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1109 Is He Really Strong?

There were eleven survivors including the Wu brothers, Shang Ying Yue, Sha Zhao, and the mud statue. They were from different star areas and the lowest realm warrior was at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. Each of them had different but profound powers Upanishad.

After five years of having continuous raids done by the God Clan, their survival was enough to prove how strong they were.

However, compared to the God Clan's warriors led by Mia and Phelps, they were so weak. It was proven after several battles that unless a miracle happened, they could never escape death.

Grumbling explosions sounded underground and it tore people's calm expressions. Instantaneously, eleven warriors of different clans flew up and accumulated their powers. In just a blink, they were ready to join the coming battle.

Some people's eyes flared. Slowly, they moved to the entrance that could help them dash away from this place when they had the chance. They shouldn't miss a chance.

Some of them hated hiding and they didn't want to hide anymore. As they knew that the God Clan was surrounding them, they vowed to risk their lives with Mia and Phelps. Even if they had to die, they had to damage them a little bit.

After five years, all eleven warriors in this area had experienced bitter fruits as their materials and spirit plants they had strenuously harvested were robbed and they were damaged badly. They had to run helter-skelter and hide like the mice.

Some had come here with their loved ones or their comrades. However, their loved ones and friends had been buried in the swamp. They would never wake up again.

Mia, Phelps, and the Bai family had assaulted them without any warning. They had robbed many things that didn't belong to them and killed so many people. As time flew, this kind of grudge wasn't diluted and it thickened.

"If we scatter and hide, we will be killed one by one. There will be no hope." Wu Feng had a dark complexion, his eyes raking through many warriors standing in the outer edge. He talked indifferently, "Everyone here has experienced the bitter fruits from Mia and Phelps. Our family members and friends were killed. I think that even if we can't defeat the God Clan, we must do something for our deceased fellows."

As some of them were trying to leave, hearing Wu Feng, they quieted down. They stood still, their eyes becoming resolute.

They had recalled the situations they had to bear throughout these five years...

This group of geniuses from different star areas had had a grim countenance at this moment. They were looking at the ground and waiting for something.


Just like a sharp blade running through the silk fabric sheet, a deep crack appeared under their feet. Radiant starlight shot out from that crack.

Everybody was skeptical. They stepped forward to look at the area where starlight was shooting out. They found that the starlight filled that crack like a sea. However, it just flashed and then disappeared.

As they were still surprised, a shadow rocketed out of the crack like a meteor or the lightning strike. He emerged all of a sudden, standing by the edge of the crack in the middle of a circle of warriors.

"It's you!"

Sha Zhao's face was cold. The demonic insects and the toxic animals under his feet slightly rose, flowing like seawater towards the one who had just appeared.

Wu Feng and Wu Bai were baffled. They frowned but they couldn't react timely.

Inside the pair of cold eyes of the mud statue called Mo Fou flared a light of surprise. He shouted, "Stop it!"

Sha Zhao's complexion was dark as he ignored Mo Fou's shout. He opened his mouth to spray out a gray mist, which carried thousands of toxic insects. They moved like a gray cloud covering the one who had just emerged.

"Oh, you haven't died yet?"

Shi Yan grinned and touched his glabella. A red-orange flame flew out, falling to the center of the gray cloud of insects.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The smell of burning things suddenly filled the area. Many toxic insects couldn't even scream in that red-orange flame. They were burned into charcoal and smashed.

Sha Zhao snorted. He knew that it wasn't easy to kill Shi Yan. One of his dry, withered hands like a ghost claw had a crack in the palm where a round, gold-armored insect flew out. It screeched and attacked Shi Yan.

The armored insect flew like a sword and rapidly entered Shi Yan's eyes.

Deep inside Shi Yan's pupils, there was a sudden wonder like a vast sea of stars. However, the statuses of the sea of stars in his eyes were different. The stars in his left eye formed an angry bear while those in his right eye showcased a drawn bow.

He blinked his right eye.

Countless starlight dots gushed out from his entire body, creating a starlight bow in front of him. A dazzling starlight arrow flashed like a meteor.


The Life Gu that Sha Zhao had released, the plump armored insect got hit sent starlight sparks everywhere. It hissed strangely.

Sha Zhao's body moved as if someone had walloped him. He crouched on the ground, his chest heavy although his face still malicious.

The flying armored insect didn't dare to attack more. It lay on his shoulder, hissing and buzzing continuously as if it was complaining to its master.

Everybody was bewildered. They hurried to stand between Sha Zhao and Shi Yan. At the same time, they released their powers Upanishad to create the energy barriers between them to prevent them from fighting.

"You've refined the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree?"

Shang Ying Yue looked at Shi Yan, taking a deep breath. Her full lips twitched as she said, "Good. You've spent five years doing nothing but refining that Brilliant Star Fruit Tree. You've reached Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm, too..."

