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1108 The Five Great Territories

The vast universe was endless with many star areas scattering in every corner. Each star area had so many stars, life stars, mineral stars, dead stars, solar stars, and moons. They were as many as sand grains in a desert that couldn't be counted.

In the endless sea of stars, some influential star areas were very famous. Their reputation was well-known everywhere.

Legends said that when the universe had just begun, it gave birth to ancient continents first. There were five ancient continents in total. These five ancient continents were cradles of every creature in this universe. All the strong races came from the five ancient continents.

However, as billions of years had gone by, the mighty creatures had led countless clans and races to steal the energy of earth and heaven. Four out of five ancient continents had been used up. Slowly, they had to return to earth and heaven.

Only one ancient continent stayed the same since the dawn of the universe. It was smart and cunning. It didn't release its energy generously to bear any creature. It remained its status as a maiden.

It followed the rules it had set up as it had nurtured marvelous earth and heaven products. After every ten thousand years, it would open to receive a visit from other creatures.

This planet had considered itself a game that people from different clans and forces had to risk their lives to gain a spot.

After every ten thousand years, it would open for ten years. Warriors who had entered this ancient continent could fight or even kill each other to take its natural products. This ancient continent became a massive playground for those warriors to train themselves.

After ten years, there wasn't even one-third of participants leaving alive most of the time. However, each of the survivors received the best treatment from their families, clans, or forces. Gradually, they became the leaders where their talents shone in this vast universe.

Today, although this ancient continent was closed, it didn't have a moment of peace.

It has been five years.

This ancient continent had drifted from the edge of Fantasy Mist Star Area to Prosaic Star Area. It was racing at the peripheral area and crushing the mineral stars and dead stars standing in its way like a sharp weapon that could break anything.

If someone could use their eyes piercing the layers of mist of this ancient continent or hovering in the atmosphere, he could see this massive planet divided into five parts: East, West, North, South, and Central. From a bird's view, people could see the situation of the four out of five territories.

One of them was a territory consisting of an endless swamp. Another had thick and continuous glaciers. Another was where dense forests grew with trees that could shade the entire sky. The fourth territory included the torrential ocean with many islets decorating it.

The pieces of territories were situated in the West, East, North, and South of the continent. And the area that the four territories surrounded was a world that was covered with thick energy. From a bird's view, it looked like there was a massive ice blue bowl covering the ground and sealing the center of the ancient continent.

The other territories of endless swamps, glaciers, thick forest and immense seas now had many warriors from different operating star areas.

However, four forces were dominating the four territories. They were slowly invading and killing warriors from the other forces.

Inside the shoreless swamp area, a horde of people was walking. Mia led this group with four warriors of the Bai family following behind her with respect. The four warriors of the Bai family treated Mia gingerly and with respect.

In five years, they had witnessed many wicked deeds of Mia. Now, they knew how this woman killed her opponents one by one. She had stirred up this entire area.

Around twenty warriors at Second and Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm, young and old, male and female, with gorgeous clothing and appearance, were following Mia and carrying out her orders. Bai Hao looked at those people regardless of their ages and they were all beautiful. He had more respect for Mia.

"It has been five years. We've killed more than thirty warriors of other big star areas. Still, some fish is missing." Mia was deliberate and looking to the area ahead of them. She spoke faintly, "It's almost time for the Center opens. We must have precise timing. We shouldn't give those fish any chance."

"Mia jie-jie, I believe when our two families join hands, we can enter the Center when the seal is lifted. We can kill all those people."

A teenager who looked around eighteen or nineteen years old at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm said with a smile.

He looked really handsome.

"Haig sent the news. He has cleared all the fish in the North glacier. If we can't finish our area soon, he said he would come here and help us personally. We've lost, but we shouldn't have lost too much," frowned Mia.

"That Haig is a psychopath. We can't beat him. The superior has announced that he's the leader of this operation. I heard that he could use the Soul Consciousness to sense the creatures in this ancient continent despite the restrictions," said the teenager in fright.

Mia sighed and nodded to him, "Haig is a true talent. If nothing unexpected happens, he can confirm his Chief position of the Bradley family after this operation."

"They rumored that Haig got the Origin of our ancestral star. Is that true?" the teenager lowered his voice.

