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Shi Yan was confused. He thought for a while and then said carefully. "I never heard about that before. I'm afraid that you will be disappointed."

Fu Wei's blue eyes sparkled. Her heart was filled with anticipation. "In that ancient battleship, did you see the Canon?" Fu Wei was hurried. She was a little pale and she looked lost.

From the day she got the information of the Thousand Fold Lotus, which gave her clues of the Canon, her mind was always occupied. After a detailed investigation, she confirmed that the Elder used to live in the ancient battleship. Her pieces of evidence showed that if Shi Yan found the Thousand Fold Lotus, he must know about the Canon.

To get the information of the Canon's whereabouts from Shi Yan, she didn't mind her reputation as she drank "Passion Liquor" of Potion and Tool Pavilion with him. She had opened her heart to him and told him secrets of Potion and Tool Pavilion and her private stories, the ones that she had buried deep in her heart.

She thought that she could get something to make it up. However, hearing Shi Yan say that he doesn't know such a thing, she was so bitter that she even wanted to vomit blood.

Shi Yan was sensitive enough to realize her changing mood. Due to the effect of the liquor, Shi Yan wanted to say something. He instinctively pried, "What's the Canon?"

"It's a book." Fu Wei was so bitter. She sighed reluctantly. "That book can affect the selection of the next Pavilion Master of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Our party is in a bad situation. If we get the Canon, we may overturn it."

". . . A book?" Shi Yan's mind flickered. He instinctively touched the Fantasy Sky Ring. A faint halo flashed. The yellowed, dilapidated book emerged, the one he couldn't understand. If fell in his hand. "This book?"

Fu Wei was still sinking in her significant loss. Her beautiful eyes became hot as her soft body shivered. She couldn't help but grab that book. Her slender finger shivered anxiously. She was so thrilled she ever clutched Shi Yan's big hand.

Fu Wei was shocked as if she was electrocuted. Her gentle body trembled hard. Her face became so red it was as if she could drip blood. She couldn't help but yell, "Yes! That's it... It's the Canon! You have the Canon!"

As their hands were touching, Shi Yan could feel the terrifying heat from her jade fingers. However, the feeling of touching something white and so smooth had touched Shi Yan.

Fu Wei gripped both the Canon and Shi Yan's fingers. She was shaking. She suddenly reacted and she blushed when she retracted her hand, letting out the Canon that she had ever seen in her dream. Her voice trembled as she said, "You tell me. What do you want to exchange for the Canon?"

Shi Yan was confused. He frowned but it was hard to recognize. "So this book is very important to you?"

"Very very important!" Fu Wei nodded. Her face has never been as solemn as it was now. "You tell me and I can satisfy any conditions of yours as long as you give me the Canon."

"Then take it," Shi Yan smiled generously, throwing her the book that he couldn't understand. "It's useless to me. If you like, I'm giving it to you. About the condition... Hmm, it's alright."

Perhaps it was because of the liquor or because Fu Wei had opened her heart to him. As Shi Yan hadn't recognized the value of that book, he didn't give any strict condition. His generosity had shaken the maiden heart of Fu Wei.

Under the effect of a big thrill, Fu Wei was so excited. She grabbed the book and jolted up as if she had just found a precious treasure. She stepped forward. Under the urge of some emotion she couldn't name, she jumped over and hugged Shi Yan, screaming. "Thank you! Thank you! I don't know how to say thank you enough! I will carve it into my heart!"

A sweet fragrance stormed into his nostril. The sexy plump body shivered excitedly, which made Shi Yan's breathing faster. His eyes were hot as some desires of his seven emotions and six desires were stirred up from the bottom of his heart.

He instinctively hugged the wonderful body in his chest. His big hands pressed on the ample bosom. His lower abdomen boiled.

Fu Wei was sinking in a big joy. She wanted to say something, but she halted as she could feel the little change on Shi Yan's body. Her hot face became redder. She moaned, her body softened as if she got hit.

The liquor called "Passionate" had expanded in her soft and warm body, which opened some forbidden area in her heart. She had never been this close to a man. At this moment, she didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to act in this situation. Her body stiffened.

A pair of rude hands slowly took an admiring walk around her voluptuous rear end and her delicate waist. It made her extremely sensitive, which burst out of her flame of desire.

Fu Wei gritted her teeth. She didn't dare to wiggle. She could feel clearly something hot swayed its way between her creamy thighs. Flows of heat attacked her, seeping into her most mysterious area. She felt so feeble she had to sit on Shi Yan's lap.

The big hands were still invading. One of them placed on her sensitive and ample breasts, stroking and squeezing, making different shapes.

