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1056 See the Sunlight Again

The blue flame covered the entire icy sea and evaporated it. The poisonous smokes diffused, filling the space passage. However, they didn't flow into Agate Star Area.

Yu Shan was calm as she floated above the sea while the quiet blue flame on her body gushing out unceasingly. It congregated above the chilling sea, bumping energy continually.

Shi Yan and Xuan Fei hovered silently by her. They stooped to observe the sea underneath. They all had the flames shrouding their bodies to avoid the toxic smokes.

The heaven flame of the Origin was so scorching it could evaporate the smokes. When the smokes approached the flaming barrier around their bodies, they exploded and vanished.

"Hello!" As Xuan Fei felt bored, she called Shi Yan loudly.

While concentrating on the sea underneath, Shi Yan was startled. His body trembled as he gave her a forced smile. "Miss, why did you call me?"

Seeing the icy sea dry up and send steam into the air, Shi Yan calmed down. His tense nerves were finally relaxed. Now, he had the mood to talk to that outer space crafty girl. However, he wasn't so friendly. Although he respected this talkative lady, he couldn't get close to her.

"You bastard, how could you gather all the heaven flames of the Origin of an ancient continent? Did you kill that many people?" Xuan Fei snorted and cocked her head to look at him. "Obviously, you aren't a good guy."

Shi Yan was surprised. "Why am I not a good guy?"

"You've killed a lot of people to rob the heaven flames. Of course, you're not a good guy." Xuan Fei had a disdainful look on her face. "I hate cunning and evil people like you the most. There are many people like you in the fountainhead of power Upanishad. They want to enjoy but not labor."

"I didn't kill anyone in the fountainhead of power Upanishad to get my heaven flames of the Origin." Shi Yan explained begrudgingly. "I can say that I was lucky."

"Why don't you use the Fire power Upanishad as your main power? Do you know what we think about your situation? You've wasted the fruits from God!" Xuan Fei was angry. "We've spent a lot of effort, but we couldn't gather all the heaven flames of an ancient continent. You have such fortune, but you've made them your co-soul. I really hate people like you."

Shi Yan didn't know whether he should cry or smile. He didn't want to mind her anymore.

"When we were in the area of Fires power Upanishads, why weren't you interested in me?" Xuan Fei was enthusiastic and she had the guts to ask him such a thing. Seeing him not want to continue talking, she yelled louder, "Am I not pretty? I've met many guys like Spot in the fountainhead of power Upanishad. They all had a passion of me. Hey... do you have any problem?" [G3] [G4]

Shi Yan darkened his face but didn't answer.

"You like men?"

Shi Yan kept silent, his face more grimaced.

"Oh, right. No wonder. It means I have no problem with my charisma. It's you who has a problem." Xuan Fei looked as if she could confirm something. She thrust her chest out and lifted her chin arrogantly. "In our Fiery Rain Star Area, many men feel proud when they talked to me. Sigh. I know it. Your sexual orientation isn't normal. All right, I can ease my mind now," sighed Xuan Fei.

Although Shi Yan grimaced, he wasn't that bored to react to her. He thought, if I didn't ask for your teacher's favor, daddy would show you how dangerous I am!

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Suddenly, more toxic smokes fumed out from the icy sea. The smokes were so thick with different gross smells shooting up into the sky.

Yu Shan was shaken. "Here it comes!"

Shi Yan and Xuan Fei immediately focused on the surface of the sea underneath, longing to see something.

The Departed Spirit Jellyfish was the most mysterious and ancient creature in the vast universe. No one knew how it was born. They just knew that it ate the most poisonous things to grow. It liked to eat toxic grass and pellets the most. This thing was a rare monster, indeed.

This kind of creature was extremely rare. It was a descendant of the oldest bloodline with the power of earth and heaven. They all wanted to see how the Departed Spirit Jellyfish looked.

As the seawater evaporated, the Departed Spirit Jellyfish's shelter was destroyed. It couldn't be patient deep under the sea anymore. It slowly raised to the sea surface.

It looked like a big mass of gray seaweed floating and moving upward in the sea. The Departed Spirit Jellyfish did look like a real jellyfish in the sea that Shi Yan knew. It had an umbrella-shaped bell, which was squishy and viscous without a skeleton. It looked like a mountain of flesh in the sea with many nauseating pimples, which had some small holes where fumed the colored toxic smokes. Its body could pulsate magically.

This creature didn't have a head or limbs. It was like a malignant tumor floating on the sea. Taking a look at it, people would lose their appetite immediately.

Its soul was scattered in each of those meat lumps. Each soul was dependent but it was connected to each other. This creature seemed to be a multi-soul living being, which was beyond Shi Yan's cognition.

"Eww. It's too gross!" Xuan Fei wiped her mouth as if she wanted to puke. "I have never seen anything so ugly. Master, can you burn it faster? I can feel my scalp numb seeing it."

