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1005 The Thunder God Spear


The intensive light column that was as beautiful as a gemstone shot out from the crystal artilleries. After a salvo, they crushed a blue shark battleship into small pieces.

Fragments of the damaged battleships were burned. Shooting flamed fell massively. The scorching flames were sd dazzling as the most brilliant fireworks that were too mesmerizing to the soul.

This was the sixth Mad Shark battleship that they destroyed. Hundreds of Ghost Mark clansmen were killed. Their bodies were gone and their soul altars were broken.

Inside the control center, Fu Wei was calm. Her face glowed in health. Her tiredness was swept away.

Shi Yan stood quietly behind her like the strongest city wall. One hand of his was placed on her back that helped him sense the energy surging in her blood vessels.

Fu Wei beamed a relaxed smile.

The hand on her back continually sent some kind of mysterious energy into her body. It was like a magical stream that could strengthen her blood, vessels, and bones. It had refilled her consumed Essence Qi and allowed her to maintain her full energy condition.

She had a feeling that if that hand didn't leave, she would never be defeated as she could maintain her peak condition forever. She would never feel tired again.

It has been so many years since Fu Wei had felt this kind of care and protection. She felt that the hand was the most important thing in her life. As long as she had it on her back, she was never going to be defeated.

An Yun had a joy that she couldn't hide. She studied the young man, her eyes happy and her face joyfully bright.

The Mad Shark Fleet was the most potent force of the Ghost Mark Clan. Du Lin, their captain, was very famous in Agate Star Area. He was the young and fabulous expert whom the entire Kroc family entrusted its future. At the same time, he was favored and accepted by the Great Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Du Lin had almost collected all the supports and favors to him. He was the chosen son of heaven and the most prominent star in Agate Star Area.

An Yun would never expect this extremely tough battle to be like this and Fu Wei was still full of energy until this moment.

That year when they built this battleship, An Yun had also participated in the construction. She knew its structure and fabricating method clearly. Fu Wei was the soul of this battleship. Each barrier, formation, and restriction was connected to Fu Wei's soul. She was the operator for every defending and attacking operation.

The bottom of this gigantic battleship had hundreds of millions of divine crystals, which were its source of energy.

As long as Fu Wei didn't consume all of her energy and she maintained her sound mind, she could use the energy of those divine crystals continually to have the protective halo and the terrifying attacks last.

It required Fu Wei's energy and the divine crystals at the bottom of the battleships to endure and resist the enemy. If Fu Wei could stay in her peak condition with the abundant amount of divine crystals, they could always maintain the utmost defense and attack.

Talking about wealth, none of the forces in Agate Star Area could compare to Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Shi Yan's appearance was the most valuable variable and the biggest chance for them. Until this moment, An Yun was still panic-stricken.

She didn't know what method Shi Yan had used to refill Fu Wei's energy. However, she believed that if Shi Yan could help Fu Wei remain at her peak condition, the defensive and attacking operations of this battleship wouldn't be paused and it would be in the best condition until the end.

Fu Wei glowed as she was in a good condition. Her breathing was steady and her blue eyes were bright and happy.

Shi Yan stood still like a mountain. Energy still flowed from him into Fu Wei's body. His flow of energy then diverged into smaller streams, which were sent to every corner of Fu Wei's body. With this support, she would never be exhausted.

Looking at the cold young man and Fu Wei relaxing, An Yun couldn't hold her thoughts: If these two cooperated, would everything be smooth and excellent?


Standing on the only black shark battleship that hadn't engaged in the battle, Du Lin wasn't smiling anymore. He knitted his eyebrows tightly, his eyes getting colder.

Standing behind him were three Ghost Mark experts at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. They kneeled down with their head held stubbornly high. They bit their lips until bleeding. They were anxious and impatient.

The Kroc family had built this Mad Shark Fleet to support Du Lin. To give Du Lin the strongest fleet of the Ghost Mark Clan, the Kroc had used half of the property of the entire family. The Mad Shark Fleet shouldered the critical mission of bringing Du Lin to the Chief position in the future. He was the hope of the Krocs.

Today, six of them were smashed and hundreds of the elite warriors of the family had fallen into the sea of stars. They would never be able to gather their souls and bodies once again.

All of these were because of Du Lin's rash operation.

"Young Master!" a senile Ghost Mark expert gritted his teeth, a trickle of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He said with deep grief, "Our fellows are being killed. They are all your entourage. Young Master, do you want to see more of them die? Young Master, they are the foundation of the Kroc family. They are your most loyal soldiers!"

"If you insist on continuing... I... I will kill myself right here!" Another Ghost Mark warriors shouted, his face resolute and stubborn. While he was talking, a fiery light ball emerged on his palm. He struck it to his forehead.

Du Lin was frightened. He stopped the old man immediately.

Thunderbolts wound around that man's arms, restraining his body.

