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1076 Three flames unite

The Fountainhead of power Upanishads...

Inside a spacious area of Fire power Upanishads which looked like a vast sea, flames were dancing and running as if they had life. Sometimes, they draw beautiful curves in the air with brilliant light.

Each magical flame was releasing its best mysterious power. Warriors who concentrated their minds to study with the soul could understand all the changes of those flames and comprehend the power of Fire, then absorb it into their souls to strengthen their Fire power Upanishads.

Two souls were floating in the middle of the sea of fire. One of them looked like a dazzling fireball, with a fierce soul energy magnetic field.

Its magnetic field seemed to synchronize with countless flames in this area of Fires of Upanishads. It acted as if it had understood the mysteries of those flames. At the same time, the flames around it started to twist and change, turning into the brilliant and yet exquisite lines of some drawings. They seemed to be the particular shapes of the fire fairies.

The three soul energy fluctuations of the flames with similar auras were generated from the fireball, slowly condensing into one beam, thinning and stretching...

Two graceful figures appeared, hovering in front of the Fire power Upanishads area.

Yu Shan looked beautiful with her generous curves, her face mature and charming. She looked struck when she saw the soul fireball. "He's uniting three heaven flames of the Origin that have similar auras. It's a real fusion. He's making their auras and energy unite into one..."

Xuan Fei's small face was surprised, screaming. "How's his progress?"

"Almost finished," Yu Shan appraised emotionally, "This man's innate endowment's not ordinary at all. His situation's special and strange. With this progress, he is likely to finish fusing the three flames with the similar auras. At that time, his understanding of the Fire power Upanishad would surpass yours."

Xuan Fei felt dispirited, snorting with disgust.

"You better observe. It will be good for you." Yu Shan told her and then kept silent.

Time flew hurriedly.

After an unknown period of time, the three different auras of that flaming soul had been fused into one, without a leak.

Another soul of his suddenly transformed into Shi Yan's real image. He chuckled, looking at the co-soul with his eyes sparkling strangely.

The co-soul in the form of a brilliant fireball suddenly shrank until it was a thumb-sized flaming bead, hovering in the air.

"You're all here." While smiling, he looked at Yu Shan. "When will you enter the Agate Star Area?"

"I'm here to tell you that they are waiting at the entrance of the space passage. My body's there as well. If you're ready, I'll ask them to get in," Yu Shan explained the situation to him. 

"Of course, it's no problem. You just need to guide them to the Agate Star Area. I'll let someone receive you and bring you to the Fighting Star in Shadow Ghostly Prison," said Shi Yan.

"You've just fused with three heaven flames of the Origin, right?" Pausing for a while, Yu Shan asked.

"Yes, I've done it smoothly."

The Earth Flame, Purgatory True Flame, and Vermilion Bird True Flame had similar auras, and were all peak Yang scorching flames. The fusion of the three flames was smooth, and at this moment, the three heaven flames were now one, and the blazing power of this combination had been increased by several times.

Shi Yan tried, and he found that the fused flame was burning hot beyond his expectations. 

"You have ten heaven flames from the same Origin of an ancient continent, and the three heaven flames you just fused are the three easiest flames to combine. However, the next time you want to fuse them, it would be more strenuous." Yu Shan contemplated and then reminded him. "The next time you combine heaven flames, you shouldn't do it rashly. You must do one at a time. Or else, you will meet a big trouble. Sigh, I admire you. You could gather all the heaven flames of the same Origin. I think your attainment in cultivating Fire power Upanishad would surpass us one day..." 

Yu Shan's eyes looked complicated and emotional when she said that.

As she was the Grand Master who cultivated Fire power Upanishad with the heaven flames at the Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, Shi Yan appreciated her advice a lot, memorizing all that she told him.

"Our soldiers will enter the Agate Star Area soon. You should hurry to send your guide to receive them." Yu Shan frowned as she hesitated. "There's something I wonder if it's related to your Agate Star Area..."

"What's that?" Shi Yan was startled.

"The one who had plotted against your Agate Star Area is the Ascot family of the God Clan, right?" asked Yu Shan.

Shi Yan nodded.

"So, it's possibly related to you guys," Yu Shan pondered for a while and then said, "I heard that Sloan of the Ascot family is collecting materials to fabricate the Border Breaking Mine. I think it's related to your Agate Star Area and even yourself..."

"I quite don't understand."

"Sloan and Chief Bello of the Dark Shadow Clan call each other brothers. Spot, the God young man that you killed, was the beloved youngest son of Sloan, and a core member of the God Clan. When he died, they could find out the murderer using a special method. Sloan should know that you killed his son by now. The Border Breaking Mine is the most dangerous weapon of the God Clan. It can blast an entire planet, and also break the space barrier. Anyway, it's not easy to fabricate the Border Breaking Mine. It needs a soul altar of an Incipient God Realm expert to be the core. Once the Border Breaking Mine detonates, the soul altar of that expert will explode altogether."

