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1046 Cutting space

Shi Yan woke up feeling better than ever, his face joyful.

Although he didn't know what the energy remnant in outer space flooding his Ethereal Extent could do, he was sure it wasn't harmful to him, because he could feel his Ethereal Extent was changing magically in silence.

Inside the meteor lied so many colored gemstones which were so precious in the world of ordinary people. However, to Shi Yan, a warrior cultivating the heaven and earth energy, they were nothing.

Those gemstones didn't contain the heaven and earth energy. They weren't divine crystals.

On the other side, the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise had wholly disappeared into Zuo Shi's body. She sat cross-legged on the ground filled with magnificent gemstones, looking calm while smiling naturally.

Shi Yan studied her, and his eyes smilingly brightened.

Zuo Shi had broken through to the Original God Realm!

The remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise should have given many supernatural powers to Zuo Shi, the one carrying the Black Tortoise's bloodline. Otherwise, she couldn't have reached the Original God Realm that fast.

Zuo Shi's progress was incredible in Shi Yan's eyes. When he met her in this galaxy, Zuo Shi was only at the Second Sky of King God Realm. With the pellets Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion gave her, she had reached the Third Sky of King God Realm easily. Yet today, she made another big step forward.

Shi Yan wasn't hurried, as he stayed and watched Zuo Shi in silence.

Zuo Shi wore a pure long white dress, and her posture was so cute. Her delicate face was decorated with long eyelashes. Even when she was sitting, her long-limbed figure made people feel for her. 

Shi Yan always had good feelings for Zuo Shi. When he was still in the Quiet Cloud Land or the Sky Meteor City, he had been close to Zuo Shi. With the relationship between the Shi family and the Zuo family, Shi Yan and Zuo Shi were engaged. However, since the "other Shi Yan" didn't want to cultivate his martial path but put his whole life effort on studying ancient books and relics, the Zuo family was utterly disappointed. Thus, they renounced the engagement unilaterally. 

When Shi Yan's soul got into that body, he had exposed his talent shortly after. Zuo Xu regretted his past decision, and had mentioned this engagement one more time to Shi Jian.

At that time, Shi Yan had already left for the Endless Sea. So, they couldn't do anything about this engagement anymore. Even after hundreds of years, he had always been fighting, not having even a moment of peace. And, he didn't stay in the Quiet Cloud Land anymore.

Gradually, Zuo Xu erased that reluctant thought from his mind.

Sometimes Shi Yan thought that if he hadn't entered the Endless Sea, he would have had a marriage with Zuo Shi that everybody would have to admire.

However, their plan couldn't have followed the changes of wind. His character would have given him troubles, and wouldn't let him live in a place for the rest of his life.

He thought and chuckled after a while.

Zuo Shi opened her eyes, showing her clear eyes, which didn't have any conspiracies hidden in them. She looked at Shi Yan while smiling gently. "I've reached the Original God Realm."

Perhaps because Zuo Shi was so happy, she stood up, moving agilely towards Shi Yan. She threw her arms around his neck, talking happily, "I'm so happy I've broken through another realm. This time, I'm sure my grandpa would be thrilled."

Zuo Shi's body was soft, with a refreshing and sweet fragrance. She was like a good wine that seeped into people's hearts. Her small face wore an excited expression, which was so attractive.

As she was hugging his neck, Shi Yan couldn't help but feel his heart beating faster. Taking in the sweet aroma on her body, Shi Yan's breathing became heavy. This sweet maiden made him unable to hold it in. 

"Shi Yan gege, you're bad." Zuo Shi could feel something. Her beautiful eyes rolled, pretending to throw a glance at Shi Yan's lower abdomen. She immediately let him off and swayed at her spot, covering her pink lips with both hands. "You're bad… So bad!"

Shi Yan was embarrassed. He smiled shyly before he could talk again. "As said in the agreement between the Shi family and the Zuo family, you and I were engaged even before we were born. Haha, you could be my wife."

"Ptsss!" Zuo Shi stuck her tongue. "I don't want to be your wife. You're flirty. I'm sure I couldn't be happy being your wife. I should be your little sister. Haha, I like the feeling when you protect me. I don't like your dissolute face."

Scratching his head, Shi Yan didn't want to tease her further. He said, "If you're done, we should go."

He was worried that Blood Devil's team would be worried for them and come back here to search. Since it was related to the invasion of the God Clan, Shi Yan didn't dare to act recklessly. He must get the answer as soon as possible. 

"All right," Zuo Shi smiled like a blooming flower. "I've reached the Original God Realm, but I think I can continue to break through."

"What happened to the remains of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise?" asked Shi Yan. He was a little surprised.

"They merged into my soul. They have become an illusion of Black Tortoise in the form of a seal as a part of my soul." Zuo Shi didn't have any caution when talking to Shi Yan, so she explained to him clearly. "But, I don't know how to use it yet. I think... I need time to adapt to it and understand it further." 

Shi Yan was amazed. He stayed baffled for a while before he could talk again. "Congrats! I think you've received the genuine inheritance of Black Tortoise. Your future will be immeasurable."

