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1003 Better Not to Mee

Inside the battleship.

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo sat neatly while the blood lines from Shi Yan's body connected the other three. Energy fluctuated like a flowing river and seeped into their bodies.

The magical energy in this cultivating room was so thick that it couldn't vanish quickly. The blood marks on the forehead of Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were like eyes that sparkled in blood-red halo. Through this mark, they collected abundant and pure energy from Shi Yan. It gave a tonic to each of their soul altars and filled their Essence Qi Ancient Tree.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming were observing them from the other side of the room with surprised faces.

He didn't ask Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming to leave when he transmitted the energy to the other three. He wanted the two of them to witness something magical in this world.

Xuan Ming was struck. He studied the four of them while a storm arose in his heart. This was the first time he saw the energy transmission. And the originator was Shi Yan!

He didn't know why Shi Yan's body could endure such dominant energy fluctuations. This situation was beyond his knowledge, giving him a new cognition of power.

Zuo Shi's small face was filled with surprise. Her line of sight fixed on Shi Yan. She said excitedly, "Hey old man, don't you think he's brilliant?"

Xuan Ming nodded bitterly, "Indeed."

Zuo Shi smiled.

After an unknown period, Leona and Ka Tuo woke up with excited faces. They looked at each other and saw happiness in their faces.

What a big harvest!

Shi Yan and Fei Lan were still meditating in silence. Their breaths were long and steady. Shi Yan's body started to emit marvelous space energy.

It seemed like his soul was trying to create some kind of magical resonance. This kind of energy fluctuation frequency was dense. It seemed like he wanted to build a space channel.

Pallid air currents swirled around Fei Lan like spirit snakes. A discernible Ethereal Extent hovered behind her head. It made Fei Lan look like she was staying in a different space.

Leona studied Fei Lan. After a while, her eyes glistened.

"Precursor... she's about to break through, right?" Ka Tuo also sensed something. He licked his lips, asking with excitement.

Leona nodded. "Seems like she's breaking to the new realm. She's been at First Sky of Ethereal God Realm for a long time. This time, she had beaten up a higher-realm warrior, which advanced her power Upanishad. Well, as she has received enough energy, her breakthrough happened naturally and logically."

"It's so good," Ka Tuo was sincerely happy.

He respected Fei Lan a lot. If Fei Lan hadn't helped him a lot in Land of God Punishment, he would have been killed already.

Although Fei Lan had taken care of him because of his Inheritance, Ka Tuo did get good things. She allowed him to survive before he was strong enough to take care of himself. He had the chance to meet up with Shi Yan and reach his current realm. He appreciated Fei Lan a lot and he had considered her as his precursor whom he serves and respects.

In some aspect, Fei Lan's favor for him was much more significant than Shi Yan's.

Strange space energy fluctuated from Shi Yan's soul altar. Gradually under the others' gazes, Shi Yan disappeared from time to time as if his soul had escaped his body to some marvelous domain. Ka Tuo and Leona were surprised.

After a long time, Fei Lan woke up. She took a deep breath while her ten fingers diffused the pallid erosive air currents, which were wiggling like snake tongues.

Fei Lan was amazed looking at ten currents of erosive air. She smiled, getting up and looking at Shi Yan.

"You... Precursor, have you...?" asked Ka Tuo.

Fei Lan nodded and admitted it, "Thanks to his grace, I'm at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. Seems like fighting and killing helps us understand our realms better."

Ka Tuo and Leona were baffled, but they were happy for her.

Xuan Ming observed quietly, listening to their conversation. He couldn't help but look at Shi Yan who was sitting still. Xuan Ming had a lot of complicated feelings.

His... His energy could help even Ethereal God Realm expert to break through?

Xuan Ming was astounded.


Exhaling a murky blow of breath, Shi Yan woke up, still sitting. With a calm visage, he slowly got up. His eyes lay on Fei Lan when he said to her, "Congratulations!"

Fei Lan didn't say anything. She just smiled and then unnaturally bent her body slightly to show her gratitude to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan chuckled. He didn't say anything else and nodded to Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming before leaving the training room.

Soon, he arrived at the control center of the battleship.

Fu Wei was sitting cross-legged. She had taken in pellets and digested them to give a tonic to her soul.

Seeing him, Fu Wei opened her eyes, smiling. "You're here."

"I'm here to help you a little bit," Shi Yan said. He didn't wait for Fu Wei to respond. Just like an electric beam, he appeared right behind her. One hand of his was placed on her beautiful back. Vigorous life energy poured into Fu Wei's God Body like a refreshing stream in a mountain.

Fu Wei's beautiful eyes brightened. Her stiff body relaxed and she had a happy smile on her face.

Her exhausted body recovered shortly after receiving Shi Yan's vitality. Fu Wei felt like she was soaking her body in a hot spring. Her sore muscles were relaxed. Her mind, Qi, and Soul were refreshed. She felt so comfortable that she couldn't describe when that flow of vitality had invigorated her.

