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1132 Who is the Backbone?

As soon as Cecilia left, Shi Yan glided around the place to set up some small restrictions.

Right after that, he found a lush, ancient tree and went inside the tree. Closing his eyes, he circulated his energy and adjusted the energy in his acupuncture points, making himself sober.

Shi Yan had taken in the Essence Qi of Ando who was part of Bai Hao's team killed and was in the lake and the warriors of the Fernandez family who were killed by the restrictions of Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Shang Ying Yue. He was filtering and refining that kind of energy in his acupuncture points.

This flow of Essence Qi was too abundant to him. During the filtering process, it was going to put him into the chaotic mental state. Of course, he wouldn't let Cecilia watch it.

After he had refined the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree to break through to Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm, the Essence Qi Ancient Tree in his body had grown tremendously, increasing the amount of room to store more God power.

The Essence Qi from Ando, Bai Hao, and the others were enough to satisfy him. They had filled his Essence Qi Ancient Tree, which made his God power brimming and refined. Perhaps he could reach the upper limit of his Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. It also facilitated him to put more effort in understanding powers Upanishad.

Inside the big tree, he quieted down and waited for the energy in his body to be refined.


Inside a small forest with grass reaching their waist, Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, the Wu brothers, Shang Ying Yue, and Jiao Shan were scattering and creating a vague circle. They were using the divine crystals to refill energy.

They also knew the free time they got to rest was precious because they might not have free time to recover when another big war consumed them. Perhaps they had to fight until they died.

Thus, as soon as they got time, they had to recover their energy first, so they could be in their best condition all the time to resist the possible dangers. It was because they were cautious that they could live longer than the others who were killed already.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Shang Ying Yue had recovered first. The divine crystals in their hands exploded and turned into chips of rock that scattered.

Wu Feng frowned and looked at Shang Ying Yue, "What kind of man is that guy?"

Mo Fou also looked at Shi Yan, his face solemn. "His presence matters to our lives, all of us. We want to know more about him. Please give us the details."

As Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness wasn't shackled by the ancient continent, he could be their eyes to help them locate the enemies or escape the besiege. His role was crucial, indeed.

Strictly speaking, their lives were dependent on Shi Yan. If Shi Yan wanted to trick them, Phelps's and Mia's teams could find them and kill them quickly.

Mo Fou and Wu Feng were the leaders of their families. They didn't like the feeling of being dependent on someone else. They were also afraid that Shi Yan's wrong assumption would lead them to a fatal consequence. Thus, they were all cautious.

"I don't actually know him." Shang Ying Yue's clear and cold eyes twinkled, her long eyelashes batting. "He got the Guiding Fruit from my father. Because of this, I hated him a lot before we got to the ancient continent."

Shang Ying Yue merely narrated how she met Shi Yan. Pausing for a while, she added, "That man is cruel and heartless. He only cares about himself. He won't bat an eye on people's lives. In other words, if we are no help to him in resisting the God Clan and if he can escape without counting on us, he will not care about our lives!"

Mo Fou and Wu Feng changed their visage.

"Someone is coming!"

Sha Zhao stood up, the dark green light in his eyes rippling. He seemed to use the toxic insects to sense something.

A moment later, Sha Zhao exhaled and said, "It's Cecilia."

People relaxed. However, right after that, they changed their faces as they suddenly remembered something. Mo Fou screamed, "Where's Shi Yan? Did you sense him?"

Sha Zhao shook his head, his face complicated. "No. Only Cecilia."

The warriors who were sitting to cultivate all jolted up, their faces grimaced. "What's good if Cecilia can come back?! If he isn't here, we are blind. How can we resist the God Clan?" Wu Feng said gloomily and coldly.

They all nodded in agreement. In their mind, Shi Yan's life was much important than Cecilia's.

"Something unexpected happened to him?" asked a warrior.

People's faces darkened. Mo Fou snorted and said coldly, "Cecilia is really trash. She can come back and she didn't bring him with her!"

People nodded again.

"Who said I'm just trash?"

Right at this moment, Cecilia's voice came. Her face was frosty as she scanned through them. They were all studying her with cold eyes. Cecilia felt so indignant. She couldn't help but cry. "Don't you feel shameful? While I risked my life with Mia's team, you guys were staying here and recovering your powers in peace! I'm back and I have to endure your mocking?"

