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1023 You look like my lady, who has been missing for years...

A corner of the crystal clear lake…

Fu Wei stood upright, wearing sky blue clothes. Her porcelain wrist wore a fresh, green ring. She looked like a blooming lotus, pure and beautiful.

A war chariot landed like a tornado. People on that chariot slowly got out, stepping on the stone ground in front of her. Shi Yan led them, beaming a bright smile as he bent to greet her, "Hello Lady!"

Fu Wei relaxed her face, smiling discreetly and tenderly. "I heard you have something important to tell me?"

Shi Yan nodded and said earnestly, "It's critical... Otherwise, I wouldn't come to disturb your peaceful and quiet time."

"Critical," Fu Wei gently looked at Zuo Shi, Xuan Ming, and the others. She smiled and said, "If it weren't because of you, I wouldn't have overcome Du Lin's challenge. I hadn't thanked you properly before Uncle Duo barged in. He misunderstood you. I want to say sorry on behalf of him."

Waving his hand, Shi Yan seemed not bothered with it. "It has nothing to do with him. I don't mind if he misunderstood me or not. About Du Lin, I didn't have any merit. It's you who is strong enough."

"Not you?" Fu Wei smiled with some deep intention in her eyes. "Wasn't the giant Blood Shield that had appeared all of a sudden related to you,"

"No, we aren't related." Shi Yan shook his head resolutely.

Fu Wei giggled, looking at him in the eye. "We won't talk about it more. An elder wants to see you... She... holds an extremely high position in the pavilion. She has treated me well. However, she's afraid that I would have a deep relationship with you. You should consider that."

Shi Yan was surprised. He stayed baffled for a while before talking, "It's good. It's better if I talk to your senior about what I want to tell you."

"Follow me," Fu Wei stood up, gently flying towards the center of the lake.

 "You will go there alone," a guard told him by the lake while frowning.

"You guys wait for me here." Shi Yan also knew the rules. He advised Fei Lan and the others, then followed Fu Wei, flying towards the main hall in the lake.

The main hall…

While discussing with Bettina, Xia Xin Yan suddenly felt a vehement vibe in her soul. She could feel something very important to her was coming close. She felt a little restless.

As her realm was profound and her power Upanishad was marvelous, she had many mysterious abilities. She calmed down her mind and sensed, but couldn't get anything strange.


A stone door above their head squeaked open, as two figures slowly descended.

Xia Xin Yan's beautiful eyes suddenly sparkled with brilliant, dazzling light while her body shivered. She was bewildered, looking at the incoming man. She sat perplexed, as if she was struck by the Body Fixing Spell.

After Shi Yan landed, he stooped and raked his eyes through the place. He was petrified as if he were walloped, his face astounded.

It had been almost one hundred years. The two intimate souls who had found each other in the Grace Mainland suddenly met up again in this place. The two of them were dumbstruck, as they didn't expect this encounter.

"Little Wei, is he the boy you told me about? He has a deep relationship with Blood Demon, Bath, and Gu Te?" Bettina hadn't recognized the strange expression on Xia Xin Yan sitting next to her yet. She eyed Shi Yan while frowning. "Only at the Third Sky of Original God Realm... Not really outstanding..."

Her line of sight switched from Zha Duo to Shi Yan, who looked really dumb at this moment, frowning tightly. "Such a fool..."

Bettina relaxed. After she had seen Shi Yan, she felt quite disappointed. However, she also felt lucky that Fu Wei wouldn't have anything with Shi Yan. How could Fu Wei lay her eyes on a stupid kid like him? She instinctively thought that Zha Duo was wrong.

Zha Duo was also confused as he looked at Shi Yan for a while and became disappointed.

Shi Yan didn't have a high realm and his manner wasn't excellent. He didn't even know that he should greet Bettina. Apparently, he made people disdain him.

"This is my senior, the Third Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Shi Yan? Shi Yan!" Fu Wei knitted her bold brows as she secretly called him, but he hadn't awakened yet. At this point, she had to raise her voice. 

Shi Yan sat down dully, facing Xia Xin Yan across the stone table. He was so astounded that he didn't hear what Fu Wei was saying to him. And, he didn't greet Bettina and Zha Duo either. He acted incredibly dumb.

The woman sitting in front of him was much more elegant than in the past. Her gorgeous gown lingered on her perfect figure. Her s*xy body was so charming, her bare feet seemingly made of porcelain and flawless. Today, her stylish and enchanting characteristics could make people's hearts pound harder.

Shi Yan's line of sight fell on Xia Xin Yan and turned him as dumb as someone who had seen the glamor for the first time. He couldn't even hide his hot eyes gazing on her.

Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei hadn't noticed Xia Xin Yan's strange expression as they were all watching Shi Yan. Seeing his confused complexion, Bettina and Zha Duo disdained him even more.

Fu Wei was angry discreetly. She bit her lips, rolling her eyes at him.

Seeing the glamor, he became dizzy and forgot even the basic etiquette. This made Fu Wei mad, thinking he was like the other men who were thrilled by Xia Xin Yan's beauty.

