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978 The most distinguished gues

Wu Deng shouted, making his troopers scatter. The war chariots hissed and roared in the sky, ready to attack the intruders at any minute.

Shi Yan and Na Xin looked at the war chariots circling them in the sky while frowning.

Na Xin didn't know of the situation, so he discreetly released his energy. The aura expanded from him like a surging ocean, covering the entire forest. In his Ethereal Extent, which was filled with the Five Elements energy, Na Xin slowly transformed, radiating dazzling lights.

As the Giants saw their oldie preparing to attack, they roared and stood up.

As they were cautious, the warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area and Grace Mainland were also hurried, their eyes cold but anxious. They were also prepared to resist.

However, they didn't have the confidence, and they were actually worried.

It wasn't the first time they had come to Agate Star Area. They knew about the brutal name of Blood Devil, and the Devil Blood Star was his territory.

Shi Yan frowned, looking at his people who were prepared to fight. He spread his arms to stop them. "Don't act indiscreetly!"

Na Xin was surprised, but he calmed down while talking to Shi Yan. "Can you?"

Shi Yan smiled, trying to ease the Giant's mind. "Leave it to me."

Then, he flew up, floating in front of Wu Deng's chariot while smiling at him. "I'm here to find Wu Lan. Please tell her Shi Yan's here."

Wu Deng was surprised. "You know Madame Wu Lan?"

"Yes. Please report. She will arrange things properly," explained Shi Yan.

Wu Deng nodded and signaled his troopers not to act rashly, then took a token he wore on his belt and proceeded to report something.

Many war chariots were harbored by a group of grand palaces in the center of Devil Blood Star. Warriors of the Potion and Tool Pavilion were continually transporting materials, looking like a colony of hard-working ants. Fu Wei was smiling, talking to the person standing next to her. Feng An stood by her, checking the materials in his records.

Wu Lan and Fu Wei stood together, their eyes brightening as they watched people deliver goods. Sometimes, Wu Lan nodded while listening to Feng An's summary.

"Where's precursor Blood Devil?" Fu Wei waved her white wrist, making a series of clear clinking sounds. She was wearing a long and loose dress, which draped over her charming, curvy body.

"He went to Monster Dragon Star to discuss some business. I've sent him a message. He'll be back soon." Wu Lan smiled. "Fu Wei, little sister, you look prettier every time I see you. You're the youngest Elder of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. You can soon control the whole Pavilion."

Fu Wei smiled weakly but naturally. "Lan-jie, you've complimented me too much. There're many parties in our Pavilion, and our Elders are all prominently talented. I don't dare to dream for the throne of the Pavilion Master."

"Haha, it's too early to say anything. Anyway, with your potential, you can step on that precious throne in glory. I believe in your competence." Wu Lan smiled and complimented.

Fu Wei was relaxed, chatting with Wu Lan. It seemed they had a good friendship.

Suddenly, Wu Lan frowned as she found her token vibrating. She excused herself with a smile, then picked up the token, using her soul energy to listen to it.

In a moment, Wu Lan's eyes strangely brightened. She became so happy that she even hissed. "That kid escaped alive! He made it! It's so good." Wu Lan was so joyful.

Fu Wei and people of the Potion and Tool Pavilion were bewildered, as they didn't know why she was so happy she couldn't help it.

They all knew Wu Lan was the Majordomo of the Devil Blood Star. She helped Blood Devil with mundane junks and chores, and Blood Devil appreciated her a lot. Wu Lan wasn't a fighter class expert. However, she was meticulous. Her management was neat and precise. She was also in charge of the promotion of the tribes' warriors and the division of Devil Blood Star's land.

Wu Lan's realm wasn't high, but she held a special position in Devil Blood Star. She was the most essential subordinate of Blood Devil.

"Lan-jie, Master Blood Devil's about to come back?" Fu Wei smiled tenderly, raising her hand to stop Feng An from reporting more. "If Master Blood Devil's back, I'm going to discuss the situation with him… and of course, our new contract."

Wu Lan shook his head, "No, not him. Master will come back later. It's someone our Master has been waiting for since so long. Mei-mei, please wait for me. I'm going to pick him up myself."

"Oh please, suit yourself," Fu Wei hurried to express herself, but she was actually skeptical. Who was it that had to be welcomed by Wu Lan personally? Was it one of the two patriarchs of the Monster Clan in Monster Dragon Star?

Aunt An and Feng An standing next to her were also suspicious. They also assumed that the new guest had a high position and status. Otherwise, the Majordomo of the Devil Blood Star wouldn't need to welcome him personally.

Above the forest…

Wu Deng, the patrol leader of this troop, stiffened his face. He immediately put away his arrogant expression, flew out of his war chariot, and slightly bowed to Shi Yan. "Please wait for a moment. Madame Wu Lan will arrive shortly."

When Wu Deng looked at Shi Yan, he couldn't hide his fear and suspicion.

It was because Wu Lan had told him, 'That's the most distinguished guest of our Master.'

Wu Deng lowered his head, but he was looking at Shi Yan, a Second Sky of Original God Realm warrior. He had a lot of doubts he couldn't explain.

