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1064 I’m Not Resigned to That!

The other end of the space passage behind the barrier.

Chief Bello and leader Kelda of the Dark Shadow Clan had grim faces. They looked bafflingly at the closed barrier. They wanted to cry but they couldn't squeeze a tear.

The space passage that the Dark Shadow Clan had spent more than one thousand years and countless efforts to clear was closed for the second time. And it was much tougher and more natural than the previous one. This made Bello and Kelda want to kill themselves.

"... Chief. The Departed Spirit Jellyfish is gone; the space passage is sealed; my brother perished! How can we explain this to them?" Kelda's face was bitter and cold. He ground his teeth as if he wanted to tear someone apart.

Bello's clothes were now like rags. He had two trickles of blood on the corners of his mouth. He said bitterly, "I don't know how to explain this to them, either."

"Sigh," Kelda sighed sadly. He said in a low-pitched voice, "I'm not resigned to it!"

"I'm not resigned to it, either!" Bello nodded. "We should return first. We will report exactly what had happened. God Clan will have a new plan. We've been dependent on the God Clan for so many years. If we don't have merit, we have done a lot of laborious works for them. Today, our loss is significant. Perhaps we won't receive too much punishment."

"I hope so," Kelda said begrudgingly.

Several hundred soldiers of the Dark Shadow Clan had died in that battle. They lost around ten battleships too. If Bello hadn't taken them to the other side of the barrier, they would have all died in Agate Star Area.

The battleships started to move and leave the barrier. They gathered and departed from the space passage.

The passage that connected Agate Star Area and Ancient God Star Area had the other end lead to the most desolate area in the edge of the star area.

The peripheral regions of Ancient God Star Area had many cold and barren stars without life energy fluctuations or earth and heaven energy.

The Dark Shadow Clan's battleships often anchored on some massive asteroids here. After Bello and Kelda had left the space passage, they gathered on a big asteroid to explain the situation to their clansmen. Afterward, Bello left alone and rode a war chariot towards a life star near there.

Half a month later, Bello landed on that life star. The God clansmen welcomed him.

Later on, Bello headed to the peak of a majesty mountain with many grand shrines. He saw many statues around the shrines. Each of the statues was one of the experts of the God Clan. Although they were just statues, their auras still existed immensely and impressively. Bello could feel a pressure in this area.

He stopped and watched the statues with respect and fear, waiting for something.

A good-looking God man was walking towards him. He had some Ethereal God Realm experts surrounding him. His eyes were bloodshot and his aura was cold and sinister like ice in hell.

"Sir Sloan," Bello slightly bowed.

The good-looking middle-aged God man was named Sloan Ascot. He was the younger brother of the current Head of the Ascot family, Fick Ascot. He had Second Sky of Incipient God Realm cultivation base with the Cold power Upanishad. He had absorbed billions of wisps of icy Yin aura in Ice Cold Purgatory in Ancient God Star Area. He was one of the characters who had the glory to be recorded in the Book of God of the God Clan.

The Book of God of the God Clan was a strange Original Incipient Grade treasure. It recorded the past and current experts of the God Clan. However, it only recorded true heroes who had performed extraordinary merits for the clan.

The Book of God was the Canon of glory of the God Clan. Each expert of the clan aimed at writing his or her name into the book as the life goal.

Sloan was an expert who had the glory of writing his name in the Book of God.

"When we're alone, don't call me Sir. Just call me da-ge." Sloan waved his hand, his face exhausted. "Your Dark Shadow Clan had gained acceptance from many families that year. Because of me, you decided to let the Dark Shadow Clan be dependent on the Ascot family. You and I are brothers. No matter what happens, our bond won't change."

Bello's eyes got red as he stooped with emotions. "Da-ge!"

"I heard you failed in Agate Star Area... What happened? You and I had planned for a thousand years. Which chain is wrong?" Sloan asked tenderly.

Bello sighed. "I don't know why I lost that battle. I don't know how our plan was revealed. We had to fight against the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League and Potion and Tool Pavilion in that space passage..."

Bello carefully described the situation he knew and didn't omit any small detail.

Sloan calmly listened to him. He didn't intervene once. When Bello talked about Yu Shan appearing out of nowhere and beginning to refine the Departed Spirit Jellyfish, he rose his hand to interrupt. He frowned, "How did she look like?"

Bello touched his forehead, using his soul to draw Yu Shan precisely from her face to her gait.

"She's not from Agate Star Area. She comes from Fiery Rain Star Area. She's called Yu Shan. She's at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm and she has the flame of the Origin." Sloan's eyes suddenly became so strange. Contemplating for a while, he said dispiritedly, "My young son Spot is dead..."

Bello changed his face and couldn't help but shout, "Who did that? Da-ge, who did that?"

Bello and Sloan had a good friendship. He often visited Sloan's family and he liked Spot a lot. He treated him as his nephew. Hearing that Spot was killed, Bello was enraged.

"He'd fallen in the fountainhead of power Upanishad. His soul vanished directly. He's really dead now." Sloan's voice was calm but the cold aura like ice from hell that radiated from his body was so chilling. "Before he died, his soul had recorded two persons. One was Xuan Fei, Yu Shan's disciple. The other was an unknown young male. But if Yu Shan went to Agate Star Area all of a sudden, I guess that young man was also there. Come take a look to see if you recognize him."

