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1115 Pressing Earth and Heaven’s Prestige……

Mia stood like an ice mountain in the middle of the marsh. She looked at Shi Yan with cold eyes.

"I'm curious as to why you hid here? You could have left earlier. Do you have any plan?" As her mind flickered, she started to chat with Shi Yan.

Shi Yan looked like a volcano. His savage aura was thick and terrible as if he had a mental problem that would burst out in any minute.

Although both of them had transformed, Mia looked placid without a streak of human emotions. Shi Yan was brutal and ferocious like an enraged beast. He was wearing his most extreme face. They were truly two different poles of the extremes.

Only Shi Yan knew that if he didn't use the Third Sky of Rampage, he couldn't consume the negative energy in his acupuncture points that would put him into a crazy state under the boiling Demon Blood.

However, once he released his negative energy, he could sober up.

While fighting Mia, he didn't use the negative energy or the Death and Life power Upanishad. He was trying to not use the abilities related to the features of the Bloodthirsty's bloodline.

Shi Yan knew that even if he used all of the skills, he couldn't kill Mia. At the same time, his identity would be revealed. And if Mia got his identity, she could put everything aside to gather all the members of the God Clan here to kill him.

It wasn't a situation he wanted to see.

Thus, he didn't answer Mia's question.

He rose one hand, his palm facing a flame floating above his head. The co-soul suddenly became the most dominating magnetic field with an extreme suction force.

Shortly after, a thick cloud of earth and heaven energy above their head suddenly made a downpour that congregated on Shi Yan's co-soul and looked like an ignis fatuus. It was tied down as if his co-soul had gripped it in hand.

The unrivaled earth and heaven energy of the ancient continent was gathering like a stream of dense energy. Quitely, it transformed into a dazzling block of light like a falling sun that was aimed at Mia.

Calm Mia changed her visage for the first time. A gleam of fright flashed in her eyes.

That brilliant block of light had the energy of an area of ten miles around. This planet was an ancient continent that had the most abundant earth and heaven energy in this universe. The amount of energy from ten miles around could be compared to a suicidal attack of an Incipient God Realm expert.

Even Mia couldn't bear it.

The transparent scales on her entire body shivered. Rings of silver lights fluttered from her, merging with each other to create a rippling energy like the seawater.

She put on an extremely exquisite mask, which looked pale and vicious. However, it had frightening energy.

Peculiar drawings appeared on her mask. It looked like those fine lines were connecting with Mia's veins and releasing powerful energy that made her face emit silver light and send them to the silver light ringers around her. The energy surrounding her changed massively.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The chunk of energy like a small sun grumblingly pressed down, impacting upon countless silver light rings above Mia's head. The ear-splitting explosions reverberated. It was like this area was receiving a tremendous earthquake.

The terrible energy storm expanded like a rising tide overflowing everywhere. It crushed all the grass, trees, and flowers, which stood in its way into powder. Even the hard stones were grounded. The area was destroyed under this attack. A massive pit covering the area of ten miles around appeared, which looked bottomless.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shadows headed towards their area. They had stopped their pursuit of Mo Fou's team because they were afraid something bad happened to Mia.

Shi Yan stood by the massive pit and used the co-soul to sense. He grimaced afterward.

So powerful!

Mia was safe and sound under that pressing-earth-and-heaven-prestige attack. Her soul and body didn't change much. She just received some scratches.

Shi Yan was terrified.

He thought that under the situation that he didn't get into Third Sky of Rampage to use his negative energy, he wouldn't be better than Mia if he had to bear such a strike.

That attack was the energy of the ancient continent that his co-soul had collected to create the sky's prestige. Only Shi Yan who had the same Origin as the ancient continent could gather the earth and heaven energy here to create the fatal attacks.

However, Mia wasn't hurt.

Sensing quietly for a while, Shi Yan found that more experts were coming to this area. He pulled himself together and then left discreetly.

As he cultivated Space power Upanishad, as long as the space wasn't restricted, it was easy to leave. Before Yue Man and the Fernandez family members arrived, he had disappeared.

After several minutes, Yue Man and Bai Hao's team came with worries. They were frightened as they looked at the deep hole. They all grimaced.

"Cough! Cough!"