"I agreed to you that I would help you deal with the Bai family's warriors. Before we leave this ancient continent, I will do what I said," said Shi Yan in a low-pitched voice.

Shang Ying Yue curled her lips and gave a cold smile, "Dealing with the Bai family's warriors? Was that a joke? The Bai family goes together with Mia and Phelps of the God Clan. They are approaching to kill us. Do you want to fight them?"

The others also looked at him with an odd face.

"Guys, it's my personal issue with this man. Please, don't interfere." Sha Zhao stood upright, his eyes like a venomous snake gazing at Shi Yan, "Although the God Clan will come here shortly, I want to kill this man first!"

Wu Feng and Mo Fou frowned.

"You can't kill him." Mo Fou cultivated the Earth power Upanishad, so he could move freely in this swamp area. His entire body was covered in dry mud, leaving only his pair of icy cold eyes. He said directly, "You can't kill him, but he can kill you. His blood Qi is more abundant than yours. He's stronger than you, indeed... Although your realm is one level higher than his, you aren't his equal opponent."

Wu Feng and Wu Bai were astounded hearing Mo Fou.

During the recent year, they had often joined hands with Mo Fou, so they knew his origin and they trusted his keen eyes. They knew that he had a special method to assess people's real competence.

In this group, although Sha Zhao wasn't the strongest, he was still leading one. Hearing Mo Fou, he wondered if the one who had just emerged from the ground had the capacity to beat him up. Was it true?

For the time being, people found it hard to accept.

"The woman called Mia is a member of the God Clan?" While people were contemplating, Shi Yan's brows twitched and he asked suspiciously, "well their appearance..."

"The God clansmen will transform in fierce battles. When they don't combat, they look more like humans. But they look much better," explained Wu Feng.

Shi Yan got it immediately, "Turns out it's so." He didn't use his Immortal Demon Blood, so he looked just like an ordinary man. From this feature, he was similar to the God Clan, indeed.

"Mo Fou, is he strong?" Wu Bai brought the big hammer, his voice like the big bronze bell and his face enthusiastic.

"Extraordinary. Considering his God power and his tenacious body, he... surpasses you!" said Mo Fou.

Hearing him, Wu Feng, Shang Ying Yue, and Sha Zhao changed their countenances. When they looked at Shi Yan again, their eyes were shining.

People all knew that Wu Bai was born with the gift of strength. His refined body could be compared to metal and it carried a formidable amount of energy. In people's eyes, he was the most dominating and strong warrior. After several confrontations with the God Clan, his power was proven.

Today, Mo Fou told them that Shi Yan's energy and body were even stronger than Wu Bai's. Everybody was frightened by this assessment.

"We need his strength," continued Mo Fou.

Wu Feng and Wu Bai nodded almost immediately. And they now considered Shi Yan an equal existence. No one looked down on him.

Because they trusted Mo Fou.

Sha Zhao's visage was still grimaced, but he didn't act rashly the second time. He quieted down and stood there with a complicated countenance.

"We need him," Shang Ying Yue intervened. Hesitating for a while, she said earnestly, "What we need from him isn't only his power. There's something more..."

"What?" Wu Feng and Wu Bai looked at her.

"Remember what I told you? If we can find someone, perhaps... we won't have a bad defeat in combat with Mia and Phelps. We can even overturn the situation." Shang Ying Yue had a complicated look.

People understood what he was saying.

Half a year ago, after a defeat that cost them three experts, they gathered and winced, trying to find a solution. At that moment, Shang Ying Yue used to tell them that if someone was still alive, they would have the hope to win.

When people asked her why, Shang Ying Yue said that man perhaps was killed, so it couldn't do anything even if she explained to them.

Today, when she reminded them, people remembered what she used to say. They asked her the question that had lingered in their minds, "Why?"

"As long as he's here, we can know everything about Mia's team including their arrangement." Shang Ying Yue's look drilled into Shi Yan, throwing a heavy grenade. "He isn't bound to the restrictions of the ancient continent. He can use his Soul Consciousness to sense the commotions around different from us who got our eyes covered like the blind."

They were thrilled and they looked at Shi Yan. They opened their mouths and asked for proof.

"It's true that I can sense the commotion of living creatures around." Under people's hot gazing, Shi Yan nodded casually. His co-soul floated up silently from his head, dancing like a fire spirit above his head. "For example, right now, they're several hundred miles away from us. They're moving toward us in a horseshoe formation. At their speed, if we don't move now, they can catch us within two hours."

"Are you sure?" Mo Fou was so thrilled.

"I'm sure."

Mo Fou looked at Shang Ying Yue.

"He spoke the truth," said Shang Ying Yue.

"How marvelous!"