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1125 Why Me All the Time?




Surprisingly, when Cecilia, Mo Fou, and Wu Feng heard that he wanted to take risks, they discolored and stopped him altogether.

Shi Yan frowned.

Everybody noticed something strange. They all looked at Shang Ying Yue, waiting for her explanation.

Under people's gazing, Shang Ying Yue said coldly and reluctantly as usual, "If something happens to you, we won't have eyes anymore. We can't survive in the swamp afterward. So, anybody can take risks except you. We won't let anything unexpected happen to you!"

Everybody nodded and advised him.

"Cecilia has a good plan. If nothing unexpected happens, once we leave, the others will pass by this area to chase after us." Shi Yan calculated for a while. "Mia's team is closest to us. We just need to change our direction for a while. Then, she will definitely bring her force to chase after us. And to do that, she has to cross this area."

Shi Yan raked through the other warriors, his face cold and harsh. "Unexpected things happen all the time. What if Mia doesn't go this way? What if she isn't going to pass through this area? If she doesn't go this way, will we just waste our barriers and tools that we've set up here? If our first move can't hurt the others severely, our next step will be much more difficult."

Swinging his hand, he said resolutely, "I'll stay. When I see that the situation isn't right, I can teleport away. Except for me, who can do that?"

No one answered him.

"Okay. Then, we'll carry out this plan. I don't want to discuss more unless you can nominate someone who will stay here and die instead of me," said Shi Yan indifferently.

Everybody instinctively looked at Sha Zhao with sinister eyes. The cold, vicious light in Mo Fou's and Wu Feng's eyes made people shiver without feeling cold. "What if we beat Sha Zhao up until he's almost dead and tie him here? Do you think it would be better?" asked Wu Feng in a cold voice.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Cecilia nodded gently. They thought that it wasn't a bad idea, and it was possible, anyway.

Sha Zhao felt so cold. He instinctively backed off and shouted crazily, "You motherf*ckers! Why single me out every time? Who did I mock among of you?"

He suddenly recalled something, looking at Shi Yan indignantly as his flame of anger shot up into the sky. "I know you want to earn his favor. He's useful to us. To please him and save him, you want to sacrifice me! Alright, I don't want to play with you anymore. I'll get going now."

Sha Zhao wore a cold face. He felt so disappointed with Mo Fou's team. He hated the wicked Mo Fou and Wu Feng more than he hated Shi Yan.

"Enough!" Shi Yan shouted solemnly, his voice icy cold. "It's true that I don't like Sha Zhao and I want to kill him. But not now! We're all in a deathtrap. Any force of the enemy is stronger than us. If you think about sacrificing Sha Zhao and wearing out your competence, I think I don't need to join hands with you guys because it's impossible to escape their pursuit going with you!"

Hearing him, people became embarrassed. No one answered him.

"It's you two! Why did you suggest such a dirty solution?" Jiao Shan snarled at Mo Fou and Wu Feng. "He knows to prioritize the important matters. Why can't you? If you guys want that, our brothers will leave this group too. If you can sacrifice Sha Zhao, maybe it's our brothers the next time. What do you say?"

The others also nodded. Their faces looked resolute as if they were all about to separate from this group.

"I said I'd stay." Shi Yan was sitting on the brown rock by the lake. He lifted up his head to look at the sky. He released his co-soul and said, "Mia's team will arrive in one day and one night. I think it's time for you to prepare. I will watch over you guys. Once their Soul Consciousness starts moving, I will tell you to stop. We shouldn't let him figure anything out."

Sha Zhao stayed away from the others. He was ready to run for his life. At this moment, he hesitated.

If he left this group, once he encountered any team, he would be killed instantly. There was no chance to survive. Sha Zhao knew this very well. Unless he had no option, he would never want to leave.

"We admit that we were wrong. Don't go Sha Zhao. We won't behave like that anymore." Mo Fou pondered and bowed to Sha Zhao in the distance, raising his hand. "By the name of my ancestor, I'm sure I will never aim at you anymore! No more!"

Cecilia and Wu Feng also nodded. They understood that if Sha Zhao left, people here would feel distressed and it would be hard to get them united one more time.

They were the weakest in this swamp. If the number of their members were reduced, they wouldn't have a chance to survive when confronting the other three forces. Thus, they had to put their ego aside and beg Sha Zhao not to leave.

"I'm going to give you one more chance!"

Sha Zhao snorted. He walked back to them with a stiff back. Actually, he had just sighed in relief discreetly.

He frowned, looking at Shi Yan who was watching the sky, his face awkward...

