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991 Seven Emotion and Six Desire Liquor

An Yun stopped by a jade door, speaking with a complicated countenance. "Young Elder is waiting for you inside."

Then, An Yun bent her body slightly and sighed inwardly before she left.

Shi Yan was bewildered. Looking at the jade door, he had no clue at all.

He reached out, gently knocking on the door. The clear noise echoing in this empty stone corridor was unpleasant to the ears.

"Come in, please." Fu Wei's soft voice came out from inside. Her tender, weak voice was somehow like a tranquilizer, which made people relaxed.

Pushing the jade door with a skeptical look, Shi Yan entered the door. His eyes glistened immediately.

Inside that hundred square meters jade room, the ceiling was decorated with tender-glowing jewels. It was like a curtain of a galaxy hanging above people's heads, giving them a relaxing feeling. The walls were carved with delicate drawings and patterns, which carried hidden energy. Many exquisites tools were displayed on the wall. They looked like decorations that made the room more luxurious and elegant.

The doors of smaller rooms in this chamber were half opened. Shi Yan could see the bathroom, the cultivating room, and the pellet refining rooms. Everything here was extremely opulent.

A graceful blue figure stood by a white jade table in the middle of the room. Apparently, she had put on her makeup. Her face blushed while her beautiful eyes were like the deep ocean or fulgent blue gems.

She wore a long light-blue dress, which exposed her white shoulder and moon-like wrists. She wore a blue crystal necklace; her long hair was pinned up into an elegant and noble bun. She looked tender and stylish. Her slender fingers clutched a white jade bottle and she poured an amber-colored liquor into a glass.

The pure and pleasant scent of liquor entered Shi Yan's nostrils, moving into his internal organs. It relaxed Shi Yan and made him calm and unwind.

Fu Wei was trying to create a cozy, comfy atmosphere. She smiled faintly. Her bright eyes rippled with lights when she waved at him, talking tenderly. "Come sit here."

Shi Yan was surprised. His mouth curves into a strange smile. "Miss Fu Wei, you called me here to drink with you?" While talking, he walked forward and sat in front of that beautiful blue figure.

"Isn't it okay?" Fu Wei smiled naturally. "The journey to Shadow Ghostly Prison isn't short. Cultivating isn't a good way to kill time. If you sink into it, your mental state will be limited. Drinking a little bit will help you relax and adjust."

"Seems like you do know how to enjoy life." Studying the stone room, Shi Yan smiled. "I can tell that from this room. Haha, anyway, I'm a rough and rude guy. I may disturb your relaxing time."

"Why do you think so? How can you be rude and rough?" Fu Wei's hand lifted the jade glass, giving it to Shi Yan deliberately. "Try this liquor. Our Potion and Tool Pavilion made it. We don't sell it. This liquor is called "Passion." I don't know if it suits your taste or not."

Shi Yan smiled, receiving the glass. However, he didn't drink it immediately. He just looked at her with bright and sharp eyes.


Fu Wei cursed him under her breath. She was afraid that he would doubt the liquor. Thus, she tried to calm her nerves as she poured herself a full glass. Then, she slowly took one sip after another until she finished her glass. "I've been drinking it for years. But still, I like it the most."

Shi Yan nodded and finished his glass. He felt like he had gulped a mouthful of water from an extremely fresh stream. The fragrance and taste were so good that he couldn't even open his mouth to give it his compliments.

This good liquor was like a fresh stream dispersing in his tummy. Shi Yan's seven emotions and six desires were aroused from the bottom of his heart. He suddenly felt an urge to confess to his loved one.

Shi Yan eased his mind by using his Soul Consciousness to check his body. It found nothing strange so he smiled brightly, "Indeed, it tastes pure and very good!"

"Then drink more." Fu Wei was happy discreetly. She tried to be more charming when pouring him another full glass. She smiled and then said, "Well, even if our staff in the organization want to buy this kind of liquor, it costs one hundred thousand divine crystals per bottle. Outsiders hardly got a chance to taste it."

"Oh, so I should drink more," Shi Yan smiled frankly, making a toast. "Thank you for your warm hospitality. Come, we drink!"

Fu Wei was reluctant, but she could only pour a full glass for herself. She clinked her glass with his as she smiled. She noticed his glass while taking small sips from her glass.

"I heard that you're the youngest Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion. I... can't see your realm. What's your power Upanishad?" asked Shi Yan curiously.

After his soul altar was cleaned with the Soul Refining Fluid, he could know the realm of warriors around him easily. However, he couldn't see Fu Wei's realm. Every time he tried, it was like waving his arms in the thick mist. He couldn't see anything though.

"My soul altar is protected by a special soul treasure. You can't see my realm." Fu Wei parted her lips to grin, her jade-like finger pointing at the hairpin in her hair bun. "It helps me prevent the Soul Consciousness from sensing my head. Unless it's an Incipient God Realm expert, people can't see my real realm."