He suddenly recalled something. Slightly changing his face, he shouted at his troopers. "Get down here, y'all! This is our most distinguished guest. Treat him with respect!"

Hearing him, everybody became baffled. The members of his troop didn't have a clue. However, seeing their leader getting angry, they obediently descended from the sky. They all looked at Shi Yan bewilderedly, the young leader of this group of strangers. However, a storm was rising in their hearts.

'... This kid is that most distinguished guest?'

Na Xin, Bi Tian, Long Zhu, and Yang Zhuo were also petrified, looking at the young man with a discreet fright.

After two hours, a plump silhouette appeared. As soon as she arrived, her soft voice arose. "You! Why are you so late? Do you know our Master has been waiting for you with a lot of worries?" 

Wu Lan halted, steadying her body in front of Shi Yan. While smiling, she shouted at him. "Our Master has used a lot of blood in search for you. He couldn't find your trace in Agate Star Area. He thought you were... Our Master had mourned for you for a long time."

Wu Deng and the members of the one-hundred-member troop were shocked as if they were struck by lightning.

Our Master had used blood to find this kid? Who was he?

Since they had followed Blood Devil for so many years, they knew he was haughty. He didn't put anyone in his eyes. Even when the Patriarch of the Evil Dragon Tribe or Brutal Dragon Tribe visited him, he could be mad and shout at them. They had never heard their Master favor anybody.

"I came across something unexpected. I'd been confined in the space crack for thirty-two years. I just got out of it," Shi Yan smiled reluctantly.

"No wonder," Wu Lan got it, smiling unceasingly. "I knew it. Your powers aren't ordinary. You are indeed cunning and smart. How could you die early, right? When Master couldn't find you in Agate Star Area, he said perhaps you were in some space crack. Or else, it was impossible that he couldn't have found you."

While talking, Wu Lan rose her hand, telling Wu Deng. "Take our distinguished guest to East of Devil Blood Star. Take them to the territory of the Dwarf Demon Tribe, which they have cleaned before. Our Master has arranged this place for them.

Wu Deng was frightened. He couldn't help but study Shi Yan, his eyes filled with respect.

Not long after Wu Lan's team came back from the Far West region, Blood Devil had ordered the Dwarf Demon Tribe to move out of their richest piece of lands, which was then kept available for years. The members of the Dwarf Demon Tribe didn't dare to protest against their Master's decision, and had moved away as they were told.

At that time, Demons living in the Devil Blood Star couldn't explain their Master's deed. They didn't know why he gave such order.

The land they had spared was kept available for many years. The Dwarf Demon Tribe used to ask to take their property back. However, Blood Devil had always rejected their proposal. 

No one knew for whom Blood Devil had prepared the land. Many subordinates of Blood Devil had made guesses, but they didn't have any clear idea.

But today, Wu Deng finally got it. He could clearly know how important Shi Yan's group was in Blood Devil's mind finally.

Wu Deng was so frightened that he sweated. He knew he was lucky because he hadn't attacked the others rashly. If he had hurt the distinguished guests, Master would skin him alive.

Wu Lan, Wu Deng, and his troop guided Na Xin's Giants and the other to East of Devil Blood Star. Na Xin and Yang Zhuo didn't know anything. They just looked at the sky bewilderedly.

Seeing Shi Yan nod, they became calm and smiled, following Wu Deng's troop to the territory Blood Devil had arranged for them thirty-two years ago. In their opinion, Shi Yan now had so many secrets, but they trusted him with all their hearts.

"Our Master has gone to Monster Dragon Star. He'll be back in several days. Come here, we're going to the main hall to talk and wait for him." After all of them were gone, Wu Lan invited Shi Yan.

Shi Yan nodded, "As you've arranged."

Fu Wei and her people of the Potion and Tool Pavilion were standing on a black stone square. She stooped to ask her warriors, who were transporting the goods, to be careful with many fragile items like the jade products. Before being refined, they were really eggshell.

"Who is that VIP? Who's important enough to make Wu Lan leave us here and welcome him personally?" Feng An frowned. "Blood Devil and the two Chiefs of the Evil Dragon Tribe and Brutal Dragon Tribe are close to each other. He's in the Monster Dragon Star now, so it's not one of the Chiefs... Hmm, except for them, I can't really think we could have such high and noble status." 

Aunt An also shook her head, "I don't know, either."

"Recently, Blood Devil has caused big commotions. I don't know what he thought when he sent a fleet, marching to the Far West region. I heard they killed so many people." Feng An frowned, "Logically, it's impossible that he would lay his eyes on a small area like that Far West region. I don't know why he was enraged all of a sudden like that. This man doesn't reason. We can't understand him."

 "I'm curious whom Wu Lan's going to receive." Aunt An furrowed her brows.

"We will know shortly," Fu Wei's face was natural. She looked calm as if nothing could distract her.

However, seeing Wu Lan and Shi Yan walking together, Fu Wei, who was always placid, had her soft body shiver. Her green eyes showed that she was disbelieving. Evidently, she was frightened.