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1062 Really... I Didn’t do it Intentionally...

"Can he do that?"

Zha Duo frowned. Apparently, he didn't highly evaluate Ka Tuo highly.

Aside from him, everybody else looked oddly at him besides Shi Yan and Fei Lan. They thought that leaving this to Ka Tuo was a big mistake!

"What solution do you have then?" Shi Yan snorted.

When Zha Duo found that Bello wanted to rupture the space here, he instinctively left Potion and Tool Pavilion's formation to come here.

During this tough journey, whenever they had fallen into danger, Shi Yan could always convert a threat to safety. Moreover, Shi Yan also cultivated Space power Upanishad. That was why he came to discuss this with Shi Yan. He had never thought that Shi Yan would let Ka Tuo handle it. He thought he had made a wrong decision.

However, he didn't have any other option. That expert had cultivated Space power Upanishad at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. When he decided to rupture space, how terrible would it be!

"I... I don't have any solution..." Zha Duo stammered.

"Then shut the f*ck up!" Shi Yan wasn't polite. Evidently, he didn't put Zha Duo's objection in his eyes, his attitude fierce.

Zha Duo didn't dare to snap back.

Shi Yan had used his real competence to prove that if he got indignant, he could kill Zha Duo for sure. Especially today, Shi Yan had gained the approval of Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fighting League. With the four Incipient God Realm experts standing behind him, he knew that he couldn't treat Shi Yan as he used to do, even if Zha Duo got haughtier.

Thus, he could only keep silent.

Xuan Fei suddenly changed her face. "No, it's not true! That man is going to break the space. He just wants to kill my master!"

Xuan Fei didn't notice the others when they were talking to each other. Instead, she observed her teacher Yu Shan. At this moment, all the space slits were moving towards Yu Shan.

Xuan Fei was startled. She screamed ear-piercingly, "My master is using all her efforts to refine the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. She can't resist it! Save my master! Quick!"

Shi Yan's group was startled. Now they all understood Bello's plan.

Bello had spent countless manpower to clear this space passage to connect Agate Star Area and Old God Star Area. Of course, he wouldn't want to destroy this laborious work. Thus, he had just fooled them by changing his Incipient Extent. He just wanted to get rid of Bath and Gu Te to attack Yu Shan.

Although they knew his intentions now, Ka Tuo didn't know it. If he still took action as he was told, should he receive a fatal consequence?

Fei Lan changed her face. She wanted to rescue Ka Tuo immediately.

"Don't!" Shi Yan hurried to stop her. "Don't go there! You can't help him. You could be killed too!"

All of them now observed Ka Tuo.

This Pirate leader in Raging Flame Star Area had his realm increase rapidly after he had gone with Shi Yan to this star area. At this moment, he was at Peak of Original God Realm. Soon, he would reach the next realm.

However, even if he was stronger, he couldn't withstand Bello at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm.

All of them thought that Ka Tuo would die. Shi Yan also had this thought.

However, at the moment they felt that their hands were tied, Ka Tuo touched his glabella. His twisted Chaos power Upanishad was urged. Corpses of warriors from different clans, dregs in space passage, and even the small pieces of broken stars were attracted to him, hovering around his body. At the same time, remnants of energy also flew towards him.

After a few seconds, Ka Tuo was now like a whale taking in water. He had collected a big mess of junk from outer space.

He was still mobilizing the energy of his power Upanishad, attracting more lifeless matters. They gathered and created a disordered magnetic field that twirled around him. That magnetic field could actually mess up the void in this area!

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The space slits, which used to look like light beams in the horizon now crossed each other in the same area.

Space twisted chaotically all of a sudden!

The space slits were now in turmoil. They flashed and radiated the dazzling halos like when a star was about to explode. The energy rippling from that area was so terrifying.

Everybody could see clearly that Chief Bello of the Dark Shadow Clan was aghast. His plan seemed to have been interfered. He wanted to restore the process but it was too late!

The space slits overlapped each other. They exploded blindingly. At this moment, no one could open the eyes to see what was going on.

The fight between the Incipient God Realm experts had to stop. The bloody battle between the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League, Potion and Tool Pavilion and the Dark Shadow Clan also paused. Instantaneously, several thousand warriors had to run away to dodge the area of the bursting intensive light.

No one knows what was going to happen.

Even Chief Bello of the Dark Shadow Clan didn't know what could happen to them.

As the intensive light pierced their eyes, Shi Yan couldn't see anything. However, his Soul Consciousness could sense the formidable energy fluctuations. Beams of space energy from the chaotic space currents were strong enough to kill even Incipient God Realm experts!

Inside the extreme light, he could feel the layers of debris around Ka Tuo shatter. However, Ka Tuo's life energy was still fluctuating.

He knew that Ka Tuo was still alive.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The extremely explosive energy boomed grumblingly and unceasingly. The blinding light was still covering every place. Everybody tried to dodge this danger and moved far from that deadly area.

Shi Yan could feel the magical change of space. He knew something terrible was happening. He also shouted and asked people to move far away from this area.

After an unknown time, the beautiful but dazzling light slowly disappeared. People's visibility was restored. All then fixed their eyes on that area.

