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1009 The Shield has Become Heavier...

Fu Wei and An Yun stood in front of a closed door inside the battleship. They gently knocked.

If Shi Yan hadn't poured energy into her body, Fu Wei wouldn't have been able to resist Du Lin's attack for so long. Fu Wei and An Yun were going to remember Shi Yan's support forever in their hearts. After the battleship had departed again, Fu Wei, who hadn't recovered her powers yet, came to show her gratitude to Shi Yan.

They had knocked on the stone door for a while. However, no one had responded. When Fu Wei and An Yun had lost their patience, the stone door cracked open, revealing a ferociously ugly face.

"He had given you a lot of energy. He's cultivating in seclusion to recover his energy. You don't need to come here and disturb him." Leona said with bad manners. Then, she suddenly slammed the door shut, blocking Fu Wei and An Yun outside.

Both Fu Wei and An Yun could see the cold and evil intentions of Leona's eyes. She didn't like the two of them.

The two exchanged looks with surprised faces.

Being baffled for a while, Fu Wei beamed a faint smile and shook her head. "Never mind. We should leave. I also want to recover first."

An Yun nodded. She didn't give any advice and just left with Fu Wei. They didn't know what was going on in that cultivating chamber.


Leona closed the stone door. She didn't say anything and walked directly towards a secret room.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming stayed in a corner of the training room, looking at her with admiration and respect.

Leona carefully opened the secret door and then got in.

The stone chamber wasn't big. The divine weapon Fu Wei and Du Lin respected as if it was a thing from God lay on the ground like a broken stone. It looked naturally plain without any blood light, brutal aura, or any beams of energy.

Shi Yan sat still on the cushion in the center of the room with an ashen face. His body had many bleeding cuts, some of which were deep to the bone as if he got slashed by many massive knives. It looked very scary.

He looked weak, sitting cross-legged. His body was slowly gathering wisps of energy.

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo were watching over him, their faces stern and anxious.

At the moment Fu Wei and Du Lin fought, Shi Yan discreetly walked off the deck and entered his secret chamber in the cultivating room.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo didn't care about the battle between Potion and Tool Pavilion and Du Lin's force. Seeing him leave, they followed.

They had seen Shi Yan release his power and send the Blood Shield away through the space slit. From that space slit, they had seen Du Lin's thunderbolt attack and the subtle change of the giant Blood Shield, which had stopped Du Lin's extremely fierce attack.

Also at that moment, Shi Yan started to tremble restlessly, his body cracking and bleeding.

Ka Tuo's eyes had a beam of inexplicable respect at Shi Yan. He couldn't press down his excitement.

Du Lin at Peak of Ethereal God Realm had struck his fatal attack with the Thunder God Spear, a divine weapon at Original Incipient Grade, but he couldn't pierce through the shield to damage the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier.

What kind of power was that?!?

Ka Tuo studied the young man who was bleeding with reverence arising from the bottom of his heart.

Also at that moment, he realized that although he was at the same Third Sky of Original God Realm, even if he used his best abilities, he couldn't be an equal match to this young man.

He was worth the successor of the Master of the Cortege of Eight!

"I sent them away," Leona closed the secret chamber, frowning, talking indifferently.

Fei Lan nodded. She glanced at Shi Yan, sighing.

She didn't agree with the idea that Shi Yan would join the battle himself. At the Third Sky of Original God Realm, even if he used the shield to resist Du Lin's attack with force, Shi Yan still got wounded. Since Fei Lan didn't know how severe Shi Yan's wounds were, she was distraught.

Leona was mean to Fu Wei and An Yun because of Shi Yan's lousy condition in the secret chamber. Because of them, Shi Yan got hurt. Leona wouldn't give them a nice face.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were watching the young man in silence. They seemed to be waiting for something.

Gradually, the bleeding cut slowly closed at a speed that the naked eye could observe. After the wounds had begun to heal, all the bleeding cracks on his body were healed within one hour, leaving nothing.

However, Fei Lan and the other two were still severe.

Time flew hurriedly. The young man opened his eyes. He exhaled and spoke calmly, "Don't worry. I'm okay."

The three of them could finally relax.

"Du Lin at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm with his Thunder God Spear had struck a deadly lightning strike. That one was really formidable." He sighed while looking at the shield near him and grinned. "Luckily we have this shield. We're so lucky. Or else..."

Right at the moment, Du Lin struck his lethal attack. Shi Yan had used space power to teleport the Blood Shield to that specific locus in the void. The blood mark shield in the shield was activated and it connected to Shi Yan's soul. That was how he was able to control it.

