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1048 Departed Spirit Jellyfish

From what Shi Yan experienced, the Ring Spirit was rarely surprised. As it acted differently this time, Shi Yan felt his heart sinking. He knew that the situation wasn't right.

"This enemy is hard to deal with. Its entire body contains extremely toxins. It eats other venomous or poisonous things to grow. It's the most dangerous creature in the universe." The Ring Spirit sounded pretty serious. "You shouldn't mess with it. At your realm, you're not its opponent."

Right at the beginning, the Ring Spirit told Shi Yan to give up on it.

"What is it?" Shi Yan changed his face, but he was still persistent.

"It's called Departed Spirit Jellyfish. It's a unique living form from outer space. It doesn't have a skeleton. It's huge with viscous skin and flesh. This kind of space jellyfish has many holes in its body where it fumes smoke, which contains deadly toxins.

The Ring Spirit explained slowly. "When the Departed Spirit Jellyfish appears in a star area that star area will eventually fall into a deadly disaster. All the creatures will be poisoned to death. It used to appear before. It had finished two-star areas and turned them into desolate, dead areas. Nothing survived."

"It usually lives in extremely cold seas. It won't leave the sea, but it will continuously release the toxic smokes. If any creature contacts those toxic smokes, it will be poisoned to death."

"Doesn't it have any weakness?" Shi Yan was frightened. "The Incipient God Realm experts can't resist it, either?"

"You need to know what the power Upanishad that Incipient God Realm expert cultivates." The Ring Spirit sighed, "If you've reached Incipient God Realm, you would have had a chance to finish it and you may receive a surprising benefit. Anyway, the other Incipient God Realm experts couldn't do anything to it."

"Why do you say so?"

"It should be an expert who has fused with the Origin, which is also the heaven flames. After he's reached Incipient God Realm, he can burn and refine it. If you want to refine it, you must burn the cold sea it's dwelling in. After that, you can attack its body directly."

"Besides the flames, we don't have any other option?"

"The body of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish is both liquid and solid. Even if it's torn apart, it can close the cut almost immediately. Its body is undying somehow. Physical attacks are not effective on it. Its toxins could enter the soul altar. Moreover, its soul is very odd. It's the combination of different souls and consciousness. When one soul is smashed, it can replicate another. Only an Incipient God Realm individual who cultivates Fire power Upanishad can refine it directly.

"Only the ancient continents have the Origin. However, in this vast universe, the ancient continents are extremely rare. Also, it's even rarer to see the warriors who could fuse the soul with the heaven flames of the Origin. Almost none of them can reach Incipient God Realm, though. If you can find this kind of character, you shouldn't think about attacking Departed Spirit Jellyfish. It's just tying yourself to trouble. You will be finished completely."

"Can the warrior cultivating Space power at Incipient God Realm deal with it?" Shi Yan tried to make it clearer.

"Someone cut space and threw your friends into the sea?" The Ring Spirit was surprised. "Although the expert who cultivates Space power Upanishad at Incipient God Realm can't burn the jellyfish, he has the ability to protect himself. If you can find someone with Space power Upanishad at Incipient God Realm, perhaps you can use the same method to rescue your friends from the space undersea. But you can't kill the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. However, the warriors who cultivate Space power Upanishad to Incipient God Realm are even rarer than Incipient God Realm experts with the flames of the Origin."

Pausing for a while, the Ring Spirit added, "Your enemy is this kind of expert. So, the existence at the same level may not be able to move the space he had cut off. This option is much more difficult. I think you can't do it."

Shi Yan was worried. He couldn't stand listening to the Ring Spirit crossing off all the options anymore. "You don't have any solution, do you?"

"A solution... I have one, but it seems difficult. It depends on your effort." The Ring Spirit pondered. After a while, it gave Shi Yan a shaking solution.

"How do I do it?"

"You still need to find an expert at Incipient God Realm who has fused with the Origin. It's almost impossible for ordinary people. But if it's you, you will have a chance..."

"What's that searching method?"

"Come to the fountainhead of Powers Upanishads. The ones who have fused with the flames of the Origin can visit the fountainhead of Powers Upanishads too. If you have good fortune, you can meet the Incipient God Realm experts from other star areas. If the other knows about the Departed Spirit Jellyfish, he or she will cross the star area to get here. I told you. Even to those kinds of existences, the Departed Spirit Jellyfish is enough to make their hearts beat faster!"

"Is it good for him?"

"Big benefits. They will move, knowing the precondition that they know about the magical effects of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish."

"All right, let me try."

"Go to the fountainhead of power Upanishad and search in the area where the Fire power Upanishad is the most turbulent. You don't need to mind the other areas."

"Got it."

After he was done talking with the Ring Spirit, he lingered for a while above the cold sea. Suddenly, he pulled Zuo Shi's hand and took her out of this place, returning through the space tunnel.

"What are you doing? Giving up?" Zuo Shi was so surprised as she couldn't explain his deed. Her small hand struggled, trying to get rid of his grip. She told him bravely. "I want to save them."

