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1061 I Say You Can Do it so You Can Do it!

The Monster Clan and Demon Clan had fought like loose sand without any worth-mentioned strategy. And they didn't even have a concept of the so-called guild combat. They were fighting against the Dark Shadow Clan with the power of their individual bodies only.

When Leona took control of the troops from the two clans, the Demon and Monster clansmen who participated in the battle didn't feel much change. However, Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Benny, Xuan Ming, Xuan Fei, the onlookers, could see the absolute difference.

Troops of Monster Clan and Demon Clan operated like the two wings of a demon. A brutal, resentful aura burst out, guiding the clansmen of the Demon Clan and Monster Clan. While their formation was changing, their auras combined into one.

At this moment, the Monster and Demon clansmen had formed a solid formation that couldn't be divided or broken. This kind of intimidation had subdued people immediately.

The individual fighting competence of the Monster and Demon Clansmen had surpassed the warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion and Fighting League. They hadn't shown that before because they weren't good at guild combat.

Leona was the regimental commander of the Bloody Legion, a descendant of the Dark Sky family. She had inherited the talent of planning and developing strategies from the Bloodthirsty's bloodline. The aura she had generated was enough to tear the Dark Shadow Clan into pieces.

They could see clearly that the Dark Shadow warriors had to dodge strenuously after the Monster and Demon warriors knew how to back each other up.

Dark Shadow warriors were killed massively under the mighty power of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan. The Dark Shadow clansmen who were fighting the Monster and Demon troops felt a significant pressure that they had never felt before. At this moment, they had to mobilize the warriors who were fighting Potion and Tool Pavilion to help them deal with the Monster and Demon warriors.

Those members of the Dark Shadow Clan didn't know what was going on. They were so confused.

Apparently, the members of the two clans couldn't cooperate well before. However, it was unknown why they suddenly had tactics as if their eyes had opened. This was an earth-shaking change, indeed. Now, they gathered into teams of three or five. Those teams cooperated well to fight with tactics to create a big formation. Their terrifying fighting competence was now finally revealed.

Instantaneously, the clansmen of the Dark Shadow Clan started to detach and collapse, which were the signs of defeat.

Xuan Fei covered her mouth, her face frightened. She was perplexed, seeing the earth-shaking change of the Monster and Demon formation after Leona had joined them. She was so bewildered that she couldn't explain it, "It... how could it be?!? They just added one more member and everything changed dramatically like that?" 

Xuan Ming also discolored. He looked at Leona bewilderedly and then glanced at Shi Yan hovering next to him. His face was strange, indeed.

At this moment, Xuan Ming had a strange feeling. This young man was predestined to be the brightest star in this vast universe. No one could shade his light!

The onlookers who were still calm were all people who had known Leona before. Fei Lan was as calm as usual as if she knew that Leona had such ability. Ka Tuo grinned evilly while he looked at Leona in the middle of the Demon and Monster warrior formations. He thought that the slaughtering star of Raging Flame Star Area was back!

"Her understanding and attainment of guild combat are much more... exquisite than that woman's." Benny let out a low scream. "She could be compared to my family's precursors that year!"

Everybody could see how familiar Leona was in using formations to battle. She was much more skillful than Xia Xin Yan. However, this kind of difference couldn't be made up of experiences gained from battling. So, it was likely because of some secret inheritance.

After Leona had entered the formation, the soldiers of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan seemed to have new lives. Now they had a formation with a soul. She seemed to have some magical method that could combine the auras of the individual soldiers into one united, massive aura that was also wild and savage. This aura could even affect the enemy's minds, making them dispirited and distressed as if they had already been defeated.

The battle between the six Incipient God Realm experts, Fighting League, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Dark Shadow Clan, as well as Yu Shan refining the Departed Spirit Jellyfish, had happened in the space passage.

Inside the space passage, death could happen at any time. No force could save all of their warriors. However, with a close look, they saw that the ferocious aura of the Demon Clan and Monster Clan improved after Leona had joined them. More and more warriors of Dark Shadow Clan were killed. Their death rate was much faster than that of the four forces of Agate Star Area.

With this tendency, the Dark Shadow Clan was going to be defeated soon. Its warriors were killed rapidly.

"The domineering corps is the sharpest weapon in the battle between star areas. Experts who know how to train the troopers are the most precious resource of every big star area. All the forces compete to recruit them." Xuan Fei was baffled for a while before she spoke to Shi Yan, "Although she had just taken the commandership of the God Clan and Monster Clan, she's reached such heights. If... If she has time to train them for years, honestly, I can't imagine how strong they can be!"

Pondering for a while, Xuan Fei said, "Perhaps, she can have the force to battle against the legions of the God Clan.

Leona had performed her powerful deeds, which had convinced Xuan Fei. Eventually, she had to admit that the God Clan's corps weren't absolutely invincible.

