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1030 Protect the Territory

After he had entered the inside of the life star, Shi Yan got to know Potion and Tool Pavilion's style in using money.

The space inside life star number 9 had almost been exploited. Besides the main hall, Shi Yan felt like he had entered the world of blinking stars. This subterranean world had many wide stone roads, leading to every corner. It also had many grand palaces. The parking area here was large enough to keep several hundred battleships.

According to Bettina, this planet had been dug to thousands of meters below sea level. It had dozens of groups of palaces. Each group of palaces was protected with many complex structures of formations.

Those palaces were divided into different areas that were specialized for refining pellets, forging tools, building battleships, storage of ingredients, or storages of divine crystals. This entire planet looked like a mighty fortress. Each palace had hundreds to thousands of warriors at different realms. Most of them had King God Realm or Original God Realm.

The competence of Potion and Tool Pavilion could be seen from the inside of this planet.

Underground, life star number 9 had three divine crystal mines. The unexploited divine crystals in those mines were the energy foundation of the defensive Tricolor Sea.

A hexagonal mirror projected the three divine mines. Each mine was fulgent with piles of billions of top-quality divine crystals.

At this moment, through the mirror, they could see the divine crystal mines radiating beautiful divine light. Streams of energy like rivers flowed up into the sky, supplementing energy for the Tricolor Sea.

If the enemy didn't have Crystal Eaters of the Dark Shadow Clan, they would have had to consume a lot of energy and effort to just bypass Tricolor Sea's defense.

In the meantime, everybody was so solemn. No one could relax.

In the mirror, the three-colored energy sea in the sky was chewed off little by little. At this speed, within an hour, the defense they got up there would be destroyed.

It was lucky that they had evacuated everyone to the inside of the planet. They still had the last defense. Otherwise, when the enemy grumblingly descended, the bloody battle would have taken place immediately.

"The outer layer of this life star was made of azure lava. Azure lava was an extremely tough stone material. It was the primary material of many battleships, which were fabricated with many types of rock. The azure lava layer of this planet was three hundred meters thick. Even the energy artilleries of our Potion and Tool Pavilion can't break it easily. It's our natural defense," Bettina said with a serious face. "There are three entrances to the subterranean world. Besides this lake, the other two entrances are heavily guarded. If they want to get down here, they have to attack the three entrances."

Shi Yan, Xia Xin Yan, and Feng Yan were listening to her. They didn't intervene.

"What we should do now is guard the three entrances," Bettina paused for a while and then looked at Xia Xin Yan and Feng Yan. "Can your Windstorm guard one of them?"

Xia Xin Yan smiled, nodded, and gave her a resolute answer, "Not a problem. You just arrange it."

Bettina sighed and said, "Three thousand miles West stands an extinct volcano. The mouth of that volcano is one of the entrances. I leave it to you guys."

"Okay," replied Xia Xin Yan.

"You take this fantasy mirror. We can use it to transfer images onto this planet. You can contact me directly. I'll ask Fu Wei to take you there." Bettina pondered for a while and then continued, "Feng Yan mei-mei, when we find Incipient God Realm experts, please help us."

Feng Yan nodded quietly.

"Fu Wei, you take them to that entrance," Bettina advised.

Fu Wei stood on a stone-paved road, which was one hundred meters high and more than one thousand meters wide. They didn't know how long or deep it stretched. The Windstorm battleships were floating on that road and they didn't need to squeeze in at all. It showed Potion and Tool Pavilion's efforts in building this place.

Under her instruction, Shi Yan, Feng Yan, and Xia Xin Yan got on a flying bird battleship of the Windstorm. They slowly moved away on the stone-paved road.

On the battleship, Fu Wei often glanced at Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan with her blue eyes, her complexion strange.

Shi Yan had left and then returned with the outrage that he had almost killed people. He wanted to take Xia Xin Yan away with him. And Xia Xin Yan, with her high position in Fighting League, didn't hesitate to go with him even before making everything clear. This kind of absolute trust had surprised Fu Wei a lot.

Until this moment, she knew Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan had a relationship which wasn't normal at all. Linking to Shi Yan's unusual commotion in the main hall, she could vaguely recognize something.

She finally realized that Shi Yan went out of control, not because of Xia Xin Yan's glamor. Their small joke didn't harm anyone. Then, their disheveled clothes after they got out of the secret room weren't caused by a battle.

Fu Wei was a bit embarrassed as she knew she misunderstood Shi Yan. However, when she realized the truth, she didn't want to apologize. Actually, she was pissed off.

She thought that Shi Yan had deceived her, which made her indignant. And her attitude towards Shi Yan became not as warm as it used to be.

How smart was Xia Xin Yan? At first glance, she knew the woman's mind. Xia Xin Yan then smiled gently, walking towards her. "How are you related to Shi Yan?"

At this moment, Shi Yan was sitting quietly on the back of the dock. He stooped and closed his eyes as if he was preparing himself before the great battle. He was adjusting his energy and mind. He wanted to engage in this battle with his best condition. He didn't eavesdrop the two ladies' conversation.

"No. Not related." Fu Wei was a little anxious when facing Xia Xin Yan. She spoke strangely, "We're just friends. He used to help me a lot. I appreciate his kindness. Besides that, nothing... else."

