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1123 Getting Serious!

Just like Shang Ying Yue had assumed, Mia was indeed so angry that she wanted to vomit blood.

After diverging from Phelps's team, she didn't hurry to kill Mo Fou's group, the fish that had escaped her net. She chose a place to rest and contemplated with a dark face.

The group of the Fernandez family's warriors scattered around her, looking at her begrudgingly.

Yue Man bowed to her, his complexion embarrassed. "It's I who had messed up your business."

"No, it has nothing to do with you," Mia swung her hand, her face frosty. "It's Phelps and that damn brat! I didn't expect that he would be alive after five years raiding this area. I hate him! He broke my good business!"

"Miss, why did you give him the Seven-colored Spirit Flower? Compared to the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, its value is priceless!" Yue Man lowered his head and sighed as he was touched.

He, of course, understood why Mia did that. Besides vowing his life to repay Mia's deep favor, he didn't know what else to do

"It's true that the Seven-colored Spirit Flower is much more precious, but it can't save Uncle Yue Ke. Just let him take it. I will find another chance to take it back." Mia frowned, "But it'll be troublesome to talk with Haig about this. He wanted that Seven-colored Spirit Flower. He and I have dealt the price already. I didn't think we could encounter such things."

"Then what should we do?" Yue Man was frightened. "It's not easy to deal with Haig, though."

"It's okay. Just tell him the truth. It seems like we have to depend on Haig's force. Otherwise, I'm afraid that we can't capture that brat," sighed Mia.

Not long after their conversation, the Sound Stone in Mia's sleeve vibrated. Haig wanted to talk to her.

While she was fighting Phelps, her Sound Stone transmitted many calls. They were all from Haig. It was obvious that Haig had found something. It was an urge to know Mia's and Phelps' situation. However, she didn't pick it up.

And now, when the dispute with Phelps ceased temporarily, Mia could ease her mind to talk to Haig. Also, she needed his help to clear all the obstacles in the swamp.

"What the heck were you doing?" Haig's snarl came from the Sound Stone. "I've just talked to Phelps. He said that you wanted him to die. You didn't want to use the Seven-colored Demonic Flower to exchange for his life. That's why you guys..."

Haig shouted right at the beginning and criticized Mia's inappropriate behaviors. His voice was harsh, indeed.

Mia wore a cold face. She didn't hasten to snap back. Waiting after Haig had finished, she replied indifferently, "It's much worse than what you've thought. I didn't give them the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. What I handed them was the Seven-colored Spirit Flower. It was the Seven-colored Spirit Flower you wanted! Do you feel angrier now?"

Haig quieted down his thundering.

After a while, he had recovered his placid mind. "It's just a servant. Why do you have to care so much? Why didn't you give that brat the Seven-colored Demonic Flower instead? You thought that I couldn't kill him when I arrived? You're always smart, but why did you suddenly act dumb this time?"

"I'm afraid you can't kill him anyway." Mia frowned, "It's true that you can lock his location and direction, but he's cultivated Space power Upanishad. Even though he can't escape the ancient continent, he could run away in this area. This swamp is much bigger than a life star. It's not easy to catch him."

"What do you think?" Haig's voice recovered its coldness. "You've never wanted to bear a loss. I want to know your plan. I know you understand that this operation of mine shouldn't have any mistakes. I don't care about the grudge between you and Phelps. I will never let you guys break my plan!"

Haig said the last sentence curtly and resolutely.

"Don't worry. I know your situation. I won't cause troubles." Mia pondered for a few seconds and then said, "You help me find them first. I have a plan."



By the crystal clear lake, Shi Yan was sitting on the brown rock and studying the Seven-colored Spirit Flower with awe for a long time. All of a sudden, he put it back to his Fantasy Sky Ring.

Just like Shang Ying Yue had said, the value of the Seven-colored Spirit Flower was evidently much higher than the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. To him, a warrior with heaven flames, it was constructive. With this Seven-colored Spirit Flower, perhaps he could fuse his different heaven flames into one or two flows, which would give him a magnificent boost.

However, he couldn't do anything to the Soul Rotting Aphis inside Yang Tian Emperor's brain. Shi Yan darkened his face. He hated Mia so much.

"Thank you for telling me the functions of the Seven-colored Spirit Flower." Lifting his face to look at Shang Ying Yue, he said faintly, "In return, I'm going to tell you something. Another force of the God Clan has entered the swamp. This force is much more intimidating than both the Fernandez and the Ascot families. If you guys were unlucky and let them found you, I think you wouldn't have escaped death."

Hearing him, Mo Fou, Cecilia, and the others had their faces turn ash-gray. They felt so hopeless and desperate.

When Phelps and Mia had joined hands, they hardly had a chance to survive. And now, another dominant force of the God Clan had just arrived. Would they have a chance to survive?

"Please give us a hand."

Cecilia moved her sexy body agilely, looking at him with a begging face and speaking in a soft voice, "If you can help us, we can get over this tough challenge and wait until the day the Center opens."

"The Center?" Shi Yan looked at the others as he didn't have a clue.

"You don't know?" Mo Fou sounded surprised.

Wu Feng, Wu Bai, and Shang Ying Yue also wore awkward countenances.

Mo Fou suddenly felt reluctant. He hurried to explain. "The ancient continent is divided into five lands. In the first five years, the four surrounding lands will open. After five years, the center will be unsealed. That Center is the essence of the ancient continent. It has more natural defenses and much more precious materials. The Guiding Fruits for the next time will also appear in the Center. Well, in short, the Center is where all the forces fight against each other to take the best resources."

"You guys aren't afraid of the God Clan when you enter the Center?" frowned Shi Yan.

"I heard that the Center has many deathtraps. Dangers are everywhere. Although the God Clan is strong, it's not easy to pursue us all the time," Mo Fou explained with a dry smile.

"As long as you agree to help us go through the challenges, we can negotiate anything," said Wu Feng.

"Well, then you guys kill Sha Zhao first," Shi Yan pursed his lips and looked at Sha Zhao, giving a malicious request.

Suddenly, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, Jiao Shan, Cecilia, and the others lay their eyes on Sha Zhao. Their eyes sparkled with strange lights.

Sha Zhao felt chilled to the bone. He instinctively moved backward and summoned so many insects and venomous animals rolling under his feet. They covered him in layers. "You are really going to listen to that brat? We've fought against enemies together for so long. Just one sentence from him and you guys want to kill me?"

"If we have to sacrifice only you to exchange for everybody else... We can only say sorry to you," Wu Feng nodded coldly as he was ready to strike.

Sha Zhao discolored in fright. He looked at Shi Yan indignantly and shouted, "Don't bully me! I didn't gain anything at that time. You even hurt me! I have never thought about taking revenge! Do you really want me to die?"

Shi Yan wore a cold face.

Mo Fou's team looked at him as if they were waiting for his signal to kill Sha Zhao right in front of him.

"If one of us dies, our force will be a bit weaker. Can you guys... discuss your resentment later?" advised Shang Ying Yue.

Squinting, Shi Yan's face was harsh and cold. He sneered. However, as he was about to talk, he got startled.

His face became so serious. He immediately closed his eyes. The co-soul burned behind his head and sent clear soul fluctuations back to him. He was wholly concentrating.

Everybody was clueless. They didn't know why Shi Yan suddenly acted weird at this critical moment. They knitted their brows and waited for his decision without bothering him.

"He's checking the situation around... Maybe Mia and Phelps are heading here." Shang Ying Yue reminded people, which made people intense.

Gradually, they found Shi Yan becoming sterner. In the end, he knitted his brows tightly as if he was encountering something he couldn't handle. Seeing him like that, everybody else became restlessly insecure. They became more cautious.


The dancing flame above Shi Yan's head shrank, flashed, and then disappeared into the corner of his eye.

Opening his eyes, Shi Yan said in a low-pitched, serious tone. "It's much more troublesome." He didn't talk about asking for killing Sha Zhao anymore. Sha Zhao exhaled in relief as people focused on Shi Yan.

"Recently, a flow of Soul Consciousness had gotten here. It was sensing our commotions. If I'm not wrong, the new coming force of the God Clan must have a warrior whose soul isn't bound in this ancient continent like me. Within a specific range in this swamp area, even if you hide thousands of meters underground, he can dig you up."

People were so frightened. They could see the fear in each other's eyes as they were desperate in the dead corner.

"I wouldn't care about your lives," Shi Yan took a deep breath and said solemnly, "Because I could always dodge Mia and Phelps. If I wanted to hide, they wouldn't even be able to find my breath. But it won't work that way anymore. That guy came. He's a big trouble to me too. It seems like I have to group with you guys."

This time he didn't ask them to kill Sha Zhao or request any condition. He had directly agreed with their begging.

However, they still had to wear the earth-gray face. No one could feel happy. Right before the fight, they were dispirited. They thought that they couldn't use any bit of strength to resist the God Clan.

"We should have a better plan this time," Shi Yan's eyes changed. He pulled himself together and finally got serious to counter the coming waves.