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1128 The Sudden Inciden

Inside the marsh, the group of warrior tried to reduce their auras and slow down their pace. They continued to move forward but moved more discreetly.

Yue Man was the leader. He frowned and electric beams shot out of his deep eyes as if he was trying to look further ahead of them. He looked careful.

Mia and the Fernandez followed behind him. None of them looked impatient. They were all following Yue Man's instructions. They all trusted him.

"Haig's news isn't wrong." Yue Man stopped after sensing for a while. He looked at the lake far in front of them and said, "Many warriors used to gather there. They seemed to have struggled against each other for a while..."

Yue Man picked up a pinch of mud under his feet, rubbed it between his fingers, and then looked at the trees around. "Those people... used to walk around the place. It seems that they had arranged something."

Mia was astounded. She suddenly held her porcelain's white arm high.

All the members of the Fernandez family halted and stood quietly at their spots. They were vigilant, watching their surroundings.

"You means they could have perhaps arranged some restrictions?" asked Mia.

Yue Man nodded, pointing at the ground in front of them where there were a lot of thick bushes and lush trees. He answered firmly. "From some traces, those trees have been touched. They did it secretly. Fortunately, I've been familiar with this area for years. I can see their small streaks."

"It's strange." Mia was bewildered. "Did they know that we would pass by this area? If not, why had they set up barriers and restrictions here?"

"I'm not sure." It was also what Yue Man couldn't reason.

They didn't know that Shi Yan was like Haig: his Soul Consciousness wasn't bound by the ancient continent. He could guess the location they had to cross with the direction they were going. That was why he had asked the others to prepare this area.

"Maybe it's not aimed at us. Perhaps, they've prepared these things for Haig or Phelps. Anyway, no matter what, we have to be careful." Mia thought and then smiled. She turned to talk to Bai Hao's team of four, "You guys go and scout first."

Bai Hao's team darkened their face at the same time.

They could listen to Mia and Yue Man's conversation clearly. They knew that the muddy ground, the bushes, and even the small forest in front of them had a lot of dangers that could take their lives. As Mia was afraid that her family members would get hurt, she wanted the four of them to be sacrificing pawns, which enraged Bai Hao's team.

However, they didn't dare to show that. Mia's team was so domineering. They had proven that, indeed. At the same time, before they came here, their Chief had asked them to obey Mia's orders.

Bai Hao could only reluctantly agree.

"Everybody be careful. The area in front of us isn't safe." He was so tense. Abruptly, his mind became clear and cautious. He urged the God power and circulated it in his body.

The other three warriors of the Bai family followed him. They urged and accumulated energy that then turned into the phantom of a fighting eagle and the python. They stood at their spots and sent the fantasy beasts to explore the area at a slow speed.

Mia's icy eyes flashed with a gleam of heartless intention. She coldly looked at Bai Hao's group and then turned around to signal the members of the Fernandez family to back off a little further.


Several hundred meters deep in the lake.

Shi Yan stood inside a transparent bubble, still clutching on Cecilia's arm like they were lovers without any distance. The atmosphere between them was ambiguously romantic. However, they both looked stern as if the battle was taking place right in front of them.

"So?" Cecilia exhaled, her breath as tender as the scent of the orchid. Her beautiful eyes were filled with anxiety and uneasy feeling.

The God power in her body was streaming around continuously. It had synchronized to the different-sized bubbles around them. The explosive energy inside those bubbles was connected to her thought. She could trigger the bubbles at any time she wanted.

Those bubbles were a kind of peculiar treasures. It could gather the steam in the lake or the ocean and compress them. When she triggered them, they would burst at the same time and create a terrifying energy wave. She had fabricated those things herself, so she understood very well how tremendous they could be.

She had planned to use the instant-destructive power of those bubbles to damage Mia's team severely. It would give her more chances to survive.

She had also proposed and carried out this ambush plan. She didn't want to see any mistake that would make people doubt her talents. Thus, she was even more anxious.

"It isn't really going well."

Shi Yan's face was cold and stern. He glanced at her and then closed his eyes. The flaming co-soul behind his back swayed and released the soul energy fluctuation.

Cecilia was really nervous. She screamed, "What's happening?"

"That Yue Man has mastered tracing skills. He seems to have found something. Mia's team has halted now. Mia has sent the Bai family's warriors to scout." Opening his eyes, Shi Yan knitted his brows. "Does Yue Man know how to track people? He can read signs and streaks and connect them to figure out information?"

