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1093 Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan

The iron-like thorny rattans were dancing in the sky like lightning strikes. They had crushed a lot of surrounding things.

The demonic rattan was like a small mountain with many strong, terrifying vines. They looked rigid enough to resist different energy attacks. The lightning strikes that the woman had used couldn't scratch it much.

While those vines were moving it the air, they narrowed her available space. Gradually, she lost space to hide.

The vines had a lot of sharp thorns. When they passed by her, they brought gusts of wind that blew her body and made her shiver. When those rattans touched her blue dresses that were made of some special materials they were cut open.

Her blue dress was torn, revealing her soft, creamy white skin.

She became more anxious, her breathing disordered. Her soul altar became turbulent. The dispute between her Lightning and Ice powers Upanishad emerged, which reduced the power of her attacks.

Normally, warriors who cultivated different powers Upanishads could use their powers to support each other or fuse their powers into one with a special method, further promoting their powers to another higher level. However, there were still different situations...

Before they could fuse the powers and let their mind be turbulent, the dispute between powers Upanishads happened, which reduced the powers of their powers Upanishads.

The vines pushed the girl into a corner. As her attacks couldn't do what she had expected, she became more anxious, which triggered the conflict between her two powers.

It was also the reason why most of the warriors wouldn't cultivate two or more powers Upanishad at the same time.

When a warrior cultivates different powers Upanishad at the same time, their breakthrough slows down when they reach Ethereal God Realm. Their progress would be slower than the warriors who cultivate only one power Upanishad. It was really hard to fuse different powers Upanishads and at the same time, it could cause a conflict between the powers during fighting that would decrease the warrior's fighting competence.

Shang Chen's daughter had strange halos ripple through her eyes. Terrifying lightning strikes burst out from her rings on her porcelain wrists. Suddenly, a dazzling lightning strike emerged. In just a blink of an eye, she had a shining blue lightning rod in her hand. This rod was made of pure lightning energy with burning power stored inside.

With the blue lightning rod in her hands, the lightning beams crawling on her body had the gates to gush out. They all flowed fiercely towards the lightning rod.

Within that moment, billion lightning beams twisted together. The lightning strike that was just generated became longer and larger. The furious energy it carried increased unceasingly.

At first glance, Shi Yan slightly paled, his face fearful.

That blue lightning rod was apparently an Original Incipient Grade weapon. It could absorb and amplify the lightning energy in her body.

After she took out the lightning rod, her aura changed massively. At this moment, she didn't use any bit of her cold energy. She used pure lightning to control the lightning rod. The area around her now had countless lightning strikes that created terrifying electric dragons.

The rod that the woman was holding was also a divine weapon of lightning class. However, it was much better than Du Lin's Thunder God Spear. Shi Yan could tell that because the lightning energy accumulated inside that rod was much more abundant and turbulent.

The tenacious vines got hit by lightning strikes every time they made their way to approach the girl, sending gray smoke to the air.

This demonic rattan wasn't rooted inside the swamp. It could move fast and agilely. Seeing the girl take out that lightning rod, the massive body of the demonic rattan wiggled, retracted the vines, and sank back into the swamp. Countless vines moved toward the rattan. Shortly after, the demonic tree disappeared into the murky wetland.

The woman looked upset. She cursed and struck her lightning energy into the swamp, which sent the muddy water into the sky.

It seemed like she had waited and plotted that demonic rattan for a long time. She even tried to hide her real power and the divine weapon to entice that tree. However, seeing Shi Yan emerge, she was afraid that he could ambush her. Thus, she had to use the divine weapon before the right time she had planned. This commotion had scared the demonic rattan and made it run away.

Cursing the tree for a while, she turned around with her cold face and glared at Shi Yan. She said indignantly, "It's you again!"

Frowning, Shi Yan didn't get a clue. "It has nothing to do with me, doesn't it?"

"If you hadn't appeared, I could have lured the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan out of its bog and killed it!" said the young woman with a pair of cold and harsh eyes.

"I just passed by coincidently. It's you who thought that I would attack you. It's your mistake." Shi Yan shook his head and didn't mind her anymore. He frowned and prepared to leave.

"You shouldn't dream of leaving!" She snorted. "Let's sum up the debt of you peeping at me!"

She didn't use the lightning divine weapon to attack Shi Yan. Her rod turned into an azure lightning strike and then a jade ring on her moonlight wrist. Her ten slender and delicate fingers moved, shooting out lightning strikes that weaved with each other into a thick mesh lightning net.

Thunder sounded grumblingly in that net which flashed with the blinding lightning. The net suddenly snatched over Shi Yan.

