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Fu Wei, Shi Yan, and the others gathered at the control center of the battleship.

A bright, big mirror showed the star area around. The walls of this control center had many marks. Each of them had fiercely surging energy. Fu Wei was calmly looking at the bright mirror. Her fingers shot out light beams from time to time.

Slowly, a black shark battleship emerged in the mirror. It was right ahead of them, hiding like a shark waiting for its prey.

Fu Wei's blue eyes sparkled with a brutal light. A light beam shot out from her palm, hitting a lozenge imprint.

The imprint became brilliantly dazzling.

Almost one million divine crystals at the bottom of the battleship released their turbulently abundant energy at the same time. Blinding light fired from a long pole that looked like a drill bit in the front of the ship. A formidable light grumblingly shot out.

The light column moved like a mad dragon, bringing along endless torrential energy. Just like a meteor chasing after the moon, it hit the black shark battleship violently.


The dim galaxy was suddenly illuminated brilliantly. The black shark battleship exploded at the moment of the impact.

At that moment, the black shark battleship was fragmented and the dozens of warriors on the ship died in that crazy flow of energy. Many members of the Ghost Mark Clan were wounded and bleeding. They evacuated from the shattered battleship. Some of them risked their lives and flew towards the massive battleship.


Countless barriers and restrictions of the big battleship were activated. A massive halo covered the entire battleship. While bombarding the warriors flying around, Fu Wei's gigantic battleships wantonly moved like a huge monster.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck. Seeing the black shark battleship get shot down in just a blink of an eye, he now knew how terrifying the power of Potion and Tool Pavilion's battleship was.

That crystal artillery used divine crystals as the source of energy. It absorbed energy from millions of divine crystals to create a light column that blasted and crushed the black shark battleship.

It was evident that Potion and Tool Pavilion had varied and profound applications of divine crystals. They could use them to load the crystal artillery to break anything. This kind of powerful lethality was enough to crush even a Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm expert.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The engine hissed loudly inside the battleship as if the artillery was reloading.

The Ghost Mark warriors scattered to everywhere and then risked their lives by attacking the light curtain on the battleship directly.

That halo was created by dozens of barriers and restrictions, which provided the ship with a tremendous defensive ability. More than ten Ghost Mark warriors at King God Realm and Original God Realm urged their powers Upanishad. Fire, Ice, Storm, and Thunderbolts showered on the light curtain protecting the ship.

The light curtain distorted a little, but it wasn't broken. Beautiful sparks were sent into outer space like brilliant fireworks that touched people's souls.

Shi Yan flew out quietly from the control center, descending on the deck.

He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes slightly. His Soul Consciousness extended like magical tentacles. They found the broken bodies of the Ghost Mark warriors, pulling them near the light curtain of the battleship.

After a while, he got more than ten pieces of broken bodies hovering above the light curtain. The Essence Qi of these flesh bodies hadn't vanished yet.

Flows of murky energy with negative moods from those bodies pierced through the light curtain and flooded Shi Yan's acupuncture points.

The vortexes inside his seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points started to revolve. They dragged the Essence Qi of the dead and refined it.

Shi Yan grinned, laughing evilly. His laughter was cruel and yet happy. His acupuncture points were taking in the Essence Qi of more than ten dead bodies of the Ghost Mark warriors. This wonderful feeling made him smile. The murderous intention in his heart was heating up. He felt his blood boiling.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo observed the commotion. They followed him flying out of the control center. They now surrounded him to protect him.

They saw that more than ten broken bodies hovering above the light curtain were dried as if the water and blood inside were all sucked ou. Fei Lan's team was shaken. They had a high expectation this time.

They knew this time that they would be able to eat meat.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shockwaves created by the powers Upanishads of the Ghost Mark warriors continually struck the protective halo like an unceasing thunderstorm.

The magical light curtain rippled like water, shielding the battleship from all kinds of attack. In outer space, it sparkled radiantly like a beautiful star, sending sparks everywhere.


From the deck of the battleship, several hundred guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion shouted and flew out.

Instantaneously, powers Upanishads including Metal, Lightning, Ice and Mist, gusts of Wind, Sound, and Light appeared. Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards stayed inside the protective halo and struck their attacks through the halo, aiming at the Ghost Mark warriors outside the halo.

Shortly after, five or six Ghost Mark warriors were shot down. They swayed like willow catkin and fell on the barrier.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He stooped and smiled, pulling the void.

The shattered bodies of the Ghost Mark warriors gathered on the light curtain above Shi Yan's head. Their blood had dyed a large area of the light curtain. The thick scent of blood seemed to diffuse through the curtain, nauseating people.

Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards didn't know why Shi Yan wanted to gather the dead bodies. They didn't bother with his commotion anyway and just hid under the protective halo and attacked others.

The light curtain of Fu Wei's battleship was made of a combination of different barriers and restrictions. It had a terrific defensive ability. If they wanted to attack this battleship, they had to break this protective halo first.

At the same time, Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards were able to stay inside the protected area and attack the others. This kind of protection didn't stop their attacks, anyway.

Among hundreds of Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards, most of them were at King God Realm and Original God Realm. There were also a few Ethereal God Realm experts.

When they had attacked with all their abilities, powers Upanishads exploded like a thunderstorm in the void. Lightning strikes blasted. Icy snowstorms twirled. They were wreaking havoc above the protective halo, shading the sunbeam and moonlight.

Shi Yan and Fei Lan's team hadn't done anything yet. They sat quietly on the deck, watching the magnificent fireworks blooming out there above the light curtain. Looking at the dead Ghost Mark warriors, they were enjoying the absorption of thick Essence Qi. They were indeed so happy.

Pieces of broken bodies fell on the light curtain above Shi Yan's head. There were around twenty pieces this time. Blood puddled and dripped, creating an area of blood red light that people could not turn their eyes from.

Squinting and pressing down negative moods in his body, Shi Yan's acupuncture points were madly filtering and refining Essence Qi. Gradually, he felt his acupuncture points get swollen and aching. It was a sign of the brimming energy.

Grinning fiendishly, he stooped and spoke to Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo. "We've harvested big this time!"

The other three nodded eagerly.

Rumble! Rumble!

The energy of countless divine crystals was released one more time. The battleship moving at breakneck speed accelerated again. It flew like a crazy monster, heading in a direction.

Layers of light curtain expanded and covered the entire battleships. At this moment, it became tough and sharp that it could break everything.

The wrecked black shark battleship hovering in its way was smashed into debris or even powder if impacted directly with Fu Wei's battleship.

Fu Wei's battleship was excellent in both defending and attacking with divine crystals as the fountain of energy. Its lethality was terrifying, indeed.

Shi Yan didn't dare to underestimate this battleship's competence anymore. He believed that if he got shot by such crystal artillery, his God Body would burst into pieces.

Although the battleship was moving fast and fiercely, Fu Wei didn't look comfortable in the control center. She frowned as she had a premonition that the next wave of Mad Shark battleships would be more furious.

"It's not easy to deal with Du Lin," An Yun sounded serious. "The Mad Shark Fleet has forty-nine battleships. Although their defensive ability isn't good, their speed is incredible. I think while we had a fight over there, they have formulated a new plan already."

Fu Wei nodded. She sounded calm as usual. "I understand."

"Young Elder, you have used her soul to lock the battleship and control the attacking formations of the battleship. You've consumed a lot of soul energy, and you can't do that for a long time, right?" asked An Yun.

Fu Wei gave a forced smile. "It's alright. I'm going to adjust my condition."

While talking, she took out refreshing green pellets and swallowed. Her pale cheeks had some colors afterward.

This excellent defensive and attacking battleship had thousands of formations, imprints, and restrictions that needed the soul energy to control. It wasn't an easy task, though. When Fu Wei controlled the battleship, she was like the brain of this ship as she had to manage all details of this massive ship. She had to consume her soul energy every minute.

Their quick triumph this time was thanks to her concentrated control. However, it cost her soul energy.

If the combat became fiercer, each wisp of her Soul Consciousness had to create a connection with the barriers, imprints, and restrictions. When that happened, her soul energy would be consumed massively.

"Did they get out there?" After Fu Wei had swallowed the pellets, she took a short period to digest. When her energy was restored a little bit, she had time to ask about Shi Yan's team.

An Yun nodded with an odd countenance. "They have soon left to the deck."

Fu Wei was surprised. "He joined the combat?"

"No," An Yun's face became even stranger. "We don't know why he gathered the bodies of our enemies and looked at them from under the light curtain. I don't know what he had done."

Fu Wei became skeptical. She didn't know what Shi Yan was doing. Pondering for a while, she said begrudgingly. "Never mind them. They know what to do. If they agree to stay, I think they won't have any bad intention towards us."

"Yes. I think they have some plans, but they won't harm us," nodded An Yun.

Fu Wei didn't say more. She concentrated on the bright mirror to observe and arrange for the next attack wave of the Mad Shark.

She understood clearly that the next wave wouldn't be as easy as this time. She knew how excellent Du Lin was. It wasn't going to be easy to defend the next time then.