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The toxic clouds shaded the entire sky, making the planet dark and cold. Toxic smoke hovered thickly in every corner of this place.

Many warriors of Divine Light had a grimace on their faces. They lifted their heads to look at the sky, thinking hard to find a solution to escape.

Ju Bo had tried all methods, but he couldn't bring the Divine Light warriors out of this danger. He looked more and more worried with time.

At this moment, the battleships of the Fighting League, which were the Divine Light's hostages, floated up quietly. They shot into the sky, which made Divine Light warriors furrow their brows and their faces grim. They didn't want to stop Fighting League, as they thought the others were courting death.

At this moment, the toxic clouds were hovering like the poisonous army in the sky. So, Divine Light warriors didn't have the mood to remind the Fighting League's.

At the critical moment, Zi Yao stormed out and shouted, warning the Fighting League about the toxic clouds and asking them to not act rashly.

Warriors of Divine Light and Fighting League were both bewildered. They looked at her, but they couldn't find a reason for her actions. 

In front of many people, Zi Yao's long eyelashes batted. Her line of sight pierced through the warriors of the Windstorm War Department and stopped at a lean and tall figure. Everybody looked in the same direction and saw a young man in the crowd of the Fighting League.

That was Shi Yan.

He smiled at her brightly from a distance. He looked at Zi Yao, but didn't answer.

An inky cold bead in his hand suddenly rippled with magical energy. In that area, clusters of colored poisonous clouds began to surge, rolling torrentially like unceasing, rising tides as they all swarmed over him.

Everybody was petrified. They looked at him without a clue of what he was doing.

"Prepare to slide out," hissed Shi Yan.

Xia Xin Yan's soft body shivered, then she ordered her subordinates quickly. "Prepare to move out!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

It sounded like the wind howling when the viscous toxic clouds above their heads began to storm into his palm like colorful banners. They entered the inky bead that looked quite plain and banal.

The speed of those clouds entering the bead was unimaginably fast. Shortly, a corner of the toxic vapors covering the sky had disappeared into the bead. That bead now had a faint halo with the magical energy rippling in it. It seemed stronger, as if it had just taken in some power.

In just a blink of an eye, a large amount of toxic clouds in the sky had disappeared. The shaded sky seemed to have a small corner torn, revealing a path with light shining through.

The flying bird battleships were ready. They burst out rumblingly while the divine crystals inside were triggered to the maximum. Those battleships soared up into the sky, piercing through the light passage. Shortly after, they had escaped the life star, entering the vast outer space.

Many warriors of the Divine Light were dumbstruck. They gawked and dropped their jaws on seeing the other simply break through the layer of toxic smoke, which their precursor Ju Bo, who was at the First Sky of Incipient God Realm, couldn't achieve. What was going on?

They exchanged looks. At this moment, they didn't know how to react.

Zi Yao's graceful body hovered in the horizon not far from the toxic clouds above her head. Her beautiful eyes twinkled as she smiled, glaring at Shi Yan charmingly. However, she didn't utter a word.

In her heart, Shi Yan was always a mystery. Nothing could stand in his way. Today, Shi Yan had confirmed it one more time.

"Move! Follow them!"

Ju Bo reacted. He pitched his voice, shouting, "Go at your max speed. Go through that passage to get out of this life star!"

At this moment, the warriors of Divine Light finally reacted. They shouted, screaming at each other to operate the battleships and move towards Shi Yan.

At this moment, the change that they could never imagine happened for the second time, which also cut off their chance in just a blink of an eye. 

Most of the experts of the Fighting League were gone. However, someone stayed; it was Shi Yan.

He was holding an inky bead. After the flying bird battleships of the Fighting League had escaped, he smiled evilly, flinging the bead. That bead bounced for a while in the void, then fumed out the toxic smokes and clouds it had taken in, which filled the hole it had just created instantly.

The sky above this life star was covered by the thick layer of smokes one more time. The Divine Light's battleships halted, almost hitting the layer of smokes. They were agitated on seeing the clouds closing, as if they had just swallowed flies.

Their hostile eyes were fixed on Shi Yan while their murderous aura shot up into the sky.

Sana and Ju Bo also flew towards him, their faces cold and malicious.

Zi Yao's bold brows furrowed. She moved swiftly, hovering in front of Shi Yan to shield him from the warriors of the Divine Light. "Why are you staying?"

Shi Yan smiled while talking, "I will bring you guys out of here. Don't worry. Don't rush. After Fighting League's battleships go further away, I will make way for you guys."

Sana and Ju Bo were bewildered, suspiciously looking at Shi Yan with bizarre faces.

"You guys know each other?" Sana recognized it.

"He's Shi Yan." Zi Yao smiled, talking calmly. "Before my master accepted me, I was with him. Yeah, we know each other."

Shi Yan chuckled while looking at the crowd of Divine Light warriors. He explained simply, "Without Zi Yao, I wouldn't care whether you guys were dead or alive. I would have left earlier, and you, all of you would have had to die here. No one would escape."

