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1104 The Brilliant Star Fruit Tree

Bai Hao pointed with his index finger. A green light shot out from his fingertip like a flexible rope that fell into the bottomless pit.


His light beam suddenly shattered and turned into dots of lights that fell into the center of the pit like pieces of broken glass.

An energy fluctuation suddenly shot out of that bottomless pit. Something was emerging from the ground as if an invisible force was pushing something through the layers of soil and mud.

The three warriors of the Bai family squinted. A strange light flared in their eyes. They mobilized their energy discreetly.

Mia's picturesque eyebrows twitched. She pulled herself together and smiled. Her ten slender fingers fidgeted the hexagonal crystal and made it emit radiant divine light.

A green stone slowly emerged from the filthy swamp. That stone wasn't significant. It had the shape of a tree with many greenish halos covering the entire stone. The energy that the stone sent out was really sharp.

The tree-shaped stone had many cracks where there was even thicker green light. Drilling their line of sight through the cracks, they could see something inside the stone.

Under that tree-shaped stone, the beam of energy that Bai Hao had controlled slowly brought the stone out of the murky pit.

Bai Hao frowned and studied that matter for a while. He asked in astonishment, "What is this?" he looked at Mia.

The other warriors of the Bai family looked perplexed. They didn't know what that tree-shape stone was.

Mia didn't reply, her eyes focusing on the stone and her shoulder shivering.


She suddenly squeezed off a hexagonal crystal in her hand. A beautiful light dot flew out and barged on that tree-shaped stone.


Waves of dazzling light shot out like the magnificent light of a broken star. The white and green lights became blinding like lightning. However, shortly after, the white light was subdued and it left only some greenish light.

In the center of the explosion, the tree-shaped stone had disappeared and left nothing.

A clean stream floated above the dirty swamp like a cotton cloud. The cool and pure aura emitted from the stream calmed people's souls.

The green stream looked like a green mirror floating above the boggy ground. It seemed to be a strange tree for this scenery.

Bai Hao's eyes brightened. He couldn't help but scream, "There's something inside!"

Inside that clear stream was a tree with many roots and moist, fresh, lush branches and leaves. That tree seemed to be made of flawless, exquisite green jade. It was so perfect.

The trunk of that tree was as big as an arm and it was as tall as an adult. People could see some chestnut-sized fruits hanging on different branches. Those fruits had many fine patterns on the surface as they were blinking brilliantly like real stars.

A strange tree grew inside a clear stream with some magnificent fruits. All of these details made Bai Hao's team astounded.

There were nine fruits on that tree. All of them marvelously twinkled like a star with a strong but strange energy.

Mia gazed at the clear stream and the fruit tree inside. Her face was blushing charmingly. Her big breasts bounced slightly when she gasped. Evidently, she was so thrilled.

Including Bai Hao, the four experts of the Bai family discreetly swallowed their saliva looking at the woman. They were so mesmerized by her sexy glamor. However, they were actually screaming inwardly to wake up their mind.

"What is it?" Bai Hao took a deep breath and pretended to be calm.

He wasn't foolish. From Mia's complexion, he knew that the fruit tree in that stream was really precious. Although he was ordered to protect Mia, he also had the mission to collect bizarre but valuable items for the Bai family. He wouldn't ignore anything that appeared to be good.

"The Brilliant Star Fruit Tree!"

Mia's full lips curled, her beautiful eyes bright and her voice soft, "Help me take it out."

Bai Hao's group looked at each other. They appeared as if they had never heard of the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree, so they didn't take action immediately.

"Forgive my ignorance. I've never heard of the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree. I don't know how to take it. Please advise?" frowned Bai Hao.

Mia smiled warmly. She pointed at the green halo twirling around the stream, "First, let's break those halos. Can you use your power Upanishad?"

The four warriors of the Bai family nodded. They winked and signaled each other to approach the halos. They were cautious and didn't hurry to use their power Upanishad just yet.


When the four warriors of the Bai family were about to take action, a massive hammer like a dazzling gold sun came from a far distance with the power of a thunderstorm.

Bai Hao discolored. He said resolutely, "Kill them first!"

The other three warriors of the Bai family had malicious eyes. They put aside the fruit tree and detached. They looked at the massive hammer that was like a scorching sun.

The giant hammer radiated billions of gold beams, which were as sharp as a sword. The surging energy gushing out from that hammer was really frightening.