Hearing him, most of the beautiful people behind him and Mia were startled. Apparently, they were afraid of the man called Haig a lot.

"I heard that, too." Mia nodded. "If nothing unexpected happens, he will be the leader of our clan. The Bradley family was always the strongest branch among the twelve families. Haig got the Origin of the ancestral star. Who could resist him then?"

"But Haig is chasing after you. If you can make him obedient, it's you who will hold our clan in your hand, right?" The teenager smiled, his eyes studying Mia as if he wanted to observe her reaction.

"No woman could dilute Haig's ambition. Nobody." Mia discolored.

Pausing for a while, she said impatiently, "We shouldn't talk about him. We should clean the fish that has escaped our net. We don't want him to insult our capacity when he gets here."

"All right," the teenager laughed. "My Ascot family and your Fernandez family are joining hands to attack Fiery Rain Star Area and Agate Star Area. With the Bai family of Dry Bone Star Area, we could attack them after we get out of here. The power of our two families will, of course, increase. Perhaps we can have the competence to compete against the Bradley family."

Mia's eyes brightened. She nodded, "If we can invade Fiery Rain Star Area and Agate Star Area, our position in the clan will increase altogether. I hope everything will go well."

"It will," said the teenager.

Bai Hao listened to Mia and the teenager's conversation. He stooped and was filled with fear. He felt lucky to be with them.

From Mia, he got terrifying information: the God Clan had collected most of the Guiding Fruits through different channels. Previously, they had almost harvested all the Guiding Fruits to get into the ancient continent.

Each Guiding Fruit represented an outstanding Ethereal God Realm expert of the great star areas. They were the leaders and the future of the family who was especially nurtured.

Sha Zhao, the Wu brothers, Shang Ying Yue, and Bai Hao were outstanding characters of their star areas. Possibly, they would be the masters of their forces in the future.

The God Clan had distributed the Guiding Fruits to the big star areas using their channels, which made the prominent clans receive the fruits. They sent their best talents to the ancient continent for precious items that people had craved for.

It was a big conspiracy!

The warriors of the God Clan came to this ancient continent were in larger numbers and were stronger! Families of God Clan had united to capture and destroy the future leaders of the opponent star areas this time!

They wanted to kill all the future leaders of their opponents, which would shake them hard for the next thousands of years. They wouldn't even be able to recover. It would help the God Clan build a firm foundation to invade the entire sea of stars.

And they did that.

There was one troop of the God Clan in each of the four big territories of the ancient continent. They were killing the other warriors in their area. They wanted to eliminate all the warriors who weren't from the God Clan before the center area was unsealed.

Mia and Phelps of the Ascot family brought the Bai family's warriors to perform this cleaning job. It has been five years.


In the swamp.

A group of warriors with disheveled clothes were scattered around an area where had a lot of big trees. They all looked helter-skelter. There were ten of them from different star areas, including Wei Feng, Wu Bai, the mud statue, and even Sha Zhao...

They were all outstanding warriors of the big star areas who had survived until now. Mia, Phelps, and the Bai family's warriors had chased each of them. They all had experienced bitter attacks.

Most of them were killed in the bloody besiege, their bodies buried in this swamp forever. Mia's group had collected all the resources they had harvested throughout five years including their lives.

The lucky survivors gradually understood that they would be killed all if they scattered. People then put aside their grudges to join hands.

Everybody knew the God Clan's conspiracy since Mia didn't even try to conceal it. She had told them early what she wanted them to do. They knew that they must kill all of the others.

Mia enjoyed this feeling.

"Only we are remaining in this area. Before the center is unsealed, we will be killed." Sha Zhao had recovered from the wounds Shi Yan had given him. He had spent a lot of time to find Shi Yan. However, he didn't succeed.

He had assumed that Shi Yan had been killed already by the God Clan just like many other warriors. He had even regretted a while.

"They've prepared to ambush us as if they knew our whereabouts. We have many people here so we could create a big commotion. But if we scatter, we will be killed sooner."

Around ten warriors grimaced while discussing. They seemed to lose their patience but then, something exploded deep underground.

Everybody discolored as gray as dust. They thought that Mia, Phelps, and the God members were hiding underground to give them the bloodiest and fiercest death.