"Cough!" Xia Xin Yan gave a dry cough as her face turned normal again. She smiled, then said naturally, "Fu Wei jie-jie, why don't you introduce this outstanding, handsome young man here? He looks like he wants to eat human flesh. Is he the one who has a reluctant relationship with you?" 

Fu Wei was so embarrassed as she glared at Shi Yan, trying to explain. "No. We're just friends. Don't make wrong assumptions, guys."

"Normal friends?" Xia Xin Yan smiled, but she didn't part her lips. Her beautiful eyes rolled, but she still gazed at Shi Yan. "He looks good. But handsome warriors are everywhere in Agate Star Area. He just looks so-so. Bearing... Hm, only that much... He seems foolish though. I think that Fu Wei jie-jie doesn't like him, right?"

She was talking to Fu Wei, but her line of sight had never left Shi Yan. Her voice sounded mocking, but no one knew that she was shivering.

Shi Yan pulled himself together from the awkward situation. He secretly glared at Xia Xin Yan, then gave a light cough and gathered his manner. "Yeah, I'm a fool. But, I'm not like someone who is trying to pretend to be foolish."

Pausing for a while, his eyes became dissolute, raking on Xia Xin Yan's sexy body and not wanting to get back. He tried to look despicable. "May I know your name, Lady? Have you been married? What do you think about me? I don't know why when I see you, I thought that you were my lady who had been missing for years. I wonder if you have the same feeling…"

Listening to him, Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei were frightened, looking at him as if they were looking at a monster.

This man... Was he nuts?

What position and level did Xia Xin Yan have? She was the leader of the Windstorm War Department of Fighting League! She was very famous in Shadow Ghostly Prison. She was extremely brilliant, and her plans had never failed. She had taken her force to attack the Dark Shadow Clan several times with brutal and extreme deeds. She was famous throughout one hundred years in the Shadow Ghostly Prison, the best of the best!

Even Zha Duo and Fu Wei had to welcome her personally. This kind of character, how could he tease her that way?

Fu Wei was panic-stricken, her face pale. She hurried to get up and explain to Xia Xin Yan reluctantly. "This friend of mine is drunk, acting strangely. My apology… Please don't hold grudges against him."

She turned around, then lowered her voice and scolded him. "Shi Yan, what's wrong with you? Do you know who she is? She's the commander of the Windstorm War Department of Fighting League! She's the person the Hegemon trusts the most! She can even talk on behalf of the Fighting League! I'm begging you, don't act rashly!"

Bettina and Zha Duo were pale, looking at him maliciously.

However, it was beyond their expectation that Xia Xin Yan, who was flirted with, hadn't been enraged yet. Quite the contrary, she somehow blushed and threw Shi Yan a glance, talking casually, "So? You want to pursue me? Of course, I'm not married. But, it's not easy to chase me. I have someone I like. He's an a*shole who enjoys his life out there. He has a lot of love affairs. It has been one hundred years, and he hasn't found me yet. If you want to pursue me, help me kill him first. Can you do that?" 

Everybody was bewildered, their faces odd.

'That kid is crazy. But, is craziness infectious?'

Even a noble like her turned crazy? Since when did she like to give her good face to a man, especially when that man had teased her first? The master of Windstorm was infamous. Since when had she become so easy to talk with? She still spoke to that man nicely. What f*cking logic was this?

Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei all felt panic-stricken. They looked at Xia Xin Yan then Shi Yan with his naked line of sight. They found the situation was way beyond their imagination.

"All right! Tell me, what's his name? Tell me, and I'll kill him!" Shi Yan rolled his sleeves, his face savage while shouting. "Dares to let such a beauty wait for him for one hundred years… He's committed a big crime. I'll kill him then we'll be together. How does it sound?" 


Xia Xin Yan burst out laughing charmingly. She angrily stared at him, then lowered her voice and scolded him. "You don't care about your reputation!"

Shi Yan laughed with his thick-skinned face.

Bettina, Zha Duo, and Fu Wei were baffled. They exchanged looks, but they didn't know what to do.

"Lady, can we talk in private? Let me show my hot affection to you. Seeing you today, I'm amazed as if I've seen a fairy. If I can't have something with you, I will regret it my whole life. Please fulfill my wish!" Shi Yan seized the chance, grinning with bright eyes.

Bettina's group was bewildered. They cursed Shi Yan under their breath for being despicable. He was really wanton this time indeed.

"Excellent." Beyond their expectation, Xia Xin Yan agreed resolutely. She smiled like a flower, talking to Bettina. "Can I borrow a secret room?" 

Bettina nodded bewilderedly. She felt so tired and unnatural. She called in a feeble voice, "People, guide them to the secret chamber number three." 

Under the fierce gaze of Zha Duo and Fu Wei, as if they wanted to eat people alive, Xia Xin Yan jolted up from her seat fast. She looked even more hurried than Shi Yan as she hastened to leave to the secret chamber. Zha Duo and Fu Wei could see her nape blushing... It was the sign of her rushing affection...

At this moment, Shi Yan laughed, then lifted his face and followed her under the sharp looks of the other three.