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1036 The Bloody Massacre

Cocker of the Dark Shadow Clan grimaced. His piercing, brutal eyes gazed at Shi Yan with obvious murderous intention.

He had never thought that he couldn't kill Shi Yan with his attacks. Yet Shi Yan was able to receive his attack and then reappear with a new form.

It was an insult to an Incipient God Realm warrior!

Cocker didn't say anything. He just snorted and changed his Ethereal Extent.

The floating mountains inside his Ethereal Extent condensed into three massive, earthy yellow beasts with the impressive power of earth. Shortly after, they got rid of the constraint of the Ethereal Extent, storming towards Shi Yan with their inaudible screams.

The three massive beasts were several thousand meters tall. They looked savage as they belonged to some kind of monster that had never existed in Agate Star Area. The three earth-shaking forces aimed at Shi Yan's soul, covering his God Body instantaneously.

Nobody could see Shi Yan anymore. They could only see a turbulent, earthy yellow world. Vaguely, the beasts were moving around like shaking mountains.

Shi Yan's valiant roar was unceasing.

Suddenly, Shi Yan's roar stopped. He reappeared between the three strange beasts in Cocker's Ethereal Extent. He had wounds all over his body. Bones of his skeleton cracked. His face was covered with blood.

As his opponent was at Incipient God Realm, his total power couldn't resist.

However, at the moment when he felt like he was falling into a bottomless abyss, he saw something strange...

In the next moment, he felt negative energy in his acupuncture points, his God power, the Immortal Demon Blood, and star power seem to have a way to all be unleashed. They burst out at the same time, congregating at the illusions of the Ancient Demogorgon.

In the void, dozens of illusions of the Ancient Demogorgons slowly changed. They quickly merged together.

An incomparable aura that could extinguish everything generated little by little. The illusions of the Ancient Demogorgon merged into one body. In three seconds, it absorbed all of Shi Yan's energy and turned into one entity. Then, it changed again and became a several-hundred-meters tall Demogorgon.

The Phantom of the Ancient Demogorgon was like a reflection in the water. It wasn't so clear, but the pair of red eyes were like two bleeding suns and the blood mark on its forehead was very eye-catching.

Right when the phantom of the Demogorgon appeared in life star number 9, Shi Yan was shocked. He lifted his head and looked at the vast void.

Layers of barriers that blocked life star number 9 became stable in just a blink of an eye. The broken space nodes, which were destroyed before, were restored at that moment.

A flow of sinister, cold aura with the willpower of the devil came from an unknown area of this universe, pouring into that mountain-like body of the Ancient Demogorgon. At that moment, the Ancient Demogorgon had a world-shattering power as if it was the fountain of everything in earth and heaven. It had even shaken life star number 9. All the warriors at Incipient God Realm in the Shadow Ghostly Prison were shaken.

Shi Yan lifted his head to look at the giant Ancient Demogorgon. He suddenly had a feeling that the phantom of Demogorgon seemed to have a life!

And at this moment, Shi Yan had no bit of energy left in his body. While the Ancient Demogorgons were combining, they had drawn all of his energy as if it was to wake up some evil creature from a deep pitch in this universe, which then entered the body of the Ancient Demogorgon.

At the moment the Ancient Demogorgon appeared in the void, a pair of massive hands like an iron anchor suddenly grabbed the void.

The three strange beasts flying out of Cocker's Ethereal Extent were blown off, sending waves of earthy-yellow halos and turning into nothingness.

The Ancient Demogorgon stooped and sucked. The warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and Windstorm War Department had their lives taken away. They became dead corpses in just a blink of an eye without a single beam of life energy left.

Besides Xia Xin Yan and Fu Wei who gathered to protect Shi Yan, all creatures' life energy was absorbed in that glimpse of time. They died tragically afterward, including Du Lin of the Kroc family and several thousand warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Windstorm War Department.

In that short moment, thousands of people died. They didn't have any bit of energy left.

Cocker, the leader of the Dark Shadow Clan shivered. He had a significant fear in his eyes. He shouted as if he had encountered ghosts, "Impossible... You... You were dead..."

He screamed as if he had mental problems. His soul altar flew away from his skull immediately as he was trying his best to escape.

However, the Ancient Demogorgon that looked like a grand mountain extended both of its massive hands, squeezing Crocker's soul altar and Ethereal Extent respectively.

Crack! Crack!

Cocker's Ethereal Extent and soul altar were smashed, becoming countless beams of strange light and vanishing in earth and heaven.

Cocker at Incipient God Realm had no way to resist that Ancient Demogorgon. He was killed instantly.

The Ancient Demogorgon floated in the air. His line of sight seemed able to cross layers of distances. He extended one arm, reaching for the place where the battleships of the Dark Shadow Clan were anchored. His arm just deliberately swirled and all the battleships above the lake exploded like the most beautiful fireworks. All the members of the Dark Shadow Clan were massacred.

After he was done with all of these, the two blood eyes of the Ancient Demogorgon observed Shi Yan underneath. He gazed at Shi Yan and opened his mouth to say something inaudible.