Sloan spewed out a cold air current, which then condensed into Xuan Fei's and Shi Yan's images as if someone had carved their sculptures from ice.

"I know them! When we battled in the space passage, they stood together!" Bello screamed at first glance.

"Good!" Sloan took a deep breath. Xuan Fei's and Shi Yan's figures shattered instantly. "Yu Shan came to Agate Star Area because of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Perhaps she had taken the soul gossamer of the jellyfish. I will remember this. The operation in Agate Star Area won't end here. I will think about how to break that sealed space barrier one more time."

"Da-ge. . ." Bello hesitated for a while before reminding him, "that barrier closed naturally. It's much tougher than the previous one. You know that I've cultivated Space power Upanishad and I've reached Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, but I have to spend dozens of years to make a narrow slit..."

Sloan frowned, flinging his hand. "I have my calculations. Don't worry. You go back and prepare. Clearing the space barrier doesn't always require Space power. If we have energy that's sharp enough, we can clean it. You wait for my good news."

Bello looked at him and nodded quietly.

He knew the reason why Sloan was so resolute. It had to be because of Spot's murderer in Agate Star Area.

He knew how much Sloan had favored his young son Spot. As Spot was murdered in the fountainhead of power Upanishad, he would never let go of the murderer. No matter where he was, he wouldn't dodge Sloan's raging flame.


After they had checked the battleships' conditions, Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fighting League departed to Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Shi Yan had asked some experts of the Demon Clan to get to the area of the chaotic shooting stars to pick up Zuo Shi. This time, they didn't return through the previous route. They chose a much safer way.

Inside a secret chamber of a massive battleship of the Monster Clan's fleet.

Fei Lan and Benny woke up. They looked at Leona and Ka Tuo first and then at Shi Yan.

Time flew hurriedly. Shi Yan's aura calmed down when he opened his eyes and smiled.

"How are you?" Fei Lan asked carefully.

"I didn't break through," Shi Yan's face was calm and relaxed. "My energy accumulation is enough. However, my realm still requires a little more. With the energy I got, I used them to condense Immortal Demon Blood and the Essence Qi Ancient Tree in my body brimmed. I can't take in more unless I advance one more step."

"Senior, since you're cultivating mixed powers Upanishads, you must make all of your powers Upanishad advance equally at each time after you've reached Ethereal God Realm." Just like Ka Tuo, Benny now called Shi Yan "senior." He said seriously, "Because of that reason, not many people want to cultivate more than one powers Upanishads at the same time. If they did, they would cultivate the similar powers Upanishads that would blend with each other."

Shi Yan frowned and said, "You mean, if I want to break through my realm, I have to advance all of my powers Upanishad at the same time? I can't break through using only one power Upanishad?"

"When you were at Original God Realm, you just needed to break through one power Upanishad to pull the others altogether," Benny explained. "But from Ethereal God Realm, you can't do that. Every time you break through the new realm, you have to advance all the powers Upanishad you've cultivated. Of course, people who cultivate more powers Upanishads could be stronger than the others at the same realm. However, it takes a lot of time to reach the new realm."

"I understand," Shi Yan nodded.

After Shi Yan'd reached Ethereal God Realm, his understanding of Space power Upanishad was deeper. However, he didn't gain much in Star, Death and Life powers Upanishad. Thus, even though his energy had fully accumulated, he couldn't get to Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm.

As Benny came from a high-level star area and his family had a strong and profound foundation, he knew genuine information.

"Leona and Ka Tuo cultivate only one powers Upanishad. Their energy is pure, so they can progress faster than you can." Benny looked at the other two sitting next to him.

"Yeah, they can break through soon. I can tell." Shi Yan nodded and asked, "How about you two?"

"I'm still far away from Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm. My realm and energy haven't reached the upper limit yet," Fei Lan shook her head.

"I've accumulated enough energy. I just need a flash of recognition in my realm." Benny smiled happily.

"Yeah, reaching Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm requires an enormous amount of energy. The energy I've given you is definitely not enough for you to get a chance. We shouldn't hurry. Just take it slowly."

"It's fast enough. I'm not hurried."

"Yeah, it is better that way. We should advance our realm. I will think about how to get more energy."



Several months later, the battleships of Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fighting League returned to the center of Shadow Ghostly Prison. Under the dim-lit sea of stars, Bath, Gu Te, and Blood Devil stood arrogantly atop their battleships.

"Precursors, you aren't going to be guests of the Fighting League, are you?" Xia Xin Yan sighed with regret.

"I don't know Feng Han. I'm not going to go there." Blood Devil shook his head. "We have many things to solve. We will visit later when it's more convenient. You help us to send him our regards."

"Okay then," Xia Xin Yan said reluctantly. She looked at Shi Yan walking out of the cabin. Her beautiful eyes lingered on him.

"Cough! Cough!" Shi Yan was embarrassed. He smiled shyly, "I'm going to Fighting League for a while to solve my personal business. My friends will return with you guys to Devil Blood Star. Oh yeah, I'm going to create a Space Teleport Formation. Perhaps I can connect to Devil Blood Star. The Child Formation is there. I just need to fabricate the Mother Formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation, which I used to have.

"You can stay, but Leona must follow us home." Bath and Gu Te screamed in unison.

"No problem," Shi Yan agreed immediately.