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1077 Build the formation

A peak of a mountain on the gourd-shaped island...

The top of this mountain was flat and smooth like a cut crystal. It looked like someone had used a huge blade to cut it flat. Piling on the cold ground were dozens of different materials, sparkling in different colors. Some of them were icy cold or as warm as jade, while the others were crystal clear and shining.

A young man was frowning, his eyes focused as he stood silently atop the mountain.

Fine space blades flashed on and off in the void as if they were the knives of a wonderfully skilled craftsman. As Shi Yan was moving his fingers, the space blades exquisitely and carefully carved the intricate drawings on the surface of the rigid Empty Fantasy Crystal.

This piece of Empty Fantasy Crystal was around one mu wide (1). It was crystal clear and fulgent like the best quality jade. However, this piece of jade was covered with hairline cracks, which were curving and expanding to every corner of the crystal. It looked like there were so many invisible hands magically moving those cracks around.

The sharp space blades glided, drawing on the surface of the crystal, creating more hairline cracks while generating the sounds of "skrrreeek."


A cluster of scorching red flame emerged in his palm. It floated and bobbed continually like a magical soul, and slowly, it turned into a beautiful curve.

The flame covered the cold, lozenge jades piling around. Half of the jades then melted, and black dregs dripped down. The cold jades were polished afterward. They swooshed in the air, landing on the slits on the Empty Fantasy Crystal.

The young man had his ten fingers moved continually, drawing beautiful and yet complicated, wonderful formations in the void.

Whenever a new formation appeared, the sharp space blades would move around, carving it on the surface of the Empty Fantasy Crystal. Right after that, the burning flame would refine the cold jades, spiritual rocks, and precious metals. It would grind the materials or melt them down into the flaming fluid, which would be poured onto the formations on the Empty Fantasy Crystal. 

The surface of the one-mu wide jade had countless fine cuts which were arranged into beautiful patterns and drawings of dozens of inexplicable formations and star points. The star points were the space nodes that weaved with each other to connect the formations, giving rise to the magical effects of the grand formation.

The dancing flame was like the tentacles of God, pulling more materials to extract the dregs and impurities out of before putting them into the Empty Fantasy Crystal.

As the materials disappeared, the formations on the massive Empty Fantasy Crystal glowed one after another. They seemed to be small-scale star maps with the power of Space Essence. However, ordinary people couldn't grasp it.

War chariots anchored around this mountain where Xia Xin Yan, Zi Yao, Xiao Rong, Sana, and Ju Bo were standing, watching him in silence.

The space blades appeared thicker, and the Empty Fantasy Crystal became even more dazzling. They suddenly saw the space above the mountain shattering. Many energy currents gushed over as if the sky had been ripped apart while the marvelous space energy rippled magically.

The narrow space cracks appeared, making space energy more turbulent. The sky above the gourd-shaped island looked like a shattered mirror with more space slits. People couldn't move their eyes after taking the first look, and their soul altars surged anxiously.

Under the splintery sky, a young man was focused on using his soul, mind, and Soul Consciousness to carve the formation with space blades on the surface of the Empty Fantasy Formation. He controlled the heaven flames to refine the materials, then used his God power to pour them into the spiritual formation...

Everybody was dumbstruck on watching his performance. Even Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao, the two who understood him the best, were speechless. They just looked at him with astonishment in their eyes.

"He's also good at forging tools. If he spends more efforts to study and master his skills, he can be an Elder of the Potion and Tool Pavilion," cried Ju Bo after looking at Shi Yan for a while.

Sana nodded and couldn't hide his admiration. "He's worth being the one my sister has chosen. He has his specialties, indeed. I know my sister always had keen eyes.

"He does know blacksmithing?" Miao Rong was standing on another Phoenix war chariot, his face surprised. "What's his profile?"

He didn't know Shi Yan's identity right from the beginning until now.

Xia Xin Yan pulled herself together, turning her head to look at him, then gave him a slight smile. "Hmm, how can I say that? He's the one who resolved the danger of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Windstorm War Department. Without him, the Dark Shadow Clan and the God Clan would have invaded us."

Miao Rong was shaken. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

Of course, he knew what happened inside that space passage. He knew Great Elder Zuo Lou of the Potion and Tool Pavilion had cooperated with the Dark Shadow Clan to bring the God Clan to this star area.

Being the commander of the Water Moon War Department of the Fighting League, Miao Rong had met a lot of warriors from other star areas coming through the space passages to get here. From them, he knew of the so-called God Clan. He was really afraid of that race.

But, the Dark Shadow Clan had retreated all of a sudden, and the space passage was now blocked. He also knew something through the channels of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. However, he had thought that it was because of the cooperation of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Windstorm War Department. He never thought that they had a young man who had held such a crucial role.

At this moment, Xia Xin Yan told him what had actually happened, which made him baffled. It was the first time he considered Shi Yan's abilities.

"What about the warriors we had sent to fetch the others?" Xia Xin Yan continued to ask.

"I think they've almost arrived." Miao Rong answered. "Are the warriors from the Fiery Rain Star Area the corps that need to be trained? Why do they have such request?"

