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In the center of the swamp, the chaotic energy was wreaking havoc. Different energy attacks impacted, killing and clearing the entire area.

Members of the Ascot family gathered from different corners of the place as they got Watt's call through the Sound Stone. Their force became stronger.

Since Phelps's realm wasn't so high, Fick had to worry that he would be undergoing hardships in the ancient continent. Thus, he had assigned almost all of the elite warriors at Ethereal God Realm of the family to this operation so they could protect him. No one wanted anything bad to happen to him.

Thus, although Phelps's realm wasn't really profound, the general competence of the Ascot family's force in this swamp surpassed the Fernandez's.

Seeing more warriors of the Ascot family arrive, Mia's team was pressured even harder. Many of the Ascot's warriors had aimed at Mia. They wanted to force her to give them the Seven-colored Demonic Flower.

However, Mia was the strongest warrior with many divine weapons. At the same time, her skills were all mastered.

Watt and the other Peak of Ethereal God Realm experts were surrounding Mia, but they couldn't force her. Mia just had to endure a little hardship.

Mo Fou, Cecilia, and the others were onlookers. While watching, their faces were getting stern as they were frightened. They knew how strong Mia was. This woman of the Fernandez family was not only the smart and cunning mind but she was also an outstanding individual. Her personal powers were really intimidating. It was no wonder that she was appointed to the mission to this ancient continent.

Everybody started to calculate. They knew that they must be careful when facing Mia.

Phelps sat neatly, his face cold and dark. His eyes were like icicles that pierced Mia. Sometimes, he even cursed.

While Shi Yan was holding Phelps, his face was calm and cold as if he was just watching a play. He looked like he was waiting until one side was defeated or even killed to give his other request. However, Shi Yan discolored all of a sudden.

The co-soul behind his head reflected an extremely fierce energy fluctuation!

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan focused on seeing. His Soul Consciousness extended, reaching the area outside the swamp...

He could sense the flows of extraordinary energy. It seemed like many intimidating creatures had entered this swamp area. Moreover, they were dashing towards his area!

After a while, he took a deep breath, his face so chilled. He could sense the aura and direction of Haig's team.

He had almost confirmed that the coming warriors belonged to one force of the God Clan, one of the twelve families. Just like Mia and Phelps, they came to this ancient continent to clear the prodigies of the big star areas. He didn't need to ask to know their purpose for coming to this area.

Shi Yan had planned to see how the situation develops. After sensing, he changed his visage and recalculated his plan.

He muttered in Phelps' ear and said coldly, "It's just a waste of my time and your time if you guys fight like this. It's not easy to deal with Mia. I think you guys have aimed at the wrong target. Yeah, you should attack Yue Man. If you can capture Yue Man, I think Mia will hand us the Seven-colored Demonic Flower."

Phelps' eyes brightened.

With a cold smile hanging on the corner of his mouth, Phelps threw Watt a glance and asked him to attack Yue Man.

Watt understood tacitly. He gave his Young Master a curt nod that was unrecognizable. He discreetly signaled the others...

Some members of the Ascot family who were attacking Mia slowly changed targets. Although they were harsh when attacking Mia, they didn't dare to attack her with lethal strikes. Mia was the key member of the Fernandez family anyway. If they killed her, it would lead to a war between the two families.

—— They couldn't bear this responsibility.

Although Yue Man was also a member of the Fernandez family, he wasn't really important. Even if he was killed, it wouldn't cause a big commotion.

Watt's team secretly changed their target...

"Everything is going well!"

Wu Feng clapped his hands and excitedly calculated, "After the two families fight each other and get damaged, perhaps we will have a chance to overturn this situation."

The eyes of Mo Fou, Cecilia, and Sha Zhao became hot. Their lines of sight raked through Mia's and Phelps's rings as if they could see the rare and precious materials. They had to grasp for their breaths...

Throughout the recent five years, Mia's and Phelps's teams had joined hands and operated around this swamp area. They had killed many warriors of the other star area and harvested the materials that the others had collected. The warriors of the God Clan had also collected a lot of crystals and herbal materials. They had almost cleaned up the heaven and earth products in this swamp area.

They had been through many difficulties to get to this ancient continent for the precious natural products. They also knew what Mia and Phelps kept in their rings. They weren't ordinary items. That was why they had become so excited.