"Can you ask her to go to our Fiery Rain Star Area to help us train our legions? Don't worry. All forces in our Fiery Rain Star Area would do anything to protect her!" Xuan Fei asked Shi Yan earnestly.

Frowning, Shi Yan said huskily. "We should talk about it later."

Through today's battle, Shi Yan realized how an outstanding leader could facilitate his force during battles between different forces.

He knew that he wasn't this kind of talent. Since Leona was a genius in this field and the God Clan had carried out their invasion of Agate Star Area, Shi Yan had made up his mind. After they were done here, he had to do something to maximize Leona's ability.

Shi Yan believed that after this time, Monster Clan and Demon Clan would give their approval of Shi Yan and Leona. Then, Leona would bring an earth-shaking change to the corps of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan. They would become invincible eventually!

Leona alone had changed the general picture of this battle. The triumph now leaned towards the Agate Star Area's forces. The defeat of the Dark Shadow Clan was just a matter of time now.

Chief Bello of Dark Shadow Clan and his subordinate Kelda were sensitive enough to find this change. They were worried discreetly.

Their fellows were being massacred. Each of their fellows was from the elite force of their clan. Dark Shadow Clan was just one of many feudal vassals of the God Clan. If they had a significant loss in this area, it would affect their clan in the future badly. Of course, they didn't want to sacrifice their clansmen here.

Bello wanted to retreat. Bath and Gu Te were giving him a lot of trouble. He looked at Yu Shan as his murderous intentions arose.

Yu Shan was the ringleader who had caused the defeat of the Dark Shadow Clan. Without her, Blood Devil's group couldn't get out of his trap. They would have died and the Departed Spirit Jellyfish would have been safe.

While Bello's murderous intention was arising in his head, he purposely approached Yu Shan during the fight with Bath and Gu Te.

Yu Shan's effort had been invested in refining the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. At this moment, the jellyfish had shrunk to a much smaller size while the meat lumps in its body couldn't fume toxic smokes anymore. It just wanted to curl into a ball and find a chance to get rid of her refining.

Bello's Incipient Extent flew out all of a sudden.

His Incipient Extent was like a massive mirror that reflected the real world. Abruptly, the mirror cracked and the real world also had countless fine space slits simultaneously.

"Space rupture!" Zha Duo screamed in fear. "Bello wants to exterminate the space in this space passage. The moment the space passage collapses, he will use his Incipient God Realm Space power Upanishad to move all the members of the Dark Shadow Clan away and escape from this place. However, we will be thrown into the chaotic space current!"

Listening to him, Shi Yan changed his face. Xuan Fei, Fei Lan, and the others were also frightened.

Bello was pushed into a dead corner!

Once the space passage collapsed, it would also bury the entrance that they had spent an enormous amount of manpower and materials to clear. And no one knew when they could come and clear the entrance once again.

He was compelled to a hopeless situation. Even if he had to pay a big price and receive punishment from the God Clan, he had to change this deadly situation.

"Do you know how to stop him?" shouted Shi Yan.

Zha Duo frowned. "He's at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm with Space power. He has cleared this space power. He has the favorable situation. How can we stop him?"

"So we don't have a solution?" Shi Yan paled.

He knew how urgent and dangerous this situation was. If this space passage ruptured, Bello could bring his fellows and run away while they would have to bury their bodies here altogether!

As Bello's Incipient Extent reflected the real world, when his Incipient Extent burst off, the real would change accordingly. First, the space would settle. Then, it would reveal countless space cracks where outer space streamers fluttered with a desolate aura.

All the experts could recognize the deadly situation. However, at this moment, space slits were now covering Bello, so no one could approach him.

Even Bath and Gu Te had to back off seeing Bello burst out crazily.

Bello became the center of the rupture. He continually gathered his energy, which made his Incipient Extent crack further. Also, the real world had to bear the same consequence.

"Let Ka Tuo do that! His Chaos power Upanishad can twist even space, so that man can't smash this space. However, remember to do that at the moment that space is about to collapse. Otherwise, he will be killed instantly!" At this moment, the Ring Spirit could also feel the danger. It sent Shi Yan a feeble soul message.

Shi Yan was shaken. He called Ka Tuo. "You go there! Get to the area of those thick space slits. When this space is about to collapse, you must release all of your chaotic and twisting energy! Remember, you must do this with precise timing. You can stop him!"

Ka Tuo was bewildered, pointing at himself with astonishment. "I can do that?"

"I say you can do it so you can do it! Move!" shouted Shi Yan.

Ka Tuo was startled.

"Roll away!" Fei Lan shouted ear-piercingly.

Ka Tuo shook, flying towards the area where Bello was gathering the space slits. He came right under Bello's Incipient Extent, continually gliding between the space slits. He looked at Bello's Incipient Extent, which was changing continuously above his head. His face was tense and restless. He seemed to not be too confident.