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1088 Soul Rotting Aphids

Shang Chen rushed away. He was here for about one hour before he departed.

However, in one hour, most of the experts of Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area seemed to be under his spell. They had made up their mind to stop the potential battle from happening.

Quickly, all the warriors in that place scattered. Gu He took the Canon and drove his battleships away. Warriors of the Ice Clan, Fire Clan, and Crystal Clan left with him. Ju Bo, Sana, and Zi Yao of the Divine Light discussed for a while and then decided to return to Divine Light's headquarters. They had to start preparing for the fierce war that would come in the future.

Blood Devil, Yu Shan, and Xiao En discussed with the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area for a while to outline their plans. Leona would arrange and help the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fiery Rain Star Area train their soldiers.

Yu Shan and Xiao En really liked Benny, so they asked Benny to help Fiery Rain Star Area soldiers in training to prepare for the great war in the future.

Shang Chen's words were vague and seemed to be far ahead. However, no one dared to doubt him. They'd deemed his words as the truth and the basis for their plans and strategies.

The Fate Traveler, Shang Chen, stood as the mysterious prophet who had operated for many years in Agate Star Area. None of his prophecies were wrong.

Rumors said that when Shang Chen was just a little boy, he could vaguely see the past and future of people. For a long time, Shang Chen had earned a living as a fortune-teller. One day, he could all of a sudden predict the future. Gradually, he had become famous and got the wonderful power Upanishad to understand fate.

Several thousand years had passed and the name of Shang Chen had been spread out between the top strong forces. Experts who knew his talents would consider him the life coach to consult.

Shang Chen didn't fail them. He had solved many disasters that could have eradicated the entire Agate Star Area. He had kept Agate Star Area safe through many perilous periods.

Because of Shang Chen, the blood war to come had to stop before it actually took place. Gu He left with the warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Forces of the Divine Light and Fighting League also left the planet. Afterward, Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te also returned to their places through the Child Formation.

Leona stayed in Cloud Sea Star. Together with Benny, they helped Fiery Rain Star Area experts train their troops. Cloud Sea Star resumed its tranquility.


Inside the deep and dark sea of stars, two figures flashed and disappeared like meteors.

They had left Shadow Ghostly Prison and went pretty far. In Agate Galaxy, they traveled like two shuttles. The space nodes around them had fierce commotions as they continually swayed through the spaces. They disappeared shortly after into a space slit and reappeared in another area.

Today, the two of them arrived at the edge of Agate Star Area, an area of floating, dead stars.

They landed on a desolate dead star with many rough caves. This dead star had no earth and heaven energy or living being energy waves. It was so cold and quiet.

"Swoosh!" Shi Yan landed on the ground and was sweating, "Are we there yet? You always urge me to use the Space power Upanishad to go through the space nodes and teleport on a small scale, but you didn't tell me about the situation yet. Did you know that moving continually like that will consume my soul energy by a lot?"

Apparently, his condition wasn't good.

After they had left Cloud Sea Star, Shang Chen continually urged him and showed him the direction so he could use the Space power Upanishad to teleport.

Shi Yan had to consume his energy constantly. After many times, he was almost exhausted. Currently, he had consumed 70% or even 80% energy in this body.

Each time he teleported, he could cross several life stars, which was around billions of miles. If he hadn't reached Ethereal God Realm, he would be exhausted already.

During this journey, Shang Chen didn't say a word. He wore a heavy-hearted face and pondered, He didn't react to Shi Yan's question, which made Shi Yan more suspicious. Shi Yan burst out eventually.

Shang Chen still had a solemn countenance, but his eyes were much better. He suddenly smiled and turned his head to see Shi Yan, "I found the right one, indeed. With First Sky of Ethereal God Realm cultivation base, you could teleport eleven times. Each time, we are traveling billions of miles. The power you have in your body is really extraordinary."

"I gave up everything to go with you. I'm not here to listen to your compliments." Shi Yan was hurried. "How is my Great Grandfather?"

Shang Chen pondered for a while and then said, "You should see it first."

A light blue halo expanded from his palm and rippled like water waves. Slowly, it projected some images.

A massive blue ice crystal emerged. This crystal was blurry and sparkling with a chill-to-the-bone cold air. It confined a tall and thin body. That person seemed to have his body's functions and soul confined and frozen.

"That's my Great Grandpa!" Shi Yan hissed coldly.

"Take a closer look." Shang Chen sighed. The blue light in his palm changed again. The blue crystal zoomed bigger.

Yang Tian Emperor was inside the ice crystal and it became clearer. Shi Yan could see that his entire body was bleeding with many cuts. He looked like a person when a beast had used its claws to scratch him. Some scratches were so deep that Shi Yan could even see his bones. It was because of the distance and the ice crystal that Shi Yan didn't recognize his situation at first glance.