"As long as he agrees to help us, Mia and Phelps couldn't hide. Haha, I couldn't believe that we got such a marvelous encounter in this deadly situation. Seems like our time is coming!" Mo Fou also smiled.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Watt and the other three experts of the Ascot family suddenly ditched Mia. Before Mia could react, they had captured Yue Man.

Beams of gold light as big as a thumb wound around Yue Man's God Body like real chains. Those light beams slowly squeezed and sank into his flesh. If Yue Man wiggled, he winced in pain. His face was twisted.

"We can have a quiet moment now," Watt grinned and looked at Mia coldly.

He placed a shiny silver sword on Yue Man's neck. That sharp blade radiated a cold and dark halo. It looked like it could cut off Yue Man's head in a second.

Mia's soft body shivered. Her charming face turned as pale as a paper sheet. She gritted her teeth, her venomous eyes gazing at Watt. "You dared to attack my people. I'll remember this! I swear I won't let you go easily!"

Under her resentful eyes, Watt was chilled. He felt so uncomfortable. He glanced at Phelps and took a deep breath, "You know what I want."

Mia looked at Phelps.

Phelps wore a dark face and he laughed coldly, "My good sister Mia, I just want to live. Please help me. Yeah, you know me, right. You know that to survive, I can do anything."

"Such a coward who is afraid of death! Do you think you're worth receiving the position of the Chief of Ascot family? I think your father is blind!" Mia scolded angrily. Afterward, she stroked a ring on her left hand. A dark blue halo glowed. A yellow crystal emerged in front of her.

The amber crystal captured a peculiar flower, which had a beautiful woman face. That flower seemed to be frozen, but the exquisite facial features of that little beauty were still clear. It looked like a glamor was just sleeping.

That crystal was as big as a millstone. It hovered quietly in front of Mia. She pondered for a while and then pointed at the crystal, "For you!"

The crystal spun and slowly flew towards Phelps. It halted above his head. A strange, fresh aroma emitted from the crystal, which was so pleasant to the soul.

It was the Seven-colored Demonic Flower!

Shi Yan grinned, reaching his hand to grab it. The amber crystal turned into a yellow light beam that disappeared into his Fantasy Sky Ring. "It's real."

Mo Fou, Cecilia, and the onlookers sobered from their joy. They were bewildered and it became awkward.

—— This battle ends so quickly!

The battle between the Ascot and the Fernandez families hadn't cost any lives. There were some minor wounds, which wasn't the result that Cecilia and Mo Fou had expected. They looked regretful as the situation didn't turn out as they had hoped.

"Too quick. It shouldn't have happened this way!" Mo Fou frowned. He became tense. He hissed, "Would that kid stop his deed when he got the item?"

"No? Isn't his purpose to stir up the dispute between the Ascot and the Fernandez families? It's not that simple, right?" said Wu Feng.

"Prepare to retreat now!"

Shang Ying Yue suddenly hissed. "That bastard came here for the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. He won't care about us. He won't cooperate with us, either!"

Hearing her, people changed their faces. The plan that filled their mind was now just a joke.

Without Shi Yan's cooperation, their calculation was just a lie to themselves and to the others. They weren't equal opponents of the Ascot and the Fernandez families. If Shi Yan didn't help them, their situation couldn't change a bit.

"He wouldn't help us? At all?" Cecilia bit her lower lip.

"Nope," Shang Ying Yue said curtly.

"Get out of here!"

"Get out of here immediately!"

"We should leave now!"

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Sha Zhao discolored. They didn't dare to linger. As told by Shang Ying Yue, they quickly dashed away.

Mia and Phelps's soldiers didn't stop them. They were watching Shi Yan, Phelps, and Yue Man.

"I'm a man of my words."

Under the God Clan's warriors gazing, Shi Yan slowly drew the bone thorn in Phelps' chest and abdomen. He whispered to Phelps. "With your powerful self-recover, it shouldn't be a problem to recover. I wish you and Mia could get along well later."

Before he had finished his words, his figure became vague and slowly disappeared into nothingness. He vanished in people's sight.

Phelps wiped the trickles of blood on the corners of his mouth. He waved at Watt, "Release him!"

Watt immediately untied Yue Man. Together with the warriors of the Ascot family, they handed back Yue Man who stood behind Phelps. Phelps was looking at Mia with cold eyes.

Mia and Phelps glared at each other for a few seconds. They didn't talk and they turned around. They walked in different directions like they were strangers.

The union of the two great families shattered from that point on.