The incredible aura disappeared shortly after. The Ancient Demogorgon faded little by little. The will that came to this phantom from a deep place in the universe left when it vanished.

However, that thought arose in Shi Yan's brain as only he could listen to the Demogorgon clearly.

"The Dark Shadow Clan can guess your identity. Before you've reached Incipient God Realm, don't let yourself be exposed. Do your best. I came here through the infinite space. I can't stay for a long time. I can only do that for you. I'm trying to help the Ring Spirit gather the last piece of its memory. After it has merged all its memories, you can know what mission you have to shoulder..."

As the Ancient Demogorgon's consciousness left, the phantom disappeared. Flash. The blood broadsword reappeared, falling by Shi Yan.

Keng! Keng!

The blood sword landed by his feet. The garnet eyes were still open on the sword.

Corpses were scattered around. Some floated in the void. Some lay on the ground. They had the same death: their lives were taken away.

Suddenly, a flow of Dead Qi seethed violently, which was much stronger than the raging sea. It poured from the sky and entered Shi Yan's acupuncture points.

It was the power of Cocker from the Dark Shadow Clan after he was killed. It was the power of an Incipient God Realm expert.

At this moment, Shi Yan's energy which had all been used up was refilled sharply. He couldn't endure such a heavy flow, his body shivering.

Standing next to him were the two women who were now looking at him as if they were looking at a ghost or a monster.

Several thousand warriors of the Windstorm War Department, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Ghost Mark Clan were now just dead bodies. Du Lin was dead. The Thunder God Spear of the Ghost Mark Clan turned into a lightning strike and flew towards Hammer's general direction.

Standing in between the corpses on the ground were three living people: one man and two women.

Shi Yan sat quietly, his body shivering uncontrollably. He was taking in the Essence Qi of Cocker. At Incipient God Realm, the energy of that man was more than the total energy he had absorbed from the others before. His acupuncture points were swelling and his negative feelings were arising.

The space nodes were restored. The enemy's blockade to life star number 9 was lifted at this moment.

This battle was strenuous. But after the Ancient Demogorgon appeared, everything turned upside down. Incipient God Realm Cocker of Dark Shadow Clan and many of his fellows were killed shortly after. The Mad Shark Fleet of the Ghost Mark Clan and its captain Du Lin were slaughtered.

Now, it was only Hammer's force that remained.

"Bastard!" Suddenly, Xia Xin Yan scolded. Looking at the dead bodies of her subordinates on the ground, she was so mad that it seemed like she could storm over and hit Shi Yan hard. "My people are all dead!"

Fu Wei paled, looking at Shi Yan. She didn't know whether she should she hit him or not. "You also killed all the warriors of our Potion and Tool Pavilion. What just happened?"

Xia Xin Yan and Fu Wei woke up from their deep fear. They couldn't help but shout as rage flooded their heads, their bodies shivering.

Shi Yan tried to open his eyes. He pondered and then made a cut in the void. A space passage appeared. He looked at Fu Wei and Xia Xin Yan. "We should leave first. Don't worry. The danger of life star number 9 is gone. There's something... we should discuss in another place. I don't want the fourth person to know about this."

Xia Xin Yan frowned and nodded. She didn't ask for a reason and just got into the space passage directly.

Fu Wei gritted her teeth. She pondered for a while before sighing begrudgingly. Following Xia Xin Yan, she jumped into the passage.

Sensing a flow of earth-shaking aura flying towards them fast, Shi Yan discolored. He hurried to jump into the space passage and got away. That space passage vanished quickly.

After the three of them had left and the passage disappeared, Feng Yan descended all of a sudden.

Her deep and archaic eyes showed an unbelievable fear. She was baffled as she looked at the terrible mess in front of her. Corpses of the Ghost Mark Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, and the Windstorm War Department were floating in the void and lying on the ground. There was no living aura. No one was alive.

Feng Yan gawked. With her knowledge and cognition, she didn't know what had just happened here.

She just stood like that for a long time before she remembered to use the Sound Stone to contact Xia Xin Yan. However, when she activated the Sound Stone, she didn't receive anything.

Feng Yan grimaced.

Zha Duo lifted his head to look at the lake. He sensed in silence before he became baffled.

The Dark Shadow clansmen filling the sky above their head seemed to have disappeared into thin air and left no aura.

Zha Duo thought he might have had some problem. He frowned and tried again, his eyes twinkling strangely.

After a while, Zha Duo was hesitant when he made a space slit. Through the slit, he looked and gawked, his face frightened.

Countless broken fragments of the battleships and dead bodies of the Dark Shadow Clan floated above the lake. The entire area was filled with a heavy death aura. There was no single wave of life energy fluctuating. This situation was evilly strange.

All the enemies were massacred. And Zha Duo couldn't sense any beam of energy from the beginning to the end. He didn't hear the noise of a battle, either.

Zha Duo felt the hair on his nape raising. He felt so cold. He was scared as if he saw a ghost in daylight, his scalp tingling.