Before that attack arrived, the mark on the shield was activated, crazily taking in blood and Essence Qi around. It also absorbed all the key kinds of energy in his body.

At that moment, negative energy of his body, Essence Qi, and even Immortal Demon Blood were sucked away. All of them were poured into the massive Blood Shield.

Eighty percent of his power was taken away including negative energy, God power, and Immortal Demon Blood. That was how the Blood Shield could enlarge and parry that strike.

He didn't expect to consume a considerable amount of energy to use that Blood Shield. At Third Sky of Original God Realm, the combination of all kinds of magical energy in his body could compare to the accumulated energy of the Second Sky or even Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm. However, his energy was just enough to perform ten percent of the shield.

Anyway, even if it was just ten percent, it was enough to stop the Thunder God Spear, the strike of Du Lin at Peak of Ethereal God Realm!

After Du Lin struck the giant Blood Shield with Thunder God Spear, the shield still looked intact. It seemed to be unbreakable. However, its owner couldn't endure that attack. He got hurt badly.

Luckily, as the battle happened, Shi Yan had discreetly absorbed a significant amount of Essence Qi from the dead. His consumed energy was refilled quickly and he was able to have a speedy recovery.

At this moment, Shi Yan was in his best condition, which was because of the marvelous function of his devouring ability. His energy wasn't exhausted, which would prevent him from joining the battle.

He looked at that small shield, his visage complicated. He waved his hand and the shield hissed all the way to his hand. The weight of a mountain fell in his hand. He couldn't hold it so he lowered his hand until he had almost reached the stone ground to steady his body.

"Too heavy!" He took a deep breath, his eyes frightened. "This Blood Shield is as heavy as a mountain. I have enough strength to lift up a thousand-meter-long mountain, but it's very difficult to lift this shield!"

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were baffled.

"It... wasn't like this," said Fei Lan after contemplating for a while.

Nodding, Shi Yan gave a forced smile. "Yeah, when I picked it up before, it wasn't as heavy as it is now. After it has been activated to resist that strike, its weight has doubled."

The other three were surprised.

"Senior, which level is this Blood Shield?" Ka Tuo became excited. "The Thunder God Spear Du Lin used is at Original Incipient Grade. I don't know its level, but I could see that his spear couldn't... attack this shield. So, this shield's level should be higher than his God Spear, right?"

Fei Lan and Leona also wore a complicated look as they looked at the plain shield.

The expert that cultivated Death power Upanishad had given the Dark Sky family this shield. Fei Lan kept it for so many years. However, Fei Lan didn't know the level of this shield because she had never had its approval to activate it. Thus, she didn't know its mysteries or its power.

However, she was curious to see which level this shield was.

"I don't know its real level," Shi Yan chose his words. Fei Lan and the other two were disappointed, but Shi Yan continued, "but I'm sure that the Thunder God Spear's level is lower than this shield. Because... my realm and power were too low, of course, I can't resist Du Lin by myself. I could only resist him because the quality of the shield is much better than the Thunder God Spear. Or else, I wouldn't have only gotten hurt. My God Body would burst off!"

Listening to him, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo's eyes brightened.

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile, looking at the other three. "Seems like our understanding of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight and their master is still shallow. I think... our Inheritances are the absolute powers of this world, the mysterious but marvelous peak powers Upanishads of all galaxies. Our precursors must be the existences that topped all the high-grade star areas!"

The other three became so thrilled.

Waving his hand, Shi Yan muttered, "You guys can leave now. I'm all right. Yeah, I want to study this shield. I will try to see if I can find something..."

The other three nodded, trying to hold the excitement in their hearts. They left with a discreet joy.

Dark, Corrosion, and Chaos were their main powers Upanishads. They knew and they believed that their powers Upanishad were really powerful. If they could prove their belief, they would be more resolute and confident of their powers. It would help strengthen their belief and their persistence in pursuing their realms.

They closed the door and left. Shi Yan stroked the heavy Blood Shield. He was confused, mumbling to himself. "At the moment that spear impacted the shield, I could sense so many magical changes in the center of the seal. It seems to be the utmost power of that mysterious and complex formation. The one who fabricated this shield had gone against the rules of Nature... He did have delicate attainment..."

While he was talking to himself, his soul altar swayed and spun. His mind relaxed as his Soul Consciousness seeped into the Blood Shield.

The small, plain shield glowed with a red halo. The blood mark, which had disappeared, emerged little by little. It looked mysteriously evil as if it had hidden some astonishing surprise.