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999 Crisis – Opportunity!

In the immensely vast galaxy, a battleship was moving at breakneck speed like lightning.

In a secret room inside the battleship, Shi Yan was sitting neatly. There were some new books placed by him. All were related to the abilities of space power.

He read each book. Sometimes he shook his head and sighed. Once he determined that a book was useless to him, it was burned down immediately.

The books of Space power Upanishad that Fu Wei had copied for him were from the original hand-written books by the warrior who cultivated Space power Upanishad in Potion and Tool Pavilion. These books were his personal experiences. However, the owner of those writings didn't have a profound realm because Shi Yan had already known the secrets he jotted down in his books.

Shi Yan's understanding of Space power Upanishad was much deeper than most of the information that the writers of these books had. In Shi Yan's eyes, those records were shallow and useless to him.

Shortly after, he had only one copy in his hand. Shi Yan squinted and read earnestly. From time to time, he read something that he needed to analyze and comprehend. His brows slowly furrowed.

The writer of these documents had a unique approach and stress on space nodes.

In his explanation, he assumed that space could become a globe with a lot of spider webs and the intersections of the spider webs were space nodes. Space lines were used to connect different space nodes. Warriors who cultivated Space power Upanishad could use space nodes to teleport.

The space nodes were extremely unstable. Some could even lead to the chaotic space basin. However, most of the space nodes were stable enough that they could use Space power Upanishad to get through them.

There were as many space nodes inside the globe were as blinking stars in the sky. Ordinary people would never know or be able to touch them.

Only warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad at a specific realm could use the souls to recognize the nodes. According to the writer, marvelous space energy fluctuations were inside the space nodes. Once the soul vibe of the warriors cultivating space power resonated with the energy fluctuations in one space node, they could run directly into that space node and instantly teleport.

Since Shi Yan had reached Third Sky of Original God Realm, his understanding of Space power Upanishad in that magnificent, unknown space became deeper.

He knew every space had space nodes. However, it was hard to detect them. After reading that document, Shi Yan recognized that if he could use his soul to touch the space nodes, he could have an exit regardless of where he was.

With this thought in his mind, Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness.

Wisps of Soul Consciousness added with Space energy moved like arrows that shot out of a bow. They scattered from him and entered the vast universe to find the space nodes.

While he didn't recognize the passing time, his soul became bright and empty. A flow of his Soul Consciousness suddenly felt some energy fluctuations of the magical space energy, which were very fierce.

His squinted eyes brightened.

Taking a deep breath, his Soul Consciousness moved around, dedicatedly sensing the changes of space energy. Then, he adjusted himself and made his calm Sea of Consciousness seethe violently. He was trying to create the waves to resonate with the energy fluctuations over there.

However, the energy in that area was so turbulent. It wasn't easy for his Sea of Consciousness to create the resonance.

This was especially because Shi Yan had just touched the threshold. It was the first time he had ever comprehended this subtlety.

Understanding the resonance of energy fluctuations was a slow and lengthy process. Shi Yan wasn't hurried. It was too dull in this battleship. He'd better study his power Upanishad then.

Time flew hurriedly.

Today, Shi Yan was still immersed in space energy resonance. His Sea of Consciousness surged as if it was about to explore.

All of a sudden, a flow of his Soul Consciousness, which had elongated to an unknown area, reported to Shi Yan with a panic feeling. Right after that, he saw many shark-like battleships as black as ink moving fast in a direction.

A fear reflected in his head. Shi Yan stopped his space energy resonating work to check the wisp of Soul Consciousness that had reported the black shark battleships.

There were dozens of them. They were around one thousand to three thousand meters long. It was obvious that they belonged to one force. They were moving in a neat formation. Some dark clouds covered the battleships, preventing people from looking at the interior. Each battleship had a fiercely torrential energy with a ferocious aura.

Navigating, Shi Yan shuddered. He immediately retreated his Soul Consciousness.

Staying inside the battleship, Shi Yan's face became more solemn. He shot up from his seat, walking out of his room.

Fei Lan and the other two were cultivating in their private rooms so they didn't know about Shi Yan's commotion or his discovery.

"Sir, where do you want to go?" asked a guard standing in front of his door with respect.

"I want to meet your Elder Fu Wei. Please notify her immediately!" Shi Yan was cold and stern. He looked a bit hurried.

The guard nodded and told him, "Follow me."

Shortly after, Shi Yan walked to the control center of the battleship with his guide. Fu Wei, An Yun, and Feng An, the three leaders of Potion and Tool Pavilion were there. They were discussing something. Seeing him, they stopped immediately.

