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Bettina held the scepter, looking at the sky with a cold and stern face. A cold light sparkled in her face.

"Potion and Tool Pavilion has had many internal battles. For the throne of Pavilion Master, we used to have some great wars. However, we have never had any exposing elder murder cases except for the first time!"

Bettina's face was cold, talking indignantly. "Zuo Lou is mad this time!"

Zha Duo and Fu Wei paled, clenching their fists. In their rage, they hated that they couldn't jump on Great Elder Zuo Lou to fight him and make him pay a bloody price.

"The space channel that the Dark Shadow Clan has been combing for several thousand years is about to clear. God Clan will come. Before its great army arrives, they will stir up and put Agate Star Area into complete chaos. This is the mission of your Great Elder in charge. He has to rush anyway. Once he gets the approval of the God Clan, he will have the power that he has never had before. It's normal if he has started to act ruthlessly."

Shi Yan frowned. His voice was calm as he slowly exposed the ugly truth.

Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei looked horrified. They looked at Shi Yan, but they didn't say a word.

After a while, Bettina shouted, "Are you telling the truth?"

Previously, she had a lousy prejudice towards Shi Yan. She didn't believe in what Shi Yan said. She thought that Shi Yan was trying to catch their attention, especially Xia Xin Yan's, to earn her favor.

However, after this commotion, Bettina had changed. She started to consider what Shi Yan had said.

Zha Duo also contemplated.

His most significant doubt was that Shi Yan could extract the memory of an Ethereal God Realm Dark Shadow Clan expert while having only Original God Realm. He thought that Shi Yan was lying.

However, he didn't think so at this moment...

Shi Yan came frantically and his slash had almost destroyed the protection of the lake. He had hurt dozens of guards at Original God Realm. At the same time, Shi Yan had a strange power that could blur his mind. If Xia Xin Yan hadn't stopped Shi Yan, he would have been killed.

And he was at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm!

No one dared to scorn Shi Yan anymore!

At this moment, Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei though that Shi Yan's formidable powers were immeasurable. They didn't know his real power's limitation.

Although they didn't trust him at first because of his rocketing power, now they had to consider his words.

"I don't care if you trust him or not. I absolutely trust him." At this moment, Xia Xin Yan naturally stood by Shi Yan. It looked like her trust would never change even if the sun and the moon didn't rise anymore. Her attitude would never change. It was a solid trust that would never be shaken.

"Initially, I intended to go with him and check the space channel that Dark Shadow Clan has been clearing after I was done with you guys. Then, I would have spread that news all over Agate Star Area," Xia Xin Yan knitted her brows, "But this plan couldn't catch up with the situation. I didn't think that our danger would come that fast. Seems like we'll be surrounded for a while."

The danger was coming. She was still calm. She wasn't flustered. Her bearing was elegant and indifferent.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he inwardly complimented her performance. For one hundred years, she had fought alone in Agate Star Area. He didn't know how many tricky situations she had experienced to practice and accomplish her now naturally placid bearing. She was much stronger than she used to be.

"I'll find the evidence of what you've told us!" Bettina took a deep breath. She nodded and then faced the sky. "In the meantime, no one can leave life star number 9. I've opened all the barriers outside the star. As we can make the defense earlier, we won't have a fatal situation."

Fu Wei and Zha Duo were petrified.

Xia Xin Yan's face was calm and natural as she said, "I wonder if they know that we, the Windstorm War Department, are also here."

"Of course, they know," sighed Fu Wei, looking at the other woman strangely. "The Great Elder keeps the Satellite Eye. It's as easy as flipping his hand to get information about the situation here. I think... in his plan, he has considered some unexpected factors, including you guys."

"Then, did their plan include a First Sky of Incipient God Realm expert in my Windstorm War Department?" Xia Xin Yan gave a quiet smile.

Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei were filled with joy.

"Precursor Feng Yan!" called Xia Xin Yan.

From the battleship above her head descended a little girl around one meter tall. She hovered and steadied her body by Xia Xin Yan, giving a slight nod.

That little girl was small and cute. Although her body looked graceful, she was wearing a shabby gray robe accompanied with a pointy hat like a witch hat in legends. That little girl looked to be in the bright and sweet phase of her youth. However, her eyes looked archaic and deep as if they were old cuts worn out by time.

Looking into her eyes, no one could imagine her at such a young age. Quite the contrary, they would think that she was a white-headed senile woman who had already put one foot into her grave.

Bettina glanced over her. She was shocked. She pried, "Are you really Feng Yan mei-mei?"

"Bettina, long time no see," the little girl called Feng Yan grinned, talking indifferently. "It has been several thousand years and we haven't met. You're still stagnant in Ethereal God Realm. No wonder why Zuo Lou can become Great Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion and you are just the Third Elder."

