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1011 Shadow Ghostly Prison

"He's from Blood Devil's tribe. He saved McGee, the youngest son of the Chief of Evil Dragon Tribe. He's the best friend of Ghost Hunter from the Brutal Dragon Tribe. Why did you enrage him?"

After Shi Yan's team left, Fu Wei asked her uncle with her furrowing, bold brow.

As they were both Elders of the Potion and Tool Pavilion, her status and position weren't lower than Zha Duo's even though Fu Wei was younger. She didn't need to hide things as she could tell him directly.

An Yun also thought that Zha Duo's deed wasn't appropriate but she didn't have the right to voice here.

There was no need to mention Shi Yan's relationships with the leaders of Monster Clan and Demon Clan. With only the fact that Shi Yan had given them the Canon, An Yun thought Potion and Tool Pavilion owed him. Then, Shi Yan didn't leave when Du Lin attacked them fiercely. At the critical moment, Shi Yan had helped Fu Wei recovered her energy. An Yun gradually developed good feelings for Shi Yan. She thought he was worth establishing a friendship with.

However, right as he had arrived, Zha Duo used sharp words to force Shi Yan's team to leave the battleship. An Yun thought that his deed wasn't appropriate.

"We're from Potion and Tool Pavilion. In this Agate Star Area, we don't participate in any battles. We don't need to care about any force." Zha Duo's visage was arrogant. He clasped his hands while he spoke, "Although Potion and Tool Pavilion doesn't join any war or battle of the star area, we do have the power to overturn the situation of this star area. Even if he comes from a stronger force, he won't dare to cause any grudge against us. We don't need to worry about anyone."

"I don't know why you had to do so," Fu Wei shook her head.

Zha Duo looked at her in the eyes. "Why you care about him that much?"

Fu Wei was bewildered. She thought and then said, "He helped me."

Zha Duo smiled coldly. "On my way here, I've heard you repeat his name many times and the frequency was increasing. I can feel that you really appreciate this man. I think it's not a good sign."

Taking a deep breath, Zha Duo lowered his voice. "You're the hope of our party. Your innate talents are excellent and you have been concentrating always. You have the competence to control Potion and Tool Pavilion in the future. If you let affection distract you, our hope will be drifted away."

Fu Wei's eyes became baffled as she said with a surprised countenance. "Is that the reason you tried to force him to leave?"

Zha Duo didn't deny it. "I thought that you shouldn't stay with him for a long time. This man could possibly be the Mara in your heart. I'm responsible for cleaning it for you."

Fu Wei and An Yun were astounded.

"It's unreasonable. You guys are thinking too much," Fu Wei gave a forced smile.

"I hope so. But we should prevent it early," Zha Duo was persistent.

Fu Wei sighed begrudgingly, her face bitter. She became more determined.


"Senior, that old man is despicable, seriously. He took advantage of you. But instead of saying thanks, he mocked and provoked us. Senior, you're too nice since you didn't get angry. Harrumph, if I got angry, I wouldn't have let it go!"

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, Zuo Shi, and Xuan Ming were staying on a blue-gray asteroid, which was rushing in the dark sea of stars. They were heading to Shadow Ghostly Prison.

There were many meteorites moving in this dark outer space, so their asteroid wasn't really eye-catching. Fei Lan used her energy to control it. It didn't fly as fast as the Potion and Tool Pavilion's battleship flew.

However, they weren't hurrying. Although their asteroid was slow, the distance to Shadow Ghostly Prison wasn't very long. They didn't waste much time anyway.

"When they say something you don't like, just leave. We don't need to quarrel with those people." Shi Yan smiled relaxedly. "Moreover, he wasn't wrong. We exchanged the Canon for many things. It was a fair trade. I was about to leave. As he was talking impulsively, there could have been a reason for us to leave though."

