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1016 Break the Ice!

What Shi Yan called business was killing people.

A big beam of starlight carried Ka Tuo, Xuan Ming, Zuo Shi, and Benny forward like a ribbon at breakneck speed.

After fewer than ten minutes, they arrived at the gathering point of the Dark Shadow Clan.

Fragments of the butterfly war chariots were scattered everywhere in the glacier with the dead bodies of the Dark Shadow clansmen. They all had tragic deaths. The ones Fei Lan had killed had their bodies eroded inside, leaving only skin bags that covered the bodies as their internal organs and bones were now a mess of bloody paste.

The dead bodies with dark and fearful eyes were the work that was done by Leona. They also had darkness covering their bodies.

The three Ethereal God Realm experts of the Dark Shadow Clan were urging their powers Upanishad, their Soul Consciousness roving and their faces pale. They were attacking Fei Lan and Leona together with a circle of seven Original God Realm Dark Shadow clansmen. They had also used their powers Upanishads, which released ice, thunderbolts, fire snakes, and sharp gusts. They were screaming and shouting at Fei Lan and Leona.

The three leaders of the Dark Shadow troop hissed and screeched ear-splittingly. They cultivated Fire, Ice, and Lightning respectively. The Ethereal Extents of their powers Upanishad rolled torrentially with energy. While they were fighting Fei Lan and Leona, their energy shot out, piercing the ice, turning the icicles into power and scattering around like snow.

Although Leona and Fei Lan looked a bit strenuous battling the three Ethereal God Realm experts and the other seven Original God Realm warriors, they were still moving swiftly.

This was until they saw Shi Yan riding the starlight. Fei Lan's and Leona's tense nerves finally relaxed. Fei Lan touched a spot in the void above her head. Countless ash-gray dragons made of corrosive air began to move around, twisting their bodies dangerously.

The pale, erosive air currents contained unpredictably vicious power. When the wandering Soul Consciousness of the Dark Shadow troopers touched her pallid air current, they felt so painful as their soul energies were drained rapidly.

At this moment, Leona looked like a dark sun. The area around her was pitch black. Layers of dark energy rose like a raging flood. Her darkness seemed to be able to cover the brightly lit world.

Fei Lan and Leona had the competencies to challenge the warriors whose realm was higher than theirs. While they were battling ten Dark Shadow clansmen, their unique powers Upanishad had performed their advantages well. The ten Dark Shadow warriors couldn't approach them. Leona's darkness could shield most of the energy attacks from the different powers Upanishad as it blinded and preventing them from finding the targets.

Even if they were sensitive, the Dark Shadow warriors couldn't lock Leona's position in the darkness. They couldn't even see their own fingers.

If they couldn't lock her down, their powerful attacks would fail. It was a frustrated feeling when their attacks hit the void.

"You guys should deal with the seven troopers below Ethereal God Realm." Shi Yan grabbed something in the void and his starlight condensed into a big block of dazzling light. He notified Ka Tuo, Xuan Ming, and Zuo Shi while space power was mobilized in his body.

Shi Yan disappeared shortly after. People couldn't see him as if he had gone to another dimension.

"Leave it to me!"

Ka Tuo's face was ferocious as he flew like a Demogorgon. His power Upanishad rose torrentially, attracting and dragging pieces of ice and war chariot fragments towards his body. Together, they created a disorderly and chaotic magnetic field.

Squinting, Ka Tuo's eyes had a bloodthirsty gleam. Wherever his big hand pointed at, the fragments of war chariots and broken icicles attacked it instantly.

Those fragments moved like tornadoes, colliding with each other. Explosions and breaking noises arose like rattling heavy rain. The debris was now empowered by his Chaos power Upanishad. Under his soul command, everything shot out thickly.

The seven Original God Realm warriors surrounding them paled. They immediately changed their target. All now tried to resist Ka Tuo's attack.

Zuo Shi exhaled. Her white and soft hands made magical hand seals in the air. The melted glacier gathered, creating a sparkling pool with marvelous water waves. Those water waves then acted as a barrier that shielded the energy attack and protected her, Xuan Ming, and Benny.

Benny was surprised. He frowned, mumbling to himself, "I don't need your protection."

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Benny's bones sounded as if someone was frying beans. A destructive aura shot up into the sky from his head. Benny's eyes were mad and brutal as if he had entered a magical domain. He became heartless and bloodthirsty like a beast with its basic instinct of killing. He crossed the wall made of water directly.

Destructive energy rolled from him. Benny roared like a beast or a Devil God wanting to destroy the world in his rage. He stormed towards a First Sky of Original God Realm Dark Clan warrior.

The Dark Clan warrior seemed to know how dangerous he was. Seeing him coming, he was terrified.