Bai Hao snorted and touched his forehead. A giant furry white ape stormed out from his glabella. That giant ape wasn't a real entity as it was condensed by energy. This white ape was dozens of meters tall. As soon as it appeared, it made people around look so small.

The giant white ape faced the sky and roared, releasing its murderous aura and energy.

The massive, mountain-like hands balled into fists as it shouted and punched that gold hammer. When it touched the hammer, its body emitted gold light as if it was walloped by the hammer.

Wu Bai's hammer looked like a windmill, which was tiny compared to that white ape. However, countless gold beams from that hammer acted like billions of sharp knives that cut the white ape into smaller pieces. It exploded instantly.

Bai Hao paled and snorted.

The smaller pieces of the white ape gathered one more time. After three breaths, the giant ape reappeared, screaming and roaring crazily above Bai Hao's head.

The three other warriors of the Bai family also urged their powers. Phantoms of beasts emerged above their heads. There was a demonic dragon, a lightning eagle, and a giant python that looked like a mountain range.

The Bai family's members had a peculiar power Upanishad. The giant white ape, demonic dragon, fighting eagle, and the massive python was created by their energy and power Upanishad. They weren't beasts, but they had the power of Bai Hao's team. Their bodies contained turbulent energy that wasn't less than the Bai Hao's team itself.

"The Bai family!"

A cold voice arose. They saw Wu Feng drifting towards them like a ghost with his feather fan in his hand.


A muscular body landed from the sky, stomping on the ground and creating some tremors. The man rose his hand and the gold hammer fell into his hand.

"Da-ge!" Wu Bai looked so excited. He thundered, "Finally, we will have an exciting battle!"

Mia frowned.

Bai Hao's team quieted down, their faces getting stern.

When the two sides were observing each other, commotions happened in another corner. Inside the light cage, Shang Ying Yue's beautiful face was so cold as she glared at Shi Yan maliciously.

Shang Ying Yue acted as if she didn't see that.

Another energy shockwave swarmed over. The light cage twisted like a leather bag in the strong wind.

The force pressed on the light cage, pushing Shi Yan towards Shang Ying Yue. Their limbs touched. Sometimes, when the shockwave was too strong, Shi Yan would tremble, which allowed his legs and lower body to touch Shang Ying Yue's curvy, ample butt cheeks. Shang Ying Yue screamed like a stray cat.

This light cage wasn't wide. When the energy of the battle swept over this area, it twisted, which gave the two standing inside some physical contact.

Wu Bai's and Bai Hao's energy impacted, sending away shockwaves far far away.

After a while, Shi Yan had touched Shang Ying Yue's white arms, slender, straight thighs, and breathtakingly round butt several times.

Although Shang Ying Yue knew that Shi Yan couldn't control this, she was still enraged. Her beautiful eyes flared up with cold light as she hated herself for letting Shi Yan enter this light cage.

In her cold eyes, Shi Yan was still calm and natural as if nothing had happened. He focused on watching the Bai family's warriors and the Wu brothers. He still had free time to take out the book that Shang Chen had given him. He started studiously reading as if he was searching something.

Shang Ying Yue felt her teeth get itchy.

"Found it!"

Shi Yan suddenly screamed, his face astounded as he read a page with the drawing and description of something called "Brilliant Star Fruit Tree."

Lifting his head, he took a deep breath, his eyes hot. "You know the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree, don't you?"

"The book you have is from my father. Of course, I know what the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree is. It's an Original Incipient Grade material. It has an unimaginable effect on the warriors who cultivate Star power Upanishad." Shang Ying Yue snorted, answering coldly.

"I cultivate Star power Upanishad." Shi Yan pulled himself together and beamed a faint smile.

Shang Ying Yue didn't change her complexion. "I knew it."

"Good then," he turned around and grinned, "I want the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree. Yeah, just consider it one of the conditions I want to help you deal with the Bai family."

In Shang Ying Yue's eyes, she had a sneer that she didn't want to hide. "I have no objection. But do you think you can snatch that tree from the Bai family and the Wu brothers? You dumb!"

"You don't need to care about this. You just need to agree on my conditions."

He looked at the two parties, his face stern and brave. She could see the determination in his eyes that showed that he wouldn't give up until he got it. "That Brilliant Star Fruit Tree must belong to me. Whether it is the Bai family or the Wu family, they shouldn't dream about taking my possessions."

Shang Ying Yue smiled disdainfully, "Well, low realm but high voice, eh?"