"He's right," Fei Lan understood the matter. "Potion and Tool Pavilion has a big internal issue. Although Du Lin failed this time, it's not certain that the enemy wouldn't make another move. It's not good if we mingle with them. I think they can't even take protect themselves. The next attack may be more furious. It would be perilous if we stayed on that battleship."

Leona also nodded. She had prepared to leave already. When Shi Yan countered Du Lin and hurt himself, she thought that it was absolutely not a wise move.

"Even if we wanted to leave, we should leave confidently and at ease. Now it's like we were enraged, so we left. I don't like it." Ka Tuo shook his head. Apparently, he was annoyed. Along the way, he cursed Zha Duo often with extreme language. He had even insulted eighteen of Zha Duo's generations once!

"You guys are going to Shadow Ghostly Prison for the inheritance of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. Do you have any clue about it?" Shi Yan didn't bother Ka Tuo and smiled at Zuo Shi.

"We have no clue. We heard that its body is in Shadow Ghostly Prison. I thought that if we got close enough, I would be able to sense it." Zuo Shi was serious. She smiled pretty cutely. "Shi Yan ge-ge, is there any problem if we follow you?"

"Of course not. But... I'm afraid you guys would encounter more dangers."

"Dangers? What kind of dangers?"

"We also have business at Shadow Ghostly Prison this time. Perhaps we will face the Dark Shadow Clan. I'm afraid unexpected things would happen to you if you follow us."

"No problem. I think you can handle them well."

Zuo Shi looked livelily beautiful, standing on the asteroid. She was wearing a pure white long dress. She looked very cute and innocent. Anyway, her slender legs made people dream of them.

It has been many years and this little girl has grown up to be a charming lady. No wonder why that Drifting Cloud warrior wanted to harass her. Since her bloodline had the inheritance of Water power Upanishad, this power Upanishad was formed naturally within her body. It made her skin exceptionally smooth and soft. Her bearings were pure and gentle.


Half a year later.

A blue-gray meteorite entered Shadow Ghostly Prison. It was a particular area of Agate Star Area that had gray mist covering the area year-round. Starlight in this area was blocked, making it deep, dark, and mysterious.

Battles happened unceasingly in Shadow Ghostly Prison. This unique area had many natural resources and races living together. Although most of the tribes here were native, there were several alien tribes from other galaxies.

For example, the Dark Shadow Clan. Rumor said that it was a tribe coming from another star area. They understood the concept of space passages, which connected Shadow Ghostly Prison to the other worlds. No one knew where they dwelled.

Standing on the asteroid, they curiously watched the darker area in front of them.

Perhaps it was because of its particular condition of lacking light, but this place was cold and spooky. They saw a cold water current flowing, but they didn't know where it was headed. Every time it passed by them, they would feel a chill invading deep into their bones, their souls shaking hard.

"There are so many wrecked battleships in front of us!" Fei Lan suddenly lifted up her head and hissed.


The blue-gray asteroid accelerated, moving forward like a meteor.

On the asteroid, Shi Yan's pupils shrank as he shouted, "There's a fierce battle here!"

They saw hundreds and then thousands of ruined battleships. They were shattered like crushed stones. Corpses floated in this dark and eerie sea of stars. They belonged to Human Clan, Ghost Mark Clan, Monster Clan, Dark Clan, Corpse Clan, and even the Wood Clan and Ice Clan. Those corpses weren't intact. Some were dried and weathered. However, they hadn't been decayed yet due to the cold temperature.

Fragments of battleships, broken war chariots, flying carriage, and other vehicles floated and drifted. There were countless pieces like that in this creepy area.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness moved like a shuttle and explored the area.

"There's no aura of living beings. No one is still alive." Shi Yan frowned, his face stern.

As soon as they arrived in Shadow Ghostly Prison, they immediately saw an extremely tragic battlefield. These images had impressed them deeply. Shi Yan understood that this place wasn't like any other place. If they were careless, they would become one of those hovering corpses.

Everybody put on a heavy-hearted complexion.