"Of course," Zuo Shi thrust out her ample bosom, talking confidently like an arrogant swan.

The two chatted for a while and then flew out of the meteor, landing on the war chariot anchored in the void. They immediately rode the war chariot back to the place. 

After a while, Shi Yan knitted his brows, his face darkening.

Zuo Shi was also surprised. "Something's wrong. I can't feel their life energy fluctuation."

Before Zuo Shi had reached the Original God Realm and her soul had transformed, she could sense the warriors at the lower realm within a specific scale.

However, as Zuo Shi had just released her Soul Consciousness, she couldn't feel anything. She looked at Shi Yan with surprise. "Can you feel them? Within our sensing range, they shouldn't be far from us. Perhaps they left without us. Hmm, is it possible?"

Shi Yan darkened his face. "It's impossible."

He had earned the trust of Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and Feng Yan. It was just several days, and he did explain the situation to them. Blood Devil's team weren't some sort of impatient people.

Shi Yan's realm was higher than Zuo Shi's. After he had reached the Ethereal God Realm, with a deeper understanding of Life power Upanishad, his sensing power towards life should be much more powerful.

However, it was the same when he sensed. He couldn't feel any commotion from Blood Devil's group.

It was just several days! Blood Devil wouldn't ditch him here and leave first. What had happened?

The war chariot roared, moving like a light arrow while heading towards the area where one thousand battleships were anchored.

Shi Yan's face changed. Looking at the area where space had collapsed, his face was extremely stern.

Space in that area collapsed deeply. They could see the fine space slits by the edge of that area, with brilliant outer space streamers. Since Shi Yan had cultivated Space power Upanishad, he was struck at first glance.

He knew what happened to that area...

That piece of space was cut off and moved away directly!

Shi Yan couldn't do such tricks. Although Zha Duo had also cultivated Space power Upanishad, even he didn't have such ability. Unless... that warrior who used the Space ability had reached the Incipient God Realm!

Observing that collapsed space, Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to sense, and his face became even more severe while a strange light sparkled in his eyes.

After a while, he took a deep breath. "Some expert cultivating Space power Upanishad came here. That warrior used his supernatural ability to cut the space were the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and Fighting League were gathering, and moved it away!"

Zuo Shi was frightened, asking. "That dangerous?"

Beaming a forced smile, Shi Yan said, "Yeah, the warriors who have cultivated Space power Upanishad to Incipient God Realm can be that strong. They can cut and move spaces. It's unimaginable to ordinary people, but they do have such powers."

"So, what should we do?" Zuo Shi looked upset. "Old Xuan Ming's still with them. Although he's strict with me, he just wants me to be better. I don't want anything bad happening to him."

"I don't want to see them encounter bad things either." Shi Yan frowned.

He also cultivated Space power Upanishad. Especially after he had stepped into Ethereal God Realm, he knew how terrifying the warriors with Space power Upanishad could be.

People with Space power Upanishad had many tricks to deal with the enemies. They didn't need to use much energy to attack anyway.

For example, if he fought with a warrior at the same level, he could tear a piece of space to drag the enemy in there. He could use the chaotic space basin to wear out the enemy's energy to death.

The chaotic space basin hiding in the space slits was extremely dangerous. Unless the enemy also cultivated Space power Upanishad, which would help him find the exit, it would be impossible to get out.

An expert who could cut the space should be able to apply such magical abilities. If the enemy brought the space where Blood Devil's team was staying to some death traps, even if Blood Devil and the others had reached Incipient God Realm, they wouldn't be able to break out of there. 

Xia Xin Yan, Blood Devil, Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, Benny, and so many people he was concerned about were in that group. Shi Yan knew that with his current realm and power, he couldn't help them much even if he could find them. Anyhow, he must find them. 

"So, what should we do to find them?" Zuo Shi was so worried that her petite face had reddened. "Why did some expert with Space power suddenly attack them?"

Shi Yan fell into silence. After a while, he said, "Should be the Dark Shadow Clan."


"The Dark Shadow Clan is clearing the space canal, preparing the way for the God Clan's invasion. If they want to drill through the space passage, they must have some experts cultivating Space power Upanishad. I had thought about it earlier. But, I didn't expect the others to be so strong. They even have Incipient God Realm experts. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have taken risks."

The Agate Star Area didn't have any expert cultivating Space power Upanishad at the Incipient God Realm. Zha Duo was the strongest here, but he had only reached the Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm.

Shi Yan knew how strenuous it was to break through to the new realm for such warriors. Thus, he instinctively assumed that the experts of their enemy had only reached the Ethereal God Realm.

He made such a presumption, and the Dark Shadow expert who cultivated Space power Upanishad had given him a slap on his face today with his actual ability.

"Sigh! I calculated wrongly. I forgot that the Dark Shadow Clan isn't a race from the Agate Star Area. They have been dependent on the strongest clan in this universe, and have operated in other galaxies as well. It has been countless years perhaps. It's not impossible if this clan has Incipient God Realm experts who cultivate the Space power Upanishad." 

 "So, can you find them?" Zuo Shi was quite worried.

"I should be able to do that."