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1004 Giving Energy

Ferocious black and blue Mad Shark battleships moved like cruel big fish with divine crystals as their source of energy. They quickly approached.

Du Lin stood firm like a rock on the deck of a battleship, clasping his hands behind his back. He looked calm with a warm smile. Apparently, he wouldn't join this battle immediately.

The Mad Shark Fleet under his command was moving fast forward. They diverged, creating a circle to surround the massive battleship and blocking any possible exit.

Fu Wei was stern while she sat in the control center. Each wisp of her Soul Consciousness had created a subtle connection with each mark on the walls. The magnificent halo expanded and covered the entire battleship.

Crack! Crack! Crack

Sharp gears emerged from two sides of the battleship. With cold light, they started to roll rapidly and created sharp and shiny spikes.

The energy of countless divine crystals was released. At this moment, Fu Wei had connected all the barriers of the battleship. With her Soul Consciousness, she controlled her ship and made it like a sharp blade comes out of its sheath or like a beast opening its bloody mouth. The energy fluctuation from the battleship was now so sharp.


Light column shot out from different corners of the battleship like electric dragons. They crazily attacked everywhere.

This earth-shaking commotion rampaged the galaxy like an exploding life star or a meteor shower. The shockwave this attack created could smash everything.

Some black and blue shark battleships approaching first got hit as they weren't cautious. The light columns pierced through the shark battleships, killing dozens of Ghost Mark warriors. Their broken bodies were blown away. Their blood dyed the area red.

Fu Wei paled. She hurried to take some pellets. Her Soul Consciousness gathered energy and controlled the attacking formations of the battleship.

The dim-lit universe now had pieces of broken bodies floating. Those bodies weren't intact. They were just like the pulp of meat floating in the void. Warriors of the pierced battleships changed their countenances, flying away from their wrecked battleships. They released powers Upanishads and God Domains. Bunches of light beams shot out as thick as clouds of locusts bombarding Fu Wei's battleship.

The halo of the battleship sparked dazzlingly and beautifully. However, it was perilous and it scared people.

The massive battleship suddenly trembled under the furious attacks. The sharp gears on the sides revolved faster. The massive battleship was like a spear that could pierce through everything, moving directly forward.

Fragments of gigantic battleships turned into powder and vanished upon impact with the sharp gears on Fu Wei's battleship. Any warrior who came near the battleship was killed by experts of Potion and Tool Pavilion hiding inside the protective halo.

The battle was extremely fierce right at the beginning.

Du Lin changed his countenance. Looking at the black and blue shark battleships shattering and his subordinates being killed, his warm smile disappeared.

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo stood on the deck mingling with the other warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Looking at the Mad Shark battleships attacking them, their visages were extremely stern.

Shi Yan knew that the light curtain above their head couldn't resist for a long time.

That light curtain was created from many barriers and restrictions, which were linked with Fu Wei's soul. She had controlled them right from the beginning.

To maintain that protective halo, Fu Wei had to use her soul energy continually, which would weaken her fast.

Fu Wei also controlled the crystal artilleries at each salvo. As she had to defend and attack at the same time, Fu Wei had to consume a significant amount of energy each second.

Once Fu Wei couldn't endure it anymore, the halo would disappear and this battleship would have to stop its attack. The Ghost Mark warriors would get onboard. After that, the most brutal combat would start.

Shi Yan didn't know how long Fu Wei could endure this.

On the ship, Shi Yan was strangely cold and calm. His soul altar slowly spun.

His energy extended, gathering corpses and God Bodies of the dead Ghost Mark warriors above the light curtain. After those warriors died, their energy didn't disperse immediately. Shi Yan attracted this kind of energy and took it into his body through his acupuncture points.

Seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points started to refine madly.

Each of his acupuncture points was an immense world with countless vortexes that drew and refined Essence Qi of dead warriors. The vortexes revolved, filtered, refined, and released pure energy for Shi Yan to absorb.

Inside the control center, Fu Wei was pale. Her Sea of Consciousness seethed like a thunderstorm.

Her soul energy was like countless tentacles that connected the marks of the formations and restrictions in this control center. Both defending and attacking this massive battleship required the soul energy to control it. Her God power was getting consumed rapidly.

She had controlled this battleship alone and knew everything to the details.

She could feel her mind and energy drain quickly.

This kind of consumption happened so fast that no pellet could help her recover shortly. She knew that she must be persistent. Once she couldn't control it anymore, the battleship would be defenseless.

Once it happened, she would have no power to deal with Du Lin. She couldn't keep the Canon and she would become Du Lin's property, a toy of his.

Fu Wei gritted her teeth, trying to focus. Her Soul Consciousness connected to every detail of the ship. She still controlled it.

