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1085 Soul Incantations

Yu Shan, Xiao En, Miao Rong, and Ju Bo were astounded, their eyes strange.

Everybody here was heavy-hearted because of Gu He. As they had to think for the welfare of the forces behind them, they didn't dare to confront Gu He directly.

Because Gu He represented the Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Shi Yan was indifferent. He didn't care about the superb position of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area. He directly questioned the dubiety of Gu He and his power.

Gu He paled.

Some warriors with profound realms and cultivation bases behind him were filled with rage and murderous intentions. One of them was at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, a hidden consecrator of Potion and Tool Pavilion whose name was Ino. This expert cultivated Soul Incantations.

Ino frowned, his eyes suddenly as dark as the bottomless abyss. He gazed at Shi Yan.

A strange, malicious soul energy that could pull the soul altar out of the body immediately fastened to Shi Yan's soul, trying to pull his soul out of his body.

Yu Shan and Xiao En discolored.

Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao turned cold.

"Slow down!"

A clear but cold voice arose. Layers of magical energy rippled. Time suddenly slowed down. The operating rules of everything were forced to change.

The spiritual energy of the Soul Cursing Technique casted by Ino was also affected. The energy that tied Shi Yan's soul became slow and powerless. The pulling force applied to Shi Yan's soul was reduced massively.

Ino had a handsome face. He didn't look old, but his eyes were deep and archaic, hiding some unknown magic. His handsome face twitched and changed gloomily. Green light dots flew out like the ignis fatuus from his eyes.

A soul curse was released from his eyes and it hit the targeted soul hard.


Xia Xin Yan's brain was shaken hard as if she had gotten hit by lightning. Her Sea of Consciousness blasted and shattered. She couldn't gather her Soul Consciousness again.

She paled while her soft body shook badly. The God power of her body was running out.

Her Time power Upanishad dissolved. Ino's Soul Incantation continued to tie Shi Yan's soul and attempted to pull it out.

Xiao En and Yu Shan had cold faces as they took action.

A sea of fire seethed in the void. Shortly after, it covered this area. Inside the sea, thunderbolts moved like winding dragons that vented out their anger.

The soul incantation that Ino had cast was burned. Its energy was consumed by the fire and its will was smashed by the thunderbolt. It dissolved instantaneously.

Ino's beautiful face was colder. He couldn't help but snort. He didn't attack the second time and turned to see Gu He.

Gu He shook his head slightly, his small eyes deceitful and malignant, "Fu Wei violated the regulation of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She's forced to face the wall and reflect on her mistakes. The elders of Potion and Tool Pavilion had discussed and we all agreed that she doesn't have the right to keep the Canon. We don't have any other option around. I will now keep it."

Gu He scanned the crowd and spoke arrogantly, "This is our internal matter. I can't tell you the details. You just need to know one thing. I have full authority to represent Potion and Tool Pavilion!"

After that, he didn't care about Shi Yan anymore so he didn't give him an explanation for Ino's attack. He swung his hand impatiently, "We'll give you time to prepare. Please leave. Otherwise, when your time is up and you're still here, we won't be polite anymore."

Shi Yan now had cold and harsh eyes. He touched his forehead. Death energy was released which cleared the remnant of the soul incantation in his brain.

Turning around, he walked to Xia Xin Yan and asked with great care, "Are you all right?"

Xia Xin Yan smiled and lifted her head to look at Ino standing by Gu He. She lowered her voice, "He didn't dare to harm me."

Shi Yan's face was malicious. He nodded and then lifted his face, "I found the Canon. I handed it to Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion. I feel so annoyed today. I want to take it back. Return the Canon to me."

Gu He's eyes were scornful. He stooped and glanced with disdain, "The Canon belongs to Potion and Tool Pavilion. No matter where it has drifted to, it's a halidom of us. No matter who gets it, it still belongs to Potion and Tool Pavilion. Moreover, Elder Fu Wei had paid fully for the Canon. According to our Potion and Tool Pavilion's business regulations, our deal was closed. The Canon has nothing to do with you now."

"You won't hand it back to me?" Shi Yan pondered for a while. "I'll take it myself!"

Crack! Crack!

A faint blue ring on his fat middle finger sounded with a crunch. The surface of the ring cracked. Something wiggled out of the ring directly and shot away.

A thin slit appeared and that object swayed into that slit before it closed shortly afterward.

Gu He and the other warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion grimaced. They all looked at Shi Yan hostilely. The murderous intention in their eyes couldn't be hidden.

"Well, I have a good habit," Shi Yan looked innocently, "When I deliver anything precious, I always attach a restriction. Especially such things like this Canon, I have to be more cautious."

Before Shi Yan knew the Canon's identity, he had seen its magical features. As a routine, he had left a wisp of his Soul Consciousness with space power. That way, he could use Space power Upanishad to track the thing down. Fu Wei didn't know that because she didn't check the status of the Canon.

He thought that he would never have a chance to use that restriction. It turned out the changing situation made him do so. Fu Wei was currently grounded. He didn't expect that the Canon would fall into a cunning person like Gu He.