The guard left the room. Shi Yan took a deep breath and then said, "A fleet of battleships is heading fast towards us. They're moving really fast. I estimate that they will reach us in four hours. There are dozens of them. They come with murderous auras... Seems like they don't have good intentions toward us."

Fu Wei discolored in fright. She jolted from her seat, her soft body shivering. "Which direction? What kind of battleships are they? What's the situation?"

An Yun and Feng An grimaced. They clenched their jaws, their face malicious. "Young Elder! It's them!" said An Yun.

Fu Wei nodded, raising her small hand to stop the woman. Her eyes gazed at Shi Yan.

She knew warriors who cultivate space power could reach a very long distance with their Soul Consciousness. Although it couldn't cover a large area, one fine beam of Soul Consciousness could reach much further than what the others could reach.

"Those battleships are black like ink. They look like sharks. There are dozens of them. They have many symbols. Most of them are black and blue. A few are purple." Shi Yan recalled and described what his Soul Consciousness had seen.

"Blue and black shark battleships of the Ghost Mark Clan!" An Yun took a cold breath, her face grim. "Those shark battleships are manufactured by the force under Great Elder's party. Great Elder used to be a member of the Ghost Mark Clan. Those blue and black shark battleships belong to the Mad Shark Fleet of the Chief of Ghost Mark Clan! Yeah, it can't be wrong. They are heading towards us!"

Fu Wei put on a cold face and nodded. Then, she didn't talk but started to release magnificent light beams towards the corners of the control center.

Boom! Boom!

Ear-splitting explosions blasted from the bottom of the battleship, which changed its direction immediately. Energy from countless divine crystals was drawn from this deviation. The battleship moved like lightning from outer space, heading fast in the new direction.

After it was done, Fu Wei wiped the sweat on her forehead. She looked a little tired, trying to smile at Shi Yan. She said softly, "This time, I have to thank you."

"What happened?" Shi Yan frowned.

"The Canon's whereabouts are disclosed," Fu Wei sighed weakly. "Great Elder's party wants to seize the Canon. He has urged the forces to cooperate with him. They will kill us and take the Canon. They don't want our party to keep it."

Shi Yan was surprised, but he just nodded nonchalantly. "You guys can endure it or not?"

"Who knows?" Fu Wei whispered in dismay. She pondered for a while and then said to Shi Yan, "I thought we could deliver you guys smoothly to Shadow Ghostly Prison. But now there is an issue. Hmm, going with us isn't a good idea for you guys. Okay, so..."

Fu Wei looked at An Yun, asking, "Aunt An, you choose the best war chariot and send them off."

An Yun bent her body to greet and left.

"Hold on," Shi Yan waved his hand to stop them. He asked coldly, "Will you fight against them? If you encounter them, will you do your best to defend and destroy the enemies?"

"Of course," Fu Wei's eyes were cold. Her brows showed her murderous aura. "They come this time to wipe us out in a single operation. Of course, we will resist with our best efforts. We will not show mercy."

Shi Yan smiled coldly. "Good. I'll stay to fight with you guys."

Fu Wei, An Yun, and Feng An were surprised. They looked at him with odd faces.

"No, it has nothing to do with you. You just find trouble for yourself staying with us. We're not sure if we can defeat them or not. Why do you need to take risks with us?" Fu Wei's blue eyes rippled strangely. She felt something touching her heart. She said tenderly, "There are many Mad Shark Battleships of the Ghost Mark Clan. I'm not sure if I can deal with them. Do you really want to stand on the same side with us and fight against them?"

"Oh yeah," Shi Yan grinned. He didn't say more. He turned around and left the control center.

He wanted to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison even though he knew that the place was madly chaotic. He knew the place where warriors died continually was the best place for him. It was the key for him to transform. This time, it was going to be a rare chance. He didn't want to let it go.

Fu Wei and the other two didn't know what he was thinking. After he had left, they looked at each other in astonishment.

"This man... he does employ the code of brotherhood." An Yun was baffled for a while. "It's worth your feelings for him. In danger, he doesn't run away to protect himself. He wants to stay with us! Such a good man!"

Feng An nodded. "I didn't expect him to be that way. I misunderstood him before. I thought he was a type of greedy men. I had never thought that he would help us in a time of danger."

Fu Wei thinned her lips. She smiled tenderly and then said, "I didn't expect that, either. He chose to stay."


"Time to feast, guys."

Inside the battleship, Shi Yan woke up Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo. He grinned, "Previously, we didn't harvest enough energy. This time, I will feed you until you're full."

Fei Lan and the others' eyes brightened, their faces expecting a good harvest.