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1068 The Two Women

Inside Shadow Ghostly Prison, there was a level-6 blue life star, which was called Fighting Star. It was the headquarter star of the Fighting League.

In the center of the majestic God of War Temple, Feng Han stood with his cold and stern face, frowning at around ten warriors under his commands. In this group, the lowest realm warrior was a Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. There were two First Sky of Incipient God Realm experts. They were all pillars of Fighting League.

Before Feng Han had entered Shadow Ghostly Prison, those warriors used to be overlords of different areas in Shadow Ghostly Prison. When Feng Han started to expose his invincible competence, they came to be his allies who became dependent. Eventually, they had formed the Fighting League, the strongest force in Shadow Ghostly Prison.

More than ten experts on the senior management board of the Fighting League winced sadly. Their eyes glowed coldly with indignation.

"We and the Divine Light are like water in a river and water in a well. Divine Light has never operated in Shadow Ghostly Prison before. They hurry to come here and claim the territories of the Dark Shadow Clan. They're wanton! They don't put us in their eyes!" shouted Qi Ze, a warrior who had a cross scar on his head.

Qi Ze had First Sky of Incipient God Realm. He commanded the Flaming Awl War Department of Fighting League. His main power was Fire power Upanishad, so his characteristics were also hot and stubborn like fire.

Before he joined Feng Han's, Qi Ze was an infamous expert in Shadow Ghostly Prison. His troops were all the brutal and malicious ones, who had swaggered to perform evil affairs everywhere.

That year, Feng Han had to use countless manpower and efforts to stop Qi Ze. He had used the bloody tricks to subdue Qi Ze. Later on, Qi Ze and his troops had become a War Department of the Fighting League. To Feng Han, he was always loyal and dedicated. However, except for Feng Han, he didn't listen to anybody else of the Fighting League.

"The Divine Light has spread its long tentacles everywhere. We should cut them off," said Miao Rong, an expert who looked tender and feminine at First Sky of Incipient God Realm. She wore a long blue dress.

Qi Ze and Miao Rong were Incipient God Realm experts of the Fighting League. They used to be infamous before. After they had joined the Fighting League, they were still sharp.

"If they didn't capture Xia Xin Yan, I would have sent you guys over there already." Feng Han said with a cold face. She snorted, "Do you have any solution to rescue Xia Xin Yan?"

Qi Ze and Miao Rong looked at each other and then shook their heads.

Sana was famous for his might and heartless deeds. Unless Qi Ze and Miao Rong were there, they had no solution.

The Divine Light would set up their spies along the way from Fighting Star to the life star with that lode of divine crystals. When they were spotted, Xia Xin Yan and her Windstorm War Department would fall into a deadly situation. Qi Ze and Miao Rong knew how much Feng Han had indulged Xia Xin Yan, so they would never offer him any impossible plan.

"Miao Rong, you go there with my letter." Feng Han drilled them with his eyes before handing Miao Rong a piece of paper all of a sudden.

Miao Rong didn't know his intentions but he still received the note. At first glance, he couldn't help but shout, "Hegemon! You, you want to demobilize our men there?"

After the news of Dark Shadow Clan's defeat had arrived, Feng Han, Qi Ze, and Miao Rong had taken action immediately. They had sent their battleships to many mineral lodes controlled by Dark Shadow Clan. They had claimed them one step ahead of the others, unfolding the flag of Fighting League.

Although the Divine Light also took the chance to claim some mineral stars, the number of the mines couldn't be compared to what Divine Light had claimed.

"Although the Divine Light has asked for half of the territories, they, they have asked for the areas with the richest products!" Qi Ze thundered.

"I know." Feng Han wore a cold and harsh face. "Of course, later on, we will have a lot of battles with the Divine Light. Now just take a step back. When we're sure Xia Xin Yan is okay, we will take them back, one by one."

Miao Rong sighed inwardly. He nodded begrudgingly and said nothing.

He knew Feng Han had made up his mind. He also knew how important Xia Xin Yan was in Feng Han's heart. Of course, he wasn't stupid to oppose his idea.

With Feng Han's letter, Miao Rong gathered his Water Moon War Department and departed from the headquarters of the Fighting League. He headed to the life star where Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan were confined.


The life star that had the divine crystal lode.

A purple crystal battleship descended from the sky. The dazzling purple crystal light reflected on the face of the warriors who were lining up to welcome the ship.

Sana and the warriors of the Divine Light in this place all gathered to welcome someone. Sana still wore a cold and stiff face. However, he had pulled a smile, which showed his happy mood.

A beautiful woman wearing a long light purple dress moved mesmerizingly. She slowly and gently emerged, giving people a feeling of seeing the moon surrounded by stars. Her face looked like a blooming cherry blossom, which looked refresh and graceful, accompanied by her voluptuous body. While she was walking, the hem of her dress fluttered and revealed a part of her snow-white legs.

Many warriors of the Divine Light watched her with hot looks. It was the enthusiasm of men to their Goddess.

The woman walked with a graceful gait as she smiled and spoke to Sana. Her makings were natural but gorgeous, which made it hard for people to move their eyes from her.

Warriors of the Windstorm War Department stood on their flying bird battleships, frowning while looking at that magnificent woman. Someone couldn't help but sigh, "This woman is a bane because of her glamor."

"Yeah, she's truly the nemesis of men. She's not less beautiful than our Madame. I wonder who she is."