"This place isn't good to linger in. Perhaps, there's some trap around that the enemy has set up before. If we are exposed, we don't even have a chance to think about the solution." Shi Yan didn't mind Zuo Shi wiggling. He just tightened his grip and pulled her away. We will find a solution after we get out of here. Of course, I won't just stand and stare."

Listening to him, Zuo Shi calmed down.

The two of them returned to the meteor where they had found the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. They got inside the meteor where Shi Yan took a deep breath and spoke to Zuo Shi, "I need to cultivate for a while right here. You shouldn't disturb me."

Zuo Shi looked at him with surprise. "Do you have any plan?"

"Yeah, I have a plan. We have a tiny chance, but we must try anyway." Shi Yan nodded.

Zuo Shi didn't say more. She sat down in front of him tenderly and obediently.

In the next moment, she found Shi Yan's body shake a little bit. Her beautiful eyes brightened up and didn't stop looking Shi Yan even for just a blink. She suddenly covered her mouth to not let herself scream in fear.

She found that after Shi Yan had shaken for a while, his soul seemed to leave his body. Shi Yan sitting in front of her now was just a body without any soul energy fluctuations. This finding filled Zuo Shi with fear as she didn't know the reason. Her eyes became dull.

Zuo Shi remembered his advice. She didn't dare to bother him or create any commotion. She just sat and watched him cautiously.

Although she didn't know why Shi Yan was doing this strange course of action, she knew Shi Yan was defenseless at this moment. If someone attacked him, he couldn't do anything to resist. Zuo Shi understood that he trusted her utterly. That was why he had deliberately entered such a vulnerable state.

Zuo Shi was touched and frightened at the same time. She made up her mind to protect Shi Yan in his strange condition with her best efforts. She must not let anyone disturb him.


In the magical fountainhead of power Upanishad, two souls like the ignis fatuus were bobbing. They were Shi Yan's host soul and co-soul.

Every time he had entered this magical space, he appeared in this same particular area, not missed by even an inch. When he was at Original God Realm, the area that his two souls could access was limited. After he had reached Ethereal God Realm, his soul energy was increased massively, so he could move to a larger area.

He started to explore the strange territory.

He thought about the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. The more he thought, the more anxious he became. From what the Ring Spirit told him and the current location of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish, Shi Yan vaguely knew the conspiracy of the Dark Shadow Clan and the God Clan.

The Departed Spirit Jellyfish stayed inside the space passage, which connected Agate Star Area and God Star Area of the God Clan. With its special features, once the Departed Spirit Jellyfish came to any star area, it always became the biggest nightmare of the entire place.

The God Clan and the Dark Shadow Clan had set up the jellyfish here. Shi Yan now knew their purpose.

From their point of view, if Shi Yan was a member of the God Clan or the Dark Shadow Clan, it would be much easier to invade Agate Star Area and capture the warriors and forces of the entire star area with the jellyfish there. It would be the best scenario.

However, if they met a stiff resistance or even failure, the price would be the significant loss of the God Clan and Dark Shadow Clan. Would it be much worse when the things they could claim couldn't make up the loss?

Could it be a better solution?

If their operation didn't go well, God Clan and Dark Shadow Clan would send the Departed Spirit Jellyfish to Agate Star Area with their brutal and cruel deeds. What could it do?

Shi Yan felt the hair on his nape rising.

Releasing the Departed Spirit Jellyfish to Agate Star Area would make the toxic creature release poisonous smoke that would poison the forces in Agate Star Area to death. Later on, the entire Agate Star Area would have no survivors. After that, they would move the Departed Spirit Jellyfish and Agate Star Area would become a territory of the God Clan and Dark Shadow Clan. From then on, they would be free to exploit any materials without facing any stubborn resistance. They would be able to claim everything in this star area.

As Shi Yan understood the conspiracy of the God Clan and Dark Shadow Clan, his heart sank to the bottom.

Too evil!

To invade a star area, they didn't hesitate to kill all the races and creatures of the entire star area. Billions of lives were going to be extinguished. This was too cruel and heartless, which was much more malicious than the most malevolent character.

Finally, Shi Yan knew the reason why the other creatures in the universe always hated and went against the God Clan.

He understood that he must defeat the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Otherwise, creatures in Agate Star Area would receive a deadly catastrophe. No one would be able to save them.

Shi Yan rushed.

He had moved around the fountainhead of power Upanishad for a long time, but he hadn't found any soul like him in this place. The vast universe had so many star areas with countless experts. However, just a few of them could enter this special place.

He knew that it would depend on his fortune, but he was rushing now. He had to find an Incipient God Realm expert who cultivated Fire power Upanishad and had fused with the Origin.

Shi Yan began to fly as fast as he could. The two souls moved like two shooting stars trying to locate the area of the Fires power Upanishads.

After an unknown time, his souls shook and sent out a vibe when he saw the gathering point of the Fires power Upanishad. He hurried to approach that area.