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1122 The Servant Flower and the Master Flower

Shi Yan was sitting cross-legged on a brown stone by a crystal clear lake.


A light flashed and the amber crystal emerged in front of him. Inside that amber crystal was a beautiful flower that had the face of a beautiful woman in her sleep. This flower was peculiar and yet marvelous.

Shi Yan took out the book that Shang Chen gave him. He read it for a while and compared the flower with the figure in the book...

Compared to the drawings, there was no doubt that it was the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. All the features of this flower including the beautiful woman's face, the jade roots, and a few leaves showed him that it was what he wanted.

A flow of Soul Consciousness was sent to the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. Shi Yan wanted to use the Soul Consciousness to check it deeper.

The amber crystal was used to seal this Seven-colored Demonic Flower, which would prevent the flower from shriveling. This crystal was made with some unique materials. It was filled with steam and energy fluctuation. It should be a magical, exquisite container.

His Soul Consciousness moved around and seeped into the demonic flower to sense...

Shortly after, Shi Yan frowned. His eyes sparkled with confusion. He pulled his mind and observed closely.

It didn't feel right!

His face changed silently.

According to the description in Shang Chen's book, the Seven-colored Demonic Flower had a demonic aura that gave people a feeling of seeing something evil and cold. It could hypnotize people. When using the Soul Consciousness to sense, the warrior would feel dizzy because of the invasion of the toxic air from the flower.

But Shi Yan didn't feel like that...

It was clean and clear. There were no pollutants. Its aura was fresh with a faint aroma that relaxed the soul. It was what he felt when he entered the flower.

Totally different!

His eyes darkened as the flame of anger ignited and burned his heart. The co-soul floating behind his head also moved fiercely.

A refreshing and immaculate aura flew out of the amber crystal, storming into his co-soul when he didn't recognize it. His co-soul stopped flickering. The auras of the heaven flames became distinctive.


Shi Yan was astounded. He was bewildered. He looked at the crystal he was holding. Observing the fresh, blooming flower, his Soul Consciousness tried to sense further.

The magical aura from the beautiful flower had entered his co-soul and made the auras of the heaven flames forming his co-soul more distinctive. It calmed down his bouncing co-soul and made the flows of auras cling onto each other...

It didn't feel right!

Shi Yan retrieved his Soul Consciousness and his finger touching the crystal. He darkened his face, watching the fresh flower and frowning.

He knew something wasn't right. This flower wasn't similar to what he understood. Maybe Mia had made a counterfeit and it could contain something dark and evil, which aimed at him. The more he thought about it, the bigger the possibility became.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sounds of wind tearing arose and approached his area. From the sounds, he knew that there wasn't only one warrior coming.

The co-soul transmitted soul fluctuations and sensed. He knew who was coming, so he didn't hasten to leave or hide. Shi Yan sat on the brown rock by the clear lake, waiting in silence.

After fifteen minutes, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and Sha Zhao appeared. They watched here and there and even their back and then slowly came to him.


Shang Ying Yue couldn't help but scream. She looked at him in fright. A little joy flashed in her clear but cold eyes.

Mo Fou, Cecilia, and the others were shaken. They didn't think much and gathered by Shi Yan instantly. Just like him, they stood or sat by the rock and looked at him curiously.

"Are they after you?"

Cecilia smiled sweetly and charmingly. Her beautiful body flashed and her curvy butt was bouncing as she stopped by Shi Yan. A mesmerizingly sweet aroma came to Shi Yan's nostrils with the wind.

Since everybody knew to whom she was talking to, they all looked at Shi Yan with hope.


Shi Yan wore a faint face. He frowned and didn't retrieve the amber crystal floating in front of him.

Hearing him, they exhaled in relief. No one doubted his words. Then, they relaxed and stopped being anxious anymore. Some lay down or sat on the rocks by the lake, grasping for their breaths and using the divine crystals to refill energy.

Since they were all future leaders of the big star areas, they had many experiences in fighting. They wouldn't waste any minute as they would use them to recover. It was better to recover their energy and body condition to the peak to deal with the battle that could possibly take place in the next moment.

"Actually, you could have used Phelps for a little more. If we made them fight to the death, when one side got damaged, it would have been much easier for us." As Cecilia heard him, her seducing face was thrilled. She proactively approached him, her face bright, "If one of them was done, we would have taken the upper hand here. If you helped us chase them, none of them would have escaped."

Shang Ying Yue nodded. She looked regretful too.

Shi Yan glared at Cecilia and said coldly, "Well thought. Too bad it wasn't that simple."

"Why did you say that?" Cecilia's smile paused, her face earnest. "Did you find any new commotion?"

