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1041 Ethereal Exten

"Ethereal Extent is derived from the power Upanishad. It's a miniature version of the soul."

"Ethereal Extent is a fantasy world that the warrior creates with his power Upanishad and energy."

"The Ethereal Extent can change unlimitedly under the control of the soul altar. It's not much similar to the soul altar, but it's connected to the soul directly."

"Ethereal Extent can extend forever without any rupture. It can enlarge unceasingly."


The experts with the Ethereal Extent, including Blood Devil, Fei Lan, Xia Xin Yan, and Fu Wei showed Shi Yan their Ethereal Extent. They told him their own definition of the Ethereal Extent, which they had experienced.

When warriors broke through to the Ethereal God Realm, the first thing they did was to create the Ethereal Extent. Without an Ethereal Extent, their First Sky of Ethereal God Realm wouldn't be complete. And, if only the Ethereal Extent appeared, the warrior could break through furthermore.

If the warrior could create the Ethereal Extent, when he battled against the other, he could use both the Ethereal Extent and his power Upanishad to increase his overall competence. Since the warrior could change his Ethereal Extent as flexibly as he pleased, it provided him with many new ways to use his power.

It could be said that warriors at the Ethereal God Realm must depend on the Ethereal Extent in fighting. Their God Body, energy, and power Upanishad had to connect to the Ethereal Extent to bring out their best abilities.

At this moment, Shi Yan had reached the Ethereal God Realm, so his priority now was to create his Ethereal Extent.

Inside a secret room with an open ceiling in a battleship, Shi Yan lifted his face to watch the dark sky. He frowned in irritation as he got a feeling that he couldn't walk through the door.

To any warrior breaking to the Ethereal God Realm, creating the Ethereal Extent was a troublesome issue that he must fulfill. Many warriors had to linger for a long time at this threshold. It could take several years or even a dozen years. Perhaps, they suddenly get a flash of recognition one day, understanding something and breaking this door. 

Blood Devil and the others gave him different descriptions of the Ethereal Extent. At the same time, their powers Upanishads weren't similar to his, so they couldn't give him much of a reference.

Depending on the different power Upanishads and the races, the ways to create the Ethereal Extent varied. Usually, even if they cultivated the same power Upanishad, their Ethereal Extents might not be similar. And, there were so many methods to create the Ethereal Extent.

Only if he could find the way that was suitable for him to evolve his power Upanishad could he build his Ethereal Extent.

Shi Yan cultivated mixed power Upanishads. He had Space, Life and Death, Star, and the Devouring power Upanishad, the last of which he hadn't understood thoroughly yet. Having many power Upanishads caused a lot of trouble when he wanted to create the Ethereal Extent. He didn't have a clue where to start. 

Lifting his head to watch the dark void up there and seeing not even a single beam of starlight, Shi Yan felt a little upset.

After an unknown time, he temporarily forgot the trouble of generating an Ethereal Extent. He calmed down his soul, trying not to think too much as he now focused on the soul altar.

His soul altar had three tiers, including the Sea of Consciousness, the tier of power Upanishads, and the host soul. However, today, as his consciousness was wandering, he found something new.

There was something with the host soul above the tier of power Upanishads...

Holding his breath and concentrating, Shi Yan erased the worries and confusion in his mind. His soul gradually became empty, without any mess of thoughts, as he just sauntered around that area.

Consciousness… Emotions… A borderless, hazy area... A chaotic place which looked like a miniature universe before it was developed.

It was like a sheet of white paper that had colors added from the ever-changing power Upanishads, thoughts, and energies, to sketch the animated lines and shapes. That area could have different things based on Shi Yan's swift imagination. 

His consciousness floated, moving around that hazy and chaotic area. He didn't investigate, merely enjoying the magical mysteries in his soul. He felt relaxed and at peace like he had never been.

The sea of stars was vastly immense with countless galaxies. Different stars looked like grains of sand in the desert, which could be counted in the billions. He didn't know how vast this universe was. He didn't know how many races had been born, evolved, and gone extinct. He didn't know how many warriors had fallen, returning to nothingness and leaving no trace behind.

The borderless sea of stars concealed the most mysterious miracles in this world. There were so many imposing existences from the ancient time, and too many specialties that he could never imagine.

Shi Yan sank into the world of his soul and opened his mind to see his little self that was like a tiny dust particle in the outer space. Gradually, his soul flashed, as the tier of power Upanishads was changing silently in his Soul Consciousness' view...

At first, he sank into his Star power Upanishad to carve the knowledge he had. He imagined himself as a tiny dust particle in this endless sea of stars. He was like a rock, a small, ordinary star which had bobbed for billions of years in this sea of stars from the ancient time. Even though it was small, it had its own way of showing the meaning of its existence.

Gradually, he felt a marvelous feeling: He had become part of the immense void, an originally small light dot in the sea of stars, which would then develop into a real star...

