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980 Refine Thousand Fold Lotus

Wu Lan held the ancient book and carefully checked it. Exquisite beams of light sparkled from her fingertips while she studied the book. Those beams of light poured into the book like many snakes. She frowned, sinking in her thoughts.

Shi Yan lay relaxed, taking sips of red wine in his glass while his eyes checked each of Wu Lan's moves.

After a while, Wu Lan shook her head, her eyes suspicious. "I've never seen this language before. The material of this book is also unique. Although I poured energy into it, I can't grasp the meaning of its writings. Hmm, I can't decode its mysteries."

Wu Lan returned the ancient book to Shi Yan.

"Forget it, I know this book is strange. Yeah, I will study it later," Shi Yan didn't bother with it. He put the ancient book into his Fantasy Sky Ring and then continued drinking.

Shortly after, the old man Wu Lan had sent away to bring divine crystals reverently and respectfully came back with a glistening green ring. This ring had some dedicate yet inexplicable carvings and beams of space energy. "Madame, here are twenty-four million top-quality divine crystals as you asked."

Wu Lan waved her hand, signaling the man to give it to Shi Yan.

Squeezing the ring, Shi Yan sent a wisp of Soul Consciousness into the ring.

It was a strange, bright space where top-quality divine crystals piled up. Each pile was several hundred meters high. Each divine crystal was pellucid with distinctive light and vigorous energy.

After his Soul Consciousness returned, Shi Yan beamed a smile and nodded to Wu Lan. "Yeah, twenty-four million top-quality divine crystals. This is my biggest fortune. I didn't expect that the three flowers could earn me this much."

"You don't know how precious Original Incipient Grade materials are." Wu Lan burst out laughing. "Honestly, the price of Thousand Fold Lotus could reach at least ten million divine crystals in the auction house. I bought it for eight million only. I'm taking advantage of you already."

Shi Yan smiled, not bothering with that. "We can't calculate too much in business. Otherwise, we would earn one but lose ten. Moreover, it's your grace that allows us to stay in Devil Blood Star. You should have some benefits. It's natural."

Wu Lan was content with his manners. She smiled at him, "I've done things to seek profits for my Master. After he absorbs these three Thousand Fold Lotuses in his Sea of Consciousness, his Sea of Consciousness could expand one-tenth. It would be a big help to my Master. I think he will be thrilled."

"Yes, it's good," nodded Shi Yan.

"Thousand Fold Lotuses still need to be refined once," Wu Lan contemplated for a while and then explained. "Thousand Fold Lotuses grow in dim-lit and cold places. They can't be exposed to the light directly. A Thousand Fold Lotus would need at least ten thousand years to grow to its full size. As it has stayed in a cold place for ten thousand years, it will have a lot of cold Qi. This kind of Qi has filled every petal of the lotus. We can't take it into the Sea of Consciousness. Thus, before we use the flower, we must clean that cold Qi. Of course, if the user's power Upanishad is the cold power, it'll be much better and the cold Qi won't harm anything."

Pausing for a while, Wu Lan continued, "I've observed your powers Upanishad. Your soul altar doesn't have the cold Qi, right?"

"Yes, seems like I have to refine them a little bit." Shi Yan smiled. His thoughts flickered and another Blue Ice Jar emerged from his palm.

Wu Lan's beautiful eyes brightened. Her red lips curved as she was surprised. "Seems like you do have more Thousand Fold Lotuses. Your fortune is what people have yearned for."

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Flows of scorching flames flew out from Shi Yan's fingertips. They ran like electric beams aimed at the Blue Ice Jar. His Soul Consciousness moved and his altar spun silently.

Wu Lan was bewildered, her soft body shuddering. Her eyes were glued to Shi Yan's fingers as she became stern.

"Heaven Flame?" Wu Lan pried, her face gingerly.

"Yes, Heaven Flame," Shi Yan confirmed. His eyes concentrated, using his soul to control Heaven Flame, which was moving and wiggling like snakes around the Blue Ice Jar and seeping into layers of the lotus' petals. This operation was to eliminate the cold Qi in the flowers.

Wu Lan's beautiful eyes were both frightened and regretted. She studied him, not saying anything for a long moment.

She had never thought that Shi Yan could have heaven flames. In Agate Star Area, heaven flames were very rare. Only the ancient continent or the life star with an Origin could have them. Agate Star Area also had ancient continents. However, they were broken as they exploded into pieces and made them drift away, becoming part of the infinite universe.

Wu Lan had studied descriptions related to ancient continents and heaven flames. She knew about the powers of heaven flame and the mysteries of the Origin.

A warrior who fused with heaven flames could reach the origin of powers Upanishad to understand the nature of powers Upanishad better. His progress on realm and powers would be much greater than ordinary warriors.

At Second Sky of Original God Realm, Shi Yan had a great innate endowment in Wu Lan's eyes. She had doubts naturally since Shi Yan wasn't old enough to reach such a profound realm. However, when she saw heaven flames, she understood the answer. She was shocked.