"If Sana has to come to greet her, obviously, her position in the Divine Light isn't low."

"I think she belongs to the top echelon of Divine Light. No doubt about it."

Warriors of Fighting League clamored. They discreetly compared that woman and Xia Xin Yan. Then, they found that one of them was so mesmerizingly sexy while the other was like a fairy. They all had special prominent makings. And the warriors couldn't tell who was better.

No one recognized that when the woman in purple appeared, Shi Yan had quietly disappeared into the crowd. He tried to hide behind some people as if he was avoiding something.

Xia Xin Yan didn't notice his small commotion as her attention was captured by that woman in purple. She said, "This woman is so beautiful. If I was a man, I would offer my heart to her. The so-called sexy rare beauty looks like this, right?"

Although she didn't speak loudly, people knew who she was talking to.

Shi Yan gave a dry laugh, but he didn't answer.

His line of sight pierced through the crowd, falling on the indescribably beautiful figure. He was astounded, indeed.

She has reached Third Sky of Original God Realm and she wasn't far from Ethereal God Realm. After thirty years, she had progressed fast. It seemed like the Divine Light's Master favored her a lot...

"Little mei-mei, why are you here?" Sana spoke with a tender countenance. "I asked you whether you wanted to join this trip to Shadow Ghostly Prison or not and you told me it was boring, didn't you? Why did you come here all of a sudden?"

Zi Yao smiled charmingly, "I suddenly felt so bored cultivating all the time. I came here to amuse myself. I heard that this area has been interesting lately. Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and even Potion and Tool Pavilion are here. I'm here to join the fun."

Her beautiful eyes raked through the crowd over Sana to see the flying bird battleships of the Fighting League as if she was searching for someone.

Sana was sensitive enough to see her commotion. He frowned and looked at around ten battleships of the Fighting League. He asked with surprise, "Little mei-mei, you know someone on those battleships? I can see that you are often watching them even after you arrived here."

"I heard that Xia Xin Yan, the commander of the Windstorm War Department of the Fighting League is the most elegant and beautiful warrior of Shadow Ghostly Prison. And she's so smart. Oh, I'm curious about such a perfect woman. I want to see her widen my mind though," Zi Yao smiled gently.

Sana shivered. He suddenly understood and spoke, "Talking about beauty, you're more worth mentioning," his eyes showed a gleam of hot admiration.

Beautiful women liked to compare with each other. Sana understood it. Thus, he assumed that Zi Yao was actually curious about Xia Xin Yan, so he didn't ask her more about it.

"Senior, you're overpraising me." Zi Yao got up and contemplated for a while, "I'm going to meet her."

"I'm going with you," Sana also got up, his face stern. "Mei-mei, although your realm is increasing fast, you're just at Third Sky of Original God Realm. Warriors of the Windstorm War Department aren't nice. If they have bad thoughts and decide to keep you as a hostage, we will be pushed into a passive situation."

As Zi Yao knew she couldn't change his mind, she just smiled and thanked him.

Sana immediately chose some warriors at Ethereal God Realm to escort Zi Yao to Fighting League's battleships.

"Ah, they're heading towards us! What do they want?"

"Seems like that woman asked them to come here. Strange, eh? Why is she interested in us?"

"Who knows? Perhaps she's bored, so she wants to find something fun."

The warriors of the Fighting League saw Zi Yao surrounded by the experts of Divine Light slowly approaching. They all screamed in astonishment.

Xia Xin Yan was also surprised. Her bold brows furrowed as she didn't know her intention.

She understood that Sana had used the Sound Stone to talk to the senior management level of the Divine Light. At this moment, they were likely negotiating with the Fighting League. Keeping them hostage was just an advantage. Unless they had the final answer, they wouldn't have contacted them this quickly.

She was surprised, so she wanted to ask Shi Yan for his opinion. She turned and became bewildered.

In this critical moment, Shi Yan wasn't here. She didn't know where he had gone.

Xia Xin Yan slammed her brows together.

Accompanied by Sana's team, beautiful Zi Yao slowly descended on the flying bird battleship. She directly walked to Xia Xin Yan. Her clear, bright eyes focused on Xia Xin Yan right from the beginning.

Xia Xin Yan was baffled.

"Xia mei-mei, you're so gorgeous. As I've seen you today, I know your reputation isn't just something in vain." Zi Yao's face was filled with bright smiles.

Xia Xin Yan frowned and said nothing.

Zi Yao was still smiling. Her line of sight stayed on Xia Xin Yan for a while before scanning through many warriors of the Fighting League standing around. After a while, she stooped and burst out laughing as her eyes fell on the passage leading to the cabin of this battleship. She even cursed something under her breath.

"Who do you want to see?" Xia Xin Yan stared at her for a while before she suddenly understood something. She shouted immediately.

"Nobody. I just want to talk to you for a while in private." Zi Yao said softly, her smile bright and warm. Her pretty eyes looked straight at Xia Xin Yan.

"All right!" Xia Xin Yan was frank and friendly. "Shall we go to the control center?"

"No problem." Zi Yao smiled and spoke to Sana, "It's okay. The control center of the battleship is right in front of you. Nothing unexpected will happen. Don't worry."

Sana frowned, giving her a curt nod.

Immediately, the two peerlessly graceful and talented women with different elegant makings walked shoulder by shoulder and headed to the control center of the battleship. The stone door closed behind them, deafening all sounds. No one knew what they were going to discuss.