He didn't believe that Fu Wei would violate rules. Everything Fu Wei had done, she did it for Agate Star Area to eliminate the traitor of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She didn't do anything that made her ashamed. Shi Yan understood that Fu Wei was tricked. Gu He had set her up for something or made up a false accusation. In short, Shi Yan knew that it was Gu He who was behind all these things.

If Fu Wei kept the Canon, he wouldn't say anything. However, as Gu He controlled Potion and Tool Pavilion now, of course, Shi Yan couldn't just defend without attacking.

"You dared to do something on the Canon of our Potion and Tool Pavilion!" Gu He twisted his face. His layers of fat rattled, which made him look like a giant maggot.


The corner of Shi Yan's eyes had a slit. He rose his hand to grab the void and the Canon was now in his hand.

"If you want to take the Canon back, tell Fu Wei to meet me. You... don't deserve to keep this thing." Shi Yan spoke curtly and impolitely. He nodded to Fei Lan and Ka Tuo behind him. "Go to Devil Blood Star and call precursor Blood Devil. I want to see if Gu He can control everything in Agate Star Area."

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo nodded quietly. Their figures flashed and disappeared in the Child Formation.

Thousands of Fiery Rain Star Area warriors with Xiao En and Yu Shan gathered around the Child Formation. Even if Gu He wanted to stop them, he couldn't do anything. He could only see Fei Lan and Ka Tuo leave.

"Kid, you've interfered with Potion and Tool Pavilion's internal issue. You have taken our Canon! Your sins can't be forgiven!" Gu He took a deep breath and nodded to Ino and then shouted, "Kill him for me!"

Ino's deep and dark eyes had a strange light. The corners of his mouth moved as he was about to cast the soul incantation.

Xiao En and Yu Shan snorted. They swayed and stopped by Shi Yan. They all looked at Gu He and Ino with cold, malicious eyes.

"Do you really want to fight with our Agate Star Area?" Gu He shouted with a cold complexion.

"You can't stand for the entire Agate Star Area. You can't represent Potion and Tool Pavilion, either. You can speak on behalf of yourself only." Shi Yan sneered, "It's true that the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan have sent their soldiers to cooperate with you, but I don't think the three big forces would bet the future of their entire clan on you, Gu He!"

The Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan in Agate Star Area were all mighty clans, especially the Fire Clan as it could resist the Monster Clan and Demon Clan. It was the strongest force.

Ice Clan and Crystal Clan were a little weaker, but not by much. If the three clans followed Gu He, it would be very difficult.

It was too bad that the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan didn't send any elders to this operation. As they didn't send any strong warriors with high positions here, it meant that they weren't dependent on Gu He. It was just a cooperative activity between them.

It was just a collaborative relationship. Of course, they wouldn't risk their lives under the circumstance that they couldn't have any profits. Thus, Shi Yan didn't believe that the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan would risk their lives with Yu Shan and Xiao En for Gu He.

Indeed, Gu He grimaced more upon hearing Shi Yan.

Ino took action again. This time, he was still discreet.

Shi Yan stood still, holding a blood broadsword in his hand. The blood eyes on the sword started to wiggle.

Blood beamed across the sword, spreading like gossamers and covering Shi Yan's shortly. Some kind of energy that could seal the soul, Sea of Consciousness and the soul altar was released from Shi Yan. However, Yu Shan and Sea couldn't sense anything.

Although Ino had mastered the soul incantation and he had released many deadly curses, he couldn't block Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. They could only float around his body, but they couldn't find the entrance.

"Divine weapon!" Ino discolored.

He gazed at the blood broadsword that Shi Yan was holding in his hand. His dark eyes changed strangely while he was casting his secret incantation. He wanted to affect the energy of the blood sword.


A brutal, evil energy shot out from the blood sword. It was like an immense blood sea attacking his soul. Ino's deep eyes had a gleam of fear. He also looked aghast.

The strange eyes on the blood sword opened. The blood beams had locked Ino from a distance. The sword was like a ferocious monster that was accumulating energy to storm over Ino.

Ino's consciousness was hazy. He hastened to stop his incantation and tried to steady his Sea of Consciousness and soul altar. His face grimaced.

Rolls of fat on Gu He's face shivered as he was scared. He studied Shi Yan.

He had heard of the name Shi Yan earlier. In Potion and Tool Pavilion's Elder Conference, this name was spoken together with Bath, Gu Te of the Monster Clan, and Blood Devil of the Demon Clan. It was mentioned more times than even Bath and Gu Te. Being the Second Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, how could he not know about Shi Yan?

However, he had underestimated Shi Yan's abilities...

Holding the blood sword, Shi Yan's eyes were as scarlet as blood. His appearance was extremely cold and harsh. He indifferently looked at Ino and Gu He and didn't say a thing.

He was waiting. He was waiting for experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan. It would be more favorable for him when they came.

Xiao En and Yu Shan were so astounded to look at the evil deeds he was using. They stood on his left and right and were ready to protect him.

They knew that when the experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan arrived, the wind on this Cloud Sea Star would change.