"Where's Shi Yan?"

"Where is he?"

"Why did he not come back with you?"

"Is it because of you that he got hurt or something unexpected happened?"

No one minded Cecilia's rage. They just wanted to know where Shi Yan was. They wanted to confirm his status first.

Cecilia looked at each of them and felt so helpless. She now recognized that she had no means to compete with Shi Yan. She had nothing to bargain with him like he had mentioned. If Shi Yan wanted her to die, he didn't need to do that himself. He just needed to tell Mo Fou and Wu Feng.

She immediately felt dispirited. She didn't nag more. "He's alright. He just wanted to cultivate alone for a while. He said he would catch up with us later."

Hearing her, people exhaled in relief. Their tense nerves were relaxed. Then, they asked to know if she was okay. They clamorously asked her what had happened and whether or not their restrictions had worked. They wanted to know if their death traps had damaged Mia's team badly.

"The four warriors of the Bai family were dead. I gave them an instant kill in the lake together with a warrior of the Fernandez family who cultivated Fire power Upanishad at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm!" said Cecilia arrogantly.

Everybody was astounded. Shang Ying Yue was so excited. She balled her fists, her soft body shivering.

She had a deep grudge against Bai Hao's team. She always wanted to eliminate the Bai warriors. As she heard that the four warriors of the Bai family were killed, she couldn't hide her joy. The dark cloud in her mind was also swept away.

"The restrictions you guys set up had damaged all of them. It seems like three or four were killed. Mia's team had a significant loss this time," continued Cecilia.

People grinned and laughed. They cheered happily. Throughout five years, they had been running helter-skelter all the time. They had been in a bad situation and had never given Phelps and Mia any damage. To them, this was a rare triumph that gave them a gentle pat of encouragement on their shoulder.

"Well, Shi Yan had especially captured Yue Man to ask for the Seven-colored Demonic Flower from Mia. He had wounded Yue Man severely too," Cecilia smiled and added.


"He could use the old trick again! Excellent!"

"How could he capture the key person every time? Psychopath!"

Everybody praised this battle. They were so excited as if they had won this battle personally.

Cecilia made a forced smile. She understood that only Shi Yan was important in this event and that only he would be able to guide people to the exit alive. No matter how significant her merit was, no one had ever noticed.

In other words, she couldn't be like Shi Yan and become their "Eye." Thus, she couldn't get such treatment.

Until this moment, Cecilia had woken up. If she got Shi Yan's support in this team, she could do anything she wanted on this team. It wouldn't be hard, though. She pondered and strange light glowing in her eyes. She seemed to have new ideas.


The ground had many holes and the lake was turbid. Mia's team was watching Yue Man carefully.

Yue Man had swallowed a large number of pellets. After a long time to digest them, his breathing had been steadied. The open wounds in his body were closed. He was sound asleep now. At this speed, Yue Man's body was secure. If he didn't need to work strenuously for the next several years, he wouldn't bear any adverse consequence.

Mia exhaled in relief. She took out the divine crystals to recover her energy. The other warriors of the Fernandez family also sat by Yue Man to refill energy.

After an unknown time, Mia opened her eyes and gave a snort.

Shadows emerged from a further distance. Haig and Phelps were approaching. They looked at her with an odd countenance. Observing the surroundings, their faces were getting solemn.

Phelps looked at Yue Man and some headstones far from them. He grinned coldly, his face showing a gleam of satisfaction.

Haig snorted.

Phelps shut his smile, his face scared. He didn't keep that mocking countenance and became more cautious.

"What happened?" Haig frowned and looked at Mia, "I felt the energy of a fierce battle here. The energy surged terribly. There were just two of them and they could give you a lot of damages like this?"

"They'd arranged everything. They had set up a lot of restrictions and mines here." Mia bit her lower lips and stared at Haig, "Your news wasn't wrong. That brat stayed in the lake with a woman. But you didn't tell us they had installed the restrictions!"

Haig was surprised and said awkwardly, "I don't have much energy to watch them in every second. But there were just two of them. Couldn't you finish them?"

"He cultivates Space power Upanishad!" Mia reminded him in a cold voice. "If he wanted to leave, we wouldn't be able to hold him down. In short, he's adamant to deal with."

Haig frowned and shook his head, "It shouldn't be like that."