"I heard that Sloan is asking for an imprisoned Incipient God Realm expert to be the core of his Border Breaking Mine. Once he's done with that mine, he can blow off the space barrier between your star area and the Ancient God Star Area in just a blink of an eye. At that time, you guys will have to face the great army of the Ascot family of the God Clan. Especially you... You're Sloan's main target."

Yu Shan talked clearly and evidently.

Shi Yan's face darkened. He knew Yu Shan didn't need to deceive him at this moment. He was sure she was telling the truth.

When the space barrier was sealed, he thought they could be safe for a while. Unexpectedly, the God Clan didn't want to stop their attack there. Their next conspiracy was much bloodier.

"Of course, he needs the Ascot family's approval to get an Incipient God Realm expert as the sacrifice. It takes time to fabricate the Border Breaking Mine. Thus, I think you're safe for a while." Seeing his face darken, Yu Shan couldn't help but console him. "You still have time to prepare. I suggest you guys should unite all the big clans in your star area. You can't resist with a scattered force. The first time the Fiery Rain Star Area had to deal with the God Clan's invasion, the clans from everywhere were fighting against each other. Some even depended on the God Clan. It was only when they suffered a significant loss that they finally recognized the reality. Eventually, all clans had to unite to resist the God Clan. I want you to recognize your situation in the early stage," Yu Shan kindly advised him. 

Shi Yan nodded silently.

Yu Shan didn't talk more and told Xuan Fei to leave this area. Their souls then disappeared shortly.

Shi Yan stayed in the area of Fire power Upanishads alone. He contemplated for a while and then left.


At the entrance of the cave sealed with a big rock, the two splendid women were floating quietly. Their beautiful eyes sparkled as they studied the entrance.

Not far from them, Miao Rong, Sana, Ju Bo, and more than ten Divine Light experts were waiting on the war chariots. Those war chariots were filled with exotic cultivating materials. Most of them were crystal-like materials, while a small part was wooden cubes that looked like sparkling jades. 

Today wasn't the fifth day. It was the ninth day.

The materials the Divine Light had ordered were delivered on time. They wanted to wake Shi Yan up in this cave. However, when they arrived, they couldn't sense his soul energy fluctuation.

At that time, everybody was frightened. Miao Rong, Sana, and Ju Bo were restlessly anxious. They thought that Shi Yan's soul was exterminated.

Even Zi Yao didn't know what had happened to him. She had almost dashed into the cave the check his situation. She had never experienced the state when he had entered the fountainhead of power Upanishads.

Only Xia Xin Yan knew about the actual situation. She had stopped them from getting into the cave, so they all waited here in silence.

They were quite skeptical. While waiting, they were filled with confusion.

At the moment Shi Yan's soul, which they thought was lost, returned to his body, everybody instinctively looked at the cave entrance.

At this moment, Miao Rong, Sana, and Ju Bo knew that Shi Yan was more mysterious than what they had thought. They now knew that Shi Yan wasn't an ordinary warrior.

It seemed the Agate Star Area had never had a warrior with the heaven flames who could enter the fountainhead of power Upanishads. Thus, they didn't know that people's soul could enter the mysterious area, which gave the others a feeling that their souls had been exterminated.

"Squeak! Squeak!"

The big rock was removed, and Shi Yan appeared in the entrance of the cave with a cold face. Looking at the group of people waiting for him, he frowned unrecognizably, beaming a smile. "Uh-oh, I got a big welcome formation!"

The others felt embarrassed, and didn't talk much.

"We were so worried about you!" Zi Yao rolled her eyes at him. She exaggeratingly patted her round breasts while screaming, "You had scared me! I couldn't sense your soul aura. I thought something had happened to you. If Xia mei-mei didn't tell us, I would have jumped into the cave to find you. Sigh! Next time, can you notify us before you do that? Do you think it's funny to make people worried like that?"

She didn't conceal her deep affection for Shi Yan at all.

The Divine Light warriors sighed and shifted anxiously. They cursed Shi Yan for his romantic luck.

"Xin Yan, you should send some Fighting League experts to the space passage we've been before. We need to fetch up a troop of warriors." Shi Yan said with a stern face. "They come from the Fiery Rain Star Area. Yu Shan and Xuan Fei may arrive as well. I agreed with them that I would let Leona help them train their soldiers. First, let's bring them to the Fighting Star."

"This place is much nearer than that planet anyway," Zi Yao intervened.

Shi Yan was baffled for a while. He pondered for a while and then said, "Alright, send someone and bring them here. Hey, did you prepare the materials I've asked?"

"All are delivered."

"Good. I'm going to build the formation here. I must finish it as soon as possible."