The Ghost Mark old man who was about to commit suicide couldn't press his hand on his head, halting. His eyes were filled with grief as he looked at Du Lin deep in his eyes. "Young Master, it is worth sacrificing many men to win over that woman's heart?"

His heart was bleeding.

Du Lin pondered for a while. He sighed reluctantly. "I understand."

The three kneeling Ghost Mark experts' eyes brightened when Du Lin changed his attitude. They now had hope, talking malignantly, "We beg you to take action!"

Du Lin turned his head, looking at the gigantic battleship moving away. As he looked at the watery, wave-like protection halo, felt the power of the combination of countless barriers and restrictions, and saw many men of his elite force being killed, Du Lin's indecisive eyes became resolute.

He knew once he attacked them that he would never have the chance to have Fu Wei's heart.

He came all the way here this time with the hope that he could persuade Fu Wei. He hoped he didn't need to go through the last step to win her heart and the Canon.

... But he was wrong. He didn't expect that Fu Wei could resist his attacks up until this moment. She seemed to not be tired at all.

It was a strange situation. Du Lin was skeptical, but he couldn't explain why., now, he had to do what he didn't want to do the most.

One he took action, he and Fu Wei wouldn't have a way to return. He would never have Fu Wei's heart. At most, he could only have her body. He would become a bastard.

Du Lin's disposition was self-important. After Fu Wei had rejected him that year, he had sworn he would make Fu Wei moved one day. He must make Fu Wei like him with all her heart. She would become his wife and help him expand his territory, stepping on the peak of glory in Agate Star Area.

However, he finally knew today that his pledge would never be fulfilled...

He flew out of the black shark battleship, hovering in the immense void and facing Potion and Tool Pavilion's massive, incoming battleship. Although he looked calm, his eyes showed his reluctant and lonely feelings.

Thousands of Ghost Mark warriors halted no matter where they were. They focused, looking at him and waiting for something.

Some senile Ghost Mark experts clenched their fists as they became excited. Their eyes yearned for a victory.

A shining spear made of lightning emerged from Du Lin's sleeve. It glowed in the silver hue of divine light.

His Ethereal Extent was a world of blinding thunderbolts. It revealed above his head like a rising curtain. Tens of thousands of lightning strikes moved inside that marvelous world. The world seemed to collapse as lightning flashed continually like the gossamer, striking here and there.

That shining silver spear was as long as an arm. It had the natural pattern of lightning with the incredible abilities of thunderbolts.

The spear flew out inaudibly, darting towards Potion and Tool Pavilion's battleship like a silky ribbon.

Tens of thousands of lightning strikes in Ethereal Extent above Du Lin's head acted as if they were drawn away from his Ethereal Extent, pouring rapidly into the spear. In just a blink, the silver spear had absorbed thousands of lightning strikes. It moved like a meteor piercing through the universe, aimed at the light curtain protecting Potion and Tool Pavilion's battleship.


The defensive halo created by countless barriers and restrictions was torn. The light curtain covering the battleship was pierced through and created a giant hole. Then, it was ripped apart at a speed that a naked eye could see.

The divine lightning was dazzling as it expanded over the light curtain and tore it apart. Under that light curtain, warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion were struck by lightning. Their God Bodies were charred. Weak warriors were killed at their spots while stronger ones had their souls damaged significantly.

The Thunder Divine Spear was the top treasure of the Ghost Mark Clan. It was an Original Incipient Grade weapon. Du Lin, the chosen Son of Heaven from the Krocs, was the current owner of this divine weapon.

Du Lin's main power was Lightning. He could promote the power of the Thunder God Spear by giving it billions of his lightning strikes. It could have the God power to destroy the world.


Fu Wei spat out blood from her succulent red lips. Her face was pale.

Her soft body was filled with lightning. Her energy accumulated in the body was smashed. She was trying to resist the lightning invading her body with great pain.

As she had the connection with barriers, marks, restrictions, and formations of this battleship, she also had to bear the power of the lightning strikes. She was hurt severely after this attack when the light curtain got torn.


Azure thunderbolts with deterrent power moved through Shi Yan's hand and to his body. His hand was still placed on Fu Wei's back.

The lightning strikes were like arrows shot out of a strong bow. They attacked his body in various parts, giving him a horrible pain to his muscles and vessels. His arm almost exploded. As it was very sore and numb, he had to move his hand away from Fu Wei's back.

"Level 1 Original Incipient Grade weapon! It's the Thunder God Spear! Du Lin is using the Thunder God Spear!"

An Yun burst out angrily, thundering. "He dares to use the Thunder God Spear! He wants to kill us! Zuo Lou is crazy! After killing another Elder, isn't he afraid of the other Elders' punishment? When that level 1 Original Incipient Grade weapon is activated, it will disorder the lightning and thunder of the surrounding area. When those lightning strikes shoot fast, he won't be able to control them. They would kill a lot of creatures around. They could even crush a life star!"

Shi Yan was frightened.