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1053 Able to Break Any Unyielding Thing!

After Shi Yan's soul returned to his body, he stood up. Then, he saw Zuo Shi who looked terribly exhausted.

Zuo Shi was disheveled. She had dust all over her body and even her face. However, her big eyes were still fixated on him. She looked startled.

"How long have you not rested for? Why do you look even more tired than I do?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Since you'd begun cultivating, I haven't rested." Zuo Shi smiled begrudgingly. She exhaled in relief. "It's good that you're alright. I can ease my mind now and I can start to recover."

Looking at her, Shi Yan felt warm. He muttered, "Silly girl, it's safe here. Why were you so tense? The meteors are running at breakneck speed here. No battleships dare to enter so there would have been no one else in this area."

"But when you were cultivating, your soul had left your body. If someone came, he could have killed you quickly" Zuo Shi said seriously.

"You should rest well. I'm going out to handle something." Shi Yan was touched. He didn't know long this girl had been protecting him. She was afraid that something unexpected would happen to him while he was cultivating.

"I'm going with you," Zuo Shi opened her big eyes, urging her energy to pretend that she was in high spirits. "I'm all right."

"Stay here!" Shi Yan glared at her, talking persistently. "You can't help me even if you go with me. You should recover your energy first."

Usually, high-realm warriors didn't need to sleep to recover. However, they still needed meditation to adjust their conditions. Zuo Shi's nerves had been tense for a long time without a break. It affected her realm and energy. Shi Yan knew how harmful it was to stay focused for a long time. He wouldn't let her consume her mind energy furthermore.

"Okay then," Zuo Shi was always obedient. She wasn't stubborn at all. She took out the divine crystals and sat down in front of Shi Yan to recover her power.

Shi Yan eased his mind. He told her, "You should be more cautious."

He immediately flew away from the core of the meteor, heading to the most spectacular area of Shadow Ghostly Prison. Looking at the space slits there, he released wisps of Soul Consciousness and sent them to those space slits.

While staying in the fountainhead of power Upanishads, Shi Yan had talked thoroughly to that beautiful woman and her disciple. He had some information about their identities.

The beautiful woman was called Yu Shan, an expert at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. The young girl's name was Xuan Fei. She was at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. The two of them came from Fiery Rain Star Area. They seemed to belong to a mighty force.

The Fiery Rain Star Area was like Agate Star Area. It was also a high-level star area. This star area was one of the rare star areas that the God Clan hadn't touched. It had fought against the God Clan year round. Of course, the forces there didn't have any good impression of the God Clan.

The reason why the God Clan didn't bring the Departed Spirit Jellyfish to Fiery Rain Star Area was that the experts in Fiery Rain Star Area cultivated Fire power Upanishad, the nemesis to the jellyfish. And many of them had reached profound levels.

As the God Clan knew that the Departed Spirit Jellyfish couldn't do anything to Fiery Rain Star Area, they didn't plot anything with it. If Fiery Rain Star Area didn't have the experts who had fused with the flaming Origin at Incipient God Realm like Yu Shan, perhaps, it would have been treated like Agate Star Area.

Fiery Rain Star Area and Agate Star Area weren't far from each other. In the early epoch, the two star areas used to have a good relationship with clear space passages.

However, later on, the two star areas turned their back against each other. Wars burst out. Within the short period, both sides had borne significant loss. No one could take the upper hand. They were equally strong. To prevent the further useless war, the two had agreed to block the space passage. For tens of thousands of years, the two star areas hadn't had any relationship.

During that time, the God Clan had been already infamous. However, they hadn't had the power to invade Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area. And the two star areas didn't have the same enemy to join hands and resist.

After tens of thousands of years, Fiery Rain Star Area had officially engaged in the war against the God Clan. And the Ascot family had laid their eyes on Agate Star Area. And the two star areas now had the same enemy. If the space passage was torn, they didn't have any reason to fight anymore.

Now, they had a big opportunity to unite as one force.

Thus, when Yu Shan knew the situation of Agate Star Area, she frankly agreed to come over and help Shi Yan deal with the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. She could also receive something good too.

According to Yu Shan, the space passage connecting Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area had fire raindrops, which was the unique feature of Fiery Rain Star Area. The border and the area near the edge of Fiery Rain Star Area had the same fire raindrops. That was why this area was called Fiery Rain Star Area.

The fiery rain was formed after one of the ancient continents of Fiery Rain Star Area got shattered. It stored some magical power, which created a natural border that blocked Fiery Rain Star Area.

Any space passage connected the Fiery Rain Star Area to the other star area had the same fire raindrops. As long as Shi Yan could find the aura of that kind of unique raindrop in Shadow Ghostly Prison, he could confirm that space passage leads to Fiery Rain Star Area.

