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1049 The Fountainhead of Powers Upanishad

Fires power Upanishads had many forms and each form had its own distinctive features. Relatively, there were many areas of fires power Upanishads in the fountainhead of power Upanishads. The different areas would have different fires power Upanishad, which could also depend on the realm of the warriors.

For example, warriors at Original God Realm, Ethereal God Realm, and Incipient God Realm had big differences between the Fires power Upanishad they had obtained.

When they cultivated in the fountainhead of power Upanishad, the areas suitable to them were different. Low-realm warriors found the area that suited their realms while the high-realm warriors could visit the area of more powerful and exquisite Fires power Upanishads.

The area where different Fires power Upanishads were weaving around that Shi Yan had just found was suitable for Ethereal God Realm experts to study.

The two clusters of fire that looked like weak ghost flames crossed the areas of the Thunder and Windstorm power Upanishads to gather at an area of the Fires power Upanishads.

That area was a sea of fire with clusters of fires flying around like red ribbons. Each bunch of fire seemed to have subtle changes all the time, which expressed their wild, brutal and hot features. The warriors who had fused with heaven flames could send their souls into those fireballs. As the fires were changing, they slowly tasted and studied the mysterious meanings of this class of power, which strengthened and advanced their realms.

Although Shi Yan's co-soul had fused with heaven flames, he didn't cultivate Fire power Upanishad. When he reached this area, his host soul couldn't adapt well to the environment which made him uncomfortable.

Anyway, his co-soul felt relaxed and safe in this area.


Shi Yan exhaled and his two souls turned into the shape of his body, looking in the same direction.

There were two souls moving in that area. They flew swiftly like flaming meteors. Shi Yan could distinguish between the two souls. One was a man and the other was a woman. They both looked elegant and beautiful.

However, those two souls weren't harmonious. They seemed to be arguing over something.

Apparently, the graceful woman was in the lower hand. She circled, trying to get rid of the sea of fire. She looked flustered and hurried.

Meanwhile, that man was laughing evilly. Neither slow nor fast, he released his soul magnetic field, blocking the area and preventing the woman from running away.

It was not the first time Shi Yan had entered the fountainhead of power Upanishads. He knew that if the soul wanted to leave this place, it had to stay away from the areas where the powers Upanishads were gathering. Then, it could leave this magical place immediately.

The female soul wanted to leave the fire power Upanishad's gathering point first and then leave this space.

The fountainhead of power Upanishad was the most mysterious place in this universe. Warriors who had fused with the Origin's heaven flames could send their souls here to study.

Those warriors could come from every corner of the universe. However, they all came to this place. When their souls came back to their bodies, they would return to a different area.

The woman just needed to fly away from the area of the Fires power Upanishads so that she could return to her body. No matter how strong her enemy was, he couldn't cross the entire star area to chase after her. But if she couldn't escape the gathering point of the Fires power Upanishad, her soul couldn't return to her body. It would be really difficult.

Shi Yan stayed by the edge of that area and observed. His soul tried to sense.

He could hear the male soul teasing the woman. In this place, they didn't use verbal language to communicate. They used the soul to contact each other, which was much more convenient than talking. Only the souls could listen to such a conversation.

"Running eh? Stay here, girl. Let's have soul intercourse. Shall we have fun together? If you can please me, I won't smash your soul and take your wisp of Origin. We can stay in this magical area like a happy couple and enjoy those indescribable happy moments. Won't it be all about pleasure and joy?" 

The sounds of the male soul expanded like a sound wave that was sent to every corner. He looked so excited and aroused, his handsome face filled with smiles.

"Get lost!" The woman didn't agree. She appeared to be frightened and agitated. "I will cultivate my way and you should cultivate your way. I don't want to have anything to do with you!"

Shi Yan was surprised. He continued to sense quietly.

After a while, he knew that they weren't the one he wanted to find.

Those people were from the different star areas. Since they had fused with the flame of the Origin, they met each other by chance in this area. They were likely the outstanding characters in their areas.

The souls could do magical sexual intercourse, which was rumored to be mysterious and even better than physical intercourse.

The man had an evil thought, obviously, and his realm was higher. He wanted to stay in this special area and have some soul intimacy, which was considered the most magical pleasure, with that woman. Meanwhile, the woman didn't want it. She wanted to get rid of him and leave. Unfortunately, the man's realm was higher than hers and he had set up a soul barrier, which prevented the woman from flying away.

That man should be at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm while the woman was at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. Although they could be famous in their areas, they weren't the ones Shi Yan wanted.

Observing for a while, as Shi Yan was hurried to find an Incipient God Realm expert, he didn't want to poke his nose into other people's business. He just wanted to defeat the Departed Spirit Jellyfish as soon as possible, so he prepared to leave already.