Yu Shan also grimaced. Evidently, it was also the first time she saw the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Her bold brows furrowed as she said, "Really ugly, indeed. I've never thought that this creature could be such a freak. It doesn't have a head or limbs and its soul scatters! Tens of thousands of meat lumps in its body can produce different toxic smokes. We're lucky that I've cultivated its nemesis power. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gathered the guts to fight with it."

"Finish it quickly, please!" Xuan Fei flung her arms as she turned away because she didn't want to look at the jellyfish anymore.

Shi Yan was placid. He assessed the floating Departed Spirit Jellyfish seriously. He observed, not wanting to miss any little detail.

His endurance was much stronger than Yu Shan's and Xuan Fei's. He had accepted the King of Demonic Insects, something much uglier than this. He had seen many disgusting things. He got used to it. Thus, nasty things couldn't affect his mind.

Shi Yan was curious, so he tried to sense the Departed Spirit Jellyfish's soul.

It was true that the jellyfish had many souls. Each of them was hiding inside the ugly meat lump. Although those souls look dependent, they could connect and reflect each other, creating a whole entity.

It was the first time Shi Yan saw such a unique creature. He got more curious as he observed it.

Pfff! Pfff! Pfff!

All of a sudden, the gross lumps of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish gushed out colored venom, which was shot out violently like erupting volcanoes. The columns of venom were even bigger than human arms, shooting up into the air. There were thousands of them that darted towards Shi Yan's team like water arrows.

Yu Shan was frightened. She hurried to urge her power and create a blue flame wall. She screamed at Shi Yan. "Take Little Fei away!"

Since Xuan Fei didn't want to look at the Departed Spirit Jellyfish, she had turned her back to it. Yu Shan understood her disciple well. She knew that the girl couldn't do anything to those ugly things. She could only ask Shi Yan to help her.


Shi Yan agreed immediately. He reached with his arm and wrapped around Xuan Fei's delicate waist. In just a blink of an eye, he urged his energy to move away from Yu Shan.

Xuan Fei's waist was quite slender. It felt so soft as if it didn't have bones or fat. And it felt soft and warm, which made touching it a pleasure. Shi Yan felt touched. Recalling Xuan Fei's evil words to him, he pinched Xuan Fei's waist with his big hand. He found that this girl was marvelously slender.

"You! What did you do!" Xuan Fei's soft body shivered. She stiffened her waist as she hurried to push Shi Yan's arm away. She blushed when she glared at him. "Why did you pinch me?"

"I was afraid that I couldn't hold you tight enough," explained Shi Yan deliberately.

"You asshole!" Xuan Fei stared at Shi Yan. She acted as if she wanted to show her fangs and claws. "Didn't you just want to touch me?"

"Nope. Your teacher asked me to bring you away," said Shi Yan naturally.

Xuan Fei didn't say more and just glared at him as if she wanted to murder him right here.

Shi Yan looked calm. He didn't bother with her gazing at him as he still looked at Yu Shan who had turned to a massive blue fireball at this moment. She descended from the sky and furiously attacked the Departed Spirit Jellyfish.

Yu Shan's power Upanishad was the nemesis of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Her flames had burned down all the toxins. This kind of blue flame was so scorching. It belonged to the top energy of Yang class. When she urged her energy, it was very intimidating, indeed. As the seawater evaporated, they could see a massive light curtain slowly float up.

Inside the light curtain were big, blurry shadows. Taking a closer look, those shadows were battleships.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he tried to see the situation inside the light curtain. He even mobilized energy to his eyes to have better vision.

They were the Blood Devil's team, who had disappeared unknowingly!

When he saw Blood Devil's group, those people inside the light curtain also saw him. A loud cheering burst out as if they wanted to blow up the light curtain. At this moment, the icy seawater had been burned to the bottom. The trap that confined Blood Devil's team was gone.

Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te used their supernatural power to control the light curtain, which looked like a massive light globe that floated up into the sky. It avoided the Departed Spirit Jellyfish and headed toward Shi Yan.


Shi Yan didn't blink. His God Body was shaken as a flow of recoiling power shot out from his body.


Xuan Fei screamed painfully from behind him. Her small fist felt like it was burned. She was trying to flip her hand back and forth as she screamed, "You! How did you train your God Body? It's more rigid than metal! Ouch! I'm hurt!"

She had ambushed him and punched his back. However, she couldn't hurt Shi Yan and she hurt herself instead. The recoiling energy from his body affected her hard. She felt as if her wrist was broken. Her painful face looked both cute and pitiful. "You! I will remember it! I will never let it slip away!" Xuan Fei pointed at Shi Yan with her other hand, trying to give a threat weakly.

Shi Yan turned around to look at her, laughing dryly. He didn't say much and just waved at Blood Devil and the others, asking them to come to him.

"Daddy is convinced! Kid, you saved us. Oh, you motherf*cker, Blood Devil, you're so lucky." Bath shouted, his voice like thunderclaps.

Blood Devil also looked at Shi Yan with an odd face. He looked at Shi Yan and nodded. Between them, there were many things they didn't need to say to understand each other.