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1000 A Former Pursuer

The observation platform of a black shark battleship.

Du Lin wore blue combat clothes with gold plated hems. He looked handsome with blue tattoos on his face. The corner of his mouth always held a tender smile.

Two enchanting and charming sisters were leaning close to him. They were holding a glass of wine and a tray of fruits, serving him with smiles.

Du Lin was the most prominent young talent of the new generation of Ghost Mark Clan. He had Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm cultivation base. This young man was a genius and a potential candidate for the Chief position of the Ghost Mark Clan. He was born in the most influential family of Ghost Mark Clan, the one with the tough, placid minds. Du Lin managed the Mad Shark Fleet, which consisted of forty-nine battleships. This force was the mightiest force of the Ghost Mark Clan.

Du Lin smiled tenderly, sitting on the stone platform imposingly. The two beauties served him, making him comfortable while he looked at the immense galaxy with his dark, deep eyes.

"Fu Wei. . ."

Du Lin chuckled as his eyes became hot. He extended his arms, hugging the two ladies and enjoying their sexy bodies.

Under the stone platform, the Ghost Mark Clan's soldiers were stooping. They didn't dare to look at Du Lin on the high platform. Their faces showed their admiration and respect for their commander.


A shadow glided from inside the battle. He kneeled down before Du Lin. "Young Master, Fu Wei's battleship changed its direction. They now have sped up twice."

Mad Shark Fleet was built by Du Lin's family. All the soldiers addressed him as Young Master. Du Lin's family was the most potent force of the Ghost Mark Clan. To boost Du Lin and give him the most powerful influence, his family had spent a lot of materials to build him Mad Shark battleships with the hope that he could set his foot on the glorious Chief position of the clan.

"They changed the route?" Du Lin squinted while his big hands were still lingering on the beauties' waist and rear. He thought for a while and then burst out laughing. "Seems like she knows we're here."

"What should we do now?" The other kneeled and lifted his head to look at Du Lin.

"Scatter the Mad Sharks and circle them. As long as we can beat their speed, they will be surrounded by our frenzy of sharks. Then, they will never get out." Du Lin waved his hand, talking indifferently. "Although her battleship is a good one, she has only one. She can't resist us."

"I got it, Sir!" the man left.

"Arrogant Fu Wei... Let see how you deal with me this time..."

Du Lin enjoyed drinking and playing with the two beautiful sisters. He looked tender when he embraced a girl, whispering to her. "You should belong to me... It's time to put my belle into my gold palace..."

The two girls smiled servilely and charmingly, hugging him tightly. They wanted to win him over.


On the deck of the massive battleship, Fu Wei and An Yun stood silently.

They were observing their surroundings. Their Soul Consciousness rippled like water waves. They could sense any commotion around.

Warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion scattered in each corner of the deck. They were all stern, watching everywhere cautiously.

"The commander of those Mad Shark battleships is Du Lin..."

An Yun kept silent for a while. Suddenly, she looked at Fu Wei. She spoke with a face strange, "Du Lin... used to pursue you crazily..."

Fu Wei set her line of sight to the place afar, frowning.

She also had a deep impression of Du Lin.

He was the prominent and good-looking talent of the new generation of the Kroc family. He had an amazing innate endowment which was proven when he reached Peak of Ethereal God Realm in just a short time. He was so tender and handsome. However, what made him special was that he was crazy about Fu Wei.

The Kroc family was the oldest and strongest family in the Ghost Mark Clan. They could compare to the Feng Du family, the family of the current Ghost Mark Clan's Chief. The former Head of the Krocs had made a mistake while breaking from Ethereal God Realm to Incipient God Realm. He couldn't make any progress. That was why he couldn't beat the Feng Du family to become the next Chief of Ghost Mark Clan.

Anyway, a thin camel is still bigger than a horse. The Kroc family was still the strongest force of the Ghost Mark Clan. Du Lin of the current generation was the powerful character of the Krocs. He shouldered the hope of the entire family.

Zuo Lou, Great Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, was also one of the Krocs of the Ghost Mark Clan. However, a former precursor of Potion and Tool Pavilion had made him his apprentice and separated him from the Ghost Mark Clan when he was young.

Zuo Lou had always been concerned about the Kroc family of the Ghost Mark Clan. After he had known about Du Lin, he had discreetly sent his staff to gift him a lot of precious cultivating materials. The fact that Du Lin could break through so quickly was closely related to Zuo Lou's sufficient support.

When Fu Wei's teacher had passed away, Zuo Lou tried to recruit her for his team. He had arranged Du Lin with Potion and Tool Pavilion and set up plans for him to pursue her.

Zuo Lou hoped Du Lin could marry her so she could assist Zuo Lou. Previously, Du Lin had spent a lot of his efforts to win her heart. However, due to the different parties they had followed, she didn't want to go on the same path as Zuo Lou. Eventually, she denied him resolutely.

Du Lin was a bright gentleman. He always got the girls he wanted in the Ghost Mark Clan and Agate Star Area. However, after Fu Wei had rejected him, he changed. He was depressed for a while. After he got the shadow out of his heart, he became uncontrollable in his personal relationships.

