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1010 When Words Get Sore, Adding More Words is Useless

Shi Yan's soul altar slowly revolved. The mark on the glabella of his host soul glowed. Wisps of Soul Consciousness poured into the shield and connected to the marvelous formation on the shield.

Clusters of blood cloud appeared, changing continually. Shortly after, countless mysterious and extraordinary formations emerged on the shield. The clusters of blood cloud had connected to each of the blood clouds of the mark on his forehead perfectly.

Shortly after, the blood mark seemed to turn into a mouth. Inside that mouth, a small vortex appeared and enlarged. It created a fiercely, strong suction force.

The seven hundred acupuncture points on his body made some commotion. The vortexes inside each acupuncture points were revolving with the mark of the shield. They had become the extension to the suction force from the shield.

His eyes brightened.

He stroked the shield unintentionally with one hand. He grinned as he knew he had a good grasp of one ability of the shield.

The blood mark on the shield had that powerful suction of Devouring power Upanishad. It could collect energy and transmit it to his acupuncture points. This shield wasn't just a divine defensive tool. It had more astounding abilities.

Shi Yan quieted down. He studied the mysteries of the shield and didn't recognize the time flying.

After an unknown time, the stone door squeaked open. Fei Lan frowned, entering the chamber. "Some VIP from Potion and Tool Pavilion is about to arrive. Fu Wei and Potion and Tool Pavilion's staff are waiting on the deck."

Bewildered, Shi Yan carefully put away the Blood Shield. He contemplated for a while and then said naturally, "Let's go there and see."

Fei Lan nodded quietly.


On the deck of the massive battleship, Fu Wei, An Yun, and Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards were watching, waiting for something solemnly.

The guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion nerves relaxed as if they knew that when the person came, they would be free from danger.

Fu Wei's face glowed with health. After recovering, she had almost resumed her powers. She was chatting cheerfully with An Yun.

When Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo emerged from the cabin, Fu Wei smiled gently and nodded at him. "Are you okay?"

"I'm all right." Shi Yan looked at the dark void and asked curiously, "Who's about to arrive?"

"You'll know later." Fu Wei felt so excited, laughing. "He... You must be interested."

Shi Yan was more astounded.

Two hours later.

An intense light shot toward from a far distant. That light moved like a meteor. It appeared in people's sight shortly.

It was a lozenge crystal war chariot, which was fabricated with Empty Fantasy Crystal. It seemed to have the power to move through space. While the war chariot was dashing, it rose ripples of space energy, which looked mysteriously inexplicable.


The crystal lozenge war chariot moved like a silky ribbon, but it was as sharp as a sword cutting across the sky. It was heading towards the huge battleship.

Fu Wei didn't use the protective halo. She put down all defensive systems to allow that war chariot to land.

"Tenth Elder!"

Guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion bent their bodies slightly to greet him, their eyes respectful.

A lanky old man stood clasping his hands behind his back on the glass war chariot. Standing behind him were three Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm experts. They all had calm and heavy auras as imposing as mountains. They were indeed famous warriors.

"Uncle Duo," Fu Wei smiled weakly, walking forward to greet him and speaking calmly, "You're here."

With the first glance at that old man, Shi Yan knew his status. He couldn't hide his surprise.

Zha Duo, the Tenth Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, had Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm cultivation base. He was the one who cultivated the extraordinary Space power Upanishad. Most of the Fantasy Sky Ring and the teleport formations that Potion and Tool Pavilion were selling were from this man. In Agate Star Area, his understanding of Space power Upanishad could be at the grandmaster level.

As they were warriors who cultivated Space power Upanishad, Shi Yan assessed him discreetly, his face grave.

Space energy fluctuation on Zha Duo's body was trivial, which gave Shi Yan a feeling of something unreal. This man was standing on this massive battleship, but he looked like he was in some unknown space. Shi Yan was bewildered. He had a strange feeling that Zha Duo was standing in a space crack this entire time.

He was worth his Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm cultivating Space power Upanishad. His God Body moved freely through space slits. Without magical materials like Empty Fantasy Crystal, he could still move through space.

In the legends, experts cultivating space power could travel through space slits and move from one space node to another within a blink of an eye. At that time, their God Bodies would like that they were in the fantasy, unfixed spaces.

That kind of warrior was the toughest target. It was hard to kill them. Unless one had the power to block all spaces, they couldn't subdue the experts cultivating Space power Upanishad no matter how many warriors were sent for this assassination mission.

Warriors using space power were good at teleporting between space. If they wanted to go, there wouldn't be as many solutions to block them.

Zha Duo arrogantly walked off his glass war chariot. He nodded slightly to Fu Wei and said, "You did great. You found the Canon. You earned marvelous merit this time."

Fu Wei grinned, instinctively glancing at Shi Yan. "I'm just lucky. If he didn't give me the Canon, I wouldn't have gotten the Canon even if I was better."

Until this moment, Zha Duo looked at Shi Yan for the first time. He frowned, talking indifferently. "Too bad..."

