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1018 Traceable to the Same Stock

The more he knew about the God Clan, the heavier the pressure that Shi Yan felt. The God Clan was like a mountain that he would never be able to climb to the peak. This kind of pressure had suffocated him.

There were Incipient God Realm experts in every one of the twelve families of the God Clan. The Ascot family had the power to invade Agate Star Area and they seemed to be making progress.

The famous Dark Shadow Clan in Agate Star Area was just a vassal force that was the hounds of God Clan. This made Shi Yan grimace.

Aside from Benny, Zuo Shi, Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo paled as if they had the same mountain pressing their chests while listening to Shi Yan.

Until now, they had always considered the God Clan as the archenemy of the Bloodthirsty's line. And the God Clan wouldn't give up chasing after Bloodthirsty's descendants. No matter how hard they tried to hide away, they would never have a quiet day as long as the God Clan existed.

However, facing the God Clan, they felt so small. They were like mayflies trying to shake a big tree.

"Did you... get any information about them?" Fei Lan contemplated for a while before asking with worries. "A thousand mile journey begins first with a single step. It will take a long time to fight against the God Clan. At this moment, our powers are far behind theirs. Thus, we must consider increasing our power as the top priority."

Fei Lan was talking about the two members of her Dark Sky family.

Leona also had this expectation.

"No," Shi Yan sighed, "that man didn't have information about them. Perhaps he didn't participate in that work. We must carry it step by step."

"Dealing with the God Clan?" Benny, the Dark teenager, asked with an odd countenance. "You know how intimidating they are and you dare to resist? You guys don't value your lives. In this vast universe, fewer and fewer people dare to face the God Clan. Until now, there has only one force that had almost destroyed the God Clan. But even that was just "almost." Eventually, it failed and its master was gone."

Fei Lan's eyes glistened, looking at the youngster. "Which was that force?"

From the memory Shi Yan had got, the twelve families of the God Clan had invaded half of this universe. They had so many life stars and henchmen. Their powers were unimaginably formidable.

The Ascot family alone had dared to plot against Agate Star Area. From only this, they knew how intimidating the God Clan was. But if there was a force that had almost destroyed the God Clan, Fei Lan thought that it was unimaginable.

Everybody looked at Benny.

Under their gazes, Benny snorted but he kept his mouth shut. Although he was worried, his eyes were arrogant.

Shi Yan looked at him, chuckled, and said as if he was considering something, "The force you mentioned has some relationship with you, right?"

Benny straightened his back like a sharp sword coming out of its sheath, showing its talent. He admitted naturally and confidently, "Yeah, it's true. In this vast universe, only our force used to have the strength to force the God Clan act together. We'd worn out the power of their entire clan!"

Listening to him, Shi Yan and Ka Tuo laughed evilly. Benny thought that they were laughing at him. He put on a grim face, shouting, "You don't believe me?"

Shi Yan and Ka Tuo exchanged looks and laughed harder, "We do! Of course, we believe you!"

It was over Benny's expectation when Shi Yan nodded continually, "I believe in your words. In this vast universe, we have countless galaxies out there and we know there used to be a force like that, the force that had almost destroyed the God Clan's huge foundation. I also know you are one of the descendants of that force."

Fei Lan and Leona were astounded.

Benny was startled. He threw a contemptuous glance. Apparently, he didn't buy it. "You know nothing!"

"Brat. Show respect. People here are all your precursors." Ka Tuo smiled and told him off, but he didn't get angry.

"Precursors?" The contempt in Benny's eyes grew. He shook his head, speaking seriously. "You don't deserve that title."

Fei Lan and Leona frowned, looking at him with dark eyes. They were provoked obviously.

Waving his hand, Shi Yan signaled them to calm down. He descended from the air and raised his hand to make a cut. A space saber cut off the pointy peak of an ice mountain, creating a flat crystal ground of around several thousand square meters.

Shi Yan was the first one to land on the beautiful crystal platform on the mountain. He quieted down and sat neatly. His aura began to surge. The wisps of negative moods floated around him strangely as he refined the energy that his acupuncture points had absorbed.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo cheered up. They kept silent, landing and sitting cross-legged in front of him. They looked at him with a longing face, waiting for something in silence.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming were surprised. They also came to the crystal platform and used divine crystals to restore their energy.

Only Benny, the Dark teenager, was still hovering above their heads. He hesitated for a while before saying, "I'm done with my mission as your bait. I don't have any business here anymore. Guys, I hope to not see you again."

When Benny finished, he wanted to fly away immediately.

Ka Tuo lifted his head, laughing and tapping on the clear ice next to him. He said, "Kid, come sit here."

Benny put on a cold countenance. His eyes showed his wild, brutal will. A devastating energy burst out of his body, "Are you done now?!"