"Du Lin..."

Fu Wei recalled the man, sighing weakly.

"Du Lin is at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm. He has forty-nine Mad Shark battleships. If they scatter and circle us, we won't be able to get rid of that trap," said An Yun seriously.

Fu Wei contemplated for a while and then ordered, "Once we find the battleships of the Mad Shark Sleet, we will smash them down if they stand in our way at any cost!"

"Once we attack them, we'll break the rules. Young Elder, are you sure?" An Yun was surprised.

"Du Lin is from the same clan as Great Elder. Naturally, he will protect the Great Elder's benefits. We know this since Great Elder has sent him here." Fu Wei forced a smile. "Unless I give them the Canon and marry Du Lin, they will never let us go. As we've come to this, we can't return. We must be resolute!"

An Yun nodded, "I understand."


While inside the cultivating room, Shi Yan listened to Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming's stories as they had to struggle a lot to survive. Occasionally, he sighed.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming didn't have his luck. After they had arrived in Agate Star Area, they used to work as miners or slaves on herbal farms. For the divine crystals, they had to eat bitter fruits and bear the humiliation.

The peak characters in Grace Mainland were just low people in high-grade star areas. Glory and powers in the past weren't worth mentioning here. They had to start everything from the beginning. To many people, this was really cruel.

Today, Xuan Ming had reached level 12 in Monster's cultivating ranking. Zuo Shi had reached Peak of King God Realm thanks to Fu Wei's pellets. She had surpassed Xuan Ming. It reflected the fact that Zuo Shi was a real prodigy.

"Shi Yan ge-ge, how about you? How have you been? Have you experienced the same things? Did you have to struggle a lot to survive?" Zuo Shi eyed him and asked in a low tone.

Xuan Ming also looked at him, his face curious.

"Me?" Shi Yan smiled miserably. "Yeah, at first, my situation was even worse than yours. I used to be a human cauldron. If my body hasn't been special, I would have been dead

He remembered the painful past when he had just arrived in Raging Flame Star Area. Today, he recalled the utmost bitter moments when he thought about it. If Zi Yao hadn't brought him to Dark Firmament Heaven Nation, the alchemist of Underworld League would have soon killed him. Warriors from the low-grade star area entering the high-grade star area did have old, struggle-filled stories to tell. He wasn't an exception.

However, he had survived even though it was a bit reluctant. He had struggled through Raging Flame Star Area like a fish in troubled waters. After he had come to Agate Star Area, he also had tough times. Anyway, he still stood firm.

"You've taken troubles," said Zuo Shi.

Shi Yan smiled at her. "Your father and other fellows are living well now. Don't worry about them. They're safe and they have a secure source of cultivating materials. After we are done with things here, I'll take care of you. You don't need to worry about stuff anymore."

"I knew you were the best." Zuo Shi's eyes were like the crescent moon. Her smile was innocent and cute. "I thought we would never meet again. It's good to see you, ge-ge."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo sat in three different corners of the cultivating room, squinting as if they were half-conscious.

"The battle will start soon," Shi Yan got up, retreating his elongated Soul Consciousness. He told Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming, "You guys stay here and don't act rashly. You can't join this level of battle. Just stay here and cultivate."

"Isn't it a battleship of Potion and Tool Pavilion?" Xuan Ming was perplexed. "Is there any force that dares to attack Potion and Tool Pavilion?"

"There's no absolute in everything," Shi Yan chuckled. He didn't explain in details. He nodded to Fei Lan and the other two and then headed out of the room. Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo immediately got up and followed him.


"We may encounter them shortly," said Shi Yan as soon as he reached the deck. Shi Yan saw the guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion watching at their spots cautiously.

Fu Wei, An Yun, and Feng An were stern. Hearing his voice, they turned around to see him.

"The enemy's battleships have scattered. They're going to besiege us from all directions. They're weaving a thick mesh net. Unless we can break their net and get rid of their siege, things will get tough since we will be surrounded." Shi Yan looked ahead of them, slightly narrowing his eyes. "Two battleships are waiting in front of us. We will meet them in one hour. We can't avoid them. If we change our route now, we will just head to their net sooner."

Fu Wei was still calm, smiling. "You understand the situation well."

An Yun and Feng An nodded to greet Shi Yan. Since they'd known Shi Yan, they decided to stay and fight with them. Their attitude towards him had changed.

In their eyes, Shi Yan didn't try to protect only himself. He joined others in combat, which showed his excellent code of brotherhood.

Of course, they didn't know Shi Yan's other conspiracy.

"Have you prepared everything well?" said Shi Yan calmly.

"It's okay. Although Potion and Tool Pavilion doesn't participate in battles in this star area, we aren't afraid of fighting, you know." Fu Wei smiled tenderly. She suddenly straightened her back, chinned up, and spoke bravely, "We will show you how strong we are soon!"

Shi Yan's eyes brightened and he nodded quietly.

He knew that Potion and Tool Pavilion weren't ordinary. However, rumors about the competence and powers of Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area weren't clear enough.

Today, as he got a lucky chance to fight with Fu Wei, perhaps he would have a good chance to see Potion and Tool Pavilion's real power.