At the same time, an icy aura spread over from the swamp under his feet. Shi Yan couldn't react when the cold air intruded his feet.

As soon as the cold air got through his feet, his legs froze and locked his veins and bones. He couldn't move or run away.

Apparently, this woman was prepared. She knew that she couldn't find Shi Yan if she let him run once. Thus, she had mobilized the ice energy earlier and sent it underground. When she created the lightning net, she had also urged the freezing energy to block Shi Yan, which prevented him from using the Star energy to escape.

Her eyes were elegant but as cold as the frost flower. They had a gleam of arrogance and coldness. "Let's see how you run from me this time!"

Shi Yan burst out laughing and said begrudgingly, "Do you think you can kill me with this?"


A fiercely brutal aura shot up into the sky with a deadly murderous aura.

Crack! Crack!

Shi Yan's feet were set free instantly. When the bloodthirsty aura was released, his veins and bones moved with boiling Immortal Demon Blood. His energy was brimming within seconds. He had a violently surging energy.


Shi Yan balled his hand into a fist, which then ballooned like a windmill. He furiously punched the lightning net with plenty of murderous aurae.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Thunderclaps resounded and lightning beams shot out everywhere when the lightning net the young woman had cast was smashed. It became many sparks twinkling around her.

"If I want to fight to the death against you, I'm sure you can't win. However, I'm giving your father Shang Chen face. Can you not disturb me, please?" While electric beams were shooting out everywhere, Shi Yan told her with a severe complexion.

The beautiful eyes of the woman froze as she looked at her lightning net shatter with disbelief. As she knew that she couldn't gather her energy again, she grimaced, "Are you really at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm?"

She was called Shang Ying Yue and she was Shang Chen's daughter. She cultivated Lightning and Ice powers Upanishads. She had a divine weapon. Shang Chen used to use different Blood Qi to quench her body. Whether it was because of her divine weapon or her exquisite powers Upanishads, she belonged to the group of top warriors in this vast universe.

At Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm, she could defeat most First Sky of Incipient God Realm experts.

She had the competence to challenge the warriors whose realms were one level higher than her's!

However, it was unacceptable to her when Shi Yan had smashed her lightning net. Shi Yan had only First Sky of Ethereal God Realm cultivation base.

Although she didn't use her max power in that attack, it wasn't something that ordinary warriors could resist.

She deemed herself brilliant, but at this moment, she couldn't defeat a warrior at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm, which was extremely unbelievable to her.

However, what made her flame of rage burst was that Shi Yan told her that she was disturbing him!

"I am disturbing you?" Shang Ying Yue felt so angry. "You took my Guiding Fruit and my brother couldn't enter this place. You've sneaked on me twice! And you tell me that I'm disturbing you?! I have never seen any man at your despicable level!"


She blinked. A lightning strike was aimed at Shi Yan. Thunder resounded noisily. At the same time, a strange blue icicle drilled towards Shi Yan's chest instantaneously.

This was a combined attack of Lightning and Ice power Upanishad!

The lightning icicle carried two magical powers with a strange, evil energy fluctuation that was beyond Shi Yan's understanding. He was surprised that his Soul Consciousness couldn't lock it.

Frowning, Shi Yan urged his Power Upanishad.

He rose his hand and made a cut in the void. A fine space crack with outer space streamers appeared in front of him.

The lightning icicle, the combined attack of Ice and Lightning power Upanishads, headed into the space slit and disappeared. It couldn't cause a scratch on him.

Seeing that her attack couldn't affect him, Shang Ying Yue became more indignant and her eyes got colder. She wanted to mobilize more energy.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, they both heard the wind flutter from afar. It seemed like someone was approaching.

Shang Ying Yue was baffled. She retrieved her attack. Pondering for a while, she agilely climbed on a lush tree and hid her body. She wanted to know who would arrive.

She knew about this ancient continent more than Shi Yan.

Every warrior who could enter the ancient continent was a prominent warrior of the great star areas. Although she was arrogant, she knew that she wasn't invincible in this place. Thus, she knew when she needed to hide.

Seeing her hide and not attack anymore, Shi Yan discolored. He looked around and hid in between the branches of another tree. Then, he frowned and watched in the direction of the coming noise.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The wind howled colder like daggers moving through the air, which was pretty unpleasant to the ears.


The demonic rattan that was hiding under the swamp suddenly flew up. It used all the tangled but flexible vines to run away as if it was running from something.

The demonic rattan seemed to recognize something dangerous as if it knew that the one who was coming could harm it, so it had to run in advance from the swamp.

Shang Ying Yue and Shi Yan were astounded. They silently put up guard since they knew that the one who was about to arrive wasn't an ordinary warrior.