An Yun stood in a corner and watched. She used to want to stop Shi Yan. Seeing Fu Wei and her comfortable countenance, she exhaled in relief.

"Is it okay?" Placing his hand on Fu Wei's voluptuous back, Shi Yan looked calm, asking. 

Fu Wei looked so relaxed as she enjoyed it a lot. With a weak smile, she told him, "A little more."

Shi Yan was surprised, beaming a forced smile. "Do you think the vitality I release is really cheap?"

While talking, he retrieved his hand. Looking at Fu Wei's white neck and her updo hairstyle, he said, "The damages inside your body recovered. I can feel that..."

Fu Wei gritted her teeth. She got up reluctantly, giving a tender smile. "I can see you have abundant life energy. The more I receive, the better I feel. Thus, I have to seize the chance, right?"

Shi Yan felt funny, shaking his head reluctantly. "When will we encounter the other?"

Talking about that, Fu Wei's visage darkened. "Soon. This time, we won't see only one battleship but instead, his entire Mad Shark Fleet. We will face Du Lin. Sigh. It's hard to deal with Du Lin... He's such a headache..."

"Du Lin? Who is he?"

"The new generation's commander of the Kroc family of the Ghost Mark Clan. He's at Peak of Ethereal God Realm. I heard he has touched the threshold of Incipient God Realm. He's the captain of the Mad Shark Fleet. He's careful, good at fighting, and planning."

"Why can they find you guys precisely each time? As your battleship can cut off Soul Consciousness detecting, normal people can't find you. Why do they always know your location every time?"

Fu Wei forced a smile. She pondered and then explained. "Du Lin was sent by Great Elder Zuo Lou. Great Elder knows our battleship well... Although people can't find us, it's simple to target and lock us down if they get the treasures from Great Elder. We basically can't be invisible under their sensing."

An Yun sighed in her corner.

"Oh, that's it." Nodding, Shi Yan's face was stern. "So we have to fight them? We don't have any chance to avoid this?"

"Well, we used to have a chance to get rid of the besiege," Fu Wei glared at Shi Yan. "But because you guys got out of the protective halo to kill those Ghost Mark warriors, we had to pause for fifteen minutes. We lost that precious chance. Of course, you don't need to blame yourself. I said it was a chance, so I'm not even sure if we could have escaped with the given fifteen minutes."

"Seems like I have to take responsibility then," Shi Yan couldn't help but laugh.

"Of course, you have to take responsibility," Fu Wei nodded and smiled. "You gave us the Canon. Our danger is related to the Canon. I've paid one hundred million for the Canon. You should protect us and ensure our safety then."

"Alright, I will try my best to protect you guys," Shi Yan smiled reluctantly.


The big battleship halted.

Fu Wei, An Yun, and Shi Yan stood on the deck of the ship, watching the area ahead of them. Their faces became stern.

Black and blue shark battleships were approaching from the galaxy afar at an arrowhead formation to block them. A handsome Ghost Mark man with his hands clasped behind his back was standing on the leading battleship. He had tender eyes and a natural smile on his face.

"That's Du Lin!" hissed An Yun.

Fu Wei looked unnatural. She looked at the young man from a distance and sighed.

Those battleships didn't stop. The Ghost Mark captain named Du Lin took a deep breath and then pitched his voice, "Miss Fu Wei, I didn't want to meet you in such situation. Allow me to apologize in advance. I don't want to do this. I hope you understand."

"I don't want to see you either," Fu Wei walked forward reluctantly. Standing several thousand meters away from Du Lin, she said gently, "Can you retreat, please?"

"I can," Du Lin nodded resolutely and then said, "Give me the Canon. I will leave immediately. For you, I can even violate the order. I just need the Canon. I won't kill any of you."

"Can I keep the Canon and leave?" smiled Fu Wei.

"No, you can't. I agreed with him. I can't do that." Du Lin bent his body to express his apology. He smiled reluctantly and said, "I can do my best to protect you. Believe me. As long as you give me the Canon, I'm sure you will all be safe and sound."

"Young Master!" hissed one of his subordinates.

Du Lin waved his hand, shouting impatiently. "Don't speak nonsense! If Miss Fu Wei agrees with me, I'm willing to violate his order for her!"

The other didn't dare to say more.

"I can't give you the Canon," Fu Wei said begrudgingly.

Du Lin wasn't startled. He still smiled tenderly. "I know I'm making it difficult. Yeah, don't worry. I will show mercy. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

He turned his head, looking at the Mad Shark Fleet behind and gave his order, "Go. Pay attention. Anyone who attacks Miss Fu Wei will lose their life."

The Ghost Mark warriors then urged their battleships, moving like a frenzy of sharks chasing after their preys. Their auras and momentum were so intimidating.

Fu Wei sighed weakly and said, "Return to the control center. Prepare to struggle through a furious battle."