"Is that so?" Xia Xin Yan smiled weakly. "I can tell that you care about him a lot, right? He... I know his characteristics. He's flirty. He's not content with his lot. Has he... ever teased you?"

Fu Wei was mild-mannered. She easily got shy. Listening to Xia Xin Yan, she couldn't help but blush. She instinctively remembered the romantic moment when they drank "Passionate" together. She remembered Shi Yan touching her body. She became flustered and didn't know how to answer her.

Xia Xin Yan smiled again, glancing at Shi Yan sitting quietly in the back. He didn't look tense before a great battle. She smiled and said, "He's heartless, indeed. Don't think that he has a deep affection for you if he flirts with you. I understand him deeply. He often teases the beautiful women. Then, he will throw you away like his old shoes. He won't miss you a bit. My advice to you, you'd better stay away from him. It's not going to give you anything good. You will have more sorrow."

Fu Wei was baffled.

She looked at Xia Xin Yan. Pondering for a while, she asked, "So has he ever flirted with you? Did he ditch you like his old shoes?"

Xia Xin Yan was numb. She had a feeling that she just tied herself up by her own rope. Contemplating for a while, she smiled charmingly, "It's different with us. I think you can see it too. He knows he might be killed this time. But still, he came back for me. Yeah. You're a smart girl, so you know what it means, I suppose."

Fu Wei had a bitter face. Of course, she wasn't a fool. She knew why Xia Xin Yan said these things to her. She was protecting her territory. She didn't allow any other woman to trespass.

"I have nothing ambiguous with him. You're overthinking it." She pulled herself together, sighed, and then talked weakly.

Xia Xin Yan smiled and nodded, "It's good then."

Turning around, her bright eyes looked at the young man sitting quietly and solemnly behind. She cursed him under her breath, glaring at him maliciously. That bastard can't stay idle. When you were in Raging Flame Star Area, I wasn't there, so you had the chance to mess around with two women. Now that I'm here, I will never let you do anything rash!

Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes as if he had felt her indignant look. Shi Yan was surprised. Looking at her for a while, he smiled brightly. He didn't look embarrassed at all. He made her smile and angry at the same time.

"Here we are!"

Shortly after, Fu Wei screamed quietly, looking up.

One hundred battleships of the Windstorm War Department were anchored by a spacious and luxurious palace, which was as big as dozens of football yards. It looked like a small-sized city.

Above their heads was a brilliant mountain range. Rings of five-colored light illuminated the mountain range. They linked together and there were around one hundred of them. Those light rings were crystal clear that they could see the overcast sky through them. They could even see the battleships of the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Shadow Clan above the clouds.

Those light curtains were apparently defensive barriers. They layered above their heads like waves with fierce energy fluctuations.

Shi Yan got up, frowning and walking to Fu Wei. "Potion and Tool Pavilion is the superpower force of the star area, but you don't have Incipient God Realm experts? Bettina and Zha Duo are at Ethereal God Realm. But if you got only the experts at their realm, how could you protect your welfare?"

"Why did you ask this?" Fu Wei seemed to not want to answer him.

Shi Yan was astounded. He looked at her deeply and then glanced at Xia Xin Yan who was smiling gently next to him. He suddenly got something.

Of course, he saw that Xia Xin Yan and Fu Wei had talked to each other. He also knew Xia Xin Yan wasn't a plain woman. She was famous for her intelligence while they were still in Grace Mainland. After she had arrived in Agate Star Area, within a short period of one hundred years, she had stepped on the peak of glory in Fighting League.

Of course, he knew Xia Xin Yan had a deep love for him. He understood her well. He knew that she had said something to Fu Wei, which had changed Fu Wei's attitude towards him.

Glaring at Xia Xin Yan, he didn't say anything. To him, Fu Wei was just a passenger who he met on his train of life. He didn't have any deep affection towards her. Thus, he wouldn't get mad at Xia Xin Yan because of her. However, he was just curious. As Potion and Tool Pavilion was praised as the most mysterious and powerful force, if they said that they didn't have Incipient God Realm experts to guard the shrine, he wouldn't believe it.

"Potion and Tool Pavilion has three Incipient God Realm experts." Xia Xin Yan could see his doubts, smiling and explaining. "But all three of them are cultivating in seclusion. Unless Potion and Tool Pavilion encounters big troubles, they won't come out to deal with it. They won't participate in the internal competition between Elders in the Pavilion. The Elders have to do things to get their power. However, the internal competition of Potion and Tool Pavilion is a big issue in the entire Agate Star Area. It could get more forces from everywhere involved in this mess. For example, the Great Elder, Zuo Lou, can affect the Ghost Mark Clan. And I heard that the Third Elder has a good relationship with the Wood Clan. Is that so?" She looked at Fu Wei.

Fu Wei nodded quietly. "If Third Elder could contact them, as soon as they know our situation, the Wood Clan will send their hotshots to help us. However, I'm afraid... that we can't count on the Wood Clan."

"The Tricolor Sea is torn off." Feng Yan was always quiet. She hissed all of a sudden, her face solemn.

Everybody faced the sky, their complexions changing.