Bettina looked bitter. "I'm not like Zuo Lou. I've mastered forging tools. I've been cultivating strenuously as told by Potion and Tool Pavilion's guidelines. I'm different from him. You... why do you look like this?"

Feng Yan frowned, talking indifferently. "When I broke through Incipient God Realm, I got a problem. I begrudgingly reincarnated to cultivate again. I was lucky that I could figure out my mistakes and make up for it. Eventually, I reached First Sky of Incipient God Realm. It was worth my reincarnation though."

"You have used one thousand years to recover your realm and advance?" Bettina was surprised.

Fu Wei and Zha Duo admired and respected her efforts.

People who cultivated to be a warrior didn't have eternal lives. Many warriors when breaking through to Incipient God Realm at Peak of Ethereal God Realm faced a deadly danger.

However, among one hundred experts, there were only two brave and wise enough to sacrifice their cultivation base and use the soul to reincarnate. This required a great effort and willpower!

One thousand years wasn't a short period to anybody. She had given up everything, scattered her energy, and left only her soul to renovate later. Which characteristics did this task require?

However, if she had decided not to renovate her power and retreat when she encountered difficulty, she would have remained as a Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm expert, a famous expert. However, she would never have advanced to Incipient God Realm later. This rule was like steel.

However, an expert who decided to reincarnate needed a specific power. Or else, he wouldn't gather enough memory of the previous life. During several thousand years of rebuilding his power, he would be like a toddler who started to walk. He might encounter more dangers so that he would eventually completely vanish before he could gather his full memory. From another aspect, reincarnation and renovation of realm required more courage than retreating when facing difficulty!

Of course, the advantage was clear. Once he could restore his full memory and power, he could break through to Incipient God Realm smoothly.

Feng Yan belonged to this group of brave experts. She had erased her cultivation base of Peak of Ethereal God Realm and started all over again in this infant body. She had struggled before her memory was fully restored. Eventually, she walked back to the peak and broke the barrier to enter First Sky of Incipient God Realm.

Her experience makes people admire and respect her!

"If they have only one Incipient God Realm expert and not at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, I think I can counter them." Feng Yan said faintly, facing the sky. She looked like a calm well that didn't ripple.

"I'm more confident having you here." Bettina didn't conceal her joy. "We know their plan. As long as we arrange properly to resist, we may have a chance to survive this disaster."

Bettina's scepter suddenly flew up into the sky, turning into three fire columns of dim blue, dark green, and red-orange colors, and moving to three imposing mountain ranges of this star.

Shortly after, the three mountain ranges on the surface of the life star number 9 had their energy surge like a tsunami. The highest mountain of each mountain range exploded, shooting the dim blue, dark green, and red-orange light columns into the sky. They contributed more energy to the three light curtains covering the planet.

From outer space, people would find life star number 9 be covered in a sea of light with three different hues of blue, green, and red-orange. This kind of light protection was immense, bobbing with surging energy.

Shi Yan lifted his head to see the three seas of energy above his head, which were so transparent that he could still see the dark universe out there. He could even see the shooting stars crossing space. He understood that this light curtain didn't restrain warriors with Star power. His Soul Consciousness could get through the barrier though.

Thinking about Potion and Tool Pavilion's usual deeds, he immediately recognized that it was because he was staying inside the light curtain. It would be much more difficult for people outside to use the Soul Consciousness to sense the commotion on the planet. It would be very strenuous to break this protective halo.

A Sound Stone emerged from Bettina's palm. It looked like a big emerald. She talked to the stone.

Although the sound waves of the Sound Stones couldn't get through the space out there, it wasn't affected when talking to the warriors in the same life star. Shortly after, many battleships based in life star number 9 started their engines. At the same time, thousands of Potion and Tool Pavilion's warriors emerged from the underground, gathering like a rising tide.

"The enemy is going to invade us. Prepare for a deadly battle." Bettina became sane. Seeing the crowd of Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards coming, she lifted her head to look at the horizon and then sat down quietly by the lake.

Zha Duo and Fu Wei were astounded for a while. They said nothing but followed Bettina to sit down. They took out the fragranced pellets to restore their powers. They had to prepare for the coming battle.

Xia Xin Yan glanced at the horizon and then at Feng Yan. She said gently, "Precursor Feng Yan, please take care of Windstorm War Department. It... originally belonged to you."

Feng Yan nodded, talking lovingly, "You must be tired after talking to Potion and Tool Pavilion. Take a good rest then."

Xia Xin Yan smiled softly. She winked at Shi Yan and then silently flew towards a lush valley with a lot of blooming flowers outside the lake.

Shi Yan rubbed his nose and followed her.

Feng Yan slightly frowned looking at the two disappearing, but she said nothing.

Fu Wei closed her eyes to cultivate. Her eyelids twitched as her eyes opened slightly, watching the other two enter the valley with a complicated face.