"Damn! We forgot this man!" Cecilia regretted and said worriedly, "Throughout these five years, Mia and Phelps have depended on Yue Man's tracking skills to find us one by one. Although he doesn't have the power like the Soul Consciousness of the man who you've mentioned, Yue Man isn't an ordinary warrior."

"It seems like our plan won't go as we've estimated." Shi Yan rubbed his chin, light flashing in his brain as he contemplated.

"Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Shang Ying Yue had used a lot of precious weapons and efforts to arrange those restrictions and barriers. If they can't work, they will be very upset. I'm afraid that we don't have the chance to set up other traps." Cecilia furrowed her bold brows, her charming face filled with an anxious look. She was trying to formulate another plan.


Shi Yan suddenly let out a low-pitched scream.


"Wait a minute!"

While Bai Hao's team sent their beast phantoms to scout, they were walking towards the lake. Mia stopped them all of a sudden.

Everybody was surprised. They looked at her without a clue. Bai Hao's face was more grimaced. He forced his temper down and gave her a bad face. "Lady Mia, what else do you want us to do?"

Mia chuckled and waved her hand. "Don't rush. Haig said that the man in the lake can use Space power Upanishad. Once you trigger the barriers and restrictions, he can leave immediately. We can't catch him then."

From Yue Man's judgment, Mia gave an assumption that she thought was correct. She assumed that Shi Yan had set up those restrictions so he could do his business with Cecilia under the lake. When his restrictions were touched, he would be alerted immediately and he could use his Space power Upanishad to flee.

With such an assumption, Mia didn't want Bai Hao's team's activity to alert the others. She calmed down and said to Yue Man, "We should have a better plan. We should disorganize the space around here so he can't use his Space power Upanishad to escape."

"We still have time to plan while he knows nothing about. It should be more than one solution." Yue Man smiled sinisterly. "For example, we can stir up the earth and heaven energy here like a storm. It could create magnetic energy storms that shatter space. Another plan is..."

Yue Man contemplated and smiled coldly. He was giving plans to Mia while Mia earnestly listened to him with nods.


At the bottom of the lake.

"How is it?" Cecilia was about to crack from seeing Shi Yan's strange reaction. Her mesmerizing face was dark. "Something even worse?"

Shi Yan forced a smile. "You got it."

"Ah!" Cecilia covered her mouth and hissed.

"They know we're under the lake. They also know our identities. They're going to stir up the space here so I can't use the Space power Upanishad to run away." Squinting, he sensed and said, "Every space has critical points. When they are shattered or blocked, warriors who cultivate Space power Upanishad can't use them to run away. They are trying to seal those critical nodes as they thought that I don't know what they are doing. After that, they can catch us like fish in a fish tank."

Listening to him, Cecilia discolored and screamed, "If our plan can't work well, we don't need to stay here. We should go now!"

"Hmm, if all of your bubbles in this lake explode at the same time to create a blasting destruction, how many people can it kill?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

"Even if the First Sky of Incipient God Realm expert comes here, he will die!" Cecilia was confident, but then she changed into a depressed mood right after that. "What's good with it now though? If we have to pay the big price that's our deaths, it isn't worth it. We should go before they finish that. If we linger, something bad will happen to us."

"Well, we can play a little bit."

Shi Yan took a deep breath, his face grave. "They don't know how savage our outer barriers are and they also don't know the formation you've arranged here. They thought that the barriers we've set up are to alert us."

"How to play? If we fail and you can't take me out of here, isn't it different from dying under the lake?" Cecilia continued to shake her head, her face fearful. "I think it's not worth our lives."

"Whether it's worth or not, I'll decide. You just need to listen to me." Shi Yan suddenly smiled and gripped Cecilia's arm, talking to her in a stiff voice. "Don't worry. Even if they can confine the space, they can do it only in a small area. As long as we storm out, I can leave with you immediately."

Cecilia paled. Looking at his cold face, she felt so chilled. She cursed him under her breath for his boldness.

Shi Yan gripped her for a while and then released her. While Cecilia was confused, Shi Yan grinned. "They've successfully finished. If you kill me now, you will die later. No doubt. And you will reveal your secret under this lake. I think you're not that stupid!"

Cecilia stared at him for a while, her beautiful face filled with reluctance. As the situation had come to this, she pulled herself together and rolled her eyes at Shi Yan. "Forget it. I will play with you for a while. I hope we will survive."

"Don't worry. We will survive," said Shi Yan earnestly.