Mia's voice arose deep inside the hole. Shortly after, Mia slowly floated up.

She had resumed her normal shape wearing a beautiful dress from the God Undying Body. Her face reddened and she had a trickle of blood on the corner of her mouth. She didn't look tired, but the cold light flared from her eyes which terrified people.

"Young Lady, what just happened?" asked Yue Man with worries, "Who could create such a powerful attack? Who can be so strong as that?"

Mia had a cold and harsh complexion. She frowned and contemplated, "He's strange. I doubt that..."

She paused midway. Perhaps it was because of the Bai family's warriors here, as she didn't want to let outsiders other than Yue Man know this. She stopped her line and asked all of a sudden, "Did you get any harvest?"

"When we heard the crazy commotion here, we hurried to get back. We haven't killed anyone, but Phelps and the Ascot family's warriors are hunting them down. Perhaps, they will kill some," said Yue Man.

"The woman who cultivates Lighting and Ice powers called Shang Ying Yue... do you know where she is?"

"Over there," Yue Man pointed at a direction.

Mia nodded and said, "Follow me there."

She remembered the first time she saw Shi Yan. He was together with Shang Ying Yue inside an invisible light cage. They had something ambiguous back there.

She knew that it was hard to subdue him since she couldn't use the Imperial Dragon Token anymore. In this case, to force Shi Yan, she had only one method: capturing the one he cared about.

Mia assumed that Shang Ying Yue was important to Shi Yan.


By a broken wooden club, starlight dots slowly gathered into Shi Yan's body.

He had resumed his body and then changed into a black warrior costume. Shi Yan was frowning and thinking.

Mia at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm was a high-level warrior of the God Clan. She could change forms in just a blink. She was solid and she also had a lot of divine weapons. It was almost impossible to take the Seven-colored Demonic Flower from her.

Although he used the negative energy and revealed his Bloodthirsty's bloodline, he wasn't so sure that he could defeat Mia.

If he wanted to get the Seven-colored Demonic flower, he had to seize the chance when Mia was hurt or... threaten her!

Threaten her?

His eyes brightened. He smiled after pondering for a while. He left quickly afterward.

Shi Yan and Mia had thought of the same location.


A group of four warriors was moving fast in the swamp area. They looked like four lightning strikes.

Not far behind them were the members of the Ascot family who were striking their targets with different energy attacks. They had struck the swamp along the way, creating ditches and smashing any obstacles that were standing in their way.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were leading. God power was rolling in their bodies. They wanted to get rid of those chasers and regroup with Mo Fou and Wu Feng.

Suddenly, Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were shaken. They halted and looked to the area ahead with a dark visage.

The void in front of them had layers of invisible energy barriers that blocked the way. Those barriers were tenacious and flexible like cotton clouds. When they stepped inside, they couldn't struggle to get out of there.

When the two of them stopped, three shadows emerged from the void in front of them. The leader of that group was Phelps of the Ascot family. Phelps smiled tenderly and said, "Hey sisters, don't go. We can chat a little bit."

While Phelps was talking, the two Ascot warriors were building barriers behind him and expanding their coverage.

Five other Ascot warriors appeared behind Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. They dispersed, approaching and circling the two women. All smiled and bowed at Phelps, "Young Master, how do you want to play with them?"

"Kill the other two first," Phelps ordered deliberately.

Some warriors of the Ascot family jumped over like hungry tigers. They glared at the two poor warriors accompanying Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. Different energy attacks and divine weapons bombarded, their lights covering the two of them.


Broken starlight congregated. Shi Yan reappeared. Squinting, he looked at the layers of energy barriers in front of him.

The warriors of the Ascot family had set up the energy barriers carrying the power of Five Elements. Perhaps even a First Sky of Incipient God Realm couldn't break them. Shi Yan could see the figures of Shang Ying Yue, Cecilia, and Phelps under those barriers.

The battle inside the barriers was so fierce. The two warriors whom he had met together with Mo Fou were about to be killed. Their situation was fatal.

Phelps was smiling tenderly and chatting with Cecilia and Shi Yan while gazing at them.

Shi Yan grinned.

His target, Phelps, was the crucial warrior of the Ascot family. He was also the leader of the Ascot team this time. He wanted to capture this man to exchange for the Seven-colored Demonic Flower.