"That's because you have never seen how powerful Leona is." Xia Xin Yan smiled. "Let alone the Fiery Rain Star Area, Monster Clan, and Demon Clan all want her to train their legions. If it's possible, I also want to let her whip my Windstorm War Department."

"She's even better than you?" Miao Rong arched his brows, feeling astounded.

"Me?" Xia Xin Yan mocked herself, telling the truth. "If we had two corps with the same competence to lead, I think I won't have even a slight bit of power to deal with her corps. Within one hour, she could destroy us all."

Miao Rong discolored in fear.

"Leona... is from Shi Yan's team. She only listens to Shi Yan." Xia Xin Yan smiled happily. 

"What's the relationship... between you and him?" Miao Rong asked about his biggest suspicion.

Xia Xin Yan blushed, biting her full lower lip. Miao Rong kept silent, as he had gotten his answer.

Shi Yan concentrated wholeheartedly on the flat peak of the mountain, as his soul altar spun silently.

The space abilities were applied to draw the formation in the void, then carve the lines on the surface of the Empty Fantasy Crystal. Shi Yan's co-soul could urge the heaven flames and arrange the materials precisely and timely on their spots on the Empty Fantasy Crystal.

As the spiritual formations appeared, they glowed. Shi Yan knew the Child Formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation would be completed soon.

As he had cultivated Space power Upanishad, he had studied the Mother and Child Sky Linking Sky Formation for a long time. He understood about its mysteries. As his realm improved, he gained a new cognition of this formation, and could grasp its essence now.

Today, with abundant materials, he had tried and built the Child Formation. Although it was a little difficult, he slowly knew that he wasn't so far from the day of completion.

While refining the formation, his soul was calm and peaceful. When he urged his Space power Upanishad, the abilities he had mastered were released, which benefited his improvement of his realm the most.

His soul shivered, and a sharp space blade stopped suddenly. A flame moved out of a crack on the Empty Fantasy Crystal, and at the cross section of the two slits, the last space node emerged.


The intense and blinding light bloomed. The Empty Fantasy Crystal resounded cracking noises crunchily as though it was a blooming flower. Afterward, an octagonal platform emerged in the center of the crystal. It had countless dense and complex lines of different patterns and drawings.

The strong and dizzy light flashed. After a short while, it disappeared into the spots by the edge of the formation. Shi Yan exhaled, while divine crystals shot out of his ring, falling on the designated concave spots. After several thousand divine crystals were put into their spots, the Child Formation suddenly had strange space ripples expanding.

The onlookers suddenly felt the space around them ripple, and couldn't help but gawk at Shi Yan's.

"It works." Shi Yan said weakly. He sent his Soul Consciousness into the space nodes, searching for the aura of the Mother Formation. After he got it, he urged the divine crystals.

A halo covered the center of the Child Formation, as energy the fluctuated in the formation was clear. Everybody could feel the marvelous experience of being able to connect different places.

"Such thick energy waves expanding!"

A clear but tender voice arose from the clouds above the gourd-shaped island. Although that voice was still echoing, the massive battleships emerged one after another.

Those battleships were made of some kind of bright metals. They could reflect light well, which made them so blinding. Each one of those battleships was more than several thousand meters long. They looked like beasts from the primordial time falling from the nine-tiered sky. The others could sense a strong and brutal energy fluctuating from those battleships.

People on the gourd-shaped island faced the sky, looking at several hundred battleships, which carried more than ten thousand strange warriors from the other star area. They were so scared that even their souls swayed.

The warriors on those battleships evidently belonged to different forces. All of them were at the King God Realm, Original God Realm, and Ethereal God Realm. They even had two Incipient God Realm experts. This intimidating force was enough to swagger across the Shadow Ghostly Prison, and even the Fighting League couldn't bear facing them directly.

Among this more-than-ten-thousand-warrior force, there were three thousand warriors at the Original God Realm and two hundred Ethereal God Realm experts. No force in the entire Agate Star Area could have this number of domineering experts.

Although Divine Light was a famous force in the Agate Star Area and it had dozens of thousands of warriors, it had only a little more than ten thousand King God Realm warriors, around one thousand Original God Realm, and less than thirty Ethereal God Realm experts. The Fighting League was even worse. They had around fifteen Ethereal God Realm warriors among dozens of thousands of warriors.

It was the same for the Fire Clan, Crystal Clan, Demon Clan, and Monster Clan. Their numbers of Ethereal God Realm warriors couldn't compare to this force which had just fallen from the sky.

Everybody was panic-stricken while watching the sky.

Shi Yan was also shocked. He pitched his voice. "Do you actually need to arrange such a big formation? This force of yours is enough to destroy any force in the Agate Star Area!"

It was Yu Shan who had brought the warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area to this life star for Leona to train.

However, the power of this force was much beyond what Shi Yan had estimated! Even in his dream, he couldn't imagine that Yu Shan could gather so many intimidating existences like this! He had a sudden headache.

How could he arrange for this massive force?

1) 1 mu = 666.6 meters squared 1 mu = 666.6 meters squared