"Everybody, seize the time and work now!" Mo Fou screamed. "We should take the time when he doesn't notice us and take action. Quick, arrange the barriers!"

He took them to a clear ground, pitching his voice. "Move away! I'm going underground with the Fiery Earth Mines. I'll also set up a restriction. Once there's pressure on the surface, it will be activated. Don't stay too close to me."

Mo Fou's icy eyes flashed sinisterly. As people were watching, he slowly drilled into the ground, which hadn't troubled him. He could move underground as smooth as fish swimming in water.

Shi Yan squinted and paid attention. He found out that Mo Fou had entered one thousand meters underground and he was skillfully installing something.

"I will install the Yin Thunder Electric Lance on that tree. Don't touch its branches or leaves. It will affect my restriction." Shang Ying Yue's cold voice arose. She was moving like a zigzag lightning strike between the trees around. Her porcelain arms danced in the air, making many magical hand seals and imprinting on the trees. She had even hung some special treasures there.

"I'll check the bottom of the lake."

Cecilia smiled charmingly before jumping into the crystal lake like a beautiful mermaid. She didn't even make the water splash. She got into the bottom of the lake quietly.

The others also scattered and worked on their own barriers or restrictions. They had used many secret treasures that were fatally powerful. From this area, their ambush extended and made this area a field of terrifying barriers and restrictions.

"The energy fluctuations can be seen. Don't act rashly to stay concealed. If they find us, our labor here will be in vain." While arranging her restriction, Shang Ying Yue reminded the others.

"Got it."

"We understand."

"Don't worry. I'm good at these kinds of ambush setups. I'm sure I will scare that b*tch Mia out of her wits!"

Many warriors here were from the influential star areas. They clenched their jaws and used the most intimidating tricks they had. They had prepared this area with danger at every step. Even Shi Yan felt chilled just watching them.

The Wu brothers had used many silver balls. Once they impacted by something, they would shoot countless beams of cold air, which could enter the soul altar directly and stab the Sea of Consciousness. Those sharp air beams would shatter the soul directly.

Sha Zhao from the Gu God Sect had released many demonic insects and venomous animals in the swamp. Those things were so tiny that Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness could hardly detect them. As they were merely invisible because they were so small, they could scatter in the air and earth and heaven energy around. Once the warriors took in the energy, they would enter their veins and body. They would be weakened unknowingly and they wouldn't be able to mobilize their energy anymore.

Feeling the toxic insects that were dozens of times smaller than a hair sinking into the swamp not far from him, Shi Yan tried to count how many there were. He found more than dozens of thousands.

Shi Yan felt his scalp tingling.

He suddenly felt lucky that he got the Poison-dipped Cold Bead. Otherwise, in the previous battle, not only could he not damage Sha Zhao, he was also poisoned badly. Sha Zhao could have killed him.

Although this man's God power wasn't thick enough, he had many malignant tricks that were really hard to defend. Shi Yan had a feeling that if Mo Fou and Wu Feng had attacked to kill him, perhaps Sha Zhao could have killed some of them.

While Shi Yan was still thinking, Sha Zhao lifted his head to look at him, his face odd. He stooped and his voice was stiff, "I'll remember that you stopped them for me. I will repay this favor of yours. However, the grudge between us... it's not easy to be lifted up like that."

Shi Yan was surprised. He stayed bewildered for a while before he could chuckle. He just nodded and said nothing.


The water rushing sound arose from the lake behind him. A sexy figure moved agilely like a swimming fish slowly emerged.

Her wet hair draped around her shoulders. Cecilia wore the leather dress that showcased her hot body. As her slender thighs moved in the lake, half of her body emerged from the water. She looked at Shi Yan in the distance and said, "I've installed an interesting toy under the lake. But I need to control it. If I stay, it can perform at maximum capacity, which can damage them badly. Hey... can you take one person with you in that critical moment? Can you bring me and escape the scene? I'm sure I can kill one or two instantly if they get into the lake and fight."

Shi Yan's eye flashed a strange light. He looked at Cecilia who was showing him her absolute confidence. He pondered for a while and then nodded, "I can take you with me. But you have to stay close to me and you can never leave for even a moment. Can you do that?"

"Of course I can." Cecilia smiled happily and talked seductively, "Don't worry. I won't cause you any trouble. I'm sure I will obey. Oh yeah, I will stick to you."

Shi Yan frowned. He didn't look at her anymore and continued to watch the sky. He had to focus to prevent Haig's Soul Consciousness.

Cecilia smiled, her beautiful legs moving as she slowly sank into the lake.