"What's your real realm then? Which power Upanishad are you cultivating?" asked Shi Yan with a smile.

"Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. I cultivate Fire power Upanishad. Most of the alchemists and blacksmiths in Potion and Tool Pavilion cultivate Fire power Upanishad." After Fu Wei took two glasses of wine, she seemed to freely speak more and she couldn't help it. "Elders in our Potion and Tool Pavilion are all good at refining pellets and secret treasures. I've made the small toys and accessories on my body myself. Haha. My biggest hobby is to fabricate secret treasures from a bunch of mixed cultivating materials. I will feel accomplished as I can achieve something that way. It feels so good to me."

"Hm, I know a little about blacksmithing," Shi Yan said, unable to control his mind. "But I don't really invest in this field. I only care to increase my competence and my realm... I hope to push my fighting competence to the peak. Forging tools is just an activity I use to calm down my restless mind. I don't want to put too much effort into it."

"You know how to forge treasures?" Fu Wei was excited, giggling. "Can you show me what you've refined?"

"No problem." Shi Yan's mind was now defenseless. He didn't know why he became so easy to be talked into things. He took out the three Bone Thorns he had refined and put them on that roundtable.

"Drink more, drink more." Fu Wei still remembered her purpose. She poured one more glass for Shi Yan before picking up a Bone Thorn to check. Beams of light sparkled from her delicate fingers, twirling around the bone thorn.

Fu Wei's eyes glistened, giving a sincere compliment. "You do have a gift in forging treasures. This Bone Thorn is between level 2 and level 3 of the Divine Grade. You... can be considered a Divine Grade blacksmith. If you invest more, I'm sure your future attainment will be pretty good."

"Too bad that I can't distract my mind that much." Shi Yan sighed reluctantly. He instinctively gulped all the liquor in his glass. Then, he pried, "They say that your Potion and Tool Pavilion has never joined any war of Agate Star Area. You guys will remain neutral forever. Is it true? I'm curious. A big monster like Potion and Tool Pavilion has no ambition. It's unreasonable, right?"

"We don't participate directly in the wars of the star area. But some Elders will discreetly promote or urge the forces to fight again each other. They will use the others' force to get what they want in Agate Star Area." Fu Wei explained, "For example, Great Elder wants to take a black metal mine in a mineral star, but the holder doesn't want to sell it to him. Then, Great Elder will spread out the news that he will buy that mine at a great price. Naturally, people will come to clear that mineral star and sell the ores to him."

Shi Yan was surprised, "Seems like you guys aren't always neutral like it is claimed."

"Of course, we won't be absolutely neutral." Fu Wei sighed and nodded. "We will support the forces who have a good relationship with us. We will try our best to subdue the ones who betray us. We will plot against them and make other forces eliminate them. After many years, the forces that were cleared indirectly by Potion and Tool Pavilion could be more than several dozens. At the same time, our internal competition seems to never end. We urge our forces to fight each other. We control the general situation of the entire Agate Star Area behind the curtain and we won't show ourselves in any fight."

Shi Yan listened to her earnestly. He nodded in his mind. "That's how it is."

"Potion and Tool Pavilion is much crueler than you think. My parents and relatives were also sacrifices." Fu Wei's eyes were sad and distant. "I was born in a small life star. My parents were just ordinary people. One day, my master passed by and he found that I have the trace of Fire power Upanishad. He brought me away and taught me how to cultivate. That's how I became an alchemist. However, my little life star was invaded shortly afterward. They even killed civilians. My family was all killed.

"Many years later, when I become the youngest Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion after my master died, I got to know that Potion and Tool Pavilion had an unwritten rule: to prevent the apprentice from the tie of affection, they would arrange people to kill the apprentice's entire family. My master had arranged another force to kill my family."

Fu Wei was down. She merely explained to him the story she'd been hiding for a long time. She had never told anyone before.

"My master died early. However, when he was alive, he had treated me well, much better than my parents. I used to respect and love him a lot. After I knew it, it felt so painful and resentful..."

"You must hate him a lot," Shi Yan frowned, speaking faintly. "If I were you, I would do my best to kill him. Even if he died, I would curse him every day until I die! To enroll a disciple, he had killed all of your family members. Is it a rule of your Potion and Tool Pavilion? Oh man, you guys are so cruel!"

"Thus, I hate this place. I hate the Elders in the Pavilion. I hope I can crush it!" Fu Wei gritted her teeth and lifted her head up all of a sudden. "But only when I get the Pavilion Master position I can have the power to crush them. However, I still need one thing to do that. If I can get it, I can fulfill my wish."

Pausing for a while, Fu Wei spoke as if she was begging him. "You can help me."

"I can help you?" Shi Yan pointed at himself, his face confused.

"Yeah, you can. As long as you tell me where the Canon is." Finally, Fu Wei had asked him what she needed to ask.