Each flow of his Soul Consciousness moved in and out inside the space splits in front of him as it searched.

As time passed, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness elongated, projecting what it'd seen into his mind. Shi Yan could see the space slit clearly.

Many space passages connected this star area to the other areas were blocked. They seemed to be sealed by an invisible wall. At the same time, Shi Yan could also see some clear space passages. However, those space passaged had the terrifying space energy of the disorderly chaotic space basin. If he made a wrong step, he would be mashed.

A familiar space slit appeared in his head, which made him astounded.

Shi Yan felt the aura of Grace Mainland in that space passage. His co-soul even shivered as he had a subtle feeling of seeing the homeland.

He was a little surprised as he recognized that direction should lead to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain in Grace Mainland. The space energy fluctuated vehemently and disorderly. In that space, different energies madly twisted and twirled like tornados that could cut off everything. Even in his current realm, Shi Yan knew that it was really tough to get through that space passage.

How did they get through it to come here that year?

He couldn't help but remember Xia Xin Yan. He sighed, knowing that Xia Xin Yan was lucky and had spent a lot of effort to enter Shadow Ghostly. She earned trust from the Hegemon of the Fighting League. He knew she had to endure hardship to have what she had today.

While he had many thoughts in his mind, his eyes brightened as he spotted a place with scorching flames.

Shi Yan was shaken. He immediately retrieved the other wisps of Soul Consciousness he had sent away. Instantaneously, he turned into a bunch of electric lights, gliding through the rigid, elongating space passage, Shi Yan saw the fiery raindrops Yu Shan had told him. Those raindrops filled the entire place like someone was burning the sky. Countless fiery raindrops sparked and scattered beautifully, giving the space passage a magnificent look.

However, those fire raindrops were blocked by a magical, invisible barrier. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness could sense the heat but couldn't touch it.

After his God Body had come to that invisible barrier, he sensed for a while before he could confirm that it was the barrier of Fiery Rain Star Area, which could be set up by the experts of Agate Star Area and Fiery Rain Star Area. It was half manmade and half natural, which made it tough and flexible. People couldn't break it easily.

Although he had cultivated Space power Upanishad, it wasn't easy to break this space barrier.

Releasing wisps of Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan urged his power. Ten shining space blades came from his ten fingers, trying to cut that barrier.

Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!

The sharp blades made of his Space power Upanishad hit hard on the barrier, trying to cut it. However, only the explosion echoed. Ten beautiful slashes of light sparked. However, the barrier stood still without a little scratch.

Since Yu Shan was at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, he just needed to make a small slit to help her get through. And only Incipient God Realm experts could move through a half-blocked space passage. Yu Shan didn't ask him to do a big thing. He just needed to tear a small slit.

However, even if he had used his best powers to hit it, the space blades he had released looked weaker than this barrier. He couldn't make even a tiny cut.

Shi Yan grimaced. He was worried. He frowned and continued to adjust his power. He had even urged the Immortal Demon Blood to enter Third Sky of Rampage. He had tried everything he could, but he still couldn't break the barrier.

He suddenly recognized that although he had reached First Sky of Ethereal God Realm and had an understanding of Space power Upanishad, he was still far behind the experts who had set up this space barrier using natural powers.

He couldn't even make a small tear.

He suddenly knew that the difference between realms wasn't something he could make up with an innate endowment. Darkening his face, Shi Yan didn't hurry to attack more. He gathered himself, trying to think...

Talking about the sharpest power in this world, Space power could be on the top list. However, his space blades couldn't break it. Which power did he have that could do that?

Did he have anything sharper than Space energy?

He lingered on this thought.

After a long time, his eyes brightened. His thoughts flickered as he hauled out the blood broadsword. His fingers clasped around the handle of the sword, sending his energy, Immortal Demon Blood, God power, and negative energy into the sword. The blood eyes in the sword opened strangely and evilly.

A brutal aura shot up into the air from the tip of the sword, which looked like a bloody beam of hundreds of meters!

Suddenly, the energy of his entire body gushed into the blood sword. At this moment, the blood sword had become a top evil divine weapon that could break any unyielding thing! The blood beam that gathered all the terrifying energies tore the sky, slashing the space barrier.


The barrier that had troubled him for a long time was pierced through, creating a slit as big as an arm. The bloody beam continued to thrust further, entering the sea of fiery raindrops before vanishing.

Shi Yan's energy was used. He was so exhausted as he looked blankly at the hole. Then, he urged his soul energy to contact Yu Shan.

"I'm coming right now!"

Yu Shan replied. She seemed too surprised as if she didn't think that Shi Yan could make it through that fast.