At the moment this feeling arose, Shi Yan didn't recognize anything. He was still immersed in his soul and star power. He wasn't aware of the change of the vortex in his lower abdomen, which was the fountain of energy of the small star he had. It slowly floated and moved towards his soul altar.

It was the Star power Upanishad he had cultivated, which was also the source of energy in his body, an immense nebula where a lot of starlight dots were scattered. It had a rigid orb, which was a star nucleus glowing magnificently in the vast galaxy.

While his consciousness bobbed, using his soul to explore the universe, the nebula that should be inside the vortex in his lower abdomen had flown out, entering his Sea of Consciousness, storming into the unknown, chaotic space in his soul.

It was like a white sheet of paper being dyed and drawn to make a beautiful yet magical picture. That hazy area suddenly changed as if someone had used a miraculous brush to illustrate a whole new world.

The area of primal chaos was empty at first. Gradually, it slowly generated something as if it had a big explosion that unceasingly sent light dots everywhere. That magnificent explosion happened in every corner and lasted for a long, unknown time. Slowly, changes occurred. Starlight appeared like dots at first. Then, a brilliant star enlarged as many smaller pieces of broken stars moved around it. It looked as beautiful as a big diamond moving in a natural trajectory. Everything was working in accordance with the true meaning of the sea of stars and some unknown rules.

The hazy, immense area became marvelous with the newly-formed galaxy.

Gradually, when his Soul Consciousness moved between the glowing broken stars that looked like fireflies, he saw the space nodes. The biggest star seemed to enlarge in his view, and he could vaguely see things in that area of primal chaos. Slowly, the concept of space was introduced.

The miniature version of the immense sea of stars with all the space nodes and the definition of an extending space appeared, which looked more like a small model of the real universe.

Shi Yan didn't realize the changes in his soul altar. He also forgot his initial purpose, just immersing and witnessing the birth of a miracle. He felt touched. 

He was touched on seeing the glamor of space and its changes. Observing the magical energy fluctuation of that gorgeous star, he felt emotional.

It seemed he had become the owner of this small universe. He understood the eternal loneliness of the sea of stars, and could feel the reluctance of having not even a single soul in the star. He now could understand the truth that people in this mundane world could never touch...

Being half-conscious, Shi Yan suddenly felt that this world lacked something...

It didn't have any creatures. It didn't have the evolution of life. It lacked the typical life cycle of birth, aging, sickness, and death.

When this thought appeared, his tier of power Upanishads changed again. Life and Death power Upanishad was activated automatically and it merged with his Soul Consciousness, becoming an air current that poured into the magical world inside that small sea of stars. Although it was small, it did exist.

Slowly, wisps of Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness were empowered by the stars. He felt like he was the Grand Angel observing that biggest star. He felt that it was finally alive now.

After that, as his thought changed, the power of his blood started to give birth to creatures.

A viscous sea that looked like a small Sea of Consciousness was changing. It took in his Soul Consciousness to generate lives in an animated world...

Those creatures didn't have clear facial features. They all had his aura, as if they were generated by his energy only. They gave him a feeling of seeing flowers in the mirror or the bright moon in water. They were unreal, but their existence couldn't be denied. They existed in his fantasy, but they were so tangible that he couldn't distinguish.

Those vague creatures that looked like illusions were born, thriving and then dying. They seemed to be made of pure energy, which gathered when they were born and scattered when they died, returning to the heaven and earth. 

Life and Death could be seen in that star. He could see things happen at any minute, which would never cease.

The sea of stars appeared, Space opened and the illusions of life and death were happening in another universe, which looked like a miniature universe that he had created.

And Shi Yan, he had become the sole God of this world. When his thought changed, the star, space, and life cycle would be adjusted accordingly. He could move the star, expand space, and give birth to lives. He could even make lives return to nothingness in just a blink of an eye.

In that space, there was nothing he couldn't do. He could turn his imagination into reality as fast as he pleased.

However, that reality wasn't real. It was still a fantasy. Everything depended on his consciousness, energy, soul, and power Upanishads. It was just his subjective thought, so it would never possibly manifest in the real world.

When he died, all the things he had made up with his thoughts would cease to exist.

All the things in that world were real to him, as he could sense and recognize them. He could do anything in that world as it brought him a borderless space to promote his imagination. It couldn't get rid of his control.

It was the ethereal world, which they called the Ethereal Extent.

When Shi Yan got this point, his floating Soul Consciousness understood something.

He woke up, returning to the real world. He felt as if he had just moved back and forth like a shuttle in some world. He was baffled when he found a whole new world had appeared in his tier of power Upanishads and his soul. It looked like a miniature universe, with countless stars and an immense space.

It was also an Ethereal Extent, but it was utterly different from the Ethereal Extents he had seen. Others' Ethereal Extents were just a space generated by their main power Upanishad, and the mountains, seas, or thunderstorm in there were just the smaller projections of the real objects in the real world.

But, his Ethereal Extent seemed to include the whole world. It looked like a brand new world indeed.