Excellent," said Payton in excitement.

Haig took out the Sound Stone, checking and then talking directly, "Yu Jia, it's me, Haig. I'm in the swamp territory with Phelps and Mia. Some fish from our area are heading to you. Come to the border and wait for them. Don't let them escape..."

Haig advised and then he became bewildered. Looking at the Sound Stone, his face became awkward.

The Sound Stone glowed, which meant that Haig had connected with Yu Jia, but Yu Jia didn't answer him. Haig felt like something was wrong here, but he didn't know what had happened.

After a while, a calm female voice arose from the Sound Stone, "The man you want to contact is dead. The people he brought here are also dead." Then, the Sound Stone dimmed out. The other had cut off the connection.

Haig and Payton discolored in fright.