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1050 Reverse in Just a Flash

After Spot said that, he immediately left.

The woman felt helplessly disappointed. She thought she had just escaped the wolf den and now, she fell into a tiger's mouth. Looking at Shi Yan, she felt her scalp tingling.

She had the same thought with Spot. She assumed that the ten heaven flames in Shi Yan's Origin were the results of his hunt of experts. She wasn't sure how malicious Shi Yan was. Even Spot had to run away despite having a higher realm. How could she escape this disaster with her terrible luck?

"If you are a member of the Ascot family from God Clan, you... shouldn't leave," Shi Yan's soul suddenly changed.

Layers of blue flame with the icy aura dashed towards Spot.

Spot was about to run. His face changed as his soul turned into a flame dashing toward the edge of the Fires power Upanishads area.

Shi Yan's ruthlessness terrified Spot. With one level different between their realms, he was haughty enough to attack Spot. In Spot's mind, Shi Yan was that sort of skilled assassin. Spot didn't have the thought of engaging in a fight. He just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

The icy cold flame glowed in blue halo. In the beginning, it was just like a small flame. In just a blink, it expanded massively.

The dim blue flame burned ahead of Spot. The fire suddenly burst out radiantly with the chilly to the bone aura that filled the area and froze it. Spot's soul was frozen.

He discolored, talking with rage. "Dude, don't be too harsh! I've left that girl to you. What else do you want?"

While talking, he urged his flaming energy. Two flames shot out from the pupils of his soul. The flames twisted like dragons patrolling around him to wash away the cold energy Shi Yan that had released.

A spot was surprised.

He figured out that the flame he had condensed could burn down Shi Yan's barrier easily. He stopped and thought.

Shi Yan's main power wasn't Fire. He didn't cultivate the heaven flames, which were fused, making his co-soul. Moreover, he wasn't good at soul fighting. So, when he released the extremely cold energy, he couldn't harm Spot.

Frowning, he continued to gather more energy. Another dark blue flame shot out with his Soul Consciousness, covering Spot.

This time, Spot hovered at his spot, opened his mouth to spurt out an orange-red fireball. That fireball turned into a flaming phoenix shortly, which then extinguished Shi Yan's blue flame directly.

Spot grinned fiendishly. "Oh well, empty vessels make the most sound. You motherf*cker, you startled me!"

He was able to simply dissolve Shi Yan's two attacks. Spot didn't want to leave anymore. He laughed evilly. "No wonder why you've made the flaming Origin your co-soul. Your ten heaven flames aren't harmonious, though. Well, such a scum. I did think that you were really tough."

The woman was dumbstruck, looking at Shi Yan oddly.

She also thought that Shi Yan was powerful. Otherwise, Spot wouldn't have to leave that fast. However, she could never imagine that Shi Yan's attacks were dissolved easily. At this moment, as Spot didn't want to leave anymore, she vaguely understood something.

Looking at Shi Yan, the woman had a contempt look. "You're not strong enough and your realm isn't too profound. You dared to make a mess. Oh, you brought yourself into deadly trouble."

The woman was enraged, glaring at Shi Yan.

You scared Spot! You just needed to stand there and pose your hotshot's appearance. Spot would run away. You and I would have been able to escape this! Why do you want to show off like that! Now your weak competence is exposed. You've dragged me into bad luck with you. You moron!

The woman cursed Shi Yan under her breath.

"Wow, ten different heaven flames of the Origin. Haha, I'm lucky this time. Not only have I found a beautiful girl to do soul intercourse with, but I also get the flames. Haha, I'm so happy." Spot laughed excitedly, approaching Shi Yan.

The flaming phoenix he had spurted out spread the wings and made beautiful curves in the air, releasing waves of fire and burning heat.

The fire phoenix came close. It enlarged. The bird wings with a dazzling halo now turned into fire snakes, which looked indeed beautiful and scary. They were the attacks that could burn down the soul.

Shi Yan's co-soul changed again, summoning another heaven flame. With the power of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the energy released was a thunderbolt. The flame was now the key to unlock scorching thunder and lightning. All were aimed at that flaming phoenix.

The blinding halo of the impact expanded in this magical place. The flaming phoenix meandered. Its feathers shot out brutal fires. It wasn't afraid of the energy of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame as the bird crossed the layers of lightning to approach Shi Yan.

"This flaming aura has thunderbolts! Awesome! Really awesome!" Spot was so excited and he screamed, "If the warrior who cultivate Thunderbolt power Upanishad got this kind of heaven flame to fuse with it, he would achieve big things. What a pity you morons can't promote its supernatural abilities!"

Spot laughed. His soul changed when the flames flew out of his eyes, which were really sharp like metal with the terrifying fire energy.