The light curtain covering the ship thinned because of the bombarding from different forces. It would be torn in any minute.

Crystal artilleries shot the light columns that looked like spikes of a hedgehog. This kind of attack was a significant threat to Ghost Mark warriors surrounding the ship. After a salvo, some warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan were killed.

The gears on both sides of the gigantic battleship rolled, crushing the Mad Shark battleships impacted with them. They crushed the shark battleships into pieces while Fu Wei's battleship was still flying fast forward. It broke any warrior and anything in its way, grinding them into powder. No Ghost Mark warrior could stop it.

Fu Wei was so tired. She had sweat all over their body. Her bangs in front of her forehead were damp.

Shi Yan stood still on the deck of the massive battleship. He squinted, looking at the bodies hovering above the light curtain. His eyes had the light like ghostly flames.

Fei Lan and the other two surrounded him. They were stern, watching him and waiting for his direction.

Since Shi Yan didn't nod to order them to attack, Fei Lan's team stood still. No matter how hard An Yun, Feng An, and Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards resisted the enemies, Shi Yan's team just stood and watched them coldly.

"You guys, go help them. Remember that before the light curtain breaks, you can't fly out of the battleship." After a long time, Shi Yan suddenly ordered Fei Lan and the other two. Then, he walked alone to the control center of the battleship.

"You can't get in!"

One of Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards stopped him in the passage leading to control room.

At the critical moment, Fu Wei was the soul and the heart of this gigantic battleship. She shouldn't be disturbed. Compared to the breaking the bottleneck in cultivation, her situation now was much more dangerous. If someone attacked her, she couldn't do anything to defend herself.

If Shi Yan had a bad intention and attacked Fu Wei while she was concentrating on controlling the battleship, Fu Wei would be killed easily.

"I can help her," stopping by the control center, Shi Yan spoke to An Yun honestly.

An Yun had a struggle in her mind. At the moment when their situation became so perilous, she made a right decision. "Let him in!" she waved her hand at the guard.

Some Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards who protected the control center listened to An Yun. They stooped and left.

"Pay attention to this place." An Yun talked to Feng An and then walked to the control center. "I'm going with you."

"After you." Shi Yan knew her worry. He nodded and stepped aside to give her way, asking her to go first.

An Yun stormed into the control center, landing next to Fu Wei. She took a deep breath and spoke to Fu Wei, "Shi Yan said he came to help you."

Fu Wei was sweating a lot. Her long blue dress was damp on her body, revealing her voluptuous features. She was controlling the formations with closed eyes. Listening to An Yun, she opened her eyes, her face ashen. "He came to help me?"

An Yun nodded.

"Let him in," said Fu Wei.

Shi Yan appeared like a dark shadow. He checked Fu Wei's situation. "You should focus on controlling the battleship. I'm here to help."

He extended his left hand and placed it on Fu Wei's damp back. Beams of mysterious energy seeped out from his finger and entered Fu Wei's God Body like refreshing streams.

A cool feeling flooded her body. Her exhausted Essence Qi Ancient Tree was refilled. Her tired spirit revived as if she had taken a panacea. This fantastic feeling was like soaking the body in ice water in the middle of a hot summer day.

Fu Wei's heart had a vibe. She gave a sincere smile. She gritted her teeth and couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure.

Shi Yan was bewildered, looking at Fu Wei enjoying it. He shook his head, chuckled and then advised her. "Don't get distracted. You must focus. Everything on this battleship depends on your control. Do not get distracted."

"Got it." Fu Wei answered gently. She thinned her lips, beaming a smile. Her pale cheeks recovered its colors. Her God Body felt like a dry well that was receiving water. The flames of her life burst up.

Fu Wei's energy refilled.

The mysterious energy flowed through Shi Yan's fingers to her body. As he was touching her back, he could see every ability of Fu Wei's God Body. He could clearly see her bones, blood, and flesh. Everything was reflected in his heart.

Sensing quietly, Shi Yan suddenly understood something.

Although it was the same kind of energy transmission, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and Leona could absorb every bit of energy that Shi Yan gave them through the mark on their foreheads. At the same time, they could use this energy to refine their bodies and their soul altars.

To Fu Wei, it was different. Half of the energy Shi Yan had sent to her body was wasted and his energy couldn't help Fu Wei strengthen herself. It could only help her restore and nurture her body to generate energy again.

He understood that the energy he had given her could be effective only when she needed energy. When Fu Wei was at her peak condition, his energy given to her couldn't do anything. It couldn't be converted to her energy to increase her realm and powers.

Anyway, it was not from the same school or source. Shi Yan sighed inwardly.