"Where are you from? Haha, I don't care what f*cking star area you're from. It's your honor to do soul intercourse with me. If I feel good, I will go to your star area to find you. I'm from the Ascot family of the God Clan. Our God Clan rules the whole universe. Receiving favor from me is your honor. Behave."

The God clansman called himself Spot. He smiled arrogantly.

"God Clan? You universe robbers! Who likes you?!" Hearing Spot reveal his identity, the woman didn't get happy. She got enraged, "You God Clan is a malignant tumor of the vast universe. You should be eradicated!"

Spot darkened his face. "How dare you wish my clan's demise! My clan has invaded half of this vast universe. My Clan will rule the whole universe! It's your fortune that I like you. If you don't behave, don't blame me."

"I'm not going to obey even if I have to die!" shouted the woman.

Shi Yan heard the man saying he was from the God Clan while he was hurrying to go. He halted.

"Bro, you shouldn't poke your nose into the other's business. There are some things you can't participate in." Spot seemed to find him earlier, sending over a soul message. "Well, you should take the chance to flee when I'm still busy! Or else, I wouldn't be afraid of smashing your soul first and then taking in your flaming Origin."

"Help me!" The woman struggled. She wasn't free to look around, so she didn't recognize Shi Yan. Hearing Spot, she reacted, shouted, and called for help.

Shi Yan's thoughts flickered. His two ghostly flames slowly turned into miniatures of his real body. They swayed, flying towards the gathering point of fires.

"You're from the Ascot family of the God Clan?" Shi Yan sent his soul message.

"You know my title but still dare to approach. You have guts." Spot swayed, his figure naturally handsome. He arched his long eyebrows, showing his arrogant face. "Oh, you made the flaming Origin your co-soul. Good though. You just have First Sky of Ethereal God Realm, but you dare interfere with me? Want to die?"

Shi Yan wore a faint face, didn't answer him, and just looked at the two of them.

The figure that the woman turned into was just as big as a hand. However, she had delicate facial features accompanied by a sexy body. Her long hair cascaded like a waterfall. She looked like a fairy in people's dreams. No wonder why Spot of the God Clan had unleashed his animal instincts and forced her to do soul intercourse with him.

"You have only First Sky of Ethereal God Realm?" Hearing Spot, the woman felt disappointed. She sighed, talking begrudgingly. "You should go. You can't help me. Don't get yourself involved."

The heaven flames could absorb each other. This rule was also applicable to the creatures that had fused with the flaming Origin. In this magical space, as long as he could smash the other's soul, he could take the flaming Origin that the other had absorbed and merge it with his own soul.

So if Shi Yan met any creature in this marvelous fountainhead of power Upanishads, it wasn't always something good to celebrate.

If the realms weren't too far from each other, he could be safe relatively. But if their realms had a big gap, the stronger would have malicious thoughts. He would destroy the soul of the weaker warrior to take the flaming Origin, which would strengthen his own soul.

Of course, it wasn't really good that the warrior should absorb more flaming Origin. He had to find a suitable aura to take in. Otherwise, it would bring him the counter effect.

When the woman heard that Shi Yan had only First Sky of Ethereal God Realm, she assumed that he wasn't an equal opponent of Spot. If he got involved, Spot would kill him and take his Origin.

"Let me check whether your flaming Origin is suitable for me or not." Spot smiled. A wave of subtle soul energy like a net extended from him towards Shi Yan's co-soul.

"Get lost!" Shi Yan's soul flickered. An icy cold aura arose from his co-soul, which was chilled to the bone. It had a faint blue color of falling snowflakes.

Spot was chilled. He frowned, contemplating for seconds. Suddenly, he screamed in fear, looking at Shi Yan. He couldn't hide his fright, though.

Shi Yan's co-soul contained ten different auras of flaming Origin. It wasn't pure at all. Although Shi Yan was trying his best to hide it, Spot could still sense something. He was struck hard.

"You... How many people have you killed here?" Spot's eyes showed his fright. His soul shivered as he wanted to retreat. "Forget it. I'm having a bad day seeing you here. I'll leave that woman to you."

He thought that the ten auras of flaming Origin in Shi Yan's soul were the result of Shi Yan killing and robbing warriors with the flaming Origin in this magical place. He had done that himself, though. After many years wandering around in this place, he had just killed two souls to take two different flames.

As Shi Yan's soul had ten different flames, Spot thought that he was incomparably evil. Despite Shi Yan's low realm, Spot was still frightened.

He knew he'd encountered a bad, bad guy.

The woman was aghast. She looked at Shi Yan disbelievingly as she felt so chilled.

She knew how dangerous and fearful Spot was, and such a character had to retreat seeing Shi Yan, a warrior with a lower realm. To leave her to him, it was...

The woman instinctively assumed that Shi Yan was even countless more times brutal than Spot. She felt despair crawling on her body.

In her eyes, if Spot were a wolf, Shi Yan was the existence at the level of a brutal dragon!