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1025 Play to the gallery?

"The Great Elder has joined hands with the Dark Shadow Clan to facilitate the God Clan's invasion?"

Bettina gave a faint smile. With her prejudice towards Shi Yan, she didn't have any favorable impression of him, so she didn't believe him. "Nonsense! Although Great Elder has a big wild scheme, he knows what not to do. Letting the God Clan invade our place, what's good for him in this? He's willing to be the God Clan's hound?"

Bettina shook her head, not believing Shi Yan at all. 

Zha Duo and Fu Wei were also surprised, but they thought Shi Yan was just acting. Fu Wei felt that Shi Yan's today performance was too bad. She assumed he was playing the gallery to earn their attention. Thus, she didn't buy it.

"Do you know the superpower status of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area?" Zha Duo wasn't polite, grinning. "Being the Great Elder of the Potion and Tool Pavilion, he has almost controlled all of the star area. He's the peak character who tops everyone else. Unless his brain's dysfunctional, he would never become the servant of the God Clan. Your joke's funny!"

Fu Wei kept silent and didn't help Shi Yan defend himself either.

The three Elders of the Potion and Tool Pavilion used their words and complexion to express their attitude. Shi Yan had gone through all the trouble to get to this place, bringing them the news. He was so angry at their response. 

He understood that it was because the Potion and Tool Pavilion didn't consider his status or position. If Xia Xin Yan, Blood Devil of the Demon Clan or, Bath and Gu Te from Monster Dragon Star had told them this information, the three Elders of the Potion and Tool Pavilion would have jumped in fear.

When one didn't have status or a high position, people would consider the truth one spoke as a big joke. No one would care.

"I got the information from the memory of an Ethereal God Realm expert of the Dark Shadow Clan. It must be true!" Shi Yan said resolutely.

Unfortunately, hearing him, Bettina and Zha Duo hated him even more as they felt it was seemed so stupid. Especially Zha Duo, who talked with a mocking face, "You're just a warrior at the Original God Realm. What do you have to kill an Ethereal God Realm expert and extract his memory? Even if you want to lie, you need to find more backup!"

Bettina waved her hand as she couldn't hold it. "All right, all right. If you only have this to say, we're not interested. Yeah, you should go. Don't delay our important business." She nodded to Fu Wei, asking her to send him off. 

Fu Wei sighed, standing up reluctantly. She lowered her voice, talking to Shi Yan. ""Let's go. I'm taking you out."

Shi Yan knitted his brows tightly, his face grimaced. He stood up quietly, turning around to throw Xia Xin Yan a glance. Xia Xin Yan nodded, but no one noticed her move. She signaled for him to wait for her outside the life star number nine. 

Fu Wei led Shi Yan floating up, flying out of the lake. When they landed, she frowned, blaming him. "What's wrong with you today?"

Shi Yan darkened his face, talking coldly. "You don't believe me?"

"Naturally, I would believe you, but... you're so strange today. I think you got crazy because of Xia Xin Yan's glamor. I can't make myself believe in you." Fu Wei said seriously. 

Shi Yan felt lost. He sighed inwardly, but he didn't want to insist on it anymore. "It's okay if you don't believe me. When it happens, I hope you can manage things well. Sigh."

"Could you tell me what's happened to you?" Fu Wei was bewildered, her face awkward. "Why did you seem to have become another man when you saw Xia Xin Yan? You were like a loon pervert who doesn't know a thing. You were obsessed. Is she that attractive to you that she could even disorder your mind?" 

Fu Wei still thought that Xia Xin Yan was the main reason why Shi Yan behaved like a fool, and that he had made up such terrifying, fake news to attract her attention.

Shi Yan wanted to cry, but had no tears. He didn't have the mood to explain, so he just waved his hand. "I'm leaving now. You guys suit yourself. I hope you wouldn't regret in the future."

"I'm glad you came to see me," Fu Wei pondered for a while and then said, "How about you staying here and waiting for me for a while. After we've done negotiating with Xia Xin Yan, I'm going to talk to you later?"

"No need. I don't have free time." Shi Yan rejected with a dark dace. He felt irritated, leaving. He talked to Fei Lan's team waiting in the distance. "Let's go!"

Fei Lan and Leona nodded. They didn't look at Fu Wei, following him to fly out of the lake. They pierced through the atmosphere, returning to the dark outer space.

Underneath them were the dark clouds that covered the entire life star number nine, revealing nothing.

Shi Yan's team gathered on a dark blue asteroid and stopped to watch.

"Senior, has the Potion and Tool Pavilion fallen into chaos now?" Ka Tuo approached him. "The God Clan is about to invade, and their Great Elder has joined hands with aliens. Isn't it breaking news?" 

"They didn't believe me. They thought I was making it up. Damn it!" Shi Yan couldn't help but curse.

Fei Lan's team was baffled.