Shi Yan changed his attacks continually. He had used all ten kinds of heaven flames. However, he was still in the lower hand. He had to move continually to avoid Spot's vehement attacks.

The ten heaven flames with the aura of the Origin had entirely merged with his co-soul. Anyway, Shi Yan had never put any effort to cultivate the co-soul. His understanding of the Origin wasn't deep enough so his attacks were limited. He couldn't promote the true power of the ten heaven flames to the upper limit.

The weakness of having blended, impure powers was revealed at this moment. Meanwhile, Spot's flaming Origin was honest and terrifyingly pure. Despite Shi Yan's different flames, he had to continually back off.

It was the first time Shi Yan used the co-soul to fight. However, he couldn't really use the abilities of different flames. He knew his mistake now. He was sitting on a pile of treasures, but he didn't know how to use them.

The woman saw him struggling hard, her face more disdain. She hesitated for a while, looking around. She was startled realizing that she should take this chance when Spot was concentrating on Shi Yan. She sneakily flew backward, approaching the edge of the gathering point of Fires power Upanishad.

She didn't mind whether Shi Yan could survive or not. In her eyes, Shi Yan was a moron. It was obvious that his competence was just trash and he dared to provoke Spot with it. Eventually, he had to take such a result.

She knew Shi Yan wasn't Spot's equal opponent, so she had to save her life first. At first, she moved slowly and then accelerated, turning into a tender shooting fire to escape.

"Haha, well well well, I've always laid my eye on you. Don't think about running away." Spot smiled contentedly. "Origin and the beauty, I want to have both. Stay here and watch. After I'm done with this stupid boy, I'll have fun with you."

Ten flames shot out from Spot's pupils, which had triggered some magical powers of this area. Each of the flames started to set up the fire barrier added with Spot's soul.

When the woman barged into a barrier, she felt like she was hitting a cotton cluster, which prevented her from getting away.

She turned around, glaring at Spot with rage. Pondering for a while, she made up her mind and shouted, "Hey dumbass, you and I should attack him! We will join hands. Even if we have to die, we must skin him!"

The woman was indignant. She didn't think about leaving anymore. She turned around, her succulent lips trembling. She opened her mouth and spurted out a dazzling fireball. This fireball was light purple with marvelous fire. It revolved in the sky, making a beautiful purple curve and aiming at Spot's back.

Shi Yan looked at her and felt things were getting more interesting. Using the co-soul as the source of energy to fight wasn't familiar to him and he couldn't use the stronger ability of the flaming Origin.

As he had used the co-soul to fight, he had recognized his mistakes. So, even if he wasted more time, he couldn't gain anything.

Thus, he decided to end this fight.

He began to use the host soul...

Thoughts changed. While the co-soul was still engaging in the battle with Spot, Shi Yan's host soul took action.

A thought with the power of the desolate Death intention grumblingly gushed out from his host soul like a disastrous flood. The will of Death that could disorder the soul overflew everywhere from him as the core. It swarmed towards Spot in just a blink of an eye.

While fighting with Shi Yan's co-soul, Spot suddenly felt fear. He was struck, his soul twisting and shivering. Abruptly, he got a desperate feeling that he would die here. Instantaneously, he knew what had just happened. He discolored in fright. "You... Your host soul is much stronger than your co-soul!"

Spot deeply regretted. He finally knew that Shi Yan hadn't used his real competence to fight with him yet.

The co-soul was apparently Shi Yan's worst ability. And Spot now knew the reason why Shi Yan didn't consider the flaming Origin his main power Upanishad. It wasn't that Shi Yan was stupid. He just had a better option!

He regretted that he would have a big trouble this time. He shouted, "I'm a member of the Ascot family in the God Clan. My soul is recorded in the clan. If I die, my clan will know it immediately. They will hunt you down. No matter where you are, you can't escape our Ascot family's pursuit!"

Spot looked strong, but he was weak as he started to use his strong background to threaten other people.

Shi Yan didn't change his visage, talking calmly. "I'm going to kill the member of your Ascot family. If I didn't know you were from this family, I wouldn't interfere with someone else's business."

Shi Yan's power Upanishad changed the second time!


A space blade condensed, slashing towards Spot's soul. Being invaded by the Death power Upanishad, his power Upanishad was disordered. At this moment, he didn't have any means to resist. As he had concentrated on the battle with Shi Yan's co-soul, his soul was defenseless.


Spot's soul was halved by the space blade.

The space blade continued to cut him. After several seconds, Spot's soul was minced into many pieces.

Spot died at his spot.

The woman was turning around to assist "little moron" Shi Yan seeing that she was discolored in fright with a deep, fearful impression.