"We have Old Ju here. How can we not be able to run away?" Sana didn't buy it.

"Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan, the four of them had joined hands, but they couldn't get rid of this kind of toxic smoke. If he's confident that he's stronger than the four of them, perhaps he can try." Shi Yan smiled and explained.

Ju Bo's face changed. He waved his hand, signaling Sana not to talk much. "I heard that when the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Fighting League were confined inside the space passage, you had helped them out? Was it the same toxic smoke like what we have now?"

"Much intense than this time. At that time, we had encountered the Departed Spirit Jellyfish in the space passage. It was the generator of the toxic smoke. The smoke we have in this place are the poisons the Dark Shadow Clan had collected from the jellyfish. However, it's enough to kill all of you," Shi Yan was still calm.

Ju Bo looked at him. Pondering for a while, he said all of a sudden. "Calm down, all of you. Give our little buddy more time."

He knew Shi Yan had stayed here because of Zi Yao. If he just brushed the dust off his butt and left, thousands of elite warriors of the Divine Light would have to bury their bodies here. No one would escape alive for sure.

Ju Bo knew what to do.

Sana furrowed his brows, but he didn't intervene. He kept silent while his look shifted from Shi Yan to Zi Yao and he contemplated.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

All of a sudden, something rang urgently inside Zi Yao's sleeves. She was surprised, taking out an amethyst Sound Stone. She frowned, using her soul to sense.

Her charming face changed dramatically, screaming. "The important mines that we've claimed have the same situation. The toxic clouds have trapped them all! Dark Shadow Clan didn't only leave the poisons here. All the other important lands with precious materials have the same restriction!"

"Not good!" Ju Bo and Sana screamed urgently.

There were three thousand elite warriors of the Divine Light that came to Shadow Ghostly Prison this time. They were all at the King God Realm, Original God Realm, and Ethereal God Realm. They were the pillars that the Divine Light had trained for years.

This group was the main force to compete for the Divine Light. However, at this moment, all of them were confined by the toxic smoke. If this force of three thousand warriors were exterminated, the Divine Light would bear a significant loss that would even damage their root. Let alone fighting with Fighting League, they wouldn't even retain their benefits.

Zi Yao, Ju Bo, and Sana were restless from anxiety.

At this moment, this life star was still sealed by the toxic clouds, and Shi Yan was the only one who could resolve this danger. He looked calm and relaxed, as if he weren't hurried at all, earning time for the Fighting League to run away.

Ju Bo took a deep breath, his face solemn. "Shi Yan, little brother, if you help us leave this place and solve the fatal problems in the other areas, I assure you that we will retreat from the Shadow Ghostly Prison. We won't compete for any benefit with the Fighting League. The Divine Light will appreciate your favor and will owe you a lot."

"After you get out of here, you won't chase after the Windstorm War Department anymore?" Shi Yan looked relaxed, teasing the other.

As far as Shi Yan was concerned, he didn't care whether the Divine Light warriors died or how many of them died. He just needed Zi Yao to be safe. He wasn't interested in the dispute between the Divine Light and the Fighting League either. It was the competition between Feng Han and the Master of the Divine Light. Although it was related to Zi Yao and Xia Xin Yan, Shi Yan didn't have even a bit of interest.

Ju Bo was worried. He knew Shi Yan wasn't interested in this, so he couldn't help but throw Zi Yao a glance, asking her to help.

"Shi Yan, please help us. Hurry up. We must leave here. Please help us solve those problems." Zi Yao said with a bitter face. "I assure you I won't fight with Xia Xin Yan. And, our Divine Light's a member of the Agate Star Area. If we lose so many members, when the God Clan invades us, it will be a disadvantage for the entire Agate Star Area."

She knew of Shi Yan's grudges against the God Clan. From the God Vanishing Land to here, she had witnessed the ruthlessness and conspiracy of the God Clan.

"I believe you then," Shi Yan chuckled, "Move. I'm going to make a passage for you guys."

Zi Yao was astounded. She then beamed an enchanting smile, her face seeming like a blossoming flower.

She hadn't expected that Shi Yan would agree that easily. He didn't even bargain, which proved that his trust in her hadn't changed. He didn't change even when their status and time had changed.

She didn't know that Shi Yan was touched when she screamed worriedly for him while he was soaring into the toxic clouds. With this premise, of course, Shi Yan wouldn't ignore her request for help. At the same time, he was objective in dealing with the Divine Light. He wouldn't attack the Divine Light because of Xia Xin Yan.

"Thank you," Ju Bo sighed in relief.

Shi Yan didn't look at him, just throwing the Poison-dipped Cold Bead out. The pure black bead hovered in the toxic clouds and began sucking the poisonous smokes like a powerful whale. 

After several minutes, the toxic smokes covering the entire life star was drawn into the Poison-dipped Cold Bead. Not even a single thread remained.

That bead became a little colder, and the magical energy rippling in there had become fiercer.