Benny's handsome face was angry and ferocious. "Seems like they don't want to live anymore! The God Clan is famous for their intimidation in this universe. The star area they lay their eyes on can't avoid a catastrophe. They got the chance to prepare their defense, but they refuse it. I think the Agate Star Area will become the backyard garden of the God Clan soon."

He came from another star area, and knew how mighty the God Clan was. Seeing the strongest force of Agate Star Area being so aloof and numb, he was quite disappointed.

"What should we do now?" Fei Lan frowned, "The Potion and Tool Pavilion doesn't believe us. Who else we can tell to spread this information? How about Blood Devil?"

"Too far… I can't contact him. It takes a lot of time to get here." Pondering for a while, Shi Yan said. "We're going to wait here for a while. I want to see someone. Perhaps, she could change the Potion and Tool Pavilion's attitude."

"Who? Fu Wei jiejie?" Zuo Shi couldn't help but ask.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan calmed down his anger and chuckled. "Not Fu Wei. You'll know when you see her."

"Oh? Do I know her?" Zuo Shi screamed with surprise.

Shi Yan smiled, but didn't explain more.

Hundreds of different shapes battleships entered a quiet corner of the Shadow Ghostly Prison, without releasing any beam of fierce energy.

Those battleships separated into two different parties as they moved in two formations, heading to the life star number nine of Potion and Tool Pavilion. At the point where two formations crossed each other, there were two battleships, one belonging to the Ghost Mark Clan, and the other to the Dark Shadow Clan.

The Ghost Mark battleships were shark-shaped, around several thousand meters long. They looked more imposing than the flat, round battleships of the Dark Shadow Clan. This kind of a battleship didn't belong in the Agate Star Area, and they weren't fabricated by the Potion and Tool Pavilion.

At this moment, people from two clans gathered between the two battleships.

One of them was Du Lin.

There was a Dark Shadow old man with a face that had experienced hardship and difficulties. He had thin and long eyebrows that looked like two spears. He was around sixty or seventy years old, wearing a strange robe with gold-plated hems shrouding his entire body.

Also present was a Ghost Mark man with a cold and harsh countenance. His face was arrogant as he stood, clasping his hands behind his back.

The three of them were discussing something. At times, a murderous aura would arise from them. Apparently, they were plotting something bloody.

Suddenly, a Dark Shadow Clan soldier flew to them from a battleship, talking respectfully. "Master Cocker, the kid we were searching for disappeared. The troop we sent to find him was killed."

The leader of the Dark Shadow Clan called "Cocker" had a brutal light sparkling in his eyes, "No one alive?"

"Yes, they were all killed." The subordinate replied gingerly.

Cocker waved his hand. "I got it. You can leave."

The Dark Shadow Clan clansman retreated quietly.

"Do you need help?" Hammer, the current Chief of Ghost Mark Clan in Agate Star Area, sounded surprised. "If someone dares to kill your fellows in Shadow Ghostly Prison, it's only the Fighting League. The Fighting League and the other have a good relationship. I heard that the commander of the Windstorm War Department is visiting the life star number nine. If you don't feel well, it's a good chance to vent out."

"We will solve our own business. You don't need to mind a thing." Cocker said while frowning. "The target life star has the Tenth Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, who cultivates Space power Upanishad. Before we attack them, we need to prepare something first."

Hammer and Du Lin nodded.

They knew the abilities of the warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad. To deal with this kind of warrior, they needed a complicated arrangement. Or else, their target could use his power to retreat with ease.

The warriors who cultivated space power were the hardest to catch in every known star area. If they didn't block all of his possible exits, they wouldn't be able to kill him.

"Leave it to the Dark Shadow Clan," Cocker looked at Hammer and Du Lin while explaining, "Our Dark Shadow Clan is good at chasing warriors with Space power Upanishad. We just need to disorder the space nodes around, which will prevent him from using them to teleport. We can stop him that way from running away in just a blink."

Hammer and Du Lin knew how strong the Dark Shadow Clan was in this particular field. They didn't have any other opinion and agreed with him.

"First, we need to stop the battleships, so that I can break the space nodes around here. We will mess up all the areas where he could make a quick escape. We will stop him from escaping the life star instantly. After we're done, you can move," said Cocker arrogantly.

Hammer and Du Lin agreed with him.

Cocker called for someone, then lowered his voice to assign that man. The Dark Shadow Clan warrior listened to him and nodded continually. Shortly after, he left.

Not long afterward, brilliant chunks of light bloomed in the dark space. The void rippled and twisted like water waves. Hammer and Du Lin had a feeling that this whole area was about to collapse. They looked at the exploding light, feeling the fear for the Dark Shadow Clan rising high in their hearts.

This mysterious clan did have supernatural powers to deal with warriors with space power. At the same time, their internal power was also intimidating.