The Blue Ice Jar had the clear blue light of the ocean when the heaven flame entered it. It then turned into a blue light curtain, shrouding the Blue Ice Jar.

The Blue Ice Jar turned into a chunk of the pellucid blue chunk. It was transparent enough to see the Thousand Fold Lotuses inside.

The Blue Ice Jar was a specialized space container, which was customized with a unique method. At this moment, the fire snakes were visible inside the jar. They moved like fire gossamer extending towards every corner of the Blue Ice Jar, seeping into each petal of the flowers.

Wu Lan kept quiet and watched. She didn't dare to disturb him.

Silently, rainbow lights, a red-orange flame, and a gold-red flame appeared, weaving with each other inside the dim blue halo of the Blue Ice Jar with complexity.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Flows of cold Qi seeped out from the magical lines in the Blue Ice Jar, turning into a white mist. They vanished shortly afterward.

After two hours, Wu Lan didn't know that she had been observing Shi Yan's operation for that long.

Shi Yan's closed eyes opened when he exhaled. He smiled brightly, "I'm done."

The dim blue halo wasn't projected anymore. The Blue Ice Jar sat quietly in his hand. It became simple and natural. As it wasn't pellucid anymore, people couldn't see what it contained.

Wu Lan's body shivered. She woke up from fright. When she looked at Shi Yan again, her eyes were filled with unclear intentions. "You... Sigh... Seems like we've underestimated you. Who could have guessed that you had so many secrets..."

"Ah, not many. I'm just luckier than other people." Shi Yan put the Blue Ice Jar away. Lifting his head to look at the stone door, Shi Yan said, "My people have arrived. I'm going to arrange something."

Wu Lan nodded.

Na Xin of the Giant Tribe, Jester, Long Zhu, Yang Zhuo, and Feng Ke was cautiously following a Demon soldier. They came quietly.

Devil Blood Star was Blood Devil's territory. In Agate Star Area, it was a high-ranked life star where countless experts of the Demon Clan dwelled. To Na Xin's team, they had to be careful as they were the tenants.

When they saw Shi Yan, they exhaled in relief. Yang Zhuo smiled, calling. "Little Yan, what did you call us here for?"

"You guys should talk." Wu Lan smiled and then excused herself. The Demon guards in this hall also behaved. They left with Wu Lan, leaving room for Shi Yan and the others.

"I sold three Thousand Fold Lotuses." Shi Yan looked at Na Xin, his face serious. "One Thousand Fold Lotus was priced at eight million divine crystals. I got twenty-four million top-quality divine crystals."

Na Xin, Jester, Yang Zhuo were perplexed. Their bodies shook as they were thrilled.

"Precursor Na Xin, at the moment, don't sell your Thousand Fold Lotuses. It's easy to sell the flowers, but it's tough to buy them, indeed. We have twenty-four million divine crystals now. I think it's enough to buy cultivating materials from Potion and Tool Pavilion." Shi Yan lowered his voice and advised, "For the money we have, you guys should discuss and see what kind of materials we need."

"Alright!" Na Xin didn't have any other opinions. He agreed immediately. He said with satisfaction. "Kid, you always have keen eyes. I'll follow you! My tribe's future counts on you and your efforts. My deepest thanks to you."

He didn't wait for Shi Yan to answer. Na Xin bowed to him in the most respectful etiquette of the Giants. His gratitude was visible on his face.

Shi Yan was shocked. He waved his hand continually as he felt shy. Then, he asked Na Xin, Jester, Long Zhu, Feng Ke, and Yang Zhuo to list up the materials they needed so they could place the order with Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Two hours later, Na Xin's group had a list of different kinds of materials including pellets to refine the body, strange bone materials, Divine Grade secret treasures that could reflect the soul and communicate with the soul altar, different kinds of armor, a Fantasy Sky Ring, herbs that could stimulate energy, and even specialized and customized battleships.

After the five of them came up with this list, they couldn't hold their happy smiles anymore. They had never thought that they could be able to buy so many kinds of precious materials like this one day.

"Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance! We need it!" Yang Zhuo and Long Zhu said, "The Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance has descriptions of power Upanishads that could guide the warriors on their cultivating path. It's a big help to the warriors to determine which power is most suitable for them."

Yang Zhuo and Long Zhu came from Grace Mainland. They understood well the importance of the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. For instance, the juniors like Yang Meng and Li Feng hadn't found a suitable power for them to cultivate. Without a power Upanishad, they wouldn't be able to create a soul altar to reach the True God Realm.

Raging Flame Star Area and Agate Star Area had the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. At the same time, there was a classification based on the number of powers Upanishad, level of the power, beginner, medium, or advance. With a high-level Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance, it would be easy to advance in their power Upanishad cultivation to the warriors of Grace Mainland.

Shi Yan understood the mysteries. He nodded and said, "We should discuss in detail with people from Potion and Tool Pavilion."

Everybody nodded and couldn't hide their excitement.