At this moment, Yang Tian Emperor's God Body was magnified several times. Shi Yan could see the wounds stretch over his body like many deep ditches that even reached his skeleton.

There were hundreds of scratches expanding and crossing each other all over his body.

Shi Yan's face looked like he had a layer of frost covering it. However, his voice was extremely calm. "Who did that?"

Shang Chen maintained his hand's position. He looked at him naturally and calmly. "He did that to himself."

Shi Yan trembled. The murderous aura in Shi Yan's eyes was like an evil dragon turning its body. "He did that? You're telling me that he did that to himself?"

Heavy murderous aura!

Shang Chen was shaken. He knitted his brows and sighed. He's worth being the heir of that bloodline.

"It's true that he did that to himself. You keep watching." Shang Chen spurted a silver electric beam that seeped into the image in front of them. He magnified Yang Tian Emperor's image several times. Now, Yang Tian Emperor looked like a giant who could shade the entire sky with his mountain-like body.

Inside his deep eyes were strange lights. Shi Yan could feel some strange but fierce energy fluctuations in his brain.

Shi Yan suddenly closed his eyes. A wisp of Soul Consciousness flew out and tried to sense something.

After a while, he was shaken. He opened his eyes, which were filled with fear. "What are those tiny creatures in his soul altar and in his brains?!?"

He could feel clearly hundreds of thousands of little creatures inside Yang Tian Emperor's brain and soul altar. Those creatures were very small so he could only sense them with his soul. However, they were so evil and strange with cold Qi and were filling Yang Tian Emperor's head.

Shang Chen balled his fingers into a fist. Yang Tian Emperor's image disappeared. "Yang Tian Emperor has been in Evil North Zone of Agate Star Area for many years. He received the profound inheritance of the Despair power Upanishad. He consistently challenged the local experts. In that way, he increased his realm and power stably and rapidly. Every time, he always challenged the expert whose realm higher was than his. He defeated them in the end. It was the mystery and yet essential feature of Despair power Upanishad. He has comprehended its essence...

"The last expert he had challenged in the North Zone had a rare evil treasure, which contained a significant amount of those creatures. Before he died, he had released them to erode Yang Tian Emperor's body and soul. He immediately fell into a bedevilment status. He lost control of his soul and consciousness. He crazily scratched his body like that. He had almost destroyed his God Body.

"This creature is called Soul Rotting Aphis. It's a kind of micro demonic insect. Those aphids can gnaw the brain and reproduce. They can invade people's thoughts and distort the Sea of Consciousness and soul altar. They will make people crazy and lose themselves."

Pausing for a while, Shang Chen continued, "Yang Tian Emperor has the Soul Rotting Aphis in his brain. He lost his mind shortly after. He has fallen into bedevilment. He has destroyed his body. I've used the blue ice crystal of the extremely cold North Zone to stop him and the aphids in his brain. In that confinement, we can preserve him well."

"I can use heaven flames to refine those insects or worms," said Shi Yan.

Shang Chen shook his head and said casually, "We can't use that method. Heaven flames could burn the Soul Rotting Aphids, but they could also burn Yang Tian Emperor's soul. Those demonic insects have blended with his Soul Consciousness and brain. At this moment, they are one. If you burn the Soul Rotting Aphids, Yang Tian Emperor would be killed too."

Listening to him, Shi Yan frowned, "Do you have any method?"

"Of course, I have a method," Shang Chen nodded. "We need you to do that. Follow me first. When we get there, I will tell you the details."

Shang Chen touched the ground under his feet. A strange noise echoed from deep inside the ground of this barren dead star. It seemed like he had just activated some mechanism.

He nodded to Shi Yan and then plunged down to the dark cave that had just cracked under their feet. He entered the dead star directly.

Hesitating for a while, Shi Yan jumped into that cave and entered the dead star.

After fifteen minutes.

Shi Yan saw Shang Chen stand on a high triangle tower. That tower was made of Empty Fantasy Crystal. It had so many exquisite and complicated light beams crossing each other. Obviously, it was a magical Teleport Formation.

Underneath the Teleport Formation were many top quality divine crystals, which contained an enormous amount of earth and heaven energy. This kind of energy was so thick that it was almost like water. When it rose, it was like the water of a dreamy lake and it made people feel awed.

At a first glance, he knew how complicated this Teleport Formation was. It was much more exquisite than the Child Formation that he had refined.

"Where does it connect?" Standing bewildered for a while, Shi Yan asked.

"We should leave Agate Star Area first," smiled Shang Chen.

"It... This Teleport Formation could cross star areas?" Shi Yan discolored in fright.

Shang Chen nodded, "In our Agate Star Area, this is the only profound Space Teleport Formation that can cross the space border. I've been watching this place for so many years."