"What's too bad?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"You have the talent in cultivating Space power Upanishad, but your powers Upanishads are mixed up. You're cultivating more powers Upanishad." Zha Duo's eyes had a hidden disdain. "What a greedy cultivation! It's hard to advance Space power Upanishad to the acme. You've progressed Space power Upanishad, so you know some abilities. Ordinary people hate that they couldn't risk their lives to cultivate this power. You have a good fortune, but you don't want to grasp it. You have more powers Upanishads, which couldn't help you maintain your pure Space power Upanishad. It's too bad."

Shi Yan pouted, saying nothing.

In Zha Duo's eyes, Space power Upanishad was the best Power Upanishad in this world. He considered this kind of power as his glory and he had invested his lifetime effort in it.

Seeing Shi Yan was a good Seed, but he had mixed powers Upanishad. Zha Duo wasn't pleased. He thought that Shi Yan was just wasting his innate talent and he would never reach the most subtly marvelous realm of Space power Upanishad.

"Tenth Elder, you two are cultivating Space power Upanishad. If you don't mind, shall we discuss it a little bit?" Fu Wei kindly suggested.

She wanted to help Shi Yan increase his attainment in cultivating space power. As she knew Zha Duo was the one who had the most exquisite achievement in cultivating this power in Agate Star Area, it would be much better than the dozens of books she had given to Shi Yan if Zha Duo agreed to help.

However, it was obvious that Zha Duo didn't want to teach Shi Yan. He shook his head resolutely. "He's not a member of Potion and Tool Pavilion. His cultivating isn't thorough and it is mixed. He won't have any good achievement. I don't want to waste my efforts on him."

Listening to him, Fu Wei was embarrassed. She gave a reluctant smile.

Shi Yan was perplexed, but he didn't say anything. However, he felt annoyed and thought that this old man was too arrogant. He had considered himself a mighty sage in cultivating Space power.

"Oh well, I thought he was very powerful. Turns out he's just an Ethereal God Realm warrior," Ka Tuo grinned and grunted, "The masters of Devil Blood Star and Monster Dragon Star, the Incipient God Realm experts, are more modest to my senior. Just a Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm and you think you're rocketing into the sky? Haha. Well, it's like water in a full bottle that doesn't move while water in a bottle half full sways a lot..."

Zha Duo frowned.

One of the Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm warriors standing behind him shouted angrily, his face cold. "Wanton!"

Fu Wei and An Yun discolored. They didn't think that these two groups of people would quarrel with each other instead of discussing fruitfully.

Fu Wei suddenly recognized that she was a little self-righteous in this case. Pushing too much wouldn't help. She thought that as Zha Duo was cultivating Space power Upanishad, he would appreciate Shi Yan, a warrior cultivating Space power Upanishad too. However, she knew she was wrong from Zha Duo's voice and manner.

Zha Duo always wanted to find an assistant to handle his junk works, which were fabricating high-quality Fantasy Sky Ring and Teleport Formation. After that, he could have more time to study his Space power Upanishad.

Shi Yan was a suitable candidate. He met all the requirements. However, he denied joining Potion and Tool Pavilion, which gave Zha Duo a big question. That was why he wasn't so friendly to Shi Yan. It was all because of his presumption.

"If my senior wasn't generous enough, would you have gotten the Canon?" Ka Tuo smiled faintly. "Some people don't know how to repay a favor. Quite the contrary, they only have harsh words. I can say my knowledge has widened today."

Zha Duo's eyes shrank, talking faintly. "We paid one hundred million divine crystals for the Canon. It's like a business. We don't owe you anything." Pausing for a while, Zha Duo continued indifferently, "As we're delivering you to Shadow Ghostly Prison, it's a generous bonus out of our scheme. Potion and Tool Pavilion owes you nothing."

Ka Tuo laughed again. He wanted to say more, but Shi Yan had stopped him.

He looked at Fu Wei, bent slightly to greet her and then said, "Your rescue team is here. I think it's time for us to leave."

Fu Wei's bright eyes were flustered as she whispered, "We haven't reached Shadow Ghostly Prison yet. Moreover, our destination is in the place too. You guys can go with us, anyway."

Shaking his head, Shi Yan glanced at Zha Duo with strange eyes. "Someone doesn't welcome us on this battleship. I don't want to stay here to irritate people. We should bid farewell from here."

He nodded to Fei Lan. Fei Lan understood his intention. She went to the cultivating room to call for Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming.

Zha Duo was still arrogant. He just snorted and didn't want to make them stay.

Fu Wei had a headache. She tried to tell Shi Yan to stay until they reached the destination. However, Shi Yan insisted on leaving.

Shi Yan nodded to Fu Wei and his team departed from the battleship when Zuo Shi, Xuan Ming, and Fei Lan got back on the deck. They flew into the dark, immense galaxy, and headed to Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Seeing Shi Yan fly away, Fu Wei had a complicated look. She sighed inwardly. At the moment she looked at Zha Duo, she had a hidden sadness. She was a little indifferent, opposite of her previous warm welcome.