Right at the moment the situation was going to the point they couldn't come back, a cool aura seeped out from the jade hairpin in her hair bun. Fu Wei was wakened up as if she got a bucket of cold water pouring on her head. She shoved Shi Yan away, gritting her teeth. She jabbered, didn't dare to look at him. "I... I have to go."

Fu Wei ran away helter-skelter. While she was running, her thighs were exposed beautifully. She felt so embarrassed she had never been before.

Until she left her own room, she moved like a ghost to the control center of the battleship. She hurried to drink a glass of cold water, which cooled her down. However, she still felt powerless. The private areas where Shi Yan had touched seemed to have a turbulent vibe that gave her some feelings.

Fu Wei grabbed the Canon. She was both happy and angry. She didn't feel good as if she had a mix of feelings right now.

After fifteen minutes of talking to each other, she had a lot of mixed feelings together. She was pushed between happiness and sadness, which were totally opposite. Together with her private parts violated, Fu Wei felt her mind a mess of gossamers. She suddenly felt that Shi Yan's face was somehow cute but somehow also something so disgusting that she hated it. She fought the urge to smash it with one punch.


Shi Yan stood alone in Fu Wei's room, his face strange. The wonderful feeling he just had made him miss it already.

Fu Wei was gentle and elegant. Her bearings were pacific and clear like water. People could easily have a good feeling talking to her and relax their defense. This woman usually wore loose garments to hide her voluptuous body. People would never know how wonderful her curves were.

As Shi Yan had the chance to feel it today, he thought that he missed it already. He stood there, recalling that feeling.

After a while, he gradually pulled himself together. Looking at the glass on that roundtable, he knew that liquor was somehow magical.

Meditating for two hours, the effect of the liquor had vanished. Shi Yan got up from his dreamy feelings. He immediately regretted it.

From Fu Wei's attitude, he knew that the Canon he couldn't understand was extremely precious to Potion and Tool Pavilion. Otherwise, Fu Wei wouldn't stick to him like that and she wouldn't have needed to use this trick on him. She had almost added her body into her plan.

I should have talked about the conditions!

Shi Yan thought instinctively. Then, he shook his head, chuckling. He had given away the Canon generously without a condition. It was the effect of the liquor. However, Fu Wei telling him her story sincerely had also had a particular impact on him.

This woman had to struggle a lot though. The master she respected had killed her parents indirectly. Surviving in that dark and heavy Potion and Tool Pavilion wasn't as glorious and beautiful as what people saw.

If that useless book could overturn Fu Wei's situation, Shi Yan thought that it was acceptable. As it was valueless in his hand, it could help Fu Wei on something which would be good then.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The low footsteps echoed. An Yun gingerly appeared at the door. She looked around, but she couldn't find Fu Wei. She slightly paled, hissing. "Where's Young Elder?"

"She has just gone." Shi Yan glared at her deliberately, talking. "You guys are good at trapping people. You've set all these things to treat me. Well done."

An Yun felt her heart sinking. She spoke sternly. "What did you do to Young Elder?" Her voice was tense and anxious. She had always protected Fu Wei sincerely. As she worried that Fu Wei could meet any inconvenience, she shouted. "If you dare to touch Young Elder, even if you have relations to Monster Clan and Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion won't let it go easily."

Shi Yan snorted, walking towards her. "You go ask her."

He passed An Yun, returning to his cultivating room.

An Yun's face was complicated. She hesitated for a while and then left quickly.


The center room of the battleship.

Fu Wei held the book in her hand, her face glowing beautifully. She grinned as she was cracked with joy. She couldn't help but mumble to herself. "Canon! It's the real Canon. I can have it easily..."

"Young Elder?" An Yun suddenly appeared. After asking, she was bewildered as she was filled with joy instantly. Pointing at the book, she shivered. "It... It... Is it real?"

"True, it's the Canon of Potion and Tool Pavilion that has been missing for tens of thousands of years!" Fu Wei took a deep breath, answering her resolutely.

An Yun was dumbstruck. She couldn't help but nod her head. She couldn't make a sound.

Fu Wei didn't mind her. She took a deep breath, her bosom rippling mesmerizingly. She touched the ring on her jade fingers, releasing a bright mirror. Fu Wei pulled herself together, releasing the light that made the mirror brighter.

Zha Duo's image appeared in the shadow, his face impatient. He scolded, "What happened? Didn't I tell you not to call me if it's not urgent? We have an insider. It's easy to disclose information if we do long-distance communication."

"Uncle Duo, I have the Canon."

The image in the mirror was stirred up hearing her.