Ka Tuo was still laughing as if he wasn't afraid of that teenager's outrage. He patted the ice next to him and said casually, "Come here as you're told. Don't talk nonsense! Behave or else Daddy will kick your ass!"

Fei Lan and Leona looked at him, their faces skeptical.

They could see that Ka Tuo wasn't angry at all. It made Fei Lan and Leona more curious when they studied Benny. Gradually, they had some different thoughts.

"Come sit here," Fei Lan pondered for a while and then pointed at the place next to her, urging the youngster, "Hurry up!"

Benny had Third Sky of King God Realm cultivation base. He knew where he was. He thought that he could survive facing Ka Tuo at Third Sky of Original God Realm. But if Fei Lan took action, he knew he wouldn't escape death.

As he was able to survive until now, he wasn't an impulsive fool. Thus, the youngster reluctantly sat next to Ka Tuo even though he was so enraged. He clenched his jaws. He glared at Ka Tuo maliciously. He had made up his mind: When he had a chance, he would make Ka Tuo lose his face!

"Kid, what kind of look is that? You motherf*cker. Daddy wants good things for you so I asked you to come. You brat. You don't know what's good or bad!" Ka Tuo laughed and couldn't help but scold.

"What's good is your mother!" Benny was obviously on the weak side, but his voice wasn't weak at all. His face reddened when he quarreled with Ka Tuo. "What the heck is wrong with you?! Wait until I get stronger. I will chop you off like I mince veggies!"

"Good! Good! Good!" Ka Tuo wasn't angry but smiling. "I'm waiting for you to become stronger because I can show you something good to taste then. My senior won't have a reason to stop me at that time."

"Shut up!" Fei Lan frowned as she couldn't hold it anymore.

Ka Tuo quieted down immediately. He retracted his head, shutting himself up. Benny didn't know why he felt afraid of this old woman. He gritted his teeth and sat down, frowning. No one knew what he had in his mind at this moment.

Time flew slowly.

Four hours later, Shi Yan opened his eyes. His pupils looked dark and wonderful like an immense galaxy with the light of energy. His soul altar seemed to about to fly out.

Wisps of pure energy floating like light emitted from his acupuncture points. They headed to his soul altar, flooding his entire body.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were happy. They removed the headband, showing their foreheads with the blood marks, which had the cloud shape with marvelous energy fluctuation.

Benny, the Dark youngster, was very bored. He just wanted to leave this place. All of a sudden, he was dumbstruck as if he had just got hit by lightning. He sat completely perplexed.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The tangled hair covering his forehead suddenly burned like fire. His glabella became so hot that he couldn't help it. A similar blood mark appeared on his forehead little by little.

"You! You guys... You guys!" Benny stammered, pointing at Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo. He fumbled with his hands, his body shaking. "You guys have... have it... too?"

"Don't talk nonsense! Just take the energy!" Ka Tuo glared at him maliciously and hissed, "Focus your soul on the imprint and release your soul altar. When the energy pours into your body, guide it through your body and congregate it in the center of the Sea of Consciousness."

Fei Lan and Leona also looked at Benny, at his blood mark to be exact. The doubts in their minds were gone/

The two of them glanced at Shi Yan who was releasing energy. They understood it, smiled, and nodded at Benny.

Benny had survived many dangers in the immense sea of stars. He had experienced grudges and pains from many people. Leona's and Fei Lan's smile had unlocked some place in his heart. He felt very comfortable as if he was seeing his beloved family. He couldn't help but have watery eyes.

"Hey, brat! Why are you still baffled?" scolded Ka Tuo.

Benny felt as if he had a bucket of icy water poured on his head. He shook, but he didn't squabble with Ka Tuo anymore. He scratched his head, smiling embarrassedly. He followed Ka Tuo, opened his soul, and sent his Soul Consciousness to the blood mark as Ka Tuo had instructed him to.

In the next moment, a flow of extremely pure energy poured directly into his blood mark in his glabella.

After that energy got through the blood mark, it expanded and entered his bones, flesh, and blood, flooding his Essence Qi Ancient Tree. That energy overflowed his Sea of Consciousness, giving some tonic to his soul altar. He felt like his soul altar was a dried well that now had cool and refreshing water. This feeling was so amazing!

Benny's thin body shivered. His eyes closed but his face was twitching as he was thrilled.

The energy continued to pour into his blood mark fiercely. Benny's happy countenance became clearer. If he weren't in a particular situation, he would have laughed out loud to vent his big thrill in his soul.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His soul altar suddenly spun fast. The edge of his soul altar shot out light dots of destructive energy, immersing his mind into a marvelous intent domain.

Benny felt as if he was severely hit, his mind shaken. He was baffled. After several seconds, his lips twitched. He stooped his head and mumbled, "I... I've broken through easily just like that! Oh my God!"