Benny had only Third Sky of King God Realm cultivation base. However, the destructive energy fluctuated around him was enough to tear the whole sky when he released his God Domain. Such energy fluctuations burst off like thunderclaps. Fragments of wrecked war chariots and pieces of ice automatically exploded within his God Domain. His energy could destroy everything.

A dark blue stone carved with many exquisite symbols emerged in his palm.


The stone roared, transforming fast. Gradually, it became a massive meteorite with many archaic, unknown symbols. That rock had a blood-color mark in the center, which was glowing immensely. It seemed to be the source of destructive energy of the rock.

In just a blink, a small rock became a several-hundred-meter mountain. It looked old but tough in an oval shape and was filled with devastating power.

Benny touched his glabella. A flow of evil aura flooded that magical meteorite. The blood-colored mark in the center of the rock burst off with energy, sending countless archaic symbols away. The evil aura permitted the area.


That meteorite pounded on that First Sky of Original God Realm warrior. This man had tried his best to resist, but he looked so weak under the massive rock.

Boom! Boom!

Although the rock hadn't touched his head yet, the pressing, earth-destroying aura had acted earlier. This man was blown off. Blood trickled from seven holes in his face as that tremendous energy smashed him.


The meteorite fell like an imposing mountain. That warrior was pounded into a mess of blood. His body was smashed and his blood was diffusing like mist.

Benny's dark purple eyes were filled with bloodthirsty intentions. He acted as if he had fallen into bedevilment. His evil, devastating aura twirled around his body as he continually controlled the strange rock that bombarded the Dark Shadow experts. He made some Original God Realm warriors helter-skelter.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three electric spears flashed and then disappeared by the meteorite. They then suddenly stabbed one of the First Sky of Ethereal God Realm experts in his back. They were moving fiercely with space energy added.

That man felt something as he turned around strongly, his God Body frozen rapidly. In just a blink of an eye, he had a thick ice layer covering him entirely, his eyes cold and dark.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Bone Thorns thrust onto the ice armor on his back, drilling three holes. The man was blown away. He hurried to condense many ice walls in front of him, each of them ten meters thick.

As he cultivated Ice power Upanishad, the environment here had boosted his power.

He was also the one who had struggled against Fei Lan and Leona a lot. He had revived the glaciers around, shooting hundred-meter-long icicles towards them. He gave Leona and Fei Lan a headache.

In an environment that suitable to the power Upanishad of a warrior, his competence significantly increased. In this world of ice, that expert had only First Sky of Ethereal God Realm. However, the power he could perform could be more than his colleague's at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm.

The glaciers around could provide him with energy, ice beams, icicles, ice sabers, and more. Under his control, they were extremely dangerous.

To defend, he could condense a thick ice wall instantly. To attack, he could use a long and sharp icicle. In this area, he was the toughest warrior of the Dark Shadow Clan to deal with.

Shi Yan discreetly came to this place and his first target was that man.

Layers of ice walls were built. They looked thick and sparkling. The man was hiding behind his walls, his face cold as he curled his lips into a contemptuous smile, "Only at Third Sky of Original God Realm. You come to see your death, eh?"

More than ten ice beams of around one hundred meters glistened. They were sharp like spears, shooting out from the ice walls. They were so fiercely strong that they could break everything as they darted towards Shi Yan.

The three Bone Thorns moved around. Shi Yan calmly looked at him and said deliberately, "I am aiming at you because I can kill you."

His soul altar slowly spun. His co-soul with the Origin could control the energy of his body. His co-soul now looked like a fiery ball.

Instantaneously, Shi Yan became a man torch. Fire burst out from his body scorchingly like fire dragons. This kind of top Yang fire was able to burn the whole world down.

As his co-soul had merged with the Origin, he had the magical abilities of ten heaven flames he could use as he pleased.

The blazing heaven flame was released. At that moment, he looked like a flaming sun. Fire dragons were sent out of his body one after another. They melted the ten icicles in just a blink. More and more fire dragons roared and flew towards the thick ice walls.

The thick ice walls melted rapidly at a speed that people could observe with naked eyes. The steam permeated the place while the man was screeching painfully.

Ice power was his primary energy. Each of the ice walls and ice beams he had released had a wisp of his pure soul. He used his soul to adjust and control the power. When the ice walls and ice beams burned, it also hurt his soul, making him helter-skelter distressed

While the ice walls were melting, the Blood Vein Ring on Shi Yan's finger flashed. A broadsword appeared in the blood light.

A one-hundred-meter-long blood light with a thick blood scent drew a beautiful yet peculiar curve in the air when it hacked on the crystal clear ice. Along with the grumbling noise of an iceberg scattering, people heard someone screaming tragically.

The big eyes on the sword opened. A vicious aura was released, sending negative moods directly into people's hearts. It flooded fast like a rising tide, covering that area entirely.