No member of the Dark Shadow Clan remained! All had disappeared!

Yu Shan looked disheveled. She had a trickle of blood on the corner of her mouth. She was hiding together with Bath and Gu Te. The three of them were astounded, looking at the area where space had exploded.

At this moment, space energy ripples started to settle and dissolve. Countless small pieces of broken stars, bones, remnants of energy, and dust from the vast universe accumulated in that area that blocked the space passage. The space passage between Agate Star Area and Ancient God Star Area was sealed one more time. At this moment, it was much tougher than the barrier between Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area. Moreover, it was formed unexpectedly and naturally.

The Departed Spirit Jellyfish disappeared. However, there was a bunch of gray gossamer bobbing in the void with the feeble aura of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish.

When Shi Yan saw those gossamer fibers from a distance, he felt the mark in his host soul's glabella get hotter as if it was boiling up. In the next moment, a powerful suction force arose. Shi Yan then saw the gossamers like wisps of smoke fly towards him and enter his glabella.

"Ah!" Yu Shan couldn't help but scream hoarsely. She immediately grimaced.

At this moment, there was neither a member of the Dark Shadow Clan nor the Departed Spirit Jellyfish lingering in this area. Hearing Yu Shan shout when there wasn't any danger now, all warriors turned to look at her.

"Bastard!" Yu Shan shouted. "Didn't you say that the soul remnants of the jellyfish would belong to me? You despicable kid!"

Xuan Fei also looked at him hostilely and scolded, "Loathsome!"

Actually, Shi Yan couldn't control the mark on his forehead. He couldn't prevent the gray gossamers from entering his body. While Yu Shan and Xuan Fei were scolding him, Shi Yan had finished taking in all the gossamers. His host soul felt full and happy as if it just had a wonderful feast after it was starving for a long time.

Ka Tuo paled, hovering by the space barrier that was completely sealed. He observed it with an astonished face and muttered, "What happened?"

No one could explain to him.

"Where are the Dark Shadow clansmen?" Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion screamed.

"On the other side of the space barrier," Blood Devil answered calmly. "At the moment the explosion happened, that Chief of Dark Shadow Clan who cultivates Space power Upanishad had moved a small area of space here in just a blink. He has brought all the members of his clan to that side of the space barrier. Now, this space passage is blocked by that barrier. The Dark Shadow Clan and we are just a barrier apart. We are at two different ends of this space passage."

"Ah, but why did they have to run away that fast?" Ka Tuo asked.

"If they didn't run away, all the members of the Dark Shadow Clan would have been buried here." Blood Devil glanced at Ka Tuo with an odd countenance. "If they stayed in this space passage, they would have cut the connection with the God Clan in Ancient God Star Area. Then, with only their force, how could the Dark Shadow Clan avoid the other mighty forces of Agate Star Area and their hunt?"

Listening to him, they all understood the situation.

It was true. If God Clan didn't support them and the conspiracy of Dark Shadow Clan had been exposed, how could they have stayed in Agate Star Area for any longer? Only death awaited them.

Bello wasn't dumb. The moment the others hadn't figured it out, he knew what to do. He had made a quick decision to use his supernatural powers to bring the Dark Shadow clansmen to the other side of the barrier. Thus, unless the warriors of Agate Star Area proactively broke this barrier, they couldn't do anything harmful to the Dark Shadow Clan.

Of course, after this formidable commotion, the great conspiracy that God Clan and Dark Shadow Clan had plotted for thousands of years was now a stillborn child.

If they still wanted to invade Agate Star Area, they had to break this barrier, which was created naturally and yet strangely. It was going to require a lot of effort, manpower, and materials from the God Clan.

"What did you do after all?" Gu Te looked at Ka Tuo.

Everybody else looked at Ka Tuo.

Ka Tuo felt innocent. He shook his head continually. "I... I don't know. I just acted as I was told by my senior."

Everybody shifted their look to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan also wore an innocent look and forced a smile, "Don't look at me. I don't know what had happened."

"Despicable bastard!" Yu Shan rolled her beautiful eyes and looked at him indignantly, "You took the payment that belonged to me! You betrayed us! Didn't you plan that right at the beginning?"

Shi Yan felt so reluctant. He stooped and unfolded his hand begrudgingly. "Really... I didn't plan anything. It was not on purpose. I'm so sorry. It's not what I wanted."

"We should go!" Yu Shan took a deep breath and threw Shi Yan a cold glare. She took Xuan Fei and left with rage. They disappeared from the space passage. They would hold this grudge against Shi Yan until they died.

As the four Incipient God Realm experts including Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan were here together with thousands of warriors of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Fighting League, and Potion and Tool Pavilion, Yu Shan knew she couldn't trouble Shi Yan. Thus, she had to leave with a grudge.

"Senior, you're so cunning." Ka Tuo appraised. He also thought that Shi Yan had just pretended to be innocent.

Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan also wore awkward looks as if they thought that Shi Yan had plotted against Yu Shan and Xuan Fei and taken the spoils he had promised them.

"I... I didn't do it intentionally. Why do you look at me like that?" Shi Yan thought he couldn't clean himself even if he jumped into the Yellow River.