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Wu Bai were using divine crystals to recover their powers. She had caught their attention. Everybody was waiting for Shi Yan's answer.

Unfortunately, Shi Yan pulled the cornered of his lips and didn't answer her. Instead, he looked at Shang Ying Yue. "You come and check this... Is it the real Seven-colored Demonic Flower?"

It'd been five years and it had worn out Shang Ying Yue's resentment against Shi Yan. Moreover, as she knew that she had to count on Shi Yan a lot, she didn't pretend and just frankly walked to Shi Yan's stone. She extended one jade-like finger, touching the amber crystal and releasing a flow of Soul Consciousness to sense.

She was Shang Chen's daughter. Of course, her knowledge of peculiar and marvelous materials should be profound enough. In other words, her attainment shouldn't... be less than Shang Chen's.

It was because Shang Chen's knowledge of medicinal medicines came from An Liya, Shang Ying Yue's mother who was a brilliant alchemist.

Shang Ying Yue's fingertip touched the crystal. Her long eyelashes batted. Gradually, she furrowed her bold brows as if she had found something wrong.

Shi Yan's heart sank to the bottom. From her facial expression, he got the answer. He couldn't hide his anger.

Shang Ying Yue's furrowed brows twitched and then relaxed. She spoke as if she couldn't believe it. "It's not the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, indeed."

Shi Yan's straight back lowered. His face changed when he sighed begrudgingly, "I thought so. According to your father's description in the book, the Seven-colored Demonic Flower has a demon aura with a hypnotizing ability. Although that flower is gorgeous with a human face, its aura's completely different."

"Hm, you don't need to feel down, anyway." Shang Ying Yue looked at him, her eyes brightened. "Although it's not the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, it's much more precious than the Seven-colored Demonic Flower! This is a Seven-colored Spirit Flower. It's much more precious and rare than the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. It's the rarest priceless item at the Original Incipient Grade!"

Mo Fou and the others were still eavesdropping. Hearing her, they were all stirred up as they looked at her.

"Is it the true Seven-colored Spirit Flower?" asked Wu Feng with a stern face.

"It can't be faked." Shang Ying Yue nodded, "Mia must have taken the Seven-colored Demonic Flower together with the Seven-colored Spirit Flower. She wanted to keep Seven-colored Demonic Flower to save someone called Yue Ke. Even though she had to give the Seven-colored Spirit Flower to you, I would think that she is angry now."

"Haha, if it's true, she has a big loss this time," Mo Fou laughed oddly.

They knew about the Seven-colored Spirit Flower. They started to discuss boisterously. Looking at the beautiful fresh flower, they were so curious.

Quite the contrary, Shi Yan was confused.

"The Seven-colored Spirit Flower and the Seven-colored Demonic Flower grow together. They are the servant flower and the master flower. The Seven-colored Demonic Flower is the servant flower. It will draw and transmit nutrients to the Seven-colored Spirit Flower to prevent that flower from withering before it blooms. As the master, the Seven-colored Spirit Flower can take the fluids and nutrients from the Seven-colored Demonic Flower to nurture and grow. After that, it will take the main roles."

Shang Ying Yue could see him doubting. She explained earnestly, "When they encounter danger, the Seven-colored Spirit Flower will become invisible. It will make the Seven-colored Demonic Flower bear all the dangers. It's strange, right? As Mia could take both of them, she surely prepared carefully before she came here."

"Tell me their functions directly," said Shi Yan with a frown.

"The Seven-colored Demonic Flower has the nickname of "the Soul Custodian." It can clear all the dirty things or pollutants in the soul altar. The Seven-colored Demonic Flower can clean them all. Aside from that, the Seven-colored Demonic Flower is the main material to refine many pellets that nurture the soul. It's really precious. It can even help the warriors who cultivate Mind power Upanishad."

Pausing for a while, Shang Ying Yue continued, "... the Seven-colored Spirit Flower has a magical function: it can combine the heaven flames with different natures! Also, it can fuse the powers Upanishads with similar characteristics."

Her eyes brightened up. She looked at Shi Yan without blinking even once. "I think it's really suitable for you!" She knew that Shi Yan had heaven flames.

Shi Yan became bewildered, his face strange. He just frowned and said nothing.

"It isn't really important as it can clean your soul altar unless your soul altar is infected. In that case, the Seven-colored Demonic Flower will be the precious treatment for the right disease. For example, that Yue Ke has the Soul Rotting Aphis in his soul altar. He needs the Seven-colored Demonic Flower to eradicate them. Aside from such a situation, the Seven-colored Demonic Flower can't perform its best. Compared to the Seven-colored Spirit Flower, it's not worth using. Anyway, nothing can compete with the spirit